Chandrakanta (Colors) 31st December 2017 Written Episode Update: Veer’s Memory Returns!

Chandrakanta (Colors) 31st December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rakshas Swayam wlks into Veer’s room. Chandrakantha/Surya shouts Rakshas came and shouts. Iravath tells Gehna that Swayam came as rakshas and asks to be careful, she is going behind Dhruv. She follows Dhruv. Dhruv walks into a room and locking it turns into wild boar. When Iravathi is about to open door, she hears Rakhas roaring and Chandrakantha shouting for help and runs towards Veer’s room to save swayam Rakshas thinking he must be in trouble. Veer breaks magical rope around him and throws same rope on Rakshas. Rakshas breaks rope and attacks Veer. Chandrakantha thinks she cannot use magic in front of Veer, but how to save him. Rakshas throws Veer from balcony and he hands from railing. Chandrakantha shouts for help. Iravathi comes and Chandrakantha tells this rakshas

threw Veer from balcony. Dhruv turns back from wild boar to human and tries repeatedly to become animal, but he cannot. He then realizes there is magical barrier around. Iravathi orders soldiers to catch rakshas. Veer asks Surya to extend her hand pull him up. She extends hand. He pulls her and she falls down holding his hand. Iravathi asks Swayam rakshas to escape before soldiers catch him and he runs away. Surya yells at Veer that she fell down trying save him. They both fall down. Iravathi calls for help and uses magic, but she cannot. Veer collapses. Surya/ Chandrakantha uses magic and gets magical mattress and saves them both. They reach ground. She asks Veer to get up. Veer gets up, his memory returns and he identifies her as Chandrakantha and asks if she got magical knife, where are they, is her mother punished, she should be punished. He drags her holding her hand. She shouts to leave him. He asks her not to make sound as his mother is searching them. Chandrakantha reminisces Veer stabbing knife into her repeatedly and thinks he is acting to save himself or know her truth. Veer asks what happened to her. She says she is Surya. He says she is Chandrakantha and he loves her a lot.

Iravathi orders soldiers to find out Veer and Surya soon. She does magic and orders to show Veer’s face, but cannot, thinks how did Veer escape from her magical barrier. She reminisces tying magical tape around Veer and hypnotizing him. She thinks Veer will forget Chandrakantha until this magical tape is on Veer’s wrist. She takes magical knife. Out of flashback, she thinks Veer will get back memory after magical tape is out of his body. She thinks Veer will think Surya is Chandrakantha, she lost Swayam but cannot lose Veer as only Veer can ger Swawyam back on track. She has to find Veer at any cost as soon as possible. She get magical mat and searches Veer from aerial view. She sees movement around trees in jungle and thinks they both must be there. Veer tells Chandrakantha that they both love each other, he will never lose her. Chandrakantha says she is Surya and not his fool wife Chandrakantha, he killed his wife on his mother’s order, he did not hesitate to stab his wife repeatedly. He asks how does she know. She says everyone knows about it and continues shouting in Surya’s style. Veer thinks maa must have done black magic on her. Iravathi sees Veer and Chandrakantha from and distance and thinks she has to tie magical tape on Veer, else he will not obey her. Veer makes Chandrakantha unconscious and carries on magical mat while Iravathi continues shouting to return to his mother.

In palace, Dhruv hangs Nishi in air and warns her to tell where Surya is, he knows Nishi and Gehna has hidden Surya. Iravathi comes. Gehna says she did not kidnap Surya. Nishi says she was acting on Ira.. Iravathi asks to shut up and says they have to search them as she thinks Veer took Surya to jungle. Dhruv asks what.. She says she means not jungle. Dhruv leaves. Gehna says she told already that Surya is Chandrakantha actually. Iravathi asks to shut up, Veer’s magical tape fell and his memory is back, everything will be finished unless she ties back magical tape on his wrist.

Veer takes unconscious Chandrakantha to a secret place and grinds herb. Chandrakantha/Surya wake sup and shouts why did he kidnap her. He says she is his wife. She starts throwing things on him. He asks to calm down. She says they will leave this place soon. He says okay and thinks he has to feed herbal tonic to Chandrakantha to force her to tell truth. He ties Chandrakantha’s hand with magical rope and forcefully feeds her concoction. He asks what did maa do to her, why is she calling herself Surya. She says she is Chandrakantha and starts acting like inebriated. He checks herbal tonic and thinks he must have mixed hypnotic medicine by mistake. Chandrakantha starts dancing. He gets romantic and touches her sensouslly. Music plays in the background. In cave, Bhadrama’s hand shakes. Chandrakantha asks Veer if he does not love her. He says he loves her a lot, he learnt to live after she came in his life. Chandrakantha says he does not show his love at all. He asks if she really loves him. She says she loves him more than herself, etc. Veer gets more romantic and sensuously touches her. She shies away. Tera naam ishq..mera naam ishq…song..plays in the background. he lifts her and walks towards bed.

Precap: Chandrakantha reminisces Veer apologizing Iravathi that he does not know what happened, Surya must have done something. She takes oath in front of Vishuji’s idol that she will take revenge and get magical knife soon. Dhruv tells he found out where magical knife is.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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