Chandrakanta 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta 6th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virendra informs Chandrakantha and others that he will fight with Shivdutt alone and win war. Krur Singh yells that he without using his intelligence did this foolish act instead of letting armies fight. Virendra says Shivdutt’s army is huge and their army will be killed in no time. Krur Singh says he is an army chief and it is all his fault if army is not well prepared. Chandrakantha’s step mom comments. Veer says he has bet his life and Chandrakantha’s dignity. Chandrakantha reminisces promising him that she will give him talisma key if he wins battle. Chandrakantha’s father enters and praises Virendra’s thinking.

Shivdutt angrily punches sand bag yelling how dare wood cutter is to challenge him. Jhumru says Viru has nothing to lose, but if he loses, he will lose everything,

so he has to use his wife Shyamala’s black magic. Shivdutt says he will not. Jhumru says if he wants Chandrakantha as his maid/concubine or not. Shivdutt smirks. He goes to his wife’s cave and snakes/scorpions surround him. His wife enters and all snakes/scorpions vanish with her clap. She says he came here after a long time, if her love brought him here. He says he came for an important work and needs her magic. She says it is poison and can kill him along with enemies. He gets romantic and consummates with her and all her powers get transferred in him. Her skin turns blue and he asks reason. She says her powers are poisons and he should remember powers will work only for specified time and he has to win within that.

Virendra sharpens his swords. Chandrakantha enters and asks if he is testing is swords. He says he is testing himself. She says he will win as he has bet even himself. He says if something happens to him, she can give talisma key to his friend Badri. Chandrakantha says ayyar is used to protect a rajkumar, which country’s rajkumar he is. Virendra gets tensed and says he is a king of nowhere. She says that key looks like miniature monument, where is key in it. He smiles. She asks him to win, else she has to become Shivdutt’s maid.

Next morning, Shivdutt and Virendra’s come in front of each other for a fight while Chandrakantha and team watch from dias. Shivdutt and Virendra’s argument starts. Virendra asks why his eyes are blue. Shivdutt says it is a power to destroy him. Virendra laughs. Argument continues. Shivdutt asks Chandrakantha to become his maid and spare wood cutter’s life, else if wood cutter loses, he will disrobe Chandrakantha in front of everyone. Virendra fumes and says he did not know yuvraj can think so low. Their fight starts. Virendra overpowers Shivdutt. Chapala sees Virendra’s eyes blue and thinks something is wrong. Champa turns into Shivdutt’s soldier and asks Jhumru how will Shivdutt win against Virendra. Jhumru says he will. Virendra kicks Shivdutt and attacks. Shivdutt gets up and counterattacks and bites Virendra from behind. Virendra collapses due to poison. Chandrakantha runs towards him. Champa asks Jhumru what is happening. Jhumru informs that Shivdutt gathered poison and bit it in Virendra. Shivdutt drags Chandrakantha into middle of battlefield yelling he will disrobe her. Stepmom thinks let her die, Vijaygarh wil be safe. Chandrakantha’s father gets angry and walks down to fight with Shivdutt.

Chandrakantha picks Shivdutt’s knife and injures his shoulder and says she can kill herself than becoming his maid. Virendra comes and holds her hand and says until he is alive, she is safe. Virendra attacks Shivdutt. Shyamala’s poison returns to her when moon and sun come together. Jhumru watches sun and moon together on sky and murmurs in tension that Shivdutt’s poison will vanish now. Champa goes and informs Chandrakantha. Cha Chandrakantha addresses Virendra that both moon and sun are on sky and Shivdutt’s black magical poison has vanished, now he can attack Shivdutt with full powers. Virendra attacks Shivdutt and defeats him. Shivdutt collapses. Virendra jumps to kill Shivduttt, but spares him and collapses himself. A hawk comes and lifts Shivdutt and flies away.

Precap: Virendra’s condition worsens with Shivdutt’s poison and Chandrakantha dances for his life. Khoonkhars are seeing attacking Vijaygarh.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Continue dragging the episodes, when will they fall in love and the actual story would start??


    Soooooooo lovely episode.. Veer is so protective towards chnadrakanta, that even shivdutt poision attack can’t harm veer to save dignity of chandrakanta..

    But show is running ttoooo slow. When will truth of veer’s father will come out in front of veer. And veer and chandrakanta love story when it will start

  3. What a great episode. The story is going strong. All the twists and turns are good.

  4. this serial is v good. It’s good that the writers have not shown the truth of Virender’s father yet. Chandrakanta and Virender should fall in love completely first. The story is nice.

  5. This serial is good, full of twists and turns. The characters of Virender and Chandrakanta are properly shown. It’s good that the love story between Chandrakanta and Virender is developing slowly and surely. After all, dheere dheere dil bekaraaar hota hai, hote hote hote pyaar hota hain.

