Chandrakanta (Colors) 18th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandrakantha’s Mission to Trouble Iravathi!

Chandrakanta (Colors) 18th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Swayam asks Bhadramaa what is her next plan. Bhadramaa says he should marry Gehna. Swayam angrily strangulates her neck and shouts if she has gone out of her mind. Bhadraa tells Iravathi that she does not have any choice as she will make her own son as Vijaynagar’s future king, then her legal heirs with continue to rule Vijaynagar. Iravathi agrees and orders to make wedding arrangements. Once they leave, Gehna wakes up and dances that she will become Vijaynagar’s queen. Veer and Chandrakantha get ready to go out. Veer tells Chandrakantha’s paln is good. She says without him, she cannot complete it. Chandrakantha feels weak, but continues. They fly on mattress and reach jungle. Chandrakantha picks white rat and says she will take him for sometime. They then fly again and

reach village where Irvathi’s cruel soldiers are misbehaving with citizens. Chandrakantha apologizes villagers for not protecting them for Iravathi, but soon she will end Iravathi. Soldiers see them and run behind, they both escape. Chandrakantha then picks thorns from flower tree and then collects bees from bee web while Veer lifts her. She asks her to be alert. They both fall down. Honey falls on Chandrakantha. She scolds Veer that he bathed her with honey. In palace, Bhadrama walks back to Gehna and scolds that she easily agreed to marry Swayam, what happened to her love for Veer. Gehna says her dream as to become queen and she will become queen by marrying Swayam. Their discussion continue.

Chandrakantha prepares food. Umang gets up excitedly smelling food. Chandrakantha serves food to Umang, Tej, and Veer. They enjoy food and praise it is very tasty. Chandrakantha feels drowsy and collapses. They all 3 get worried. Chandrakantha wakes up and says she is fine, they should go to complete their plan now. Veer gives her magical mirror and one mirror will be with both of them and they can watch each other. They leave discussing Chandrakantha is very excited about this plan. Chandrakantha gets out rat and creates rat army for her mission. Veer, Umang, and Tej reach army making them invisible via magic. They play prank with soldiers and enjoy. Iravathi orders soldiers to distribute food and clothes among villagers and announce about Swayam and Gehnas wedding after 7 days. Villagers gather in courtyard. Iravathi says here comes Vijaynagar’s future king and queen. Maids throw flowers on floor. Veer and Tej throw thorns between flowers. Swayam and Gehna walk on flowers and thorns pierce their feet. They both jump and fall. People laughs. Veer silently says their future king cannot even stand properly. Iravathi souts who said this. Their drama continues while Veer, Tej, and Umang enjoy. Iravathi ends ceremony. Gehna yells how will she dance in her marriage. Iravathi calls vaidya who comes late. Swayam kicks Vaidya and cures himself. Bhadramaa asks how will he cure Gehna. Swayam yells this old man is betrayer. Bhadramaa says why will she harm her niece and damad. Their drama continues.

Chandrakantha enjoys Swayam’s insult on mirro. Veer, Tej, and Umang return to Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha says let us go now for their next move. Veer says he is weak and should not come. She insists and says she is fine now, she has prepared rat army. Veer says even he can multiple rats and tries, but fails. Comedy of errors happen and they all laugh. Veer says Chandrakantha will come with them disguised. Swayam and Gehna’s wedding rituals start. Swayam yells this is a colorless marriage. Iravati says she has arranged entertainment for him and calls dancers. Chandrakantha disguised as a man mingles with villagers. Swayam dances sensuously with dancers. Maids serve liquor. Chandrakantha also takes one. Veer stops her. Their nok jhok continues. Umang walks carrying rat in a bag saying once work is done, he will serve ladoos to rat. Someone clashes with him, bag falls and rat runs away. Umang worriedly searches it and calls Veer, Chandrakantha, Tej. Rat army spreads in courtyard. People rung away. Iravathi angrily shouts who did this and via magic creates birds who carry away rats. She shouts that she knows Chandrakantha is doing all this to stop Swayam and Gehna’s marriage. Drama continues. She calls villagers and punishes them shouting they are trying to help Chandrakantha, they will not get food for a weak now. She walks in corridor and sees a girl sleeping on floor. Chandrakantha smirks hearing her voice. Iravathi shouts who dared to sleep on queen’s way and calls soldiers. Soldiers come and drop something on floor and start picking them. Iravathi shouts at them and then sees different girl, she shouts Chandrakantha was there, how did she change. Chandrakantha changed as different girl apologizes that she fell weak and collapsed and leaves silently. Iravathi continues shouting…Drama continues.

Precap: Chandrakantha tells Veer that they both are becoming father. Iravathi tells everyone will see what they have not seen yet. Swayam slits villager’s throat. Chandrakantha cries that her son has to become very strong to bear the cruelty of world.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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