Chandra Nandni 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Bindusara blames dharma that it was her plot to get Nandinis look a like in Magad to rule over.

Chandra Nandni 9th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bheemdev walks to Nandini in her room,and says you are just mine Savitri,Nandini asleep,he takes of her dupatta,Nandini wakes up and about to shout,bheemdev covers her mouth and says you are just mien and I’m here to take you awake with me,Chandra wakes up and realises it was a dream and says Nandini isn’t safe I have to check in her.

Bindusara walks to dharma and says you were right, your ma didn’t kill my mother because she isn’t Nandini,You came here, agreed to my proposal,so that you can use that lady as Nandini and then get into mahal,but I couldn’t see it,you made such big plot so that you can rule over Magad,but you must have not dreamt that her husband would come back and spoil your game,dharma says look me and Queen Nandini knew nothing about this,Bindusara

says she isn’t Nandini,dharma says it’s of no use talking to you,you are covered in hatred,dharma about to leave Bindusara says stop you are here to serve me as my dasi get me alcohol,dhrama says I’m tired I’m gonna rest and I’m not getting you alcohol,Bindusara says go get me alcohol or else,dhrama says what you will kill me go ahead and hands him sword, Bindusara doesn’t attack,dharma says I knew you wouldn’t kill me so easily, you will trocher me to death.

Chitra and Bhadra together,Chitra says is it possible that there is possibility of people looking similar,Bhadra says yes,Chitra says so is she not maharani Nandini,Bhadra says if mamashree says she is Nandini,then she is and why do we feel the closeness when she is around. Mora says to dadi, may be bheemdev isn’t lying,she isn’t Nandini and how can someone be alive after falling form such height,Nandini is dead she is Savitri,dadi says but her behaviour is so similar to Nandini,mora says this should be sorted quickly,dadi says my Chandra is back to life since she is here,and I don’t want him to collapse again.

Helina says I have to take advantage of this situation,if I help that man prove that she isn’t Nandini,all will be back again as I wanted,Helina walks to a box. Nandini wakes up and sees someone approaching and gets alert and hides with a knife,Nandini about to attack finds its Chandra,Chandra hugs her,Nandini closes the door and says you shouldn’t be here. Helina gets a drug and says it’s time to increase the drug dosage. Elis walks in happy and says ma I’m so happy,Kartikeya has decided to give our relationship a chance,Helina says I’m so happy for you,didn’t I tell you our plan will work.and then thinks now soon Nandini will be kicked out of Magad too.

Dharma sleeps on Bindusara bed,he says this is mine,dhrama says you spoilt my bed and so I shall sleep on yours.Bindusara says you cant,and both get into argument and fall down,and look into each other,both get up,dhrama says if you won’t leave,I shall,and tries to open the door,Bindusara starts laughing and says oh no worries and throws blanket on her and says you can sleep in floor,dhrama throws the blanket and sleeps on floor.

Nandini says why are you here.chandra says I had a nightmare so I’m here,Nandini says are you suspicious,Chandra says forget that but look at you,you are so scared,Nandini says I’m fine but the thing is the rule is I shouldn’t be with you or him and if others find you are with me,Chandra says the rule isn’t for us,the door is knocked Chandra hides,Nandini opens the door and sees bheemdev.

Dhrama shivering due to coldness,Bindusara looks at her and goes to bed,he is unable to fall asleep due to dharma shiveringa nd says quite dhrama,dhrama says I’m not doing it purposely even I want to sleep but it’s so cold,bindisara says I don’t care just be quite and go to sleep,dhrama sits aside shivering,dharma faints.

Bheemdev walks in,Nandini says please leave this isn’t done,bheemdev gives her tamarinds and says don’t be sacred,I got you these,when we were newly wed,you use to force me get tamarinds and wouldn’t let me sleep all night till I use to get them,Nandini says thank you,you should go now,bheemdev says why don’t you trust me do you remember nothing,Nandini thinks is he really my husband I’m so confused.bheemdev sees footwear and walks to them thinking it’s Chandra,Chandra hides,bheemdev says I’m sorry but I was just being secured against you,Nandini says maharaj has made arrangements please leave now,bheemdev leaves and Nandini starts looking for Chandra.

Nandini sees Chandra hanging in balcony and says what are you doing hold my hand and gets him up and hugs him and says what if something would happen,Chandra says see you said you aren’t scared but your heart is beating is so fast,Nandini says no I’m not scared,Chandra says really and acts as if he is falling,Nandini hugs him back,Chandra says Nandini I was,Nandini says till I have sure about my identity I don’t want this.

