Chandrakanta 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta 8th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

After Shivdutt threatens Vijagarh for a war, Krur Singh starts war preparations and orders people to join army. Farmers give their utensils to prepare weapon. A teenaged boy insists to join army and his mother says Chandrakantha is like her daughter and it is a duty of brother to protect his sister. Krur Singh admits him into army. Chandrakantha with Chapala and Champa watches form balcony. Chapala says her praja is eager to protect her. Chandrakantha says she will not disappoint them and knows what to do.

Jaisingh sends a message to his friend raja for support and asks soldier to give it to only him. Krur Singh enters and briefs that he has started admitting youngsters in army and farmers are donating their utensils to make weapons. He does not know if their army can withstand in front

of Shivdutt’s tricky army. Chandrakantha enters and says she will not let her innocent people sacrifice their life for her. Soldiers say they are proud to have a brave rajkumari like her and are ready to sacrifice their life for her. She tells Jaisingh that she does not want any sacrifice, she will submit herself to Shivdutt. Soldiers say Shivduttt provoked their dignity and they will teach him a lesson. Jaysingh says he will not listen to her this time and asks to go to her room now

Shivdutt checks weapons and laughs if Jaisingh tries to save his life, he will lose his dignity. He asks his weapon maker what special did he make this time. He shows him an poison laced arrow and once it strikes opponent, he will die immediately. He points arrow on each one present. His father comes and scolds him for sending a war invitation to Jaysingh and asks whose permission did he take. Shivdutt says he does not need any permission. Fathe says until he is alive, there won’t be any war.

Jaisingh asks Krur Singh to send invitation to other territories to come and help them. Krur Singh nobody would dare to go against Navgarh and suggests to hire Chunargarh’s khoonkhars. Jaisingh shouts to mind his tongue. Krur Singh says he cannot forgo the truth and if he permits, he will send invitation to Marich, he heard Koonkhar Virendra can kill 100 soldiers at once. Jaisingh shouts and gets a heart attack.

In Chunargarh, khoonkhars laugh that Viren is no more a warrior. Badri hears that and warns them to shut their mouth. Viren passes by and they start laughing and taunting him. One of them mimics Chandrakantha and tries to hug him. He holds his neck and throws him in air. Khoonkhars attack him and he trashes them. Marich with pandit Jagannath watches that and praises that his powerful khoonkhar is back after Chandrakantha’s magic faded away from his mind. Virendra is about to kill khoonkhars when Marich stops him. He says he is praising him, that does not mean he can go out of Chunargarh to get talisma key. Virendra leaves angrily. Jagannath asks why did not he let him go to Vijaygarh and get talisma key. Marich says love is very powerful and he does not know that Chandrakantha is Virendra’s past life’s love and wife Chandrika.

Chandrakantha rushes to Jaisingh’s room and asks her stepmother how is he. Stepmother yells that his health will improve, but he will have to fight Shivdutt and sacrifice his life though because of her mistake. Jaisingh wakes up and asks her to stop scolding Chandrakantha. She leaves. Jaisingh then tells Chandrakantha that he is helpless even this time and cannot save her like he could not save her mother. He reminisces during Chandrakantha’s childhood, he and his wife Ratna Prabha go to a temple for pooja. Marich comes there and kidnaps Ratna Prabha saying sh can foresee future and should be with her instead of Jaisingh. Jaisingh fights with khoonkhars but could not save her. Chandrakantha hopes her mother is still alive. Ratna Prabha is seen tortured by Marich. She pleads to let her go as she has a family and a small daughter. He erases baby Chandrakantha’s memory from her brain and tells Jagannath t hat he should have killed Ratna Prabha’s daughter in childhood itself if he had known she is Chandrika.

Viren gets heavily inebriated with his khoonkhar team and apologizes for beating them. They apologize and say they were testing him. Virendra says he will go to his room now and walks towards room holding liquor glass and chicken. On the way, he ask guard to have chicken. They say they have orders to guard him. Virendra falls on his bed and snores. Guards start drinking. Badri returns and sees all khoonkhars heavily inebriated and asleep. He kicks guards and wakes them up. He goes to Virendra’s room and finds pillows on bed instead of him and him missing. He walks into weapon room and sees Virendra getting ready for attack. Virendra says his duty is to get talisma key and that is his duty. Badri tries to stop him and says he knows nobody can stop him, but he is stopping to follow his friendship. Virendra asks what does he mean. Badri says without his help, he cannot go out as Marich’s guards are all around. Only ayyars know a secret way out.

Chandrakantha looks at her mother’s portrait and says at least she got to know she is alive, she will see who will help them meet. Virendra is shown, meaning he will help them meet.

Precap: Shivdutt fights with Jaisingh and beheads him.
Chandrakantha is shocked seeing that. Virendra breaks jail door angrily and gets away.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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