Chandrakanta (Colors) 17th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhadramaa Tricks Chandrakantha

Chandrakanta (Colors) 17th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tej catches Bhadramaa. Bhadramaa pleads Chandrakantha to spare her as she always helped Iravathi, but Iravathi cut her leg, she is also a Vishnu disciple and will promise she will not help evil Iravathi again. Chandrakantha asks Tej to leave Bhadramaa. They hear Umang’s voice running in jungle and pleading soldiers to spare him. Chandrakantha, Veer, and Tej try to rush to save Umang, but Bhadramaa creates invisible barrier around them and says they should not be caught, she will save Umang somehow. Soldiers drag Umang away and take him to Iravathi. Iravathi tells Swayam that Chandrakantha will come to save her friend at any cost, she will kill her. She will create Umang’s replica and act as burning him like she burnt Dhruv. Chandrakantha will come there and will be trapped.

Bhadrama comes and acts as on Iravathi’s side. Umang is tied in prison and his replica is tied in the middle of village. Swayam frightens villagers that Umang tried to help traitor Chandrakantha, so queen Iravathi will burn Umang alive. Iravathi boasts that Chandrakantha will come here and will be punished ruthlessly. Chandrakantha, Veer and Tej come on horses. Iravathi throws magical net on them and captures them. She provokes Iravathi that she is a helpless ant in front of her and will be crushed. She continues boasting and sees Chandrakantha not reacting at all. She checks and finds it is just their images. Swayam shouts where is Chandrakantha then. Bhadramaa stands smirking. Chandrakantha with Tej and Veer goes to prison and saves Umang. Guards see Umang missing and think where did he go, what will they inform Iravathi. Chandrakantha reminisces rushing to save Umang and Veer noticing it is Umang’s replica. Chandrakantha says she knows where Umang is and saves him. She then does magic and throws fire from sky. Villagers get afraid.

Chandrakantha, Veer, and Tej take Umang to a secret place. Umang collapses. Veer says arrow poison is affecting Umang slowly. They treat him. He gets up and thanks Chandrakantha for saving him. Veer praises Chandrakantha that she thinks by heart and can do anything for her friends. Veer brings food for Umang, and Umang says food is his medicine. Tej asks how is situation outside. Veer says maa has increased security outside, they have to be alert, he does not trust Bhadramaa much. In palace, servants apply medicine and dressing to Bhadrama’s amputated foot and she scolds them to be gentle. Anoteh servant informs that Swayam is calling them to serve liquor. Bhadramaa fumes and walks out. Maids discuss that Chandrakantha badly defeated Iravathi today. Bhadramaa says Chandrakantha is queen Ratnaprabha’s daughter and is legal heir of Vijaygarh throne, she will get it at any cost. Swayam comes calling her mom’s puppet. Bhadramaa confronts him and says just like Prahlad killed rakshas, anotehr prahlad will come and kill Hirnasur Swayam. Iravathi fumes in her room. Swayam goes and says he does not trust Bhadramaa as he feels she is on Chandrakantha’s side now. Iravathi says Bhadramaa is her loyal. Bhadramaa comes there and taunts Iravathi that her son Swayam is useless and she lost her powerful son Veer, until he was with her, nobody dared to speak against her, forget weak Chandrakantha. Swayam fumes. Bhadramaa says he is useless and weak and provokes him to go and frighten villagers.

Chandrakantha tells Veer that she was incomplete without him and is powerful when he is around. Veer asks where is Tej. Chandrakantha says Tej went to feed Gehna. Tej goes to jungle and feeds tied Gehna. Gehna shouts they all will die. Tej says she will die with Iravathi. Someone attacks him and he falls down. Bhadramaa emerges and rescues Gehna. Veer comes searching Tej and does not find him and Gehna. He sees Bhadrama attacking Tej and attacks her. Bhadramaa escapes with Gehna. Veer frees Tej. Tej says his doubt was right, Bhadramaa is a traitor. Veer says he never trusted Bhadramaa. Bhadramaa takes Geha in a trunk. Swayam sees her and asks what did she bring now. Bhadramaa says diamond jewelry for his mother. Iravathi checks and finds Gehna in trunk. Bhadramaa says Chandrakantha and her team had hostaged Gehna and she got her freed with great difficulty. Swayam says how will weak Gehna help them, she does not even know magic. Bhadramaa says Iravathi knows how much Gehna is helpful. Iravathi asks Swayam to take Gehna to her room. Swayam lifts her and takes her away.

Veer takes injured Tej back to hut. Chandrakantha and Umang get worried. Umang asks who hit Tej. Veer says he already told Bhadramaa is a traitor, she betrayed them and rescued Gehna, it is time to punish them. Chandrakantha stops hhim. Tej says if Veer had not saved him, Bhadramaa would have killed her. Chandrakantha says it was her and Bhadramaa’s plan, tTej got minor injuries.

Chandrakantha collapses. Umang happily says Chandrakantha is becoming mother.
Iravathi walks towards Chandrakantha while she is asleep.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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