Chandrakanta (Colors) 14th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Swayam Controls Chandrakantha Via Black Magic

Chandrakanta (Colors) 14th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer enters Chandrakantha’s room and does not find her. He thinks where she must have gone. Aryan and Satakshi’s romance starts. They get afraid seeing monster Hiranyasur coming. Aryan runs away and hide while Satakshi pleads to save her. Veer, Umang and Tej hearing Aryan and Sotaskhi shouting run towards their room. Hiranyasur picks Sonakshi and leaves. Veer enters and attacks Hiranyasur, but Hiranyasur leaves unhurt. Veer asks Tej to go behind Hiranyasur with soldiers. He rushes to Swayam’s room and sees him sleeping. Aryan gets out of hiding and informs his family that Hiranyasur took away Satakshi. Nishi cries that monster took away her bahu. Aryan says she should be happy that her son is safe. Raja Avantimala warns Iravathi if something happens to his daughter, he

will attack Vijaygarh. Iravathi says they are samdhis now. Avantimala says he made a mistake by giving his daughter here. Veer comes and says he sent Tej and soldiers behind Hiranyasur and even he is going behind and promises that Satakshi will return safely.

Tej with soldiers and Umang follow Hiranyasur’s footsteps. Veer and Avantimala join them. The find Hiranyasur. Chandrakantha comes with blue eyes and orders Hiranyasur to drop Satakshi down. He obeys. She says this girl insulted her, so she will die and says maharaj Avantimala will not tolerate his daughter’s death and will attack from outside, she will attack from inside and will throw Iravathi out of thrown. Hiranyasur leaves. They all watch her in a shock. Black magic from Chandrakantha disappears and she regains her consciousness and turns and is shocked to see everyone behind, asks what are they doing here. Iravathi asks how did she control monster and wanted to kill Satakashi. Chandrakantha asks what are they talking. Daksh asks soldiers to take his bahu to vaidya. Avantimala says Chandrakantha that he considered her as daughter and she wanted to kill his daughter. Chandrakantha pleads that he knows her well, she cannot do anything. Veer says they all saw what she did. Chandrakantha says she will prove herself innocent. Swayam is the one controlling Chandrakantha from his room looking into magical mirror and then orders Sonakshi to speak. Sonakshi asks Avantimala to punish Chandrakantha. Daksh says Iravathi is king of this place and not Avantimala. Iravathi says they are united now. Swayam hopes Veer will punish Chandrakantha and go away from her, so that he can go near her, but Veer does not. Avantimala says Chandrakantha has time till morning to prove herself innocent. Iravathi warns Veer not to help Chandrakantha and leaves.

Swayam continues watching from magical mirror, but stops seeing Bhadra coming in. Bhadra gives him medicine and asks how is he now. He says he is fine and thinks he has to control Chandrakantha again. Chandrakantha pleads Vishnuji that nobody is on her side, how will she prove herself innocent. Gehna praises Bhadra that she easily controlled Chandrakantha and is getting her out of Chandrakantha Vijay, she also controlled monster. Bhadra says someone else controlled Chandrakantha and monster and is very powerful, if he is their friend, then it is good for them, else it is very bad. Gehna says Veer will hate Chandrakantha and her work is going well.

Veer reminisces Chandrakantha controlling Hiranyasur and feels angry. Chandrakantha also walking around sea shore reminisces Veer supporting her always. Veer thinks he cannot underst and which Chandrakantha to trust. Chandrakantha thinks she does not know what is happening. Umang asks Veer if he still doubts Chandrakantha. Veer asks if he still doubts his love. Mayavi appears in front of Chandrakantha and asks her if she still believes Veer loves her. Veer says he does not know to help Chandrakantha or to follow mother as he is future raja. Mayavi maasi says Chandrakantha that she is helping and protecting her since childhood. Chandrakantha apologizes her and asks to find out who is behind all this. Mayavi says she will and if she cannot, she will take her away from here. Veer thinks monster must be controlling Chandrakantha instead. Tej says Chandrakantha had gone to library. Veer says they have to go there to prove Chandrakantha innocent. Chandrakantha also thinks to go there. They all head towards library.

