Chandragupta Maurya 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Durdhara Orders Guards To Kill Chandragupta

Chandragupta Maurya 18th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mura confronts Chandragupta that the sword he is holding is made by ironsmith who beats iron repeatedly to shape it as sword, similarly he cannot become anything without being beaten and moulded. Chandragupta says it is waste talking to her. She angrily washes blood stained cloth. He says blood stains won’t go away, so she should stop wasting her energy and time and just wash cloth and dry it.

Dhananand with Mahamartya walks into kitchen and asks cook to cut onions into pieces. Cook does. Dhananand asks if finely chopped onions get absorbed in dish and spreads its own pleasant smell. Cook says that is why they cook only coarse pieces. Dhananand says if he understood what he means, just like onion, Selukus is hiding his true motto and attacking them from behind.


provokes her old bodyguard that he should fight for his right and prove that he is more capable than the kid selected by king. Bodyguard walks away. Durdhara’s friend asks whys she is going against king’s order and sent bodyguard to kill the kid. Durdhara painting her portrait says king will forgive her as he loves her most, boy has to show his capability now if he can protect her and or die fro the hands of ex-bodyguard.

Ex-bodyguard stops Chandragupta and asks him to get his and his team’s swords as he was a slave before. Durdhara watches from balcony. Chandragupta gets swords. Guard with his team attacks Chandragupta saying he has to prove if he can protect princess. Chandragupta says they are going against king’s order. Guard says they are proving king that they selected wrong person. They overpower Chandragupta and injures him.

Dayimaa tells Dhananand that he did a mistake by appointing a kid as Durdhara’s bodyguard. Dhananand says boy is very competent and spontaneous, he can protect himself if not fight with anyone, if he succeeds, he will live longer, else he will die anyways; he did not want boy to go against him and pose a hindrance to him in the future.

Durdhara signals bodyguard to kill Chandragupta. Chandragupta sees that, jumps and pulls Durdhara’s dupatta and tying stone in it beats guards and injures them. He then returns Durdhara’s dupatta and says don’t make him repent next time that he is protecting an arrogant and cruel princess. Durdhara says whoever confronts him will be punished badly, he will see what will happen to onion farmer. Chandragupta hears farmer’s mother pleading guards not to punish her son and punish her instead. She sees Chandragupta and pleads to save her son. Chandragupta stands shocked reminiscing Durdhara’s words.

Chanakya gives moral gyaan that if they want to live a simple and pure life, they should tell only truth; it is better they should be careful and change over time to protect themselves from enemies; just like a pinch of salt does not spoil butter but protect it from spoiling, they should mingle among people and protect themselves.

Precap: Mahamartya orders guards that all citizens should be present when farmer will be killed. Dhananand says even he will be present. Chandragupta enters saying he cannot do that.

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  1. Gorgeous Durdhara is still trying to take revenge from her bodyguard Chandra. How nice, brave Chandra fought the former bodyguards. It seems Chandra saved the life of Durdhara from something so he jumped and took out her cloth during fight. He may get reward for that and in return he will ask to release the farmer.
    This will be interesting to watch how Chandra challenges orders of Dhananand tomorrow.

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