Chandrakanta (Colors) 30th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandrakantha Fails Iravathi’s Plan

Chandrakanta (Colors) 30th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Swayam walks on royal dias looking at Chandrakantha. She signals him to go. Iravathi fumes seeing that, but then hugs Swayam happily and announces to start celebrations. Dancers start dancing. Veer thanks Daksh mamaji for coming. Daksh says would not he, his nephew Swayam has returned. Veer and Chandrakantha dance and Swayam joins them. Umang sees celebrations while flying and comes down. Iravathi thanks her Daksh for coming and says she cannot trust anyone here, not even her shadow, and can only trust blood relations. Daksh says she herself sent him away. Iravathi says what Nishi bhabhi did that day was not right. Daksh says Nishi did wrong by stealing her magical book and requests to forgive Nishi. Iravathi says she forgives Nishi bhabhi today. Daksh says he even sacrificed

his dear ones for his sister and will now be with her always. Dancer pushes Chandrakantha by mistake while dancing. Swayam gets angrily and makes her fall via his magic.

Veer goes to Chandrakantha and says her magic worked even on Daksh. Chandrakantha also who else is under her magic. Veer says she knows, it is him and expresses her love for him and asks what gift he should give her today. She says a special gift, they will spend a night as husband and wife. Iravathi passes by with Daksh and fumes hearing that. Veer asks if she is giving a gift instead and hugs him emotionally. Iravathi walks to her room and fumes. Chandrakantha sees Iravathi and thinks now Veer will see his mother’s true face. Daksh says they are couple and what is wrong in spending night. Iravathi says Chandrakantha is not Veer’s actual wife, they have not consummated yet and Chandrakantha is death on her head. Daksh asks her to relax. She asks if he brought special fruit which she ordered from her birth place. He gives fruit and says it is very poisonous hypnotic fruit, whom she wants to kill. She says she used to kill whoever she didn’t like via this fruit and she will give it to Veer. Daksh asks if she will kill Veer. She says Veer is strong like iron and he will just get out of control with this poison. She mixes poison in milk for Veer. Nishi comes and seeing milk tries to drink it. Daksh pushes her and says she would have died if she had drank it. Their planning continues.

Veer takes Chandrakantha to their well-decorated room. Chandrakantha gets happy seeing such a beautiful decoration. Veer hugs her from behind. They hear door knock. Chandrakantha asks Veer to go and open door. He opens. Iravathi walks in and says she cares for her son and brought him milk. Chandrakantha says Veer that his mother wants to kill him and this milk has poison. Iravathi acts why will she kill her son. Chandrakantha drinks milk to prove it, but nothing happens to her. Iravathi thinks why did not poison harm Chandrakantha, alleges that Chandrakantha does not like her at all and wants her to separate from her son. Chandrakantha says Veer that Irav athi really wants to kill her. Iravathi continues her drama. Veer scolds Chandrakantha. Daksh joins Iravathi and their drama continues, she asks Veer he just scolded Chandrakantha and did not punish her for alleging his mother. Veer takes Iravathi to her room and tries to calm her down, says whatever happens she is his mother and nobod and did not punish her for alleging his mother. Veer takes Iravathi to her room and tries to calm her down, says whatever happens she is his mother and nobody can separate then, he will warn Chandrakantha to never doubt his mother.

Iravathi informs her mother the whole story. Mother says Chandrakantha and Iravathi both love Veer and they both are worried for him. Chandrakantha says Iravathi is not Veer’s real mother and wants to harm her. Mother says she has to apologize Veer and has to bend in front of dear ones to maintain peace, she can fail Iravathi’s plans silently. Iravathi scolds Daksh why did he bring fake poison as nothing happened to Chandrakantha. Daksh says he really brought real poison fruit, else why would he snatch glass from Nishi. Iravathi asks how can that happened. Daksh says someone must have drank it then. Daksh hears his son shouting to save her from bhoot and runs out. They see Nishi out of control and realizes she drank poisonous milk.

Vaidya gives medicine to Gehna. Gehna acts as still aphasic. Bhadra comes and Gehna speaks. Bhadra is shocked and asks if she was acting. Gehna says her own aunt threw her in front of Iravathi, she will expose Bhadra in front of everyone. Bhadra attacks her, but Gehna counterattacks and defeats her. She requests Gehna to not expose her truth. Gehna asks to do whatever she says. Chandrakantha walks to Veer reminiscing their fight.

Precap: Iravathi gets tensed what will Chandrakantha do if she will know about hidden monster. Chandrakantha hears sound from other side of wall. Bhadra breaks wall and it falls on Chandrakantha. Veer shouts Chandrakantha…maa..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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