Chandrakanta (Colors) 28th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandrakantha Realizes Swayam is Monster Hirnasur

Chandrakanta (Colors) 28th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pandit asks groom/Veer and bride/Gehna to stand up for pheras. Chandrakantha enters with Swayam wearing bride and groom dresses and asks to stop. Iravathi thinks why Swayam has entered in groom’s dress with rajdrohi girl. Swayam and Chandrakantha sit in mantap, and Swayam asks to perform even their wedding. Veer angrily holds Chandrakantha and yells she is so cheap that she is trapping his brother now and controlling him. Swayam warns Veer to leave Chandrakantha as he is controlling her instead. Veer asks what. Swayam says he loves Chandrakantha and wants to marry her. Veer resists. Iravathi says let Swayam marry Chandrakantha if he wants to. Veer angrily leaves Chandrakantha. Swayam walks towards mantap smirking. Chandrakantha collapses. Veer lifts her and takes her to room.

Whole family surrounds Chandrakantha. Vaidya checks her pulse and says it is a good news, she is 3 months’ pregnant. Iravathi is shocked and asks how can it be. Vaidya asks to check herself. Iravathi checks Chandrakantha’s pulse and says she is really pregnant and tries to getup. Chandrakantha holds her hand and gets up and murmurs in her ears it is her answer to Iravathi’s plan, now even Veer himself cannot separate her from him. She then loudly congratulates Iravathi that she is becoming grandmother. Iravathi asks Veer he confidently told Chandrakantha cannot be pregnant. Gehna yells who knows Chandrakantha is carrying monster Hirnasur’s child. Swayam gets angry, but Iravathi controls him.

Chandrakantha walks to her room. Mayavi comes and thinks she saved Chandrakantha on time and reminisces giving her idea of acting has getting pregnant via magic to save her and Veer’s marriage. A maid congratulates Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha gives her necklace as gift and looking at her bracelet reminisces Veer gifting her. Swayam goes to his room and fumes reminiscing Chandrakantha announcing she is pregnant with Veer’s child. Gehna enters and provokes him against Chandrakantha and says Chandrakantha never let her near Veer; if they both unite, they can separate Veer and Chandrakantha. Swayam becomes monster. Iravathi comes and disappears Swayam.

Veer walks to Chandrakantha’s room and says she betrayed him, when they did not consummate how can she become pregnant. Chandrakantha says she had to use magic to save their marriage. He asks her to get out of room. She says she will not and time will tell what they wil be. He asks why she does not want to go. She says she is his wife. He continues scolding. She cries. He feels guilty and leaves.

Gehna sees Swayam missing and thinks where did he go. Iravathi asks what is she doing here, she got a second chance and should go and lure Veer. Gehna leaves. Iravathi reappears monster and asks him to calm down. He continues roaring and attacks her. She angrily throws magical weapon and injures him. He changes back to Swayam and shouts this pain is nothing, if he does not get Chandrakantha, else he will become monster and destroy everything. She calms him down.

Chandrakantha disguised as old woman walks to prison and calls Mayavi. Mayavi comes and asks she should walk hurriedly and eat paya and black pepper kinda hot food as she is pregnant. Chandrakantha hugs her and says because of her, she can save Veer now and her motto is to protect this dynasty and Veer for the sake of her biological and foster parents. She asks Mayavi if she found talismi knife book in library. Mayavi says she searched whole library and did not find book. Chandrakantha reaches library and via magic orders talismi knife book, but it does not appear. Iravathi walks in to get monster controlling book. Chandrakantha finds that book and takes along. Book falls down. Iravathi hears sound and gets alert, she sees Chandrakantha reading marital harmony book and thinks she came here spying her. Chandrakantha keeps book and leaves. Iravathi finds monster controlling book and gets happy. She hears Chandrakantha returing and via magic sends her away.

