Chandra Nandni 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chanakya says no Chandra we can’t let Avantika let go so easy, have you forgotten your teachings you are a king now how did you let emotions over come,Chandra says sorry because I did this because she did this as a faithful wife, Chanakya says no Chandra this is because you are falling for Nandini, first in takshila and now for her mother, Chandra says no acharya it was do education,Chanakya says today it was about Raj modra, Chandra you have fallen in love and it’s against your teachings, Chandra says no acharya I stay away from her and she loves maliketu,please acharya forgive me and if it’s a biggest mistake I accept whatever punishment you give,Chanakya grabs a stick and hits Chandra hand and says now tell Chandra was it painful,Chandra says no,Chanakya says Chandra when

you said Nandini loves maliektu I saw pain in your eyes and now when I’m hitting you I see no pain, do you understand this Chandra, I’m wearing you take yourself back before you fall in love with Nandini and leaves.

Chandra says acharya this is not possible,I will never love Nandini.avantika says Nandini you robbed that Royal stamp I saw you doing so,Nandini says but I didn’t,Avantika says I did this to save you,Nandini says I was in my room whole night,Avantika says Nandini things you are doing will put us all in trouble and let me tell you focus on your marital life now and about your pitahamaharaj I have always told you the image you have is false one,Nandini says ma please,Avantika says Nandini I have seen every person of mine die in front of you and now not you, don’t forget you are married to Chandra it’s a sign for you to libe a happy life ahead please understand and leaves,Nandini says but when did I steal the stamp.

Durdhara dashes helina and gets scared and shouts,helina says how dare you say I cant see, durdhara says I mean I can’t see,durdhara says it’s maliketus birthday and so I making him one mokut now since I didn’t knew earlier what are you giving,helina says I’m giving nothing,helina sees Nandini and calls her and durdhara you should rest and I and Nandini will make this for you,so Nandini since it’s maliketus birthday we will make this go durdhara rest,durdhara leaves,Nandini says sorry I can’t help,helina say sits for Chaya Nandini and durdhara will be happy and we can do this for them right,Nandini says ok and leaves.

Chandra in Sabha thinking about Chanakya making him realise he is falling for Nandini.Chanakya sees Chandra isn’t paying attention, mantri asks so is this the right decisions,Chandra says this cant happen, Chanakya says is this your final decisions,Chandra says acharya your decisions is final,Chanakya says maharaj we need your take,Chandra says I shall take a pol.chandra says so as per the majority this treaty is passed. new Raj Modra arrives, Chanakya says I shall give the responsibly of this to my student manibhadra, and I hope maharaj is fine with it,Chandra says yes. Everyone leaves,Chandra says acharya please I know you are upset but I shall find pandugan.

Helina says when a lady is in love she can never see her loved one share, helina makes marks on her hands and says Nandini will think these are by Chandra and I will take advantage and when Chandra will know you have made the mokat he will throw you out,dasi go tell maharaj I would like to see him. Nandini decorating Mukat,helina acts as if needle pricked her,Nandini sees marks and asks what are these marks,helina says these marks Chandra you know love marks, Chandra doesn’t stop once he is on and oh this needle oh sorry I can’t help you please finish this,Nandini says okay,helina leaves.helina says now let just Chandra arrive,Nandini thinks this means Chandra just likes helina and wants just her.

Helina sees Chandra,and says I know maliektu is married to birthday and is married to chaya and before I used give him but today I don’t want to participate please try and understand unlike Nandini who is busy preparing special mukat as per maliketus choices and since it doesn’t look good and news shouldn’t spread I made her sit in my room please don’t get angry,Nandini thinking about Chandra and helina spending nights together and says why cry for him when he never will be mine. Helina says she loves maliektu but he got married I tried explaining her and asked her to move on but she didn’t listen.

Pre cap : Chandra says Nandini I have told you keep away from maliektu he is married to chaya now.

Helina teases Nandini again,Nandini says look you I don’t care about you and your husband keep him for yourself,helina says how dare you talk to me in this tone,Nandini slaps her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Chandra nandini is very good show but needs proper promotion &direction &editing. Rajat is brilliant actor
    actor &Shweta is doing fairly well

  2. i just love chandini….but the story is going too onesided now..all are against nandini,even her mother..please give it some positive taste

    1. But her mother gave a good suggestion……☺☺☺☺☺

  3. Recap super

  4. Jayani

    As mentioned in d precap, it says dat nandini says “Idc abt ur husband nd she also slaps helena”… I’m sure dat it must b roopa who did dat but I’M NOT SURE! Nd as usual helena’s trying her best 2 get ? all for herself as well as nandini nd dd r worrying abt ?’s well being… I also watch it in tamil so only in 2day’s epi malayketu was getting married 2 chhaya… Nd in dat if u hav noticed chhaya actually wears such high heals which makes almost 2 d hight of ?! I seriously coudn’t control my laughter… Dey must hav tried 2 hide but unfortunately in sum scenes it was VERY CLEAR ND VISIBLE???… Waiting for 2morrow’s epi after cing 2day’s precap…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Ya me tooo. Iam watching it in Tamil also. Chandra Nandni is best ever. ? ? ?

    2. Yea, of course, it’s not Nandini

  5. अरुण

    So duplicate Nandini has stolen the raj mudra, twist on story.
    Chandra is still in confusion towards Nandini Malayketu relation. Now Acharya is also against love duo, poor Nandini will face more problem when Roopa enters.

  6. अरुण

    Now it is clear that duplicate Nandini has stolen the raj mudra.Acharya is also against love duo.chandra is still confused about Malayketu Nandini relation. Entry of Roopa will increase the problem of Nandini.

