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Chandrakanta (Colors) 29th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Iravathi gives alcohol to Veer and he collapses after drinking it. Iravathi this he will become mother’s puppet again. In jungle, Chandrakantha feels hungry and hopes she gets something to eat. She sees a fruit on tree and throws stone on it. It falls down. She picks it and goes to wash it. Iravathi’s aide with soldiers watches her hiding. A black panther come to attack Chandrakantha. She shouts Veer. Veer hears her voice in sleep, imagines her in front of her, asks if she came, makes her sit, says she must be hungry and gets food for her. Chandrakantha says he loves his mother so much that he sent to jungle on his mother’s order. She disappears. Veer angrily throws food and shouts black magician, stop coming in my dreams. Black panther heads towards Chandrakantha. Vishnu

god’s multi-mouthed seshnag snake surrounds her and protects her. She prays Vishu god and eats fruit. Irvathi sees that on magical globe and fumes. Her aide says it is Vishnu’s seshnag and Vishnuji is protecting her. If Chandrakantha will know that she killed her parents, she will not spare her. Iravathi says she will get talismi knife and kill Chandrakantha. In the morning, Iravathi’s aide tells her that her kalrati puja is finished and he came to take her back to palace.

Sonakshi and Sotakshi fight. Krur Singh tries to stop them and asks to fight for him and not for Veer. He says he has found a palace for them and takes them to a hut. He flirts with them. He hit his head and he collapses. They think they will get Veer for sure.

Chandrakantha returns to Iravathi and says she has completed pooja and now her praja is safe and she assures that. She walks to Veer’s room thinking he must have not slept whole night. She gets angry seeing him sleeping peacefully. Champa come and comments she should not come here. Chandrakantha says why she is here then. Champa says she is here since long. Their argument starts. Servant informs Champa that rani Iravathi is calling her. Champa leaves boasting that Irvathi trusts her more. She meets Iravathi who says she has to find a spy to spy Chandrakantha. She says she will spy, but why she wants to spy a fisherwoman. Iravathi scolds her to do as she says and find a loyal spy. She starts interviewing woman who sing and dance like jokers. She fumes that being Veer’s ayyara, she has to interview jokers to spy Chandrakantha. Sonakshi and Sotakshi come there. She stops them. They start this usual drama and act. She asks them to stop acting and says they have to spy Chandrakantha and inform her everything. They says eww..they will not become maids. She says being around Chandrakantha means being around Veer and not everyone get that chance. They get happy. She thinks they will get jealous seeing Chandrakantha around Chandrakantha around Veer and inform her everything.

Veer wakes up and shows her fake concern for Chandrakantha. He makes her sit and says he was missing her. She thinks then why was he with Champa. Their chatting continues. He asks if she is hungry. She says she ate a fruit which was tasting like apple but was different. Veer says Vijaygarh’s soil is unique and magical. He says maa has called her to rajsabha for another exam. She says why rani maa is calling her to raj sabha. He asks her to find herself. He meets Iravathi first and asks why she wants to perform self-created ritual. She asks if he is loyal to his mother or to fisherwoman. He says his mother. Chandrakantha comes to rajsabha. Iravathi says Chandrakantha is next rani, so she has to perform this ritual. Chandrakantha will sit on one side of magical weighing machine and gold on the other side. She has to answer questions and if she answers right, gold will increase and praja will get that gold after examination and if she fails, gold will disappear and praja has to pay thrice tax and will have to sleep hungry for 2 days. Chandrakantha says if she fails, she should be punished and not praja. Iravathi says she has to follow ritual as she is future queen. One among praja questions about Vijayghar’s history and culture. Chandrakantha says she does not know. Gold disappears. Umang says Chandrakantha came here just a few days ago and does not know anything about Vijaygarh. Iravathi’s aide says even Iravathi gave this exam and gold increased which praja used. Iravathi asks Veer to question next. He questions and she replies well. Gold increases. Iravathi fumes and says she will question now and this time gold will vanish completely if she answers wrongly. She asks a tricky question. Chandrakantha replies wrong answer. Gold disappears. Iravathi orders praja to pay thrice tax and they will sleep empty stomach for 2 days. Praja walk out badmouthing about Chandrakantha.

Chandrakantha walks worried for praja. She peeps from balcony and sees a boy asking his parents why they have to sleep hungry today, new princess is very bad. She feels bad and thinks of helping them somehow. She with magic creates gold coins from her jewelry, climbs palace’s peak and throws coin on praja. Boy and her parents pick coins and inform villagers. They also pick coins happily. Umang sees Chandrakantha hanging in air and runs to inform Veer. On the other side, Iravathi scolds Veer why did he change question, Chandrakantha would have won. He says Chandrakantha ate magical fruit which was tasting like apple and was different, he changed question, so Iravathi could win. Iravathi asks him to go now and feels her magic vanishing. Veer asks if she is fine and asks where did aina/mirror keep her medicine. She hopes Aina get some medicine before her magic vanishes. Umang comes running and informs Veer that Chandrakantha is hanging in air. Veer runs to Chandrakantha and seeing her falling in air holds her. Iravathi watches it on magical globe and fumes. Aina says her son is more worried about his wife than his mother. Iravathi arranges party for Veer and Chandrakantha . Veer shows fake concern for Chandrakantha and informs about Iravathi arranging party for them. Party starts. Chandrakantha walks with Veer into darbar and sees liquor is being served magically. She says she did not see such a magical party. Veer says wait and watch, maa has arranged party for them. Iravathi thinks this night does not have light now and mixed something in Chandrakantha’s drink.

Precap: Umang tells Chandrakantha that he doubted long ago that Veer does not love her, now they will not stay here even for a minute. Chandrakantha says her heart broke, Veer brought him here and acted as loving her, she fell in Veer’s love. Aina warns Iravathi not to trust her son so much that her trust will break.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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