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Chandrakanta 27th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jai Singh is surprised to see Ratnagarbha and asks if she is real or it is his imagination. She says she is real. She murmurs something in Chandrakantha’s ears. Chandrakantha says this marriage will not happen. Shivdutt asks what is she telling. Chandrakantha says situation is in front of him and she cannot marry now. Shivdutt says he will not tolerate her drama and will marry her right now. He holds her hand and drags her. Chandrakantha says she can walk with him without marriage to fulfill her father’s promise, but will marry when her mother does kanyadaan. She los her mother when she was very small, now she got a chance to get her kanyadaan via her mother, requests him if he cannot accept his request. He says she won him by requesting and will wait for her. He asks Tej Singh to head

baraat back to Navgarh.

An old woman feeds water to Virendra and asks if he is hungry and thirsty since many years. He says, nobody called her son till now.

Ayurvedic doctor/ved checks Ratnagarbha and informs Jai Singh that her health is good, but she is gripped by a severe black magic. Step mom thinks Ratnagarbha should die, she does not need a sautan. Chandrakantha tries to wake up her mother. Ratnagarbha opens eyes and asks for water. Chandrakantha runs to get water. Krur Singh walks towards Chandrakantha. Ratnagarbha subconsciously murmurs not to marry Shivdutt as he is not real Shivdutt. Chandrakantha returns and Krur Singh hides. Chandrakantha feeds water, but Ratnagarbha falls unconscious again.

Krur Singh ggoes to Shivdutt. Shivdutt asks why is enemy at his place, he is enemy king’s maha mantra. Krur Singh says enemy’s enemy is friend and says he got a secret for him, he is not maharaj Surendra Singh’s real son. Shivdutt holds his neck and shouts he will kill him for his trick. Krur Singh says Ratnagarbha told this secret and she is always true. Shivdutt reminisces Surendra Singh’s wife telling he is not his son, asks Krur Singh what he needs. Krur Singh says he will handle Ratnagarbha, Shivdutt has to forget Chandrakantha. Shivdutt asks when Chandrakantha’s father does not have any problem, what problem he has. Krur Singh reveals he loves Chandrakantha and wants to marry her, though he brought her up since she was child.

Virendra sits under tree reminiscing Chandrakantha. Khoonkhars throw net on him. He fights and defeats them. One of them injures his hand, and he kills khoonkhar. Marich comes and says starts emotional blackmail and says he used to never disobey her father, but he did in Chandrakantha’s love. He acts as pampering and stabs him with magical knife, saying everything is fair in love and war. Virendra collapses. Masked soldiers then enter Vijaygarh palace.

Krur Singh gives poison bottle to stepmon/Kamini and says this poison will send Ratnagarbha to death slowly and only Kamini can do this job. Kamini takes poison bottle to Ratnagarbha’s room and picks real medicine, trying to exchange it with poison bottle when Chandrakantha enters and asks what is she doing here. Kamini says she came to check Ratnagarbha’s health. Chandrakantha says she came to give medicine to mom, does not find medicine bottle an dasks where is it. Shivdutt goes to Jai Singh’s room while he is with Krur Singh and asks permission to let him meet Chandrakantha, he will meet even Ratnagarbha. Jaisingh permits. Kamini drops poison on floor silently and tells Chandrakantha that her mother’s medicine is on floor. Chandrakantha picks it. Kamini smirks that Chandrakantha herself will give poison to her mother.

Chandrakantha tries to feed medicine to Ratnagarbha. Ratnagarbha wakes up. Chandrakantha asks who brought him here. Ratnagarbha says Navgarh’s rajkumar Virendra Singh. Chandrakantha reminisces he love for Virendra and later punishing him thinking him as Marich’s son. She cries. Ratnagarbha says he must be very closer her heart. Soldiers inform Shivdutt and Krur Singh that 4 traitors have entered palace. Krur Singh asks what they want. Chandrakantha sees Champa and Chapala and asks what are they doing here. They say that 4 traitors entered palace and killed soldiers, Ratnagarbha’s life is in danger. They hide Ratnagarbah in store room and says she is safe her. Four soldiers kidnap Chandrakantha. Shivdutt and Krur Singh try to stop them. They overpower both and run away with Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha is thrown into dark cell. Shivdutt comes there and reminisces planning Chandrakantha’s kidnap with Krur Singh’s help and telling him that Chandrakantha will be safe and will marry only Krur Singh. Champa and Chapala turn into Krur Singh’s puppets Nazim and Ahmed. Out of flashback, Shivdutt boasts that she cannot escape from her. Chandrakantha laughs that she herself got kidnapped and reminisces incident. She goes into flashback where Tej Singh informs her that he is loyal to Navgarh’s throne and its real rajkumar Virendra Singh. Chandrakantha says maa told Virendra is real Navgarh rajkumar. Tej Singh says her safety is his priority and she has to come with him. She tells she wants to be kidnapped and gives him her ring with a message to Virendra that Shivdutt has kidnapped her, Virendra will save her. Out of flashback, Chandrakantha says Virendra will come and save her, will destroy Shivdutt. Marich takes Shivdutt caged. Virendra wakes up. Shivdutt says he will kill Virendra.

Precap: Chandrakantha tells Shivdutt that Virenda will save her and she trusts her love. Virendra breaks cage, stops Marich and rushes on his horse.
He stops seeing Tej Singh.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Beautiful episode..
    Finally truth is out.. viru is naugarh heir and shivdutt is chunargarh heir, and their work reflects their blood..

  2. I love this episode thank youuuuu

  3. Sunil Tarabjani

    Great episode. Finally the truth is out and Virendra is the prince of Naugadh.

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