Chandrakanta (Colors) 23rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta (Colors) 23rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Iravathi asks her magical aide to get talismi khanjar/knife powers. Aide says time will get her those powers, after 21 years they will be relived again. Iravathi says there will be solved for all the problems, she will get her solution, else will be killed. Veer walks to Chandrakantha, sees her sleeping and reminiscing her mother telling that Chandrakantha has done black magic on give, thinks he does not know why she wants to kill her mother, she is his mother’s enemy. Chandrakantha wakes up and calls him. Iravathi asks magical aide to find solution, else she will kill her, already Ratnaprabha’s daughter Chandrakantha has come here and her tiger son has brought her. Aide finds solution in book and says Chandrakantha has to perform vishu pooja wearing bridal green dress and sacrifice

her blood, but she has to pray as virgin. Aide says Veer does not leave any girl virgin, she should go and ask him first.

Chandrakantha asks Veer why he is so rude on her. He says she is his enemy as Suryagarh and Vijaygarh are enemies. She slips. He holds her. Their eyes meet. Iravathi comes and they part ways. Iravathi tells Veer that she wants to talk her alone and asks Chandrakantha to go and sleep. She takes Veer aside and informs what her aide told. Veer agrees. He goes to Chandrakantha and their nok jhok starts. He asks her to wear green bridal dress and do Vishnu pooja for him. He gives her magical green dress. She asks him to go out as she will change dress. He leaves.

At Surygarh, Sonakshi and Sotakshi miss Veer and fume that Chandrakantha took him away from mahamantri informs raja Avanti that war has finished. Avanti says he cannot trust Iravathi as she had sent her son as spy here. Sona and Sota say even he should send his daughter there as spy. They fight who will go. Mahamantri says his son will go there as spy. Krur Singh hesitantly agrees. They all 3 reach Vijaygarh as old man and 2 daughters. Guard stop them at door. Drama starts. Krur Singh bribes him and walks in free boasting about himself. Sona and Sota’s drama continues.

Chandrakantha wears bridal green dress and waits for Veer. Veer gives her Iravathi’s given black magic mangalsultra. Magical butterflies surround her, she thinks Veer sent them and gets happy, collapses. Veer comes with Iravathi. Iravathi asks him to take her to Vishnu mandir he does. She asks him to go as only 3 people can stay here, chandrakantha who did black magic, she and her aide. Veer feels weird leaving Chandrakantha alone. A storm emerges and spoils black magic. Aide tells Iravathi that her pooja is spoilt today and she has to wait for 2 weeks, till then she should send Chandrakantah to black magical jungle. Iravathi fumes.

Chandrakantha wakes up and sees Veer standing in front o her, asks what did he do to her, why is she here. He says he does not know, how did she come here. She says when he gave her mangalsutra, butterflies surrounded her and she thought he sent them. He says it is a magical world and she should have been careful. She hears Ratnaprabha’s voice in temple and says she has not come here before, but feels she came before. He asks how can it be and thinks she is lying and her mother’s enemy. He walks with her. She hears sound again and runs. He runs behind her and stops, dorns her shawl and walks with her again. Iravathi comes and stops him. She ass not to come, else she will harm herself and breaks vase towards her. He runs towards her and with her black magic stops glass strands hitting her. She hugs him and says Chandrakantha’s black magic is troubling her and she needs to send Chandrakantha to jungle for 2 weeks to identify it. She tells Chandrakantha that she has to go to jungle for praja/people’s betterment. Chandrakantha agrees. Umang resists and says it is a very dangerous jungle and even trees are harmful there. Chandrakantha says she will do it for rani maa. Servant informs her way to jungle and she walks. Umang stops her again and says he will accompany her. She says no, it is rani maa’s order and he is doing it for praja. He gives her shawl to drape saying it will be very cold there. She reaches jungle.

Veer watches her moving in jungle on hi magical bowl and gets concerned, but fumes thinking she is his mom’s enemy. Iravathi comes there and starts her emotional atyachar. She says he loves fisherwoman Chandrakantha more than her and forgot his mother’s favors. She reminds him that she took care of him as her own son after his mother died and sacrificed her life for him and made him best ayyar and warrior, he gave her this reward in return. He says he will kill Chandrakantha once their work is done. Drama continues.

Precap: Veer fumes that his mom is doing right to Chandrakantha, he does not care if she lives or dies. Iravathi gives him liquor and says he will feel like before, says today Chandrakantha will be defamated and Veer will be part of it. Chandrakantha while walking in jungle sees black leopard and snake attacking her and calls Veer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Mona146

    too much magic that makes the soap worse than standard of television way decades ago. Why the kind daughters are so stupid n improper? how can charu mehra do this role below dignity? its horrible.

    1. Its Magical Fantasy show so there will be magic.
      Its awesome and if you don’t like it then stop watching but don’t criticize it.

  2. I like the chemistry between them n afcourse magic…bt snake was protecting her…n not attacking..

  3. Bs dress thora ajeeb ha or ab hairstyle b acha ni baqi… Drama hit ha… Specially urvashi(iravati) class ha ?

  4. Sathyaa

    I too love the magic ? especially butterfly coming and also changing to beautiful dress just like that….

  5. i like the show very much

  6. But u can’t change the theme of Chandrakanta..its not about magics..aayyars r not magicians…and prince n princess should be shown as aayyars as aayyaars were helpers of royal families..they were like security guards..

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