Bheemdev walks to Mohini and says I was right,Chandra is just trying to divert us,they are together,Mohini says don’t worry,pranpratishta arrangements as Gurudev taught us are made,bheemdev says let’s test it.mohini begins the procedure..bheemdev faints,Mohini smiles and says I’m expert in this,and starts laughing.

Pre cap : Chandra says to Nandini today I shall kill him and no one will ever come in between us,Nandini shooks him and shouts maharaj.
Bheemdev dead,Chandra pulls Mohini close and asks who killed him and smiles.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Why can’t that lady take away the soul of that witch Helena’s it’s not enough for to destroy nandini’s life and still not satisfied
    Then I liked Chandra and nandini’s scenes wouldfull
    Then came that scene were that lady is transferring that psychos soul so they want to show Chandra as bad to nandini so the blame will come on him for killing him
    Will nandini be able to find out the truth will Chanakya be able to catch those two mmm
    That witch is in plan of giving nandini that drugs what will happen will she succeed this too

    1. Shalini, I also wish that Mohini take away Helena soul, but it will never happens. She is always safe.
      That lady can transfered back the soul from Chandra to Bheemdev, he can come back to life,provided she must removed the soul. Who knows she starts to like Chandra, I wish that does not happen.

  2. Gpk484

    Oh my God !
    Why is this Nandini always having doubt about her husband ?
    She lost her intelligence along with her memories long back ! Damn it !
    And about today’s episode ! It’s way too fictional and I can’t barely believe what’s happening with the storyline !
    How could this possibly happens ?
    Idiotic writers as usual showing their idiotism !
    Bheemdev shifting his soul to Chandra’s body ? How could this possibly be realistic ?
    Huh ?
    Oh come on !
    Writers lost their way of thinking! And doing something stupid , silly , and sorta childish in my opinion ! ?
    And in the precap !
    It’s crap !
    It’s totally ruined !
    Now Nandini will be in a thought of avoiding Chandra
    A very bad impression is created in Nandini
    Due to the act of that psycho !
    WTF ! How could Chanakya possibly solve this issue ?
    Because it’s full of magic non sense stuffs
    And he doesn’t know all these
    He only knows medicines ! And political stuffs
    Not these !
    And on the other hand that bit*h Helena is as usual using her f***ing drugs !
    And no body in the palace knows any anti-black magic
    I meant good magic to solve this matter !
    So how come Chandra will be able to get his love ?
    So much confusing for me ! Hmm ??
    Another thing what happened to Chandra’s soul ?
    Where is his soul currently in ?
    Oh God very confusing !
    And also poor Nandini got scared and she cried like a half year old baby
    So much depression in her face !
    Why writers always making Nandini as a crying character!
    You Makers have no brain at all !
    And now I’m quite confused how’ll Chandra and Chanakya will find that magadh real king sort of type thing enemy !
    And how’ll he explain to Nandini that it was not his behavior on that night !
    She should believe also ! That’s a very tedious one ! Too !
    Oh I’m very much looking forward into Chandra Nandini uniting forever !
    Well hope everything will be solved and ChandraNandini will be United forever

    1. Gpk484,enjoyed reading yr comments. Some part funny too

    2. Gpk484 the show has lost its charm completely from what you have commented today. Wow the writers are really misusing all the characters here. I guess if Chandragupta Maurya saw this show from his grave, his soul would definitely roll over and haunt the writers.
      The story is no way historic anymore and it seems like Nandini is ever CRYING!! Where did the brave warrior princess fade into…….as well as the brave Chandragupta Maurya… ??
      UFF…. useless commenting if nothing is heard after so many questions put forward to the writers. I think we write on an invisible board that is why nothing is been actioned.

    3. Nice comment gpk.

  3. I really can’t understand as to why there is no guards watching who is going in who is coming out. Makers have gone to the height of confusion. Even if they don’t unite CN it is ok to some extent because they can live in their sweet memories but if they create mis understanding between chandra and Nandini it can’t be tolerated and forgivable.

