Chandrakanta (Colors) 22nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Veer Disowns Chandrakantha

Chandrakanta (Colors) 22nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer tells Iravathi that it is impossible t hat Chandrakantha can be pregnant with his hicld, trust him. Iravathi shouts he broke her trust and says she want s to make him king of Vijaygarh, but he married rival dynasty’s girl. Veer says he did not consummate with Chandrakantha at all, shed cannot be pregnant. Iravathi asks him to spread a news that Chandrakantha is not pregnant and then they both will go to jail and confront Chandrakantha. Veer leaves. Iravathi gives poison to guard and asks to mix it in Chandrakantha’s food. Guard does same and takes food to jail. Chandrakantha asks him if he saw Veer. Guard asks her to have food, else he will take it back after sometime. Chandrakantha thinks how to tell Veer that his mother wants to kill him. Tej enters and tells she is

right, Iravathi mixes hypnotic poison in Veer’s milk. Chandrakantha acts aggressive. Tej tries to control her. She laughs and says Iravathi is cruel queen, and Tej is cruel Veer’s pet dog. Veer watching this standing nearby thinks this is not Chandrakantha. Iravathi thinks her hypnotic mixed food is working and provokes Veer that Chandrakantha always was their enemy. Veer angrily leaves. Chandrakantha collapses and then wakes up. Iravathi laughs on her that her hypnotic mixed food made her very aggressive. Chandrakantha asks what did she do. Iravathi says once she gets talismi knife, she is free to from here. Chandrakantha agrees. Iravthi says she will trouble her more than she can tolerate and leaves smirking. She tells her plan to Bhadra. Chandrakantha gets back to normal and reminisces seeing poison in food and reminiscing Veer and Umang getting aggressive after having same poison. She thinks Iravathi wants to get Veer’s duplicate to get her things done, but she will not let Iravathi succeed in her plan.

Veer gets heavily inebriated seeing Chandrakantha’s changed behavior. Tej and Umang try to control Veer, but he continues drinking. Tej says he knows someone was controlling Chandrakantha. Veer says no, she was showing he true colors.

Iravathi with Bhadra takes Chandrakantha to talismi door and calls its guard. Chandrakantha says she wants to get into talismi door and what gift he wants this time. He says she is Vishnuji’s disciple and where Vishnuji stays, there is no place for evil like him. He takes them in and asks to get a magical bowl. Iravathi and Bhadra insist her to go and get bowl. Chandrakantha thinks she has to bring bowl to save Veer’s life. Chandrakantha thinks it is not an easy task. Fire lava emerges and a multi-mouthed snake emerges and says he is staying here since many years and is very powerful here, she has to reach bowl in 3 steps, else she will burn and die. Chandrakantha reminisces rescuing her rabbit from Raja Avantimala’s horse and guards. Avantimala asking her to save her rabbit in 3 steps and tells her way. Out of flashback, she chants Vishnuji’s name and jumps on lava, the jumps on mult-mouthed snake’s head and then jumps near bowl on third step. She picks bowl and thanks Vishnuji. Snake vanishes and ground back to normal. Bhadra tells Iravathi if she drinks elixir in bowl, she can easily get talismi knife. Iravathi asks to give it to her. Chandrakantha says she will not give so easily until she fulfills her demands, else she herself will drink this elixir. Iravathi asks what are her demands. Chandrakantha says she has to forgive her and get Veer’s forgiveness and then get him married again. Iravathi agrees. Chandrakantha disappears bowl and says it is safely with her until her demands are fulfilled.

Iravathi returns to palace and announces that she forgave Chandrakantha. Veer fumes how can she. Iravathi says Veer has to remarry Chandrakantha. Veer shouts no. Chandrakantha thinks she will fail Irabvathi’s plans. Iravathi self-injures her hand and shows it to Veer saying Chandrakantha injured her. Veer gets angry on Chandrakantha. Iravathi says she had told girl with knife tattoo on her back is her enemy Veer says he will not spare Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha turns into Bhadra who thinks she did her work and created hatred in Veer’s mind for Chandrakantha. Real Chandrakantha walks in and asks Iravathi when will she announce forging her. Veer enters and shouts at Chandrakantha how dare she is to injure his mother via black magic. He continues shouting and say she is here because she is his wife, so he will disown her now. He wipes sindhoor from her forehead and breaks mangalsutra and says from here on she is not his wife, Gehna will be his wife. Chandrakantha stands crying. Veer leaves. Iravathi clears her self-made injury and laughs on Chandrakantha that she is no more Veer’s wife and asks her to give magical elixir bowl as she promised. She laughs further that she has to go and make arrangements of Veer and Gehna’s wedding.

Chandrakantha walks in garden sadly. Swayam comes and says he cannot believe Veer betrayed her, he should not have. He trusts Chandrakantha and cannot kill anyone. She cries leaning on his shoulder. He says he will marry her and she should forget Veer. She stands in a shock and asks what is he telling. He says they will act as getting married to teach Veer a lesson and get back to her. She agrees thinking he is telling truth. He smirks.

Veeer gets ready for wedding. Chandrakantha enters wearing bridal dress to his room and says she is his wife and he came to congratulate her. He angrily warns not to call herself as his wife as she broke his trust during last phera. She shows broken mangalsutra and says she will revive her relationship, but with Swayam and not him. Swayam enters. Veer shouts if he has gone mad. Swayam says he is. Chandrantha holds his hand and walks away. Veer shouts at Swayam that Chandrantha is a magician and will betray him. Chandrantha walks with Swayam and asks him if Veer will change with their plan. Swayam says definitely. Chandrantha thanks him. Swayam says he will create situation that she will be forced to marry him. Veer sits in mantap with Gehna for marriage. Pandit asks them for pheras. Swayam enters with Chandrantha and asks pandit to get him also married.

Precap: Veer tells Swayam that Chandrakantha is acting and will not marry him, he drags Chandrakantha out. Swayam warns Veer if he sends Chandrakantha out,
even he will leave palace. Chandrakantha murmurs in Iravathi’s ears that was her answer,
now Veer himself will marry her again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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