Chandrakanta (Colors) 11th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Veer Imagines Chandrakantha in Surya

Chandrakanta (Colors) 11th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surya wakes up in jail and shouts what a dirty place with dirty smell, get her out of here, give her water. Umang says he will. Guard warns not to as per Veer’s order. Surya continues yelling she does not need dirty water, get her out of here. Veer goes to Swayam and greets him as future raja. Swayam asks if his work is done. Veer says he got Surya and has kept her in jail. Swayam asks him to bring her then. At Rishi Angara’s place, rishi tells Iravathi that a savior has already entered in her place and showing Surya says if this girl marries Swayam, he will become human from rakshas. Iravathi gets happy and tries to reward him with gold coins. Angara says if needed wealth, he would have owned whole Vijayngar, she should now just go and find that girl. Iravathi asks what he

needs then. He says he will ask when time permits. Iravathi and Bhadra then fly on magical mat. Iravathi says Surya is wealthy sculptor’s daughter and trying to treat Swayam they lost all the wealth, they don’t even let sun rays on Vijaygarh, so they don’t get agricultural growth also, so they have to convince that girl to marry Swayam to get her father’s wealth.

Umang steals fruits from royal kitchen takes it to feed Surya. Veer clashes with him on the way and walks pushing him away. Servants discuss Surya is wealthy sculptor’s daughter and her father can come and free her, but who will go against cruel Iravathi and her son and inform her father. Umang hear that, goes and informs and Surya’s father. They both rush towards palace.

Veer drags Surya to Swayam. Swayam laughs on her that she at last fell on his feet and now she wil see what he can do. He starts misbehaving with her and then tries to disrobe her in front of everyone. She pleads for help and asks Veer if he can see a woman being disrobed by an evil, if he is really a man, she saved him but he threw her in front of evil. Veer imagines her as Chandrakantha asking how can he see someone misbehaving with her. Veer reacts at last and stops Swayam. Swayam fumes in anger. Iravathi with Bhadra reaches and scolds who dare Swayam is to insult an woman in her rule, she is still a queen here. She returns Surya’s veil. Surya says Veer dragged her here. Iravathi orders 100 lashes for Veer for dragging Surya here and cancels Swayam’s coronation ceremony. Surya says Veer insulted her, so she wants to lash him and asks Iravathi’s permission. Iravathi permits her and leaves. Gehna stands in front of Veer and warns Surya to dare touch her Veer. Surya says it is Iravathis’s order and nobody can oppose it. She holds Veer’s hand takes her to lashing area while everyone follow her. She provokes Veer to react and stop being a stone, if he is really a human with emotions, he did not react seeing a woman being harassed, she wants to see the same pain on his face which she is feeling. She continues. Veer imagines Chandrakantha in her and holds her calling Chandrakantha repeatedly. She frees herself and says she will not lash him and is sparing him to let him feel the guilt. Her father reaches with Umang and takes her away.

Swayam fumes and shouts in his room. Iravathi consoles him. He tries to become monster. She holds his neck and controls him and says he knows she is most powerful with magical knife. She says if he marries that girl, he will turn back to human and then can become Vijayagarh’s king.

Gehna mixes hypnotic in Veer’s drink and makes him sleep. She goes to her room. Bhadra asks why she wants to marry Veer, he is a senapathi and is not going to become a queen, she brought her to become queen her. Iravathi walks in and asks about Veer. Gehna says he fell unconscious after lashes and is sleeping in his room. Iravathi goes to Veer’s room and drops fake tears on his face. He wakes up and fumes that he cannot see tears in her eyes, who dared to trouble. Iravathi says she is worried about him, etc. She leaves. Gehna walks in and asks why did take Chandrakantha’s name. He says he did not. She insists and shouts. He laughs and says she took more alcohol than needed and is overhearing things. She prepares him drinks while he thinks why he is remembering Chandrakantha so much.

Iravathi meets Surya and her father and proposes Swayam’s marriage with Surya. Father reacts and asks how can she expect him to get his daughter married to a man who insulted her. Iravathi says Swayam is suture king and till now she was controlling him as a mother, she saw her qualities in Surya, so she knows Surya will control Swayam well. Father says he is not blind and will never agree for it. Surya says she will marry as she always dreamt of becoming queen and doing good for people, so she will become Vijayagarh’s queen and will help its people. She says she will marry Swayam only if apologizes her as she does want to keep any grudge. Iravathi agrees. Surya returns home and packs her clothes. Her father opposes and says she will not marry a rakshas and tries to slap in anger, but then calms down and says he does not want to lose her. She says she is not behind money and knows Swayam is rakshas, but she has some other motto.

Iravathi gets Swayam ready and says she wants him to become king soon and tells Surya’s condition of apologizing her before marriage. Swayam fumes he will never apologize and wants to punish her, he leaves angrily. Iravathi thinks she will make him apologize even if it is by force and black magic.

Precap: Chandrakantha as ghosts frightens her enemies.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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