  4. Bindu,Moora,Helena n maybe others are thinking that Nandini is Savaithri, Dadi says her behaviour is more like Nandini. Dadi is worried for Chandra because after getting Nandini he is back to life. Bhadra also accepts her as Nandini as he can feel her closeness with her around.
    Confusion is going around the Mahal .
    Dharma is very brave,bold when she answer to the mental Bindu. Pity Dharma,sleeping on the floor n shivering but Bindu told her to sleep, not realizing that she is indeed feeling very cold until she fainted. What will happen to her, will Bindu will save her?
    Where is Chankaya,keeping two villian in the Mahal and he did not keep any spy to watch this two evils.How did Mohini get so many items to Mahal n daringly preforming Black Magic without any knowledge of the guards. I wonder how did the villian brought so many items to Mahal without checking on them, so there is no proper security.
    So that lady is performing rituals and sending Bheemdev soul to Chandra.
    I love Nandin hugged Chandra, so protective .
    Precap Crazy

  5. One villain is killing another, is Mohini’s intention to win Chandra if so Helena will face problem. Sorry to see Dharma’s Bindusar relation.

  6. How sad stupid Helena is planning to separate nandini from Chandra buy using her mother’s drugs to her but little did she know that in the precap that lady might be in love with Chandra, I have feel that for what ever the two people have might change she might get fascinated by Chandra’s handsomeness for his love toward nandini she might lag in this so who knows one more competitor in store
    for Helena mmm
    And one more thing when elis came to her mother she reaveld that kartikay has given a chance for her that time Helena was jealous because she never had that opportunity so she is now helping those two but stupid everything will reverse
    This track is same like laboni first akbar was under black magic influence but later even jodha was under laboni sprit
    My question is will Chandra really get some doubts for his behavior, will nandini also have doubt on his behavior and share it with Chanakya if Chandra under the influence of that psycho soul behave very differently in the sabha then Chanakya can do some thing hope he comes to the conclusion that Chandra is under black magic influence

  7. The story going crazy, soon there will be no comments. I noticed today from yesterday esposide only one comment. Very surprised, all getting bored with storyline.

  8. It could be a nice idea if another woman comes to Helen’s place then she may unite with Nandini and fight for – to get back chandra. R they using this logic. But the whole charm will go, could be writers will show like chandra is acting to bring the truth and protect all. Dharma is a brave girl but her suffering in Bindu’s hand is unbearable at this small age. She should run away to Champa as per the 6 months trial rule created by chandra earlier for ladies. She should not love Bindu however tomorrow good he may change also. He does not have basic human qualities. He is like a dictator by nature. Dharma is good soul with lot of magnanimous quality she should get wedded someone equally like Karthikeya later but never with Bindu.

  9. Nnnnnoooooooooooo…….. The writer has gone mad. What nonsense is this? I don’t want the serial to be continued like this.Can’t even imagine the samrat Chandra Guptha Mouria, one the proudest and greatest leader of Indian history, like this. The writer is spoiling the image of the greatest king. Where Chandra’s brain and his courage have gone? He is not doing anything to find out the truth since from the DD’s death(or may be before that???). He is not doing any political work at all. Helena spoiled the name among the people. People are suffering. But he is not doing anything to bring back the old happy kingdom. And he is such a king who can’t even solve his family problems. The enemies(Apama, Helena) are doing each and every criminal, illegal works right from the beginning, that too staying in his palace itself… It is happening around 20-25 years..Isn’t it? Till now he is not able to find out their guilties… What a great king? Now the new villains.. According to CN serial all -ve characters happy always.. all +ve characters suffering a lot except Badra.

  10. I have a wish, why can’t ekta mam take the story of padmavathi as a daily show with our very own Rajat, Swetha and for kilji she has to choose between Rajat or some one else because according to me he will rock both the characters with ease but my favorite will be raja rathan Singh for rajat because only we never saw proper love between Chandra and nandini, between them let ekta mam show them in this story
    Because there is no negative charter in between padmini and rathan Singh the only enemy was kilji so she can show love between then hope she very soon makes it in to reality ASAP
    Well friends do you all agree with me, because both Rajat and Swetha never got a proper characterization in Chandra nandini at least let them utilize it in this show
    Even if rajat acts as kilji never mind but I am 200% sure he will be bang on same Swetha has a very unique natural beauty so she will be perfect for the character padmini
    Friends in which character will Rajat will be good is it Raja Rathan Singh or Kilji
    I prefer Raja Rathan Singh because I never seen him potraiting a Rajput king
    This is just my wish and what’s yours please do comment
    I am wating

