Chandra Nandni 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra says come Vishakha,dadi sees hiding Nandini and in tears and feels bad and walks to her and says what are you looking at, Nandini says dadi I don’t like this Vishakha,she has come so close to Chandra, why but,dadi says because you still love Chandra,don’t hide from your dadi,Nandini says you are right dadi,I love Chandra,but the trust between us,is lost somewhere and I don’t know we will ever find it,dadi says don’t loose hope,destiny has brought you close and the trust will come back too.

The soldier walks inside the mahal, into Chandras room,and starts looking for Chandra and sees him in the function and says it’s difficult to attack him in this crowd but I have to find a way and sees Nandini behind,Nandini says you have to deal with me before attacking

maharaj,and attacks him,the soldier stands still with no reaction,Nandini is shocked to see him bleed but not in pain and attacks back he holds her sword and pulls it from her hand and Nandini falls down and hurts herself,she gets up , he hands her back the sword and both get into a sword fight,Nandini with full strength keeps attacking but he pushes her again.

Chanakya in crowd disguised as old man and says to guards I want to see Yuvraj and maharaj please,Chandra hears and asks guards what is it,Chanakya acts and says I’m here to bless Yuvraj bindusara please let me,Chandra says sure come in,Chanakya coughs and says a quote,Chandra remembers Chanakya teaching him this as a danger sign quote and says this means he is Acharya and we are in danger,bindusara starts crying,Vishakha says I guess he is in pain let me get his medicine.

Soldier injures Nandini on her hand,and leaves. Padmanand says if the soldier succeeds Chanakya is with us and if he isn’t he will save Chandragupta, it’s his test lets see is he really with us,parvatak says Chanakya is fooling us,he was eating those peanuts,padmanand says let’s wait for the result. The soldier gets into the crowd,and Chanakya stumbles on Chandra and informs him about the soldier and says I have to get nands trust so I’m doing this and pushes him and acts as if he is robber and takes away gold coins and rushes to the soldier and says this is the right time attack on Chandra.

Nandini gets up in pain and says I have to save Chandra and stumbling and in pain walks to the function but in corridor she sees Vishakha walking and calls her to help,Vishakha runs to her,and says what’s wrong,Nandini says Chandra is in danger tell him there’s a killer behind him go Vishakha inform Chandra,Vishakha says but I can’t leave you,Nandini says don’t worry about me go Inform Chandra.

The soldier attacks Chandra and about to stab him,Helina shouts Chandra but Vishakha stabs him from behind,all sigh of relief,the soldier dies,Vishakha says maharaj are you fine,Nandini informed me about this soldier,she is lying injured in corridor.

Vaidya says Nandini needs to rest,dadi says will she be fine,Vaidya says sure she will once she will get conscious apply her this ointment and don’t let the wound dry,Mora says Chandra if you don’t have problem let Vishakha look after bindusara till Nandini gets well and thank you Vishakha for saving Chandra,Vishakha says when I saw maharaj being attacked I had the scenes of my father being killed and padmanand doesn’t deserve but maharaj like Chandra should be the king and so I could even give my life to save him,Helina says thank you for saving my husband and bindusara likes you so do look after him,Vishakha says don’t make me awkward, I love spending time with bindusara.

Helina says tough day,but one thing was good,Nandini will be away from bindusara so away from Chandra and soon out of mahal,Apma says are you thinking like I do,Helina says ma I can never think as you do,what are you upto,Apma says Chandra needs new wife to look after bindusara and it’s Vishakha,Helina says ma have you lost it,I’m only queen here,no one can marry Chandra and only me and just I will be maharani here,Apma says we need Nandini out and Vishakha is the only way,Nandini is here as bindusaras nanny and she will never leave,Chanakya is out and now it’s Nandini and when Vishakha will Marry Chandra we will use her , she is so innocent we can easily handle her,Nandini is always with Chandra and that’s dangerous,by marrying Vishakha Chandra won’t have a queen but just another to bindusara and only you will be maharani.

Chandra thinking about Nandini saying that she didn’t kill durdhara and then warning about Vishakha,and says my heart says something else about you and mind something else,what do I do with you Nandini.

