Chandra Nandni 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 8th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chanakya is brought to padmanand shelter,he smiles looks at everyone and says it’s familiar here,padmanand says yes it is because of enemy territory this is the change,anyways I have someone you should see,and calls a soldier,Chanakya asks who is he,padmanand says these soldiers can bear pain to worst of it,they are trained for it,they are fearless in true sense and are deadliest,malayketu attacks him with sword,the soldier stands still with no reaction,Chanakya says but such are appointed in worst cases,Amartya says you are right,parvatak he is here for Chandragupta mourya and we need you for it,padmanand says don’t you want it too,you want to dethrone him too,Chanakya says I was thinking about how I shall help you.

Padmanand says you have to inform him about secret ways and once

he is in he shall do his work,so Acharya are you with us,Chanakya thinks I know they are testing me and so for now I have to say yes,Chanakya says as you said our aim is one and so I’m in for it,padmanand says leave for Magad soon,Chanakya says sure,and leaves with the soldier.

Mora says I had prayed to god if bindusara recovers I shall perform charity,dadi says these are very good thoughts,bindusara will be blessed,Chandragupta says I shall make arrangements,mora says I have a request and think on it because it is not easy for you,Chandra says ma at least ask for it,mora says I don’t want Nandini to participate in this,she will not come in front of people,dadi says but mora only Nandini gets along with bindusara well,mora says no ma even Vishakha is good at it,bindusara likes her too,Chandra Acharya isn’t her and people aren’t happy with it and so Nandini in front of people will be a shock,Helina says ma is right,Chandra says ok ma,mora says Vishakha will you look after bindusara,Vishakha say sits an honour, mora says make sure nanny , bindusara is ready in time.

Nandini feels bad and hugs bindusara. Vishakha playing with Bindusara,Nandini thinking about Chanakya warning about being alert,and thinks Vishakha is very nice women but why is she so close to everyone in no time,Nandini asks Vishakha where were you last night,Vishakha asks why,Nandini asks actually I went out last night for some medicine and wanted you to join me,Vishakha says actually I wa sin my room and good you didn’t take me along with you,because you see I heard bindusara crying and since I was here he could be calmed. Nandini says right , anyways how was your mahal and your family,you must be your fathers favourite, tell me more about you,Vishakha asks whose books are these,Nandini remembers fighting with Chandra about books,Chandra says someone use to read them.

Vishakha says can I use these books if no one uses them,Chandra says sure,Vishakha says Maharani Nandini looks like bindusara wants you and hands him to her,Chandra says let me correct you Nandini isn’t a maharani now,Vishakha says I’m sorry,Chandra says no issues,anyways good to see you get along so well with bindusara,Vishakha says in my mahal all use to say I get very well along with everyone,and look at those Payal how pretty,Chandra says you liked them, I can help you wear them please come,Nandini is jealous,Chandra helps Vishakha wear those Payal.

Nandini thinks Vishakha is so cunning and I feel like she wants to replace me, something is fishy here, I have to find it out. Chanakya with soldier thinks I have to find a way in such a way that Nand trusts me,and I secure Chandra too. Chanakya says careful soldier and both walk in,and Chanakya says this is rajbhavan, go downstairs and left is Chandra Gupta room,soldier leaves.

Nandini says Chandra I want to talk,Chandra says I don’t want to listen,Chandra says why but,Nandini says because I’m mother to bindusara, see I know I’m just a nanny but just keep Vishakha away from bindusara,Chandra says you are just insecure,Nandini says Chandra in no time she is so close to him and so it’s fishy,Chandra says I know what’s wrong, bindusara is on,y reason why you are here and since Vishakha is getting along with him,it’s a problem for you,Nandini says you never trust be but anyways I did my job to warn you,but just think on what I said.

