Chandragupta Maurya 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Chankya Frees Chandragupta From Slavery

Chandragupta Maurya 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chanakya tells Chandragupta that his motto is to train him to become king/samrat Chandragupta of united Bharath. Chandragupta laughs if he told united Bharath, if he is really Brahmin, where he is standing is Magadh and its king Dhananand. Chanakya says there are many Magadhs in Bharath and it needs a guide like a head, he can see king’s qualities in Chandragupta. Chandragupta laughs and says Magadh soldiers maybe troubling him so much that he has lost his mind. He shows his slavery band and says a slave cannot become king. Chanakya says when a person can think, he can become king like a barber Dhananand; if a person can aim for something, he will achieve it with his bravery. Chandragupta laughs that he should go and rest to stop getting weird dreams and walks away. Bhairav tells

Chanakya that he cannot change arrogant boy. Chanakya says just like a water hits stone repeatedly and sculpts it, he will repeatedly infuse knowledge in Chandragupta’s mind and prepare him to become king.

Chandragupta walks into market laughing that brahmin Chanakya has gone mad. He finds Chanakya in front of him and ask how can he walk so fast. Chanakya says he has to be fast to make him king. Chandragupta laughs more and asks how many kingdoms like Magadh are there in Bharath. Chanakya says many. Chandragupta laughs he does not even now. Chanakya says around 400. Chandragupta frees hens in cage and makes them escape. People try to catch hens. Chandragupta says when they can’t control a few birds, how will he control 400 kings. Chandragupta says he just has to be a face to united all kingdoms and guide them. Chandragupta misleads Chanakya and runs away. Chanakya smiles and says if Chandragupta is stubborn, he is more stubborn than Chandragupta.

Chandragupta with his friends walks to Lubdak. Lubdak greets him as son and says this man gave double money and bought him. Chandragupta asks who is this fool. Chanakya turns his face and reveals he bought Chandragupta. Chandragupta requests Lubdak not to sell him to Chanakya, he will steal more wealth for him. Lubdak says he is a businessman and money is his religion, he had bought Chandragupta with money and sold him for money.

Durdhara angrily shouts how dare Peeplivan’s prince is to go without informing her and orders her maids to catch him and bring him to her, she will punish him. Mura walks in laughing and says she is a princess and should stop wasting her anger and energy for slave. Durdhara warns to mind her tongue. Her maids say Mura is right, Chandragupta was a slave and became 1-day prince. Chandragupta shouts she will not bother about slave now and will not remember even in her weirdest dreams. Mura thinks her plan worked, now nobody will trouble her son.

Chandragupta confronts Chanakya that he was giving moral gyaan to end slvery from his mind, but himself bought him, whatever can Chandragupta whatever he wants to, he can make him his slave. Chanakya takes axe and orders Chandragupta’s friends to hold him. They hold Chandragupta. Chandragupta shouts what happened to them, they are his friends, yells at Chanakya that he brainwashed even his friends, he will not become slave. Chanakya breaks his slavery band and says he is free and can go anywhere, but meet him once in a day to thank him, he can do at least that. Chandragupta says soon he will repay his debt and free himself. Chandragupta walks away smiling with Bhairav. Chandragupta punishes his Stulbhadra for helping brahmin. Stulbhadra says brahmin is helping him instead. Bhairav asks Chanakya why did he buy slave with huge money and freed him. Chanakya says he invested on Bharath’s future king and his training has already started, soon he will be trained to be united Bharath’s king.

Precap: Dhananand orders Mahamartya to catch and bring Chandragupta for misbehaving with princess Durdhara.

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  1. Now Chanakya freed Chandr from slavery. Chandra is ignoring him but one day he will surely convince with Chanakya. Interesting precap realy Chandra harassed Durdhara ?

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