Chandragupta Maurya 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Chanakya’s New Task For Chandragupta

Chandragupta Maurya 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandragupta returns to Chanakya’s place tired at night and seeing Chanakya says he will meet him tomorrow morning. Chanakya asks to describe if anything important happened at palace. Chandragupta reminisces Mura pricking thorn into Dhananand’s foot. Chanakya asks him to finish daily task before sleeping. Chandragupta walks with him. Chankya gives him pot and asks him to transfer water from one tank to another. Chandragupta says he has gone mad to give him this task, starts filling pot and seeing it has hole says he cannot fill tanks even in days with this
holed pot. Chanakya says he does not have any other go and says this pot is much lighter than bodyguards’ swords he was unable to pick today. Chandragupta asks how does he know. Chanakya says looking at

his sword, he has not used it today and has pain in right hand. Chandragupta stands in shock. Chanakya says if he starts his task, he can finish by morning, but if he tries to understand him, he will take ages. Chandragupta starts his task.

Dhananand walks to his favorite horse Toofan and asks him to guide him like he does usually, slave Mura dared to take out blood drop from his foot and is very arrogant, how to control him. He punishes Toofan and says this is what Toofan wanted to guide him that Mura can be controlled only by punishment; he will punish her before his special guest arrives. Mura hears his conversation and thinks who is that special guest.

Chandragupta’s friends wake up at midnight to help him. Chanakya walks in and showing Stulbhadra’s food says he broke role, so he will not get breakfast. Stulbhadra opposes. Chanakya says he will not get even lunch and dinner. Another friend asks what he wants to tech Chandragupta with this task. Chanakya chants sansrkit shloka and says with fetching water, he is strengthening Chandragupta’s arm and making him stable and powerful for his future to bear his enemy’s attacks. He continues his explanation.

Dhananand drags Mura tied to a rope to market and says she took a drop of blood from his foot, he will burn her whole blood and make her difficult to even move. He announces that his special guest will pass through this market lane and wants it to be clean and pleasantly smelling, nobody should have to work except slave Mura, she has to finish all the tasks herself and orders Bhadrasaal to make sure she finishes all the tasks and punish if she does not. Mura starts task. Chandragupta walks in. She hides thinking he will feel bad and try to oppose if he sees her as slave. Chandragupta asks Bhadrasaal who is the special guest coming. Bhadrasaal angry shouts to get away and let him do his duty and orders slave to come out and continue her task. Mura gets tensed. Chandragupta asks slave to come out..

Chanakya niti: Chanakya says fear, if it is in mind, it will protect life, but if it comes out, it will harm life; nature’s most harmful animal is snake, it can bite and kill anyone, but it hides and keeps itself safe, similarly one has to act as powerful and hide their fears.

Precap: Chandragupta rides horse Toofan. Dhananand punishes him asksing if he is not afraid of his death.

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  1. Band’s activity is making Chandra rebellion. One day Chandra will fadeup with Nand and Durdhara then Chanakya will guide him.

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