Pre cap : Nandini how clumsy,what’s wrong with your hand what’s this injury,Nandini says Vishakha was giving bindusara some medicine and it fell on my hand and its reaction to it I guess.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. अरुण

    Vishakha saved the life of Chandra, if her intention was to kill Chandra why she did so. Vishakha has planned more than the life of Chandra. First she will try to kill Bindusar as per precap than will do something else. Puzzled Helena is ready to accept another soutan to get rid of Nandini… very funny.

  2. Hi shwetha di,where r u?I was a silent reader & fan of ur ff ‘Chandara’ why aren’t u updating it..I love Chandara the most..plz post next episodes of Chandara.I miss it a lot…..
    & I hate the Current track of CN..It has become painful to see Nandini in pain..There is no comedy(like before durdhara & Helena) scene & romance scene(before chandni)..only blaming,suspecting,hurting.uff…plz anyone give us ur interesting ff like Chandara/Chandni..shwetha di waiting for ur Chandara❤

  3. Oh dont show chandra getting brain. For us he is brainless n humanless. Y all of sudden he thinking of Nandini? He is aggreesive, baseless, and disloyal king. But Nandini is a one who should rule the kingdom. She is patient, giving, strong, loyal, trust worthy and decision is based on careful analysis. Why Nandini should love a person who doesnt have these qualities..pls. dont irritate us with any romance or memories btw Chandra and Nandini. Even though you show to raise trp..but for uz ..its disguisting and irritating. Let chandra be the venoms. He deserve it. Chandra n chankya planning for chakrayu of apama n nand to be trapped..blo*dy hell if the king is like chandra..any common woman can trap the kingdom ..senseless king .ah other tele soap’s are better than CN..atleast the heros are smart enug that this…seems chandra is nothing without chankya..chandra has horrible personal life becuz chankya dont intefer in his pwrsonal.. it proves chandra ..directors character isdumpest n stupid

    1. NR8

      Actually, Chanakya always interferes with Chandra’s personal life and the root cause of all his misery! He is the one who trained C to be so hard hearted and not think with his heart but with his mind. All of C’s marriages were due to Chanakya’s orders. He never married anyone with his own will. He was always trying to make sure that C & N never get close or love each other. Remember after Roopa’s death also, he told Nandini helped her father escape and to give her the death sentence. Chandra refused! In DD’s death also he made sure to point out Nandini is the one who was guilty without doing any investigation, and he is the one who forced Chandra to give Nandini punishment immediately If Chanakya was not around, maybe these two would have been happy.

      1. ya absolutely u r rt lke in roopa case if chankya was not present in dd deathday surely chandra believe her nd put drama to find culprit bec of this idiot old man the trust between them broken

  4. Now a days it is very hard to cope with the episodes. Because Chandra the King of Magadh, has not found the real murderer of the Queen Durdhara yet. And his attitude is not so good. As a King he should have the basic abilities to find who are the backbones for all these problems. But Chandra is behaving like a stupid.

    If this story goes like this I am sure it will loose its fans. I am dam sure about it.

  5. Lost the interest to watch… But music director is an awesome.

  6. Moora and Karmafal daata Shani’s step mother Sanghya, alongwith some girls in India, are the worst and foolish women i have ever seen…

  7. Also to add on..nandini expression is just the killer attempt. Her eyes speak volume..she is damn expressive. Though competitor to Rajat tokas…none can replace her or do justice to ths role of nandini..

    1. exactly u r rt..
      her eyes speaks everything…so only she asked chandra to look into her eyes fr truth…

  8. again chandra doubt nandu nd think bec f jealousy on vish she is blaming vk in medicine case…all impressed by vk now due to bindu he wil accept marriage proposal…
    i just want to see chandras reaction seeing nandu after accepting marriage anyhave he wil do romance wit vk in front f nandu….
    nd i so fear that vk give bindupoison nd blames wil go to nandu

  9. Anushree

    chandra must have plan….pls dont hate chandra…..another thing chandra will marry vishaka according the plan of halena,
    surely vishaka is a vishakanya
    she must kill chandra
    chandra will kill her
    dont worry,dont hate chandra

    1. oh nooo wat u saying chandra wil marry vk if it is plan why he have to marry..marriage is not a game…if he replace nandu in place of vk fr tat he have to believe nandu.. till now he didnt trust her then howww

  10. Stupid chandra he has no respond to nandini only he thanks vk but what about nandini?if she don’t tell he will be dead now.

