Chandra Nandni 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra says I will not marry helina I’m sorry guru, Chanakya says this isn’t marriage but politics,Chandra says but our principles, Chanakya says nothing stands more than our mother land think like helina is thinking just by Barisha me not heart and for magad to be aimed we need Greeks under us and this is possible just by marrying helina and if we choose war we will loose soldiers but marriage will open handed give us Greeks and so we need to take this step, you have to marry helina for our aim.Chandra says anything against magad.

Maliketu and padmanand enjoying alcohol and women performance, padmanand says I’m impressed with you and I hope you take care of my daughter as I do, milk to says yes I will and thinks when will this Nandini leave I need to enjoy and says maharaj

enough of alcohol,we are family now and so I suggest you should go rest, padmanand says this is all for you enjoy I shall leave and leaves.

Maliketu calls a dasi he is attracted too and says you are very beautiful go dance for me,dasi says I can’t I’m just a servant, maliketu says this arrangements are for me and if I complain to maharj you will be in problem so go dancer dasi in fear starts dancing. Chandra and Chanakya gather their supports and says today we shall attack Greeks and the reason is to have more army against Magads, Kings says but Greeks are strong,Chanakya says we will attack without notice and random places,Chandra says but that’s unfair, Chanakya says now what matters is victory and we are cheating on Thoes who are ever to conquer on us.

Maliketu dismiss everyone except dasi and forces her close to himself and starts molestating her, Nandini sees other dancers and dasi scared and ask them what’s wrong,Nandini hears noise form the room.

Chandra and his army start attacking in Greeks,helina sees Chandra attacking. Nandini sees maliketu with dasi and stops him. Helina tells get father about the attack, and says he is very strong now, I had warned you now see,cylucus says no one can defeat me and rushes out,cylucus is informed that his army is week compared to Chandra and sees that his soldiers aren’t killed but kidnapped and asks what you all want, Chandra points sword at him and says victory.

Nandini saves the dasi and asks why are you crying, she says maliketu tried too and tells her the whole scene, maliketu says she is lying I will, Nandini says enough not now, you are drunk and takes dasi along with her.nandinis friend says this is not weird dasi are used for it and you know it’s normal,Nandini says my father doesn’t do any of such things and respects every women and Vishakha women are not objects to be used, Vishakha says but is there any proofs, Nandini says but Dasi, Vishakha says how can you believe on dasi and not maliketu, I’m sure she is lying ,dasi can do anything to get ahead forget these things here and go sleeps it’s your engagement tomorrow.

Cylucus says Chandra kill me,Chanakya says get him a Proper seat and says cylucus take a seat, you are a King and should be treated as one, and we aren’t here to defeat you,but for a no condition support and so tell em are you with us,cylucus takes a purse and says I accept your proposal,and says my army will be under your guidance now ,helina thinks well done Chandra I’m impressed.Chanakya says I have one more proposal,a gift of 500 elephants,and wish to have helinas hand for Chandra.cylucus no ways, helina can’t Marry him,helina says I accept the proposal,he is very smart and so I accept Chandra as my husband, Chanakya says cylucus trust us it will benefit all of us here.cylucus says if helina is ready I accept it too.chnakay says well done and soon we will arrange Chandra and helinas wedding according to Bhartiya tradition.

Nandini getting ready for her engamenet and on other hand Chandra for his wedding. Chandras friends get him new clothes and says you will be dressed just like a King today. Nandini and Chandra both aren’t happy. Gautami comes in with laddu and says this is my third plate, all laugh and Vishakha ask bhabhi why so tensed three plates,Gautami says I was just remembering my engagement day when I fell in her brother it took four men to lift me up.

Chandras friends tease him and says you never wanted to marry and now look in all us friends he is marrying first,Chandra says this is just an political decision nothing else. Nandini thinks this wedding is just for my fathers happiness.

Pre cap : on one hand Nandini and maliketu exchange rings and other hand Chandra and helina exchange garlands.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. craze about skr

    Wat s dis…? I thought Chandra ND nandini only marry…….am superconfused…….eager for tomorrow one……

    1. It’s in history that Chandragupta marries Helina after defeating cylucus .She is his second wife.But here it is showning as the first one.

  2. according to history
    chandragupta marries helena
    at age nearly 40
    and helena was his second wife.
    ekta kapoor’s serial shows wrong info

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