Dasi says rajmata has called maharaj for tuladaan function,Chandra says I don’t need you to tell me and leaves. In the function,everyone arrive,Chandra says I welcome everyone to bindusara tuladaan function and everyone in Magad will be gifted with gold coins,once a Magad king forcefully taxed you in name of his daughter but me I will ask just for blessings for me son,people cheer for Chandra. Panditji says maharaj please let bindusara seated here with his mother Helina ho,is him,bindusara starts crying,Vishakha picks him up and he clams down,Chandra smiles, Vishakha hands bindusara to Helina and says now he won’t cry.

Helina seat on one side in the weigh balance with bindusara,Panditji says maharaj lets begin the process,Chandra puts go,d bars and coins on other side of the balance so does everyone,Nandini hiding and watching and is happy she remembers Chandra present at her function of tuladaan,Vishakha walks with her jewellery,Chandra stops her and says what are you doing,and holds her hand to stop her,and says these are your parents don’t do it,Vishakha says I have just these,Chandra says you blessings are more than enough and he is all here just because of you,Nandini gets affected seeing Chandra holding Vishakhas hand.

Pre cap…. Chandra says to Nandini when you knew he is here to kill me why did you step in,when you are here for just few days. Mora asks who will Chandra Marry,Helina and apma say,its Vishakha.gautami says someone else is sent in place of this girl to kill Chandragupta. Vishakha consumes snake poison and says Chandragupta will be dead tonight.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Well deserve Nandini. What is the point of you leading such a miserable life in your own Mahal where you are helled mistreated manhandled? Y u still think of bindusar when everyone against? High time for you to leave mahal ..pls..maker dont make nandini poor in front of . chandra. She should lead a happy life. .anyways nandini SHOULDNT ACCEPT CHANDRA. Annoying to see nandini ill treated but still she hides and see..y she still stay in chandra room? I guess does nt nandini carry any self respect? Wat kind of women is she? Pls maker..apply some brain.. i cant vote chandra as fav can he be when he xant be loyal…i can vote for rajat for his acting..but not fav pathi which chandra doesnt deserve.

    1. Jayani

      Ikr… Nadu deserves fav patni but nt ?

  2. Chandinikrishna

    Why chandra dont understand nandini. Chandra is coming close to vishaka to make nandini jealous. And the precap seems intresting. Again nandini saved chandra and he wil l not trust her again and the evil helena& apama is again planning against nandini. The man in disguise is chanakya and he will know the truth about vk.

    1. Jayani

      I understand y dere was a difference between d gal shown in last week’s epi nd vishka… Dere was a different gal… I thought I had seen her wrong or forgot her face

  3. Chandragupta is badly trapped by conspirators. Apama, Helena, Megasthaniz, Vishakha and the man came with Aacharya.
    Chandra only happy to tease Nandini, behaviour of Moora is also bad, both father and son are in danger. Chanakya is also not in palace to help Maharaj and his family how poor Nandini without any right and with a lot of humiliation can save the life of her husband ?

    1. Jayani

      Her unknown luv for ? nd her karthavy as a mother for bindu is going 2 save both pita – putr

  4. AnithaFrances

    Irritating episode. I have never seen or heard about such foolish and semiconscious king.omg

    1. same ya

  5. NR8

    I don’t know why Chandra is being so close to Vishakha? In those days they never used to touch a woman who is not their wife or mother. Is he just trying to make Nandini jealous or what? He is looking more like a villain now, instead of a hero, especially with that beard.

    Pre-cap. Looks like the real princess is the one who ran away from Nand’s camp. This Vishakha is a duplicate that Nand sent in her place.
    Also Helena is always trying to kill all her souten’s so that she has no competition. So why is she trying to get Chandra married to Vishakha.?