Nishi’s drama starts and says she is tired of serving bahu Satakshi. Daksh says she will get reward with serving and raja Avantimala may make him raja. Aryan says he will become raja. Daksh says he is father, so he will become raja first. Satakshi wakes up from sleeping and shouts monster. She attacks them. They all 3 hold her and feed medicine. She collapses again. Servant informs them that Iravathi is calling them. They meet Iravathi who says she is worried about Swayam. Nishi asks from Chandrakantha or monster, why is Swayam not afraid of Chandrakantha. Swayam opens eyes and fumes. Bhadra enters and says Chandrakantha is controlling Veer. Swayam acts as sleeping again. Iravathi says Chandrakantha is also controlling Veer and made him her dog. Bhadra says when Chandrakantha can control monster, she can control anyone. Daksh says Chandrakantha is a black magician. Nishi says she is chudail and should be punished tonight itself, else she may escape. Irvathi says they have respect raja Avantimala’s words and asks Daksh to follow her to jail, she will arrange tight security and if Chandrakantha is proven guilty, she will throw Chandrakantha in jail forever. They all leave. Swayam wakes up and laughs that he is not weak and by morning he will end Chandrakantha and Veer’s love and will show everyone that once he falls behind anyone, he will kill them.

Chandrakantha towards jail and thinks where is secret door. She hears Daksh and Iravathi coming and becomes small. Daksh asks what if Chandrakantha dies in jail. Iravathi says Chandrakantha cannot. Chandrakantha thinks she will fail evil rani’s plans. Veer with Tej and Umang also reaches and searches secret door. Iravathi asks what is he doing here, if he came to check how it is to see loved ones being punished. He says he came to check security. Chandrakantha hides behind his shoes and listen to their conversation and thinks people betray in love so easily. Veer continues searching door. Chandrakantha comes in front and says he does not love her. He says he lied maa and holding her says he will follow her to jail. She says he is betrayer, leave her. He holds tight and says it is his love. She asks if he really knows meaning of love. He asks what to do to prove his love. She frees herself and says he did what he had to. He says everyone is against her. She says even he is and did not support her in jungle. He says it was his plan, why she is so arrogant. She asks to leave his hand and pushes his hand. Hand hits a statute and library’s secret door opens. They both w alk in and see secret books. Chandrakantha even Hirayansur’s book must also be present here, who must be controlling Hiranyasur. Veer and her argument starts. She reads book names. He says they can call book by magic and says murderer fisherwoman. A book falls on her. She says evil husband. Lots of books fall on Veer. Chandrakantha laughs and says there are so many evil husbands in this world and reads book names. She orders Hiranyasur book. Many books appear. She reads books and asks Veer to go. Veer says he is helping her. Soldiers come and asks who came here without permission. Chandrakantha hides, Veer says it is him. They return. A cat jumps on Chandrakantha and she leaves bokok and falls on Veer. Veer holds her and they both gets engrasped in each other’s eyes. Swayam removes important notes from book and escapes. Chandrakantha asks Veer why did he call cat. Veer says he has beautiful cat/ Chandrakantha with him, why will he call other cat. They both continue reading books. Veer sees cat again and ignores. Chandrakantha sees cat and gets suspicious. Cat throws magic into her eyes and she walks away. Veer reads about Hiranyasur that nobody can control him and instead he can control anyone. He thinks that means Hiranyasur controlled Chandrakantha. He continues reading that Hiranyasur is very clever and controls who looks very innocent. He then reads that magical women are so cruel, they can control any man and act as running away from them so t hat they can fall for them. Veer thinks Chandrakantha did same.

Precap: Veer asks Chandrakantha to come to temple and prove her innocence. Chandrakantha walks in and is thrown into jungle and turns into Swayam. Chandrakantha’s mother sees that and says she will inform everyone that Iravathi’s son is a monster.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. If chandrakanta and veer parts away then I will say bye to this serial .if veer Marry gehna and chandrakanta marry swayam also I will stop to see this serial

  2. Sandra19

    U r right sonu. i watch this serial only for veer and chandrakanta and their love story. I just hate this gehna aand swayam. if it is happening then chandrakanta eill surely lose a loyal viewer. (i just love vishal(my handsome hunk) and madhurima. thats the main reason of me watching this serial)

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