  6. Best serial and lets hope they will truly fall for each other. Can’t wait to watch their love Saga.

  7. Where is the written update of lastnight episode ?

    Aniway… thnks somuch brother… ?


    I don’t know why team did not publish update yet. May be they are busy so I am updating here.

    I saw no update of chandrakanta so i did. Sorry for missing points. As jitna yaad raha kar diya.

    Episode start with rajvedh informing everyone that I have tried all my methods. I have put these mani’s, they will change color and we shall know that poision is getting out. But it should happen till morning otherwise it will be hard to save viru. Raja ask to save him. Vedh says now its upto lord shiv. Krur singh think time for once listen to me and pass fast. Baaz take shivdutt to his palace and his brother find out a ring of tej singh ayiar and say to himself that now i shall become king. Chandrakanta walks towards shiv temple. Chapla and champa ask her but she do not reply. Chandrakanta sad version song is played with all FB of chandrankanta and viru. She reaches to shiv natraj temple and start crying. She prays to god that please save viru, he saved my dignity at cost of his own life. Sanik inform raja that chandrakanta is in shiv temple.

    Musicians play natraj music tandav. Chandrakanta says to shiv that i shall not stop till viru is fine and ties gunguru and start dancing. Purohit ji or dance teacher goes to inform raja. Viru friend ayyiar is shocked to learn that viru life is in danger. Krur singh goes to rajvedh and ask him to rest. He says to viru that you should die, otherwise how will i get chandrakanta and power? Just than ayyiar chapla arrives. He do drama and goes. Chapla goes to call rajvedh.

    Chandrakanta picks flower plate and dance. Her gunguru get break and her feet get bleeding. Raja and choti ma reaches. And are surprised to see her. Choti maa taunts what must be people thinking that a pricess is dancing wearing gunguru for stranger. Raja shuts her and says viru is the one who saved her dignity. Viru ayyiar friend ask him to get up. Just than chapla and champa arrives and he goes saying that chapla is rahu and champa is ketu in my path.

    Chandrakanta is dancing in full swing and get tried. There viru mani’s changes color and he gets up saying chandrakanta. Champa and chapla thanks god and says that chandrakanta tapasya made him fine and goes to inform her. Chandrakanta tries to get up but her father stops saying that don’t be stuborn. She say no pitaji, but champa and chapla informs that he is fine. Chandrakanta runs towards him and background music plays.

    Viru drinks medicine and chandrakanta goes and hug him and ask about his health. He says he is fine. Later they go and thank vijyagarh people. Some bless viru, some praise him, some take his blessing and say don’t go any where now.

    Later viru is restless about what is going and think. He sees his relfection in water which taunt him about his wrong doing, breaking trust, breaking heart of chandrakanta, hiding identity and he wash his face. And tries to sleep.

    Next day when he gets up he find rajkumar dress and he take bath and get ready. Just than chandrakanta arrives and help him in getting ready. Viru stops her saying that i can do buy she says that “jaise saza dusre ko sunai jaati hai vaise hi sazaya dusre ko jaata hai, or tm sazana chate ho ya saza”. She make him wear necklace. Viru says that what if pain is given. Shw goes to get another necklace but get hurt.

    Viru sees her wound and apply haldi. Than she replies that ” jab dil jude hue hote hai to ek ka dard dusra mehsoos krta hai”. Viru applies and see blood marks, when she danced. He furthur says “or agar dard or dhoka mile iss dil se to”. Chandrakanta says “mujge farq nhi padta jab tak ki dard dene wala koi apna na ho”. Viru sees her and chandrakanta music plays.

    Viru says but you know why I am here. Chandrakanta offers him key might be talism key or its way. She says I know and its my promise. Go and make your place to live as per your wish and complete your dream, but i wish I was part to of that wish but.. chandrakanta further says that atleast one time we shall be together in life to walk with you.

    Chapla ask them to come to sabha. Chandrakanta says not whole life but we can walk together to saba. Maharaja thanks viru for his help and announces that viru will be now head of army and member of sabha. But viru stops him saying that I want to confess something. Just than saink inform that mareech is here and destorying and killing everyone. Mareech reaches sabha. Viru gets shocked.

    1. Maharaja ask viru to kill mareech as he took away my wife. Same chandrakanta orders him.
    2. Maharaja and chandrakanta tries to kill mareech but stoped by viru.
    Voice over- Everyone will come to know that viru is mareech son and came vijyagarh to take talism key.

    1. It was really nice updates. Thank you so much.Don’t know why they are not updating am really a big fan of this serial and eagerly waiting to watch their love story.

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