    This serial is getting more & more frustrating to watch each day 🙁

    1. Exactly Vishakha is replaced.


    3. Jayani

      I felt d difference in d hair style itself… I had a doubt if she is d real vishaka… Vk must hav found out helu’s secret… So she might hav thretened her saying dat if u don’t get me married 2 ? den she wud disclose her truth 2 every1… She dusn’t do anything widout any reason

    4. Jayani

      Me nd my frnd were just discussing abt dis in d morning… Rajat had 2 hav a balanced amount of hair on his face… Either he had 2 hav a long hair nd no beard or short hair nd 2 much beard… But he dusn’t luk dat bad also… Just imagine, wat if rajat had dis much beard which he has now nd d long hair he had b4 dd death… Ewww… Dat’s just soooooo gross nd ugly??

  6. edit how dare u giving nandu anklet to tat stupidddd evil..

    1. Yes, that was SO hurtful ! How could he do that….That shows that he hates Nandini ! I hope Nandini doesn’t accept him if she still has any dignity left in her. When Vishaka’s truth comes out…Nandini shouldn’t accept Chandra. He doesn’t deserve her !

      1. Jayani

        But d thing is dat she will say dat dere is no mistake, all d sabboot were against me (nandu) so u don’t need ask for forgiveness… Blah, blah, blah… Nd every1, specially ? will blyk O NANDU, NO NO, I CAN’T B FORGIVEN nd sorts of nonsense… So dere’s nothing going 2 happen which v want… So dere’s no use of polambaling (discussing)

  7. guys anyone can predict abt marriage wat wil happen

    1. I am not able to guess either what will happen regarding marriage. Vishaka aims to kill chandra. But that will happen only when chandra gets very close to her so that she can inject poison. I don’t know if the writers will make chandra get very close to Vishaka that will be really disgusting to see as it will be out of scope of chandras character. I think marriage will be similar to JA Vishaka will mix poison in food but there might be a twist that food will reach bindusara and nandini will consume that. Otherwise there is no point of showing nandini to keep up dd words or it might she will save both chandra and bindusara.

      1. NR8

        Well, the disgusting parts have already started – Chandra staring at Vishakha when she is taking bath, putting anklets on her feet, touching her hands. Have to see how far it goes now….I hope he is only acting and the writers will put some sense into him and will take it in a different track than JA .

      2. anyhave writers wil make nly nandu to consume poison nd save them both is good news..but degrading chandras character is tooo much bec untill he never attracted to any women nd in case f vishaka she is beautifull,close to all but within few days how they can take this much big decesion f marrying unknown girl to magadh king…k but how chandra wil agreed to marry her…if he agreed for bindu also i cannot accept it ohhhh noooo my overthinking makes me to hate chandra 100%

      3. Jayani

        I hope nandu consumes d poison so dat dey wud realize dat it’s nt nandu who behind d murder of dat soldier…

  8. really.. plzzz vishakha do tat 1st i really hate him alottt such a brainless king i hav n’t seen dis much stupid person n any serial cvs i thought u frget he s CGM nd main lead bt u always potrayed him lyk a side actor r brainless common man cn’t watch it anymore …

  9. Oh god tooo much now can’t wait till nandinis innocence is proved and Helina and everyone joined with her is exposed

  10. Well said jj…i hate nandhini character nowadays… She also act like a normal women… She forgot that she was a warrior princess… She behave like a ordinary wife… Always crying crying crying becoz of her husband behavior…



      1. Agree with you that Gautami is the only character with a brain…and maybe Amartya. I also don’t understand why Malayketu is still around…he’s useless to the track.

      2. Jayani

        Ar is using his brains for bad deeds at least gautami is using it for a gud deed… Dat’s true, gautami is d only person wid brains in d serial… Nandu, serves u right for nt opening ur mouth… As moora said NAND CHILD (NANDU) WILL SUFFER FOR D DEEDS OF NAND… Dat’s wat is happening 2 her


    1. NR8

      I agree, Shree! Now that Mora, Chandra & Helena are so happy to have Vishakha take care of Bindusar, Nandini should leave the Mahal and go away, instead of lingering there and being abused all the time…..atleast she will have some self respect left. Blood is boiling everyday watching both leads of the serial. One is always angry and does not use his brains and the other is weak, sacrificing all the time and does not bother looking for DD’s killer. Nothing positive going on!!!

