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Chandra Nandni 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Helina upset about Chandra being with Nandini and shatters the whole room,and says this is not possible Chandra is only mine, that Nandini snatched every single happiness from me,durdhara sees her in that state and thinks it is because she doesn’t get any human heart and gets scared and leaves. Chanakya meets Chandragupta and says I have found that someone from nands team is in our kingdom and that’s dangerous and only dhananand can help us find who it is,go talk to him.

Dhananand tied up and is beaten up, Chandragupta asks tell us who it is hiding in our kingdom. Padmanand to Amartya my sin is trapped there and I’m here doing nothing,Amartya says what is bothering me is why did Chandra kept dhananand alive did he come to know about you being alive. Dhananand to Chandra

I will not tell you anything do whatever you wish to,Chandragupta says I give you one days time decide what you want death or you will answer. Durdhara next day wakes Chandra and does his Pooja,Chandragupta asks what’s wrong with you,durdhara says last night you didn’t go to see helina and she shattered whole room and I’m so happy.chandra says oh I forgot I had to see her,durdhara says I even saw blood in her room,you are right helina eats human heart, I’m so scared of her,Chandra says don’t tell about this to anyone and don’t worry you are safe, I will go talk to helina.

Nandini says ma this pitahamaharaj guru right,Avantika says yes and what’s wrong with you,does Chandra behave well with you,Nandini says strange but he is so nice to me and always takes care of me and he even saved brother this is all so fishy. Chandragupta walks to helina and sees her whole room messed, helina looks at him in anger,Chandra asks why are you so angry,helina asks why didn’t you come,Chandra says acharya called me last night and it was important,helina says lies I heard you, you were with Nandini,Chandra says I understand your anger I promised to be with you last night,helina says you will repay for this soon and thinks now Nandini will repay for all this,Chandra says I have some work I will see you later and leaves.

A soldier stops one dasi and says she is new first check her before she sees Nandini ,helina sees her and says take her to Nandini and later stops them and vine ms the women,durdhara sees that and gets scared and says God save Her and leaves,helina finds something hidden in dasi hair and reads it and says take her away, and bring Nandini to me.

Helina in her room and she has maliketus insult going on in her mind,Nandini walks to her and asks what is it,helina gives her cold look and says so Nandini now a queen of magad I called you here so that the ruling queen has some work for you,Nandini says I’m queen too and so will not follow your orders,helina says then you will be reason behind your fathers death, yes you heard me your father is alive, Nandini says you are lying I saw him being killed my Chandra, helina says this note is sent by your father,Nandini sees it and gets emotional and sees her fathers hand imprint and remembers her father telling her about his Hand sign as a sign of communication and says my father is alive.

Nandini says please helina don’t tell it to Chandra he will kill him,helina says I want you to beg in front of me,Nandini says I beg of you please helina don’t do it, helina says ok I won’t tell Chandra but from today you will be my servant stay with me and misbehave with Chandra and make him feel that you don’t wish to see him,Nandini says promise I will do as you say please don’t tell Chandra,helina says as long as I’m happy your secret will be safe.

Nandini in her room,Chandra gets her some books,Nandini remembers helinas promise and says please take them away I don’t want any and about to leave,Chandra stops her and says why are you behaving like this,Nandini says because you are a cheat and a killer,Chandra says I too don’t wish to see you I got you some books because you like them,Nandini says what do you know a useless uneducated man,tell me have you ever read any books you killer, you are good for troubling others,and your mother must be same as you and so she had to face all this,Chandra says shutup Nandiniyou have crossed your lines and you will have to repay for all this, I wish I should have killed you with your father, nandini says your acharya won’t allow this and you can’t even touch me and leaves.

Nandini goes to helina and says I did as you said, helina says good, today you will sleep in my room today.

Precap: Chandra angry on nandinis behaviour and says I didn’t torcher her mother and other women even after her fathers torcher to my mother,helina says calm down I’m here for you and hugs him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Today’s epi was gud…thnk u tanaya for fast update..finally nandini knew nand alive..interesting nandini thinks chandra doesn’t knw truth n vice-versa.but Helena behvr is irked…waitn hw story vl progres further..I juz love durdhara…show some bonding of nandini n durdhra it’ll b nice to see…

  2. NABANITA626

    Please comment guys in that topic if you like the marriage track of chandini or not….
    Go to the home option and participate in the featured poll about your views about the marriage track and let know if your all point of view about the track and not forget to can see the poll in chandra nandini serial page also.

  3. Helina I will kill u!!!
    Feeling sad for nandana
    Chandra pls know the truth asap

  4. Gosh this Helena is so annoying! She really thinks Chandra does not know Mahapadmanand is alive? I hope Chandra banishes her. When will she understand that love is not by force?

    Nandni is so easily manipulated, I pity the girl. She refers to Chandra as an illiterate but she has no common sense with all the education she claims to possess.

    I just pity Nandni, I really hope the time will soon come when she will realize the lies that surround her.

  5. It seems to be same as jodha akbar……HELENA- RUKAIYA, Durdhara-salima, nandhini- jodha….

  6. oh i hate this helena. love chandi. durdhara is very funny and innocent too. nandini is thinking that chandra doesn’t know that nand is alive and vice versa. chandra durdhara scenes are very fine and nice. oh at least today there is no s*xual assault with nandini like undressing her and tearing her clothes and no bath scenes where sometimes helena wipes chandra’s back or chandra is asked to wipe helena’s back. anyway the episode was not very bad.

  7. it should be funny instead of fine

  8. sorry it should be funny instead of fine

  9. no lucky durdhara is not like salima begum as salima begum was very intelligent but durdhara is very innocent and childish. ofcourse the other two characters resemble with the characters of jodha akbar.

    1. Hi rakhi…I know durdhara is not dat much intelligent like salima but she treats nandini like her sis just like salima treats jodha…..

  10. Started watching the serial thinking it’s the story of a warrior princess. But I don’t understand from what angle is princess nandini a warrior.

  11. you are right. i totally agree with your comment.

  12. It seems that nandini is not being punished by helena. In fact nandini has got a chance to behave rude to chandra. It’s okay if she would have said bad to chandra but how can she talk bad about his mom who is responsible for the dignified life of nandini.

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