Chandra Nandni 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Nok-Jhok between Chandra and Nandini

Chandra Nandni 7th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra arrives at sabha and proclaims Nandini as chief queen. FB shows last night Helena asks Chandra to make Nandini chief queen since she has done so much by saving Chandra and Magadh. Nandini is coronated.
Bindusar denies. Chandra asks how can he decide right or wrong as Bindusar himself is not in his senses most of the time. Bindusar walks out. Chandra stops him and says by walking out he not only misbehaves with Chandra but also with all those who have gathered over there. Bindusar disobeys and walks out.
Chandra standing sad. Nandini comes there and says for whatever condition of Bindusar today, she is the only responsible as Chandra was lost in her thoughts and thus not was able to care for Bindusar. Chandra cries and says, yes he is the responsible but now Chandini together

will guide him to the right path and give all the affection, love and honors from which he was devoid of all these long. Nandini gives Chandra a back hug. Both cries.

Adonis, Helena, and Alice talking. Adonis asks Helena if she knew Bindusar only tried to kill Nandini, then why she kept it as a secret this long. Helena says how could she reveal such a truth so easily. She wants Chandra and Bindusar to be life long enemies and fight with each other and Helena become the queen of Magadh.
In anger Bindusar confess to Dharma that he only tried to kill Nandni a decade ago at the hill top. Dharma shocked and leaves.
Helena trying to instigate Bindusar against Chandini. Bindusar tells her, he will go against Chandra and get her all her rights back. Helena happy thinking she has achieved what she wanted.
Chanakya, Chandra, Nandhni and Helena discussing about akhand bharat plan and its time to implement it. Chanakya says, they need to perform a yagna before the commencement of akhand bharat. Nandini suggests to make Bindusar also a part of the discussion. Chandra says, he will not be in his senses now that he is sure about and it is not suggestable. Chanakya agrees to Chandra. Nandini feels bad.

Seeing Chandra coming, Nandhni walks away through the pool bridge and comes to other side of the room. Chandra follows her and asks, didn’t she know, a King’s lover should always stay with him and should not go away from him. Nandini teasingly says, she didn’t knew but now only she came to know. Chandra says now that she came to know, he asks her to hug him. Nandini asks now? What if some one sees? Chandra says let them see. Nandini is about to hug when a group of honey bees come from nowhere. Like in the lizard scene Chandra hides behind Nandhni, their nok jhok of whom to save whom and finally Chandini get inside a trunk.

Pre-cap Nandini tells to Helena, At the time of Chandini marriage, Nandhni was the daughter of Chandra’s greatest enemy. But Helena have proved that Chandra Helena marriage was also nothing more than a compromise. Helena raises her hand to slap Nandini. Nandini holds and slaps her back.

Update Credit to: alanta

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  1. nandhini slapped helena. thats a cool turning point.

  2. The show is going to end in 3 days but still so much of negativity. I’m glad it’s going to end or else they’ll keep dragging the negative storyline.Nowadays helena is getting slapped from all quarters, something which we don’t mind seeing even if it is repeated a thousand times.Dont know how and when bindumas romance will start.Sonanand hasn’t attacked magad yet.They are really rushing in to end this serial.

  3. Today chandra and Nandini together showed their emotional act as a matured parent. Both eyes and ears and senses were not enough to watch such a delight of this greatest couple acting. I have no words. I feel very low watching still how Helana uses her esteemed mother role to manipulate Bindu for her advantage. Happy to see in precap Nandini slapping Helana. I felt very sad for Dharma that how bad she would have felt for wedded to person like Bindu.

  4. Where’s moora?

    1. Moora n Apama is missIING.

  5. अरुण

    Nandini is now mukhya maharani. Till Bindusar not knows the real face of Helena, he will not respect Nandini and Chandra. In precap first time Nandini is shown powerful than Helena.

  6. Savithri V Ramani

    Waiting for bindusar to call Nandini as chotima anxiously awaiting.happy to see Helana getting slap from Nandini.poor Dharma when she will unite with bindu

    1. Savithri, maybe last episode, they are rushing to finished the serial by this week, So it is going so fast

  7. Ohhhhh what a episode……
    Now Nandini is showing her prowess…..

  8. In the spoiler it is mentioned that Bindu will Come to know about Helena’s ugly face and accept Nandini as chotima (how suddenly we dont know) and together fight with Chandra with sawanand – padmanand’s grandson. But INBETWEEN it is also mentioned that he will trap chandra and put him behind wall ETC. But no mention about Dharma and Bindu union. As you all felt it is going to be real rush through. What happeded to Apama , Malai and Mora no mention.

  9. But the spoilers state that Nandini is going to die.

    1. Don’t trust the spoilers

  10. The serial is going to end, the makers are rushing n we are not able to get a good CN romantic scene. Last time Lizard, than mosquito n now Honey bees, so they need to hide in the Chest box in order to romance n escape from the bees.
    Precap is very interesting, guys so far how many slapped Helena got in this serial. I think it is four, one from her father, 2nd slap from Roopa, 3rd from Chandra(Bheemdev soul) n lastly from Nandini. Towards end Nandini became a strong woman. I am waiting for Bindu to stab Helena. Apama,Moora n even Dadi is missing?

  11. Guys its very nice to see now how d show s gng on. Nandni s back to her senses. Helena s gng to get trapped by chanakya and nandni. Its gud to see. Helena and chandra marriage is also just for a compromise. He married her coz of her father’s powerful army. No other relationship he had wit her. So helena got slap from nandni later bindusar stabs her. Y?. Maybe bindu was watching nandni and bindusar conversations. So he confronts helena I think. War between magad and Sonanand hasn’t started. Oly 3 episodes to go. How ll thy end this show? Still so many unsolved questions in d show?.

  12. Sorry nandni and Helena’s conversation. By mistake.

  13. Now only the show starting the pull the attention but sadly going to end in 3 days tine.

    As everyone said, too many things to convey in too short period. Very big scope to show but doing as fast food to complete it urgently as if we as viewer no time to see.. hehehe…

    They should prolonged the bravery act of Nandhini towards Helena. Should have more ‘bulp’ for Helena for what she did to Nandhini, Chandra, Durdhara and Bindusar.

    Get stabbed by Bindusar is not enough for what she did. She should feel all the bad things she did to others due to power craziness…

    Whatever, loved the slap scene. Double like for the scene??

  14. Only 3 more days are left. Still Helena is doing evil things. Very irritating. Also also of Bindu. Last episode he was helping nan. Again he is showing angry face to nan and darm. Very foolish storyline. We need one special episode of c&n romance

    1. Hi Thiga, thanks for sharing Happy Ending seens link..

  15. Precap was very nice helena got slap from dharma . There is very short time left . In this how they will show

    ⭕bindusara and dharma romantic scene.
    ⭕saunand attacking chandra and chandra escaping from him and
    ⭕bindusar accepting nandhini as chothima .

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