      1. I totally agree with you

      2. sameee…when moora realizing the truth wat she will do…i want nandu to say moora “dont call me as daughter u have lost the rights when u doubted me” nd to chandra “u have told many times that u brought me here as nanny so i wil leave this mahal as ur longday wife wil live wit a husband who never trusted her nd who forgot all promises made to her”

      3. Shree, you spoke my mind. That will pay for all the injustices done to Nandu.

      4. Jayani

        I agree wid u shree di… She shud just do dat 2 dese f**ing ppl??

    2. I agree aisa hi ho.

    3. Jayani

      Remove dat mangalsutr nd dat sindoor of urself nd flung it on stupid ?gupt for god sake!!! I agree wid u guys

  13. Dz serial is so frustrating everyone stopped watching it at home self, just only trying to catch up with d write and youtubes but don’t think am gonna keep burning mb for dz stories getting unnecessary long and off point….warrior princess Na a weakling though love and pain makes one that way, but try to make her character more interesting…she as faced a lot and came out strong let her be that strong again.

  14. Ekta madam ko ho kya gaya hai..
    All the story of jodha Akbar she is putting in chandra nandini. ..
    This lover separation. …then this poisonous women…
    In jodha akbar also…there was one vishkanya who came to kill akbar and jodha saved him by having that poison…
    Oohhh Ekta madam….show us something different..same story in all ur serials…
    Kuch to naya karo?????

    1. Jayani

      I guess she wud show it as nanduconsumes d poison coz den only ? wud believe her

  15. Nandini is so kind and we all know that if there is no twist in episode then no one will get enjoyment and the whole drama is based on Chandra and nandini If there will be all ok between them then there will no story for next episode.

  16. Its just like another Jodha Akbar…same sequences and story repetitions with different characters…fed up of this…they have ruined Chandragupta’s character…

  17. Nandini gets injured to save from Nand’s man attack in Chandra Nandini

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ s historical love saga Chandra Nandini will show that Nandini (Shweta BAsu Prasad) doubts on Vishakha (Pooja Banerjee) seeing her closeness with Chandra (Rajat Tokas) and Bindusaar.

    Nandini warns Chandra about Vishkha but he taunst her for getting with Vishkha that is why she is blaming her.

    Furthermore, Nand’s man attacks on Chandra but Nandini saves him on tgime but gets injured herself.

    Chandra feels guilty seeing Nandini’s condition but he blames her that she saved him as she will go from Magadh soon which makes Nandini panicked.

    Rajmata Moora to fix Chandra and Vishkha’s marriage

    Apart from this, Helena and Apma provoke Rajmata Moora against Nandini and suggest her to get Chandra’s married again.

    They suggest Moora to get Chandra married with Princess Vishakha as she is also close to Bindusaar and he likes her company too.

    Moreover, Chankya finds Vishakha is in palace to kill Chandra and decide sto tell about it to Nandini.

    1. Jayani

      I just want dis thing 2 happen asap… Thnx for d updates uji akka

  18. Savithri V Ramani

    I am annoyed.why poor Nandini should be in the Mahal always to be blamed and act as a dadi .see it is her own palace idiot Moira suspects her and every b
    Now and then Chandra humilliates her.she should have self respect and leave the Mahal not able to watch.the dress which Nandini wears is so pathetic mnot able to see anymore.she should be brave as jansi Rani at the same should love and respect Chandra but everytime he is making the blood boil no not any more

    1. Jayani

      At least a decent cloth shud b worn, nt sukhe sukhe kapde… Dey don’t even suit her

  19. I agree with all of your comments. I was so angry when he clarified to Vishaka that Nandini is no more a Maharani. How could he say this shit. I am very much annoyed to see this Chandra’s character in this serial. Why Nandini is so soft to everyone. Makers please portray her character a little more brave like before who was dare enough to fight Chandra in the battle field. I don’t know how Chandra, Moora & others who doubted her will face her when she is proved innocent. Nandini should not accept them and go away from the Mahal after proving her innocence and live a dignified life. She should not forgive them agar wo log unke pair pade tho bhi or maafi ke liye bheek mange.