  11. First and foremost I apologize for commenting out of topic as I have commented my wish in the previously but that has not been updated so what I wished for is I am sorry Chandra nandini fans for this
    I wished why can’t ekta mam take the life history of the great Queen Padmini where Rajat essy the character of either Raja Rathan Singh or Kilji and Swetha essy the character of Queen Padmavathi what do you all think
    Because I am very confident that rajat can give life for what ever characters he gets
    Swetha has a very unique natural beauty so she can carry off very easily then there chemistry is very hot and unique she compliments him they both equally act the characters very beautiful I hope I am not hurting any Chandra nandini fans hope after this both rajat and Swetha take up this and ekta mam it’s our request and wish too hope you stick with the history and not frictional
    Once again I apologize if I have hurt any one for this thank you
    Ekta mam we are wating

  12. Oops sorry for the double comments on the same topic
    Friends what’s your take on this

  13. I have lost my interest on commenting here. Waiting for dis show to end. Dharma suffered much from bindu. Their love story started it seems. Dharma faints and getting much ill so bindu helps her to regain her health hope so. Charu ll gets jealous of dis behavior from bindu for sure. Don’t know tat black magic how it possessed chandra’s body?, wen his soul already left in his body itself?. Is chandra killed bheemdev?. Or bheemdev soul occupied chandra’s body and killed his own body?. Or chandra itself acting weird?. If so then y is he romancing with tat mohini?. Or else bheemdev romancing with her from chandra’s body?. So many questions yet to be solved from d beginning now again few question raised.. Chanakya haven’t shown wat s he dng?. Thy r allowed into mahal to watch them oly na?. Thn y no one noticed abt thr black magic? No spies over there in d mahal?. Whr r d soldiers?. Wen its comes oly to villain characters plotting against gud thy r not shown?. Same hppnd wen helena killed dasi to through out nandni tat time also no one watched?. Apama goes on a secret passage to meet sunanda thn also no one watched?. Wen nandni speaks with dharma tat time oly evils overhear d conversations?. Any logic in dis?. Once chaya became a spy fr chandra she finds apama as a culprit, now whr s his brain?. He got no spies left in all over d mahal?. All over magad?. Crap story line. Nandni needs to confront bheemdev in front of everyone tat she s not savitri, she s queen of magad and daughter of padmanand. No words from her. Y is she doubting abt her identity?. She accepts herself as maharani nandni thn y s d confusion from her again?. If d story goes on dis flow no one watch it till d end. Viewers starts hating dis show from d 1st leap itself.. Still thy r in d same track to spoil d main leads.

  14. Jayani


    Chandra Nandini latest news: Chandra’s (Rajat Tokas) reputation ruined as he gets possessed by Bheemdev’s spirit, Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) determined to save him
    Star Plus’s show Chandra Nandini will now show the beginning of an intriguing track as Chandra will get possessed by Bheemdev’s ghost and will start acting completely weird.

    Bheemdev has entered into the palace along with Mohini and both of them have a master plan to make Nandini and Chandra separated at any cost. Bheemdev is determined to make Nandini believe that she is Savitri and not queen Nandini. Bheemdev plays mind games with Nandini and Nandini too starts having doubts about her real identity. On the other hand, Chanakya and Chandra doubt that there is some big controversy going on and want to know about the real mastermind behind Bheemdev and Mohini.

    However, viewers will soon get to see that before Chandra can know about Bheemdev’s reality, he will get possessed by Bheemdev’s spirit. Mohini can perform a deadly black magic by which she can remove a person’s soul and transfer it to someone else’s body. Mohini does her black magic and removes Bheemdev’s soul and directs it into Chandra’s body. Chandra will now be possessed by Bheemdev’s soul and he will start acting weird. Chandra will behave cruelly with Nandini and Nandini will be confused seeing Chandra’s sudden change in behavior.

    Moreover, Chandra will also kill Bheemdev’s body and will romance with Mohini. Chandra name will be tarnished and his reputation will get spoilt throughout Magadh because of his behavior. Will Nandini be able to save Chandra and make him free from Bheemdev’s spirit? Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and spoilers on Chandra Nandini.

  15. Jayasuriyadheva

    I love this type of characters like bheemdev who tries to separate the love of chandra nadhini.

  16. Jayasuriyadheva

    I love this type of characters like bheemdev who tries to separate the love of chandra nadhini.
    I want to see the fall of Helena.

  17. Hi friends. Nice to read all your comments. Miss you all…

    Since they announced the show going to end, i just going to enjoy every scenes of chandra’s acting. No point getting angry or frustrated. Wasting our energy telling all these to the writters or producers.

    It’s good also for Rajat and Shweta the show end. So that they get o better opportunity to show their talent.

    They unite or separate their acting is simply superb. So, lets enjoy it…

  18. I like the couple of Bindu & Dharma. Want to see more scenes of them. It is cute couple, wish to see their love romance story.

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