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Chandrakanta 1st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virendra tries to save Chandrakantha from magical warriors, but they overpower him. Krur Singh’s puppet rushes to inform Krur Singh. Shivdutt hears him and laughs that Chandrakantha is sitting right in front. Nazim says he is telling truth he saw a few warriors Chandrakantha. Shivdutt asks Krur Singh to take Nazim away. Chapala gets tensed and asks Nazim where is rajkumari. Shivdutt asks who is she. She comes into her real form. Shivdutt angrily tries to behead her when Tej singh stops him and says it is against rule to kill ayyara, they have to save rajkumari first. Shivdutt says he does not care. Tej says they will save rajkumari first and then decide about Chapaala. He tells Chapala her one mistake created rivalry between Shivgarh and Navgarh. Chapala asks to save Chandrakantha first.


sees magical warrior attacking Chandrakantha and burns him. He falls down again due to injury. Badri thinks he has to kill Chandrakantha, but not at the cost of his friends. Three magical warriors are about to kill Virendra when Badri calls his soldiers back. They disappear. Viru falls back again. Chandrakantha asks if she is fine and helps him get up. He gets up and nods yes, says she always falls into trouble. She says he always saves him, she was searching for him. He asks why. She says she does not want him to go, but now thinks he should go, else Shivdutt will not spare him. Virendra reminices Sayali, asks Chandrakantha to wait for him and rushes to Sayali. Sayali asks to pour his blood on talisma key. He cuts his finger and once blood falls words emerge and Viren reads them that he frees him. Parab gets out of statue. Sayali thanks him and rushes to Parab. Parab hugs her and says after 100 years, he is free and reason for creating yaksha mahal is complete. Viren picks talisma key. Mahal starts dismantling and stones fall. Chandrakantha team reaches and forcefully takes her out. She thinks Viru will return for sure. Shivdutt warns Chandrakantha that she did mistake twice and will not be spared. Champala and Chapala take Chandrakantha in chariot. Virendra finds Badri, gives him talisma key and asks him to give it to Marich. Badri says his mission is complete, then why is he staying here. Virendra says he will return soon. He returns to Chandrakantha, but does not find her, thinks seeing earthquake, she must have gone.

While traveling in chariot, Chandrakantha tells Champa and Chapala that Viru promised her that he will return to meet her, so he will return for sure. She stops chariot and tells Krur Singh that she has to go back to yaksha Mahal to save Viru. He says for a mere wood cutter. Chandrakantha says Viru is not a mere wood cutter, he saved her many times, it is her duty save him now. Krur singh sends his puppets Nazim and Ahmed with soldiers to save Viren. Viren reaches jungle searching Chandrakantha and thinks why he is getting attracted to her. He finds her anklet and imagines her asking to dorn it on her leg. He then realizes it is his imagination and heads towards Chunargarh. Chandrakantha continues reminiscing Viru and hopes he is safe. She hears someone calling her and says she knew Viru would return. She gets out of chariot. Navgarh’s soldier comes with a box and says he found rajkumari’s box near yaksha mahal. Champa asks to give it to her. Soldier says he has been ordered to give it to only Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha hears weird sound and asks what is it. Soldier says it is sound from black caves, people say evil spirits stay there. Krur singh says it is a very dangerous place and let us leave from here. Once they all leave, soldier turns into sayali who says their fate has connected her and Chandrakantha together. She reminisces Parab being sucked away by a tornado and Parab says she has to go to black caves to know how to free him again. She smirks and thinks Chandrakantha has to come to black caves.

Marich sees Chandrakantha still alive and his black magician shows how Virendra saved her. He fumes and shouts Virendra always falls for Chandrakantha. He hears soldiers chanting Virendra’s name. Virendra walks towards him with Badri and gives him talisma key box. Marich opens it and finds it empty. Virendra asks Badri what happened to key. He says he kept it in this box. Marich shouts that Virendra lost key because of his attraction towards Chandrakantha and forces Virendra to repeat that he did a sin and asks to lash himself till morning as a punishment.

Chandrakantha reaches back to her palace. Her father greets her. Her stepmother comes and asks her to hug her. Chandrakantha hesitantly does. Stepmom asks if she liked Shivduttt and is ready to marry him. Chandrakantha says she will not marry Shivdutt.

Precap: Shivdutt tells his father that Chandrakantha betrayed him twice, he will torture and kill her. Virendra sees Chandrakantha applying medicines on his wounds and shouts she is reason for his condition, he will finish the problem at once and picks sword.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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