Chandrakanta (Colors) 30th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Iravathi Punishes Veer

Chandrakanta (Colors) 30th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Iravathi shakes Bhadrama and tries to wake her up. Gehna comments not to shake half dead woman so much, she may fall down. Iravathi warns her to stop and get vaidya. Gehna says people are gossipping that she fooled people to save her both sons. Iravathi shouts she did not and says people will try ot make Surya as queen. In rajsabha, supporting kings allege Iravathi that she hid the fact that her one son is a rakshas and other is traitor, they both cannot become kings. Iravathi says Veer will become queen. Kings says Surya should become queen as she risked her life and saved a child from Rakshas Swayam. Iravathi resists. Gehna asks her not make Surya as queen. Kings insist. She agrees and says Surya wil become queen only after I die. Surya walks in telling Veer is not in his

room. Kings chant rani ji ki jai so and call her queen. Surya asks if they have gone blind, Ira vathi is queen and not her. IRavathi takes her aside and says she is Veer’s daughter and now queen. Surya sits on royal chair and says she is very tired after running all around and Veer forcefully marrying her, etc.. She continues. Iravathi says she can become queen only after she dies. Surya asks when, she means when will she teach her ruling kingdom…etc. Iravathi asks maids to take Surya to her room. Surya thinks this is just the beginning.

Tej beats Umang shouting he is trapped because of him, murmurs in his ears that he is doing drama. On the other side, Iravathi continues shouting and Gehna irking her. Dhruv walks in and asks her both sons are traitors, they both tried to harm Surya. Iravathi says she herself will punish Veer. Dhruv says if she does not punish Veer, he will punish. She sees his hand injury and says she will treat him with magic. He says it is symbol of his bravery and he will not spare anyone trying ot harm Surya. He leaves. Nishi walks in and tries to speak that Dhruv is that wild boar. Iravathi seals her mouth with magic. Nishi shows gestures. Iravathi frees her mouth. Nishi says Dhruv is the wild boar whom she injured, he is helping Surya in her plan. Iravathi thinks this is poissble.

Rakshas Swayam walks in jungle and falls down tired. Tiger attacks him and he turns back to human. Iravathi saves him. He shouts she is saving Veer who tried to harm Surya. Their argument starts. Iravathi promises that she will get him married to Surya, she asks him to find out Dhruv’s truth as she doubts Dhruv and Surya are together plan. Veer wakes up and seeing Surya pins her down and shouts he will kill her, what did she do to her. Surya thinks of using magic and throws magic. Irvathi reaches on time and throws magic on Veer. She warns Veer how dare he is to harm Surya, she is the one who saved him. He says she does not know what Surya did. Iravathi asks if he means Surya planned ot marry him and did all drama. Veer argues. Iravathi says Surya is future queen and ordres soldiers to shift Veer to jail. Their arguments continue. Soldiers drag Veer from there.

Iravathi asks Surya to meet her in her room and once Surya reaches, Iravathi tells as per ritual they draw queen and king’s painting. Surya says dead people are painted. Iravathi insists. Surya thinks she did not search magical knife. She agrees. Iravathi asks maids to get Surya ready in royal attire. Painter draws painting. Iravathi says it is excllent. Surya says not that good. Their drama continues. Dhruv sees Gehna walking wearing hooded overcoat and catches. Gehna says she does not know anything, Nishi is planning something instead. Dhruv asks if she is trying to harm Surya. Gehna says no…Veer in his room tied by magical chains resist. Surya wakes up and taunts him that she wanted to marry a rakshas and married Veer instead. Her usual overacting continues. On the other side, Dhruv thinks Surya’s life is in danger, so he has change to Vara/Wild boar and save her….

Precap: Dhruv turrns into Vara/Wild boar. Iravathi peeps from and keyhole and thinks this cannot happen. Veer and Surya’s romance.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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