    1. Jaldi ye sab ho. maza ayega dekhne mein.

  20. I hope CGM has a plan and all his behaviour or atleast part of his reaction be a cever plan to catch apama red handed other wise he is a real fool and doesn’t deserve to be a king! such a weak character who is been manipulated by every one!
    i think after saving Chandra from Vishaka, Nandini will leave mahal, then every one will trying to find her regretfully. they will be sorry for their behavior and it should take time for every one to be forgiven. just in that case Nandini can save her respect and dignity. every one should be punished especially CGM and Mora!!!
    I dont understand really, how mora trusts vishaka, even she believes that Nandini killed DD, so she should be more cautious and doesn’t trust any one easily. it is not reasonable!

    1. Mora is really a silly woman. She calls Nandini her ‘daughter’. But every time something happens, she is the first one to mistrust Nandini and always repeats her dialogue ‘ You proved that you’re Nand’s daughter’. So silly.

      1. Jayani

        Ikr… She believes every1 easily nd dusn’t trust any1 easily either

  21. I remember on one of those episodes when Roopa’s track was shown, Chandra went to see Nanthini after seeing Nandini ( Roopa ) dancing in front of the people drinking alcohol and pulling malaikethu, Chandra was so angry that he repeatedly asked Nanthini who she was? ‘ tell me who you are Nanthini, I cannot understand you’
    Nanthini said that she is woman who has a heart unlike Chandra and she will do anything and tolerate anything and even spare her own life for her Love ones.
    Nanthini is maintaining that character where she loves everyone and she will tolerate everything and when she hated her father she was ready to go against him!

    1. Jayani

      Dat’s true… She had sum for bindu nd she didn’t want 2 bother abt d comments abt her… She only wants 2 fulfill d promise given 2 dd

  22. Same as Jhodha Akbar. But in JA , Akbar never ill treated Jhodha. Except one sequence, he never let Jhodha down. But fool Chandra treating his wife as servant in the same palace…….not at all acceptable

    1. u r right which jodha said abt vishkanya to akbar he tested her believed jodha but evil won tat s not the matter ..whenever akbar accuse jodha nd after realizing truth he wil ask sorry to jodha….but here chandra never asked sry to her except dds abortion case

      1. Jayani

        Dat’s true… His rubbish swabhimaan

  23. Same as Jhodha Akbar. But in JA , Akbar never ill treated Jhodha. Except one sequence, he never let Jhodha down. But fool Chandra treating his wife as servant in the same palace…….not at all acceptable, i hate chandra & moora. chandra is very , very selfesh, —– pl change the story
    in a right way

    1. Why are you people constantly comparing Chandra Nandini with Jodha Akbar?

    2. Jayani

      Lyk mother, lyk son

  24. What the hell is happening in this Chandra Nandni??? It’s irritating… I wanna see the reaction when Chandra n Moora come to know about Helina n Apma who are the murderers of cute queen Dhurdhara… At that time Nandni should say … Don’t you dare to take my name n call me Daughter!!! You’ve lost that rights… Leave … And to Chandra “For all these days, I just wanna prove myself… Now it’s done… I’m going as a nanny itself… Never come before me throughout my life Chandra… I don’t wanna see ur face itself..I hate you to the core…. Gd bye all…