Chandrakantha walks to garden and out of magic thinks she was in library, then how did she come here. Swayam comes and touches her from behind. Chandrakantha says he frightened her and seeing his neck injury asks how did he injure. Swayam says he injured himself in anger. Chandrakantha scolds he should not. Veer enters and angrily asks Swayam to go his room, he will teach Chandrakantha a lesson. Swayam angrily asks him to go away and starts becoming monster, but Iravathi comes and calms him down. She asks Veer and Swayam to go. They leave. She then tells Chandrakantha that she gave her good offer, but she did not accept and warns that she should not forget she herself is a big game. Chandrakantha says she knows and says one day even her time will come. Iravathi fumes that Chandrakantha knows she needs talismi knife, she is helpless, else she would have killed Chandrakantha long ago.

Chandrakantha walks to Veer’s room. Veer asks why did she come here. Chandrakantha says where will she go than her husband’s room. Veer says her sugary talks will not work on him. She sleeps on other side of bed and gives him blanket. He returns it and sleeps turning on the other side and draws curtain.

Iravathi reads remedies to control monster and thinks she will get herbs in garden, but has to go silently. Chandrakantha dreams about Iravathi asking magical medicine, gets up and getting medicine bowl thinks cruel Iravathi will try to steal medicine, so she has to hide it. Veer calls her in sleep and pleads not to leave him alone, not betray him, shivering. She dorns blanket on him. She then takes medicine hiding and walks to jungle and hides it under a parijat flower tree, requesting tree to protect his medicine. Tree drops flowers on her. Gardener comes and scolds guards for not guarding garden well as someone destroyed white rose plant. Chandrakantha reminisces reading about mixing white rose flower with nag Phani thorns to convert monster as human permanently. She walks to vaidya’s lab and sees her making concoction and giving it guard saying she was asked to prepare it. She follows guard, guard senses someone following him and turns, Chandrakantha becomes miniature and hides behind idol. Guard thinks what medicine is this, looks like idol is following her. He walks into Iravathi’s room and gives medicine to her. Chandrakantha realizes Iravathi is trying to convert monster into human, who is the monster then. She follows Iravathi to jungle. Iravathi calls Hirnasur. Chandrakantha thinks she needs to find out how Iravathi will control monster. Iravathi asks Hirnasur to come to her, she will get rid of his pain. Hirnasur obeys. She throws medicine on him and he turns into Swayam. Iravathi pampers monster and asks if he is fine. Chandrakantha thinks how to see monster and turning into miniature rides on a fly and is shocked to see Swayam is monster Hirnasur. Iravathi asks Swayam to open eyes. He opens eyes and catches fly. Chandrakantha flies back and falls on ground. Iravathi with Swayam notices her and throws her down. Swayam asks Chandrakantha if she came back and extends hand. Chandrakantha says they both are evils and killed her parents, Sotakshi and many others. Iravathi is unfit to be called a mother, how can she try to kill Veer. Swayam shouts he will never let her and Veer unite and attacks her. Chandrakantha reattacks and binds them in a magical cage, says they both are caught in this and she used Vishnuji’s medicine. Iravathi made Veer as warrior and now he will end Iravathi.

Precap: Chandrakantha says Veer that she knows who is monster and who is controlling him. She tells like crores of years ago Danav and gods did samurdra manthan and got amruth, human and danav should to same. She says evil will also be defeated and takes talismi knife from Iravathi. Veer stabs her with a knife.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Why will veer stab her,

    1. Because veer is blind in iravati fake love and he is fool also

      1. anay bangalore

        No you are wrong, Veer stabs her because Director of this show is trying to irritate us as much as he can without any story in this show. instead of this they can show some magic shows

  2. If chandrakanta is killed by veer thn surely there will be a leap and rebirth twist. but if veer is not died thn how can he take rebirth along chandrakanta? otherwise he will be vry old when chandrakanta becomes young. Im just confused with all these thoughts. The other chance is when veer stab chandrakanta and she will escape with help of someone and come back to veer after a leap to confront him that why he stabbed her!!!… I just dont know anything,these are only my assumptions….Hoping for their reunion. they r the bst pair i have evr seen……Veer(vishal aditya singh) and chandrakanta(madhurima tuli)….i just love them…….

  3. Its probably Badrama who is disguised as Veer, and stabs Chandrakanta. She also wanted the Talisman dagger.

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