Chandra Nandni 7th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 7th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Padmanand very happy, sees the lady in his room n says you here, she says so sad you forgot me, did u forget your first wife Sunanda, since the time you were a Barbour,padmanand asks what are you doing here,Sunanda says when my step daughter is going to marry how can I not come here,padmanand says see,Sunanda says dare you I’m not Avantika that you will trick me into your sweet talks,Avantika walks in n gets surprised and says happy to see you,Sunanda says really and do you know why padmanand is still scared of me and keeps you scared because no one will ever take my place and anyways where is Nandini I would like to bless he,Avantika says she is practising Talwar Baji,Sunanda says wow who taught here,Avantika says padmanand,Sunanda says great before with scissors n now Talwar good anyways

I wish to sleep in the biggest rooms here,padmanand says Avantika plz give her your room,Sunanda says you have to keep in mind Avantika you are after me.

Chandra having the war scene going on his mind and shouts in anger how can I loose,Chanakya walks n says so you have accepted your loss,Chandra says our only dream and I step back,Chanakya says if you want to be a King you will turn yours wounds to your wins,whenever I see my hair I remember my insult and they never let me sleep and ask me to Wakeup and wife and its we two who will bring the change and don’t let these wounds fade they will be the reason behind your victory, Chandra says I won’t let them heel till I conquer magad.

Nandini practising Talwar Baji,maliketu walks in and says marvellous,you are beautiful and your skill bring respect yo you in my eyes, how about a hand with me,I would like to see can you just practise or even fight in war scene,Nandini says you are questioning my skills and my teacher,you surely will get a chance, Nandini and maliketu start Talwar Baji,maliketu removes her dupatta,Nandini gets angry and fights with him injures him and defeats him and says I hope you now know how skilful magad ladies are and sorry for your injury.

Maliketu in his room angry on nandinis attack, Slaves get him medicine but he pushes it and says get lost this wind doesn’t give me any pain,maliketu in anger says how dare she attack parvatak Maliketu, that women, I will mix her pride in my feet and finish this pride of hers and her father.

Parvatak King asks padmanand to stop nandinis Talwar Baji as parvatak ladies don’t involve in wars or practise what men do,and before the endgame net she has to stop all her teachings,padmanand says what, parvatak says this is our condition,padmanand says Nandini is being learning this since childhood, maliketu says it’s our parampara, padmanand says I understand but,parvatak says in our parampara women sit behind the curtains and my people won’t accept her,Sunanda says he is so right, and magad accepts this condition.

Padmanand Avantika and Sunanda together,padmanand says how dare