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Chandrakanta (Colors) 21st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Monster Hirnasur enters palace and attacks people. Veer fights with him and throws fire. He gets afraid of fire. Veer realized monster’s weakness is fire. Iravathi tries tie monster via magic, but monster breaks it. Veer throws fire again and monster falls down. Veer gets fire weapon, but it gets destroyed. Veer thinks someone is helping monster. Monster attacks him and he flies and falls on pillar. He then attacks Satakshi, she falls on pillar and collapses. Iravathi shouts Chandrakantha is controlling monster from jail and attacked Satakshi. Raja Avantimala pleads to call royal vaidya. Vaidya comes and checks Sotakshi and pronounces her dead. Sonakshi shouts Chandrakantha killed her sister. Veer shouts he will not let Chandrakantha take other’s lives. Tej says it is

not Chandrakantha, someone else around must be controlling monster. Mayavi reaches jail and tries to rescue Chandrakantha. They both break door. Mayavi says they should escape to Magasyagar via water route. They come out and Maya injures guards to escape. Chandrakantha says they should not kill guards. Mayavi says she just injured guards. Veer reaches with Tej and stops them. He asks Tej to close all doors via magic. Mayavi says let us escape via small door and escapes, but Chandrakantha gets caught. Veer orders guards to throw her back in jail. Chandrakantha asks what about her mother. Veer says he performed her last rights with due respect. Chandrakantha thanks him. Veer orders guards again to take her away. Tej says Veer that someone from behind was controlling Hirnasur. Veer say it is definitely Chandrakantha.

Monster Hirnasur walks in jungle injured and fuming. Iravathi comes and asks him to calm down and calls him son. He calms down and becomes Swayam. He says she loves Veer more than her. She says Veer is just a guard and Swayam is real prince. She asks him how did he become Hirnasur. Swayam tells her story how she taught ayyari to Veer and not him, so he went in search of knowledge and came to know about Hirnasur. He controlled Hirnasur and himself became Hirnasur somehow. He continues he wanted to show his powers to her and wanted to meet her, but could not as Vishnuji protects Vijaygar, so he needed pure Vishnu disciple who can get him into Vijaygar and found Chandrakantha. He knows magical knife’s secret, but loser Veer does not. He says let us throw away Veer and stay together with Chanda. Iravathi surprisingly asks Chandrakantha. He expresses his love for Chandrakantha and says she is very innocent. Iravathi says she knows what to do now.

Iravathi calls sabha and pronounces Chandrakantha guilty in 3 murder cases. Chandrakantha says she should get a chance to prove her innocence. Avantimala says judgement has been pronounced and Chandrakantha should be punished for her crime. Swayam fumes he will punish Avantimala if he again alleges Chandrakantha. Iravathi asks Bhadra to take Chandrakantha to jail and get out truth from her. Gehna asks Bhadra to take revenge and squeeze out Chandrakantha. Bhadra takes Chandrakantha to jail and tortures her. Chandrakantha says she is innocent. Bhadra continues torturing her. Swayam fumes at Iravathi that he needs Chandrakantha, why did she punish her. Iravathi says even she needs magical knife and cannot get it without Chandrakantha.

Veer reminisces Chandrakantha thanking him for performing her mother’s last right and rest of the incidents and gets angry on her. Iravathi enters and gives him sedative milk. Veer drinks it and sleeps. Iravathi thinks he will not think of Chandrakantha now. Guard informs her Chandrakantha. She rushes to jail and sees Chandrakantha unconscious on floor, scolds Bhadra what is she doing. Bhadra says she was trying to extract truth from Chandrakantha. Iravathi says she just wanted to divert Avantimala’s attention. She tries to revive Chandrakantha and thinks only rishi Angara can save her. She takes Chandrakantha to rishi Angara via magical colleen and asks him to help her. He says he is doing some experiment. She says if he does not, he knows consequences. They make Chandrakantha sleep in hut. Iravathi tells Angara that she wants to kill Veer soon. Chandrakantha hears that and something falls. IRavathi gets alert, but sees Chandrakantha sleeping. She tells rishi again that she wants to kill Chandrakantha soon.

Veer subconsciously walks towards Chandrakantha’s room. Gehna holds him and tries to lures him. She acts as Veer romancing her in front of guards and takes him to room and tries to get intimate. Tej comes and ties her hand via magic and warns how dare she is to force herself on Veer, Veer loves only Chandrakantha and she is pregnant with his child. Gehna fumes and leaves. Sonakshi hears that and fumes after killing Satakashi, how can Chandrakantha get pregnant and live in peace. She goes and informs Daksh and Nishi who in turn inform Swayam. Swayam fumes in anger. Nishi says good if Chandrakantha dies, Gehna can take over. Swayam says Chandrakantha is princess and Gehna is a nothing in front of her. Iravathi thinks Chandrakantha can become only Swayam’s child’s mother and Veer should get out of their way.

Precap: Veer disowns Chandrakantha and wipes sindhoor from her forehead and breaks mangalsutra. Chandrakantha stands shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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