    1. Jayani

      Dat wud asum dude

  25. Chandra Nandini latest news: Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) realizes the danger of Vishaka and tries to save Chandra (Rajat Tokas) from herThe upcoming twist of Chandra Nandini will showcase the revelation of the bog secret as it will be finally know that Vishaka is not a princess and instead she is a dangerous woman who has been sent to Chandra’s palace by Nand in order to killhim. Till now, Vishaka has been lying that she is princess whose parents have been killed by Nand and she wants to seek revenge from Nand. Vishaka seeks shelterin Chandra’s palace but very soon, she manages to win over everyone’s heart. Vishaka takes good care of Bindusar and Chandra is very impressed by her. No one has a doubt on Vishaka as she seems good and pure hearted. However, Nandini soon starts to have a doubt on Vishaka as Chanakya had warned her about someone entering the palace to kill Chandra. Nandini also realizes Vishaka and Chandra’s growing closeness and feels that Vishaka wants to take her place. Moreover, one of Chandra’s minster starts having doubts on Vishaka and decides to find out her truth. The minister meets Gautami and Gautami reveals to him that the real princess is someone else and Vishaka has taken over the identity of the real princess and has entered Chandra’s palace. Gautami warns that Vishaka wantsto kill Chandra and has been sent by Nand.Vishaka’s truth finally gets known but Chandra will not realize the truth so soon. Helena will conspire to get Chandra married to Vishaka and Chandra too will agree for this seeing Vishaka’s attachmentto Bindusar. Let’s wait n see how Nandini is able to save Chandra form Vishaka.

    1. Jayani

      Thnx 2 dat minister who got a doubt on her… Can’t wait 2 c hw nandu saves ?… Thnx for d quick updates di

  26. Nanthini instead of living in Mahal by trying to prove her innocency to Chandra and look after Bindhu, she could just get back to Nanthan and try to change her father as a good man. She would be better off if she lives with her father, she will be respected and looked after very well by her own father than this stupid Chandra. Importantly Nandan will trust Nanthini.

    1. rt said vani nanda wil trust nandini

    2. Jayani

      At least she wud use her studies for god sake

  27. Now a days it is very hard to cope with the episodes. Because Chandra the King of Magadh, has not found the real murderer of the Queen Durdharamy yet. And his attitude is not so good. As a King he should have the basic abilities to find who are the backbones for all these problems. But Chandra is behaving like a stupid.

    If this story goes like this I am sure it will loose its fans. I am dam sure about it.

  28. Liked the episode ?

    Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

  29. the only one who knows that nandini didnt kill DD, is she herself then Y she doesnt try to find the real murderor? even she dosnt think about it, every one doubt on N, but she herself knw that she is not killer it means Bindusar is in danger, Y she dosnt have a plan? she is a mother she tolerate every bad behavior then how can she uncoutios about the DD death? all works she does, are just duties of a nanny, a mother should be stronger than crying or facing danger alone, this doesnt portray a real mother who is a warrior and a queen.
    the scenario is extremely unreasonable, mora doesnt trust nandini even though she was her daughter and lived with them long time, put her life in danger many times and save chandra many times but that stupid mora trusts on VK who came to mahal just few days!!!! the same fr chandra!!!! he is supposed to be a smart and powerful king but he is a real fool who is manipulated by every one, it is acceptable he doubts on nandini Bcoz he thinks by his mind not heart so he trusts on evidences and believes that nandini killed DD! but how mind is that, allowing him to put trust on some one who is new in place!!! I cant understand the thinking line of writers and producer, I am not an Indian, i dont knw about Indian culture ( I like to knw 🙂 ) but I knw that great kings and queens are the same in every cultures and countries and unfortunately the show not only dont portray the correct picture of a real king and queen but also it dont show the true love story!!!
    i dont like to copmpare CN with JA, but its true that in JA both characters were well defined and the behavior and actions and reactions were legitimate!
    I follow the show just Bcoz of great acting of actors and actresses but if the rest of story would be like that I will quite 🙁

    1. Jayani

      After nandu saves sum1, dey say dat O DEAR NANDU, HW CAN I SHOW MY GRATITUDE FOR SAVING X PERSON… But den d next incident, again d same ppl wud start showing deir HATRED 2wards her nd she kips mum

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