Chandrakanta 28th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta 28th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Marich with his khonkhars cage Virendra and take him along. Virendra wakes up and finds himself caged and tied in chains. Tej Singh’s hawk drops Chandrakantha’s ring on him. He sees Chandrakantha’s message that he always saved his Chandrakantha and she is sure he will come and save her from Shivdutt. On the other side, Shivdutt ties Chandrakantha and guards throw wate r on her. He says he will make her concubine of whole Navgarh and will make her royal dancer first to entertain his royal darbar. She says even if he cuts her into pieces, she will not fulfill his demands, soon Virendra will come and save her. He asks if she trusts khoonkhar so much. She says she trusts her love.

Virendra breaks his chains and cage and beats khoonkhars. He warns them that he does not have any enemity

with them, but if they stop him, they will feel his wrath. Marich says he is his son and if he wants to forget that, he can attack him. Virendra says he wants to save Chandrakantha and does not know anything. Mrich provokes again. Virendra shoots around in front of him and leaves. He rides his horse following hawk and stops seeing Tej Singh. Tej Singh says he is Navgarh’s real yuvraj and after knowing truth, Shivdutt kidnapped Chandrakantha. Virendra says he does not believe him and fights. Hawk comes and sits on him. Virendra says this hawk. Tej Singh says it is his pet hawk and dropped Chandrakantha’s message ring on his order. Virendra says he does not believe. Tej Singh says he can believe Chandrakantha at least.

Shivdutt continues torturing Chandrakantha. He then calls Maharaj Surenddra Singh and Rani Padmavathi and asks guards to torture them. Surendra pleads to at least remember that they bought him up and spare his old foster parents. Shivdutt shouts that they hid the fact since childhood that he is not their son and will be killed. Chandrakantha pleads to spare them and agrees to fulfill his demands. He orders maids to get her ready as royal dancer, she will entertain his royal darbar. Maids take her and turn into Champa and Chapala. They ask her to continue act as obeying Shivdutt till Virendra comes.

Krur Singh gets ready for war and sprays perfume on him reminiscing Chandrakantha. Kamini asks if he is going for a war or marriage. He says war. She asks if planned Chandrakantha’s kidnapped. He nervously says Chandrakantha will be safe and he will not let her happen anything. On the other side, Nazim and Ahmed take back their original form and boast that Krur Singh will be very happy with their loyalty. Champa and Chapala come in front of them and they get tensed.

Shivdutt ties Surendra Singh and Padmavathi to poles and addresses his people that old couple will be punished for betraying kingdom. He further says he has called Vijanagar royal dancer to entertain them. Chandrakantha enters wearing dancer’s attire. Shivdutt orders her to dance, else he has made arrow setup which will kill Surendra and Padmavathi. He demonstrates it on a monument. Chandrakantha says Virendra will come and destroy him and his false pride. Surendra says even he trusts Chandrakantha and Virendra will come for sure, Chandrakantha is his friends’ daughter and is like his daughter and her dignity cannot be lost.

Virendra and Tejsingh reach near Navgarh palace. Tej Singh shows whole army around and says Shivdutt has set his army to kill yuvraj. They hear Jhumru ordering senapati to kill Virendra once he is spotted. Virendra says Tej Singh until #1 ayyar Tej Singh is with him, how will anybody stop him. Tej Singh says their yuvraj will go via main door. Virendra says he is khoonkhar Virendra and will be always. Soldier sees Virendra coming and informs Jhumru and senapati The watch him via binocular and shoot arrows. Virendra disappears. Soldier says he is coming from all sides. Jhumru realizes it is Tej Singh’s magic and shouts Tej Singh betrayed. Tej singh explains situation to Shivdutt’s cousin and seeks help. Cousin says if he loses, Shivdutt will not spare him. Tej Singh a few loyal soldiers are still with them and he can guide them, he just wants real heir get his right, else Shivdutt will smash cousin whole life. Cousin agrees.

Shivdutt continues forcing Chandrakantha to dance. Surendra asks her not to. Virendra enters escaping arrows and killing soldiers. Soldier informs Shivdutt that Virendra has entered palace. Chandrakantha smiles and says Virendra will destroy Shivdutt today. Virendra enters shouting how dare Shivdutt is to kidnap Chandrakantha. Padmavathi gets emotional seeing her son. Shivdutt orders soldiers to capture him, and he kills solders. Shivdutt then points sword at Chandrakantha and warns Viren to stop. Soldier trash Virendra. Chandrakantha asks him to get up and fight. Shivdutt warns Virendra that he will kill Chandrakantha and walks towards Virendra. Chandrakantha kills soldier and runs towards Shivdutt to kill him. Shivdutt stabs sword into Chandrakantha’s stomach and she collapses. Virendra shouts Chandrakantha..and runs towards her.

Precap: Virendra rushes to Chandrakantha and holds her, says he will not let her happen anything. Shivdutt challenges him to get her back to life if he can.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. It is turning interesting day by day


    Interesting episode..
    Finally viru knows truth, but he is unable to believe(which is obivous) but he shall be soon believing.
    And its so sad to see, viru who is born in naugrah but brought up by marich and he respects him, despite he is his enemy but he never raise voice or hand on him, where as shivdutt is marich son but brought up with love, but disrespectful towards his brought up parents..this is called blood speaks..???????
    Chandrakanta was looking so preety in purple dress.??????
    And shocking will chandrakanta die?????

  3. Chandrakanta will not die, it is an ayyar in disguise, soon Chandrakanta will enter the screen.

  4. If The one who died is an aayyar..then may be this is either chapla or champa or tej singh…then who is the one who was inplace of ratna garbha…? Because Ratna doesn’t have so much power to wake up instantly n stop Kmaini from giving poison…


    I hope champa or chapla or tej singh or badri do not die.
    Becoz all 4 ayyiyars are strong pillars of this show.

  6. No no, not Champa chaplain or Tej Singh an unknown girl. Check out the link


    Thanks for information nabanita..
    I saw it.. its good to see

    1. Yes dear, also once Virendra and Chandrakanta will get together, chapla and Tej Singh will fall in love ??


      Seriously ?????

  8. Guys, check this out!!!
    You will love this.

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