Chandra Nandni 9th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 9th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Helena telling Chandra not to get angry because of nandini and stay calm. Helena gives a cunning smile.
There nandini sees a man sneaking into the palace. She goes behind him thinking who it is. The man goes and Chaya comes there. They both hug each other. Nandini is shocked. Chaya tells the man that she loves him and they have met after a long time. Man says yes but he met her last in vaishali and since then has hidden his love from everyone. Man says you should tell your brother about this so we can marry. Chaya says no he wont understand and he may do something wrong. Nandini is shocked as she sees them they love each other. Nandini goes in front of them. Chaya is shocked and the man goes. Chaya says please don’t tell this to Chandra. Nandini says why? And you

should tell him and he may arrange your marriage with that man. Chaya says no he wont because he does not understand love and he knows only attack strategy, planning and revenge and improving Magadha being a king. Chaya says he will only ask chanakya after all and chanakya may not understand that. Chaya says give me a promise that you wont tell this to anyone, nandini says okay I wont.
There Helena is angry at the servant as the liver of the chicken does not taste good. Durdhara is listening and thinks she is scolding her because the liver of the human does not taste good? Durdhara says she is a monster. Helena sees durdhara and calls her in. she goes in scared and says I bought this necklace given by mom, she keeps it there. Helena says see these servants they don’t make good liver and I need a liver every morning, durdhara says she is so dangerous. Helena says you only taste and see how it is. Durdhara runs away.
There nandini see two servants tying rakhis to a soldier and she thinks they are tying rakhi and even I used to tie rakhi to my brother. Nandini thinks something and goes.
In the palace Chandra is on the throne, chanakya tells this is the prince of kalinga and he has come here. Chandra welcomes him. Everyone sit. Chandra says today I announce there will be 8 ministers for each administrative department and they will aid the king in making decisions. After the announcement, Chaya comes and she ties rakhi to Chandra.
There nandini tells soldier to allow her to go and tie rakhi to her brother. Soldier says I can not allow as no one is allowed to meet any member of the nand family. Nandini says but he is my brother and I want to tie rakhi, soldier says I am just doing my duty. Nandini gos.
There Chandra tells Chaya that I promise whatever you will ask me in life I will give it to you. Chaya gets happy and thinks maybe brother knows that I wanted something and now I can ask him about my love. Chandra introduces Chaya to prince of kalinga and says he is a very good soldier and I have decided your marriage with him. Chaya is in tears and gets sad. Everyone is happy. Chaya runs away. Nandini comes. Chandra and Helena get angry. Nandini comes and stands. Chandra says you cant come here and all the people of Magadha have to take permission before they come here. Nandini says I am your wife and I will come here. Chandra says I will look into your complaint later. Nandini says no I will tell complaint right now. Everyone sit and Chandra says okay. Chandra asks against whom is your complaint? Nandini says against the king of Magadha that is you. Everyone is shocked and get up, mom and chanakya get up. Chandra is angry. He says sit down its okay. Nandini says your sister is allowed to tie you rakhi but I am not allowed though my brother is a criminal you have to give me my rights. Chandra says he has planned against this kingdom so I cant allow you to tie him rakhi, nandini says my father gave all the women their rights when he was a king and you don’t, nandini goes in tears. Chandra is angry.
Nandini goes where dhana nand is kept. Chandra comes and says wait, what you said inside was wrong and you should know that as you were the daughter of a king and now you are the wife of a king and you should never says something like that to a king and your father must have been agood father but he was never a good king for his people and for the women of Magadha. Chandra tells so don’t ever compare me to that man, Chandra says I will still allow you to go not because of what you said inside but because I give people their rights and even you will get. Chandra tells soldier, nandini goes.
Nandini sees her brother hurt and injured and is crying. Dhana nand hears nandini crying and sees its nandini. He gets up. Nandini says what have they done to you. Dhana nand says I know but I am strong and can take their beating and I am not scared of them and they have tortured me so much still I can live with that. Nandini says I know my brother I very strong, she then ties him rakhi. Dhana nand gives nandini blessings, nandini then says I know dad is alive. Dhana nand says who told you? Nandini says Helena told me that Padma nand is alive. Dhana nand says yes but Chandra should not know that otherwise he will send soldiers to find dad and kill him. Nandini says yes. Dhana nand says I will do anything and I am here to get you all women of nand family out from here and I will get you all out and take you to father and we will go away from here. Nandini says yes I trust you.

Precap: Helena says to Chandra that don’t forget you have become king because of me. Chandra gets very angry and tells Helena don’t be in that misunderstanding and I have become king only because of my teacher chanakya.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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