Chandra Nandni 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini says to Avantika that even after knowing that I love my practising how can you accept their conditions, I don’t care about maliketu and parvatak but how can you all accept it, I know maliketu did this to show me down because I hurt his ego and defeated him this morning,Avantika says this is because he is a men, things you expect from your father don’t expect them from your husband and the earliest you learn this truth the better it will be and Avantika leaves and Nandini starts crying.

Chandra feels rain drop and says its said when it rains odd it’s a sign of someone in pain and injustice and who else it could be other than me.

Bharat ma – magad soldiers where still behind Chanakya and Chandra and so they decided to wander disguised.


and Chanakya hear a mother talk to her son and addressing Chanakya as fool for attacking magad with improper plan,Chandra says she is right,Chanakya says yes she is now we will attack magad after finishing its support, times will change and we will attack with new plan and with this new plan the future will be ours.

Nandini thinks what now my future will be. Chanakya and Chandra find the support system of magad and decide to wait for proper chance and now to include magads enemies into their team,Chandra says this time it will be our victory I promise. Chanakya shares important information with magad enemies and they decide to join hands with Chandra, Chanakya says now we will attack supports of magad first.

War beings with Chandra army against magad supports and Chandra wins every neighbourhood of magad slowly, with his war strategy and his tactics.

Bharat ma – on one hand Chandras fate was shining but nandinis fate was in someone else’s hand.

Nandini in garden,maliketu sees her and says soon I will screw her in my feet, and it will be fun,and no one can stop me from getting close to her,Nandini about yo fall,maliketu holds her,Nandini pushes him,all dasi leave,maliketu says won’t you thank me,Nandini says you are reason I was to fall,maliketu says how about showing me the castle,nandini says this is my study time I will ask some servants to do so, maliketu says so you don’t have time for me and throws her book and says from today you won’t read any books as parvatak ladies don’t involve in such activities and just be busy in entertaining me I hope u get my point and leaves.

Nandini tells about it to Avantika and sees its Sunanda in her room, Sunanda says he did right thing, it’s your duty to serve him, stop expecting your now freedom after your marriage, every women has to go through it, get it,Avantika walks in and says Sunanda how dare you talk to my daughter like this,Suanada says dint you forget who I am I’m the first queen and more important, Nandini says enough we respect you here that doesn’t mean you talk to my mother in this tone and now pitaji will take the necessary decision against you badima.

Helina congratulates her father for his announcement as King in absence of Sikander,helina informs about Chandra as dushant and his magad attacks and says now it’s our turn to attack and take over magad,her archer says no we will not it’s too soon,helina gets upset and says now only Chandra will help me.

Nandini complains padmanand about maliketu and Sunanda and says this is not fare and no one has right to take my decisions other than you and ma, Sunanda walks in and says I have all rights you,padmanand says enough there’s no one more important than me to Nandini so dare you, Sunanda says I’m doing it for her good she will face hardships later if we don’t stop her now,padmanand stops and says she is right Nandini listen to what Sunanda says, Nandini gets super and runs away. Padmanand in anger pushes Sunanda and says all because of you daughter is in pain,Sunanda says you can do nothing to me you know that, if you kill me how will you know the secrete and so stop frightening me because this won’t work.

Helina hides and goes to see Chandra, Chandra asks it’s so late why are you here, helina says it’s important, Sikander is no more and now my father is King but our army is divided and he is left with few and now you have to attack us, because he will never fight for me but I want magad and only you can help ma,Chandra says I have lost once, helina says I know but remember you have great strength only thing left was big army and with we Greeks you will be stronger so do think about it,Chanakya sees them,helina says my revenge and your revenge will help us win hope you understand my point and leaves.

Precap: Chanakya says Chandra helina has point accept helinas proposal and act against your principles.

Nandini sees maliketu assaulting a dasi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I am quite suprtise to see the episod where by helina is chelping chandra???? what a wrong concept. I rather shut down this serial as the story line is not correct, it is going by the writters imagination.

    1. Priyali

      the show is beautiful and so what if its not accurate? people are watching the show for the sake of pure entertainment…. its not like every history show is accurate.

  2. no offence but this show has a very poor concept!
    helena is helping chandra and chandra is soo wrong Even Chanakya also
    and nand is behaving helplessly, lyk seriously!!??
    it’s a good story but really very poor concept. i find ds very silly??

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