Chandrakanta (Colors) 5th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Veer Imagines Chandrakantha In Surya

Chandrakanta (Colors) 5th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer and Gehna’s engagement ceremony starts. Bhadra gives ring to Gehna and asks her to put it in Veer’s finger. Iravathi asks Veer to put ring in Gehan’s hand. Umang reminisces Veer fighting with soldiers and marrying Chandrakantha and thinks how can Veer forget Chandrakantha so easily. Bhadra says Veer he is now Gehna;s completely after engagement. Veer says she is right. Iravathi says she has called Chandangarh’s dancer to entertain them.

Surya goes to her father who is drawing her painting and says she asked banjara jeweler to prepare pearl necklace for her, but he did not. Father says she wants something else. Surya says how does he know and asks gold coin pouch. Father gives it. Surya walks and clashes with her friends. Coins fall down. Friends ask where

is she going with coins. She says to give it to banjaran dancer who is ill and cannot dance in Vijaygarh’s ceremony to earn money. Friends ask why don’t she dance. Suraya says she dances alone and not in front of anyone. They challenge her to dance in Vijayagarh and give price money to bajaran girl. Surya agrees. She dances in Vijaygarh Sabha masking her face with veil and identifies Veer on Hoton Pe aisi baat ko…song.. She falls on Swayam and her veil falls down. Swayam gets angry seeing her. After dance, Iravathi praises Surya and asks her to take her price. Swayam says he will give her price and throws it on floor and asks to pick it. Surya fumes and says she will not tolerate her insult and asks him to pick and give it and tongue lashes him nicely. Banjara apologizes Iravathi and tells Surya he is habituated to pick money from floor. Surya says respect should be from both sides and asks Iravathi to teach manners to her arrogant son. Swayam fumes in anger. Iravathi warns Surya to be in her limits and asks Banaraja to control his clan girl. Banjara says she is not from her clan, she stays in Chandgarh border and is daughter of wealthy sculptor Narayan. Iravathi asks is it. Surya says she does not need respect due to her identity, she needs it as a girl. Swayam fumes more and starts turning into monster. Veer interferes and warns Surya to be in her limits. Banjara says when Veer gets angry, he kills people, so she should run. Surya runs away. Swayam asks Veer to get that girl, he will not harm any human from hereon. Veer follows Surya.

Surya runs into jungle and forges route. Veer comes on his horse and follows her. She gets near cliff end. Veer slips and falls down cliff and hangs holding a tree. Surya asks if he fell down or hanging. She leans down and extends her hand. Veer imagines Chandrakantha in her extending her hand and thinks of pulling her down. Surya asks to either come up or leave her hand. He pulls himself up and falls on her. She yells he is so heavy , if he falls on his enemy, enemy will die. He gets up. She asks if he will not thank her. He lifts her and walks saying Vijayagarh’s would raja Swayam will decide her fate now. She continues shouting to leave her. He then rides horse holding her.

Swayam gets out of control. Bhadra holds him via black magic and tries to calm him, he get more out of control. Iravathi throws black magic and controls him. Bhadra says she knows everytime she controls evil injuring him, he becomes more powerful, who will control him now. Iravathi says rishi Angara will.

Surya continues resisting to leave her while Veer continues riding horse. She sees lake and says she is very thirsty and provokes him. He gets her down and gives water bag. She says it is empty as desert. He ties her hands and legs and goes near lake shore to pick water. Seeing moon, he reminisces Chandrakantha’s words and gets more angry. Surya frees herself and creates a trap for him and then sits back seeing him. He comes and drops water from a distance. She asks to come in front and feed. He walks and gets trapped and tied reverse on tree. She laughs and says nobody can hold. She flees on horse. Veer thinks he knows Vijaygarh’s jungle more than her and runs behind and then stops. Horse stops at a distance. Veer reaches and rides hose forcefully making her sit with face turned on his side. She continues shouting to leave her.

Umang informs Tej that rakshasni Iravathi flew on mat with Bhadra. Soldier enters and shouts what is he doing here. Umang acts and asks him to accept Swayam as raja. Tej says he does not believe in any raja. Soldier leaves. Umang says Iravathi was talking about rishi Angara, how to find him. Soldiers chant Senapati Veer ki jai ho. Veer walks in with unconscious Surya. Umang thinks whom he captured this time like Chandrakantha. Veer ties Surya and orders not to give a drop of water to this girl until she is produced in front of raja Swayam. Tej asks Umang to go and spy on Iravathi. Iravathi and Bhadra fly outside rishi Angara’s cave. Bhadra says earlier an ayyara tried to spoil rishi’s mediation and was punished. Iravathi says she has to take risk and seeing dark tries to light place with magic but it does not work. Bhadra says magic will not work here, just walk. She then sees magical world and asks what kind of world is this. Rishi Angara says this is his world. He throws dice and says dice defeated raja. Iravathi pleads for help. Angara says she wants to kill rakshas in her son and says whom she is searching has arrived her palace already. Iravathi asks who. Rishi shows Surya.

Precap: Veer drags Surya and tells Swayam that Surya is in jail. Rishi Angara says Surya got a boon and if she marries Swayam, he will become human again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Is this show Chandrakanta or Ghulam Part 2? Such a ghatiya show. Has Ekta ever read Chandrakanta or what? Ekta einuwd a great character like Virendra Singh and made him like Shiv Dutt. Yuck!

  2. Infact this show has lost its charm how will veer killed chandrakanta and marry this liar gehna,are the always showing evil people wins ??

  3. Aaa what is the metter? We in Russia are so sad(( why did he kill Chandra? Why is he so evil?(( did you hear news, what are they doing?

  4. I think surya is chandrakanta she has taken this form to kill iravarti .but if surya gets married to swayam then the whole story will be over.i think she might get married to veer ,

  5. I cannot understand this…..why veer killed chandrakantha

  6. Need Chandrakanta back with veer

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