  11. he only one who knows that nandini didnt kill DD, is she herself then Y she doesnt try to find the real murderor? even she dosnt think about it, every one doubt on N, but she herself knw that she is not killer it means Bindusar is in danger, Y she dosnt have a plan? she is a mother she tolerate every bad behavior then how can she uncoutios about the DD death? all works she does, are just duties of a nanny, a mother should be stronger than crying or facing danger alone, this doesnt portray a real mother who is a warrior and a queen.
    the scenario is extremely unreasonable, mora doesnt trust nandini even though she was her daughter and lived with them long time, put her life in danger many times and save chandra many times but that stupid mora trusts on VK who came to mahal just few days!!!! the same fr chandra!!!! he is supposed to be a smart and powerful king but he is a real fool who is manipulated by every one, it is acceptable he doubts on nandini Bcoz he thinks by his mind not heart so he trusts on evidences and believes that nandini killed DD! but how mind is that, allowing him to put trust on some one who is new in place!!! I cant understand the thinking line of writers and producer, I am not an Indian, i dont knw about Indian culture ( I like to knw ? ) but I knw that great kings and queens are the same in every cultures and countries and unfortunately the show not only dont portray the correct picture of a real king and queen but also it dont show the true love story!!!
    i dont like to copmpare CN with JA, but its true that in JA both characters were well defined and the behavior and actions and reactions were legitimate!
    I follow the show just Bcoz of great acting of actors and actresses but if the rest of story would be like that I will quite ?

    1. whtever i thought u spoken nd one correction chandra not acting according to his mind also(bec mind wont allow emotion but it try to find truth)he just taking every decsion based on what he sees nd hears which the character king shouldnot have…..
      real cgm is not like him serial writers are making this nonsense to drag the story nd inc trp rate

      1. You R ri8, no one could say that better, he even dosnt use his mind,
        I was curious about real CGM then I had read sth about him he was a great, maahaan raja, sorry for seeing that a show may ruined that historical hero’s portray
        hope the producer corrects the weaknesses soon, this show deserves to be on topest rank, it has enough potentials 🙂

      2. U R ri8, no one could said that better, he even doesnt use brain, sorry for seeing that a show may ruin the portray of a great king!
        I was curious about CGN and I had read sth about him, the much I read the much I got angry of producer!!! Y they ruine that legend character 🙁
        this sow has enough potential to stay on topest level, actors R great, but with this story line I doubt it :((

  12. I think the writer might make Vishaka’s character different by making her a good person to give a different story from Jodhar Akbar. As she might be able to cure Bindusar, she might be able to take or consume Bindusar’s poisonous substance from his body as she is a Vishakanya. We have to wait and watch any twist…

    1. i wish it would be like, that but it is not, bcoz VK is there to kill C, both guatmi and VK herself said that, so she is not going to cure Bindusar!

    2. but i dont want wat u told bec vk is lke tat then no value for nandu…vk can be herione nd marry chandra nd change serial name as chandravk….sry fr hurting.. villian should be vilian nd herione should be herione the remedy of problem should only be wit heroine or hero not wit sidecharacter

  13. Chandra Nandni: Nandini’s wound gets Chandra (Rajat Tokas) doubtful over Vishakha (Pooja Banerjee)

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus historical show Chandra Nandni will show major drama.

    Chandra is thankful to Vishakha for saving his life and all praises Vishakha for this act of her’s.

    Helena and Apama are now planning to get Chandra and Vishakha married so that Nandini can be thrown out of Raj Mahal.

    Helena proposes Chandra and Vishakha’s marriage to Moora and successful traps her.

    Chandra’s doubt over Vishakha

    Nandini is shocked hearing about Chandra’s marriage with Vishakha which she can’t let happen and tries to stop Chandra.

    While Chandra asks Nandini to stay in her limit as she is just a dai maa, Chandra agrees to marry Vishakha but with hidden intentions.

    Chandra doubts Vishkanya post seeing burnt in Nandini’s hand, stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    1. Jayani

      Thnx for d xciting updates uji akka

  14. Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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