  7. Vry nice show i like so much .. Rajat u r awesum ??…. Eagerly waiting fr upcoming twist nd turns…

  8. nice epi….thanks for written update!!!

  9. Interesting precap,, roopa will teach lesson to helene n malayketu…
    well done roopa…

  10. It’s unbelievable everyone is doing well but all r against to Nandhini.. It’s going to b one side nd it’s start to boring so pls reveal d twist .. Chandra is a great king same time wise man but now listening Helena voice … It’s not good to c him like dis… Looks like a common man…

  11. Hello director sir I have one request for you please chandra nandini was a historical story so please don’t make it ordinary story

  12. I can understand Helena’s actions because that is her character as shown in the beginning of the episodes. She is very possesive and can go to any extent ( evil way) to reach her goals.

    But, Chandragupta – even though he cannot show his love for Nandini, he can at least apply little bit of his own common sense as a Magatha King to see what is going on and not be a dumb guy.

    When viewers see with little logic, it is not making any positive impact. Hope the director makes necessary changes to make it interesting.

    1. Very True..Chandra(King) has to understand his wife and use his common sense…

  13. NABANITA626

    Good epi…….fabulas acting of rajat tokas and sweta basu prashad……..???
    Want more durdhara and chandini scenes……….?☺??
    ?And one request to all silent readers please comment after reading the update……..?????
    Then the comments will be increase……pls pls…

    1. Priya9876

      M commenting 1st time here….
      I’ll try to give comments daily….but didn’t read the update….bcz I watched on prime time…then noo need to read this update again…

      BDW if I’m not wrong u also commenting on KRPKAB page earlier????

      1. NABANITA626

        Yes……even just reading your name (before reading the comment)I am also thinking the same thing….to ask you…
        But you ask me before…he he☺?
        Btw except KRPKAV AND CN you are fan of which which serial?

      2. Priya9876

        I can’t say I’m fan of any serial???
        This fan word meaning for me is only shaheer’s show…???

        After these two show I would prefer to wath kapil show….
        Nd beyadh also ( quite pakauu serial )
        Nd I love watching Bigg Boss also…

      3. NABANITA626

        Even I am huge fan of shaheer shaikh…………………………
        Whenever I remember his face,I start to blush…..??
        By the way nice to meet you and a greatttttttttt thanks for remembering me…

    2. hi di , how r u ? u remember me na ? u also watch krpkab ? thats great , even i watch krpkab

      1. Priya9876

        hiii, i’m very good….
        but sorry i didn’t remember u…
        thts really nice that u also watch krpkab, but u didn’t comment dear…

      2. NABANITA626

        Ofcourse…how can I forget my sister?..even your and my choice is almost same…..
        We both are fans of ishqbuzz,krpkav,skr and chandra nandini…………☺?

  14. I think we have to say thanks to helena bcoz she make chandra and nandini realise theirs feelings instead of separate them.

    1. Priya9876

      Yes u r right….
      Helena is the only reason of this jealously….
      Nd jealously is the 1st sign of love…..

  15. Priya9876

    I’m get sad after knowing ki Acharya is also against with love & relationship??

    Mujhe laga tha Acharya support karenge Chandra ko but. No….!!

    1. NABANITA626

      But i think acharya charecture is so interfaring,I know he bought chandra once upon a time he is the king of magadha..
      So he have the right to take his own decisions.and chandras charecture is also so depending on chanakya….??

  16. arre, ohe god pata nhi kyo aap me se kuch log ese historical samjh rhe ho. Aisa nhi he ye to pura ka pura ordinary show he mai to khanugi do ajnabi ki kahani chandra-nandni..samjhte rhaiye ese historical show

  17. vo acharya, koi capability nhi usme chankay ka role karne ka..frod lagta he dikhne me..

  18. sorry to bas mera openion he.

  19. But nand had only one daughter at that day right?? then from where does this roopa came suddenly. whose is she???

    1. NABANITA626

      Serial me Sab hota hai Bhi especially our jodi maker ekta mam ke serial me…
      I read on one article that nands first wife sunanda took the one daugher that day and she hide the truth of twin sister from everyone.
      Now she will use RUPA for her purpose using black magic to get…

    2. Jayani

      If u all remember in sum epi (not sure of d date?) nand says dat nandini shud stop atudying as malayketu didn’t lyk it so she gets sad nd goes crying frm his room nd even avantika goes behind, den nand chokes sunanda nd says dat “bcoz of u (sunanda) 2day my dear daughter is sad nd crying”… Den sunanda says dat “U wont b able 2 kill me, bcoz I know 1 of ur secrets” nd den he leaves her d next second… Probably dat secret is roopa

      1. NABANITA626

        Ha I also remember that….

  20. so roopa stolen the raja mudra.good episode. waiting for todays episode

  21. I think nand had twins ,but nandini’s badimaa take one child with her. That child is roopa

  22. why this much of pain is giving to Nandini, Poor Nanidini i am feeling very pity for her, please give the end that and starts the love between chandini.

  23. hope this rupa gets exposed soon . and this helena will never be accepted as his wife by chandra then why is she playing these dirty tricks , anyway this is only bringing chandra-nandini close , happy abt that .

    1. NABANITA626

      Yea hoping for that……
      But pahle age helena ko slap khate hue dekh kar ENJOY to karo……???

  24. Ooye…chandra..,use ur brain man…u r king…,

  25. Hey guys! Chandra nandini is going so interesting.i am enjoy this

  26. Hey guys! Can I join your whatsapp group?

  27. I think durdhara knows the truth and she will help chandra understand that Nandini is innocent. But I kinda not like this roopa concept and the show has become slow. I wish they bring down the level of authenticity in the serial. Anyways, love the show. Shweta and Rajat are fabulous. Durdhara is cute

  28. Feeling so sorry for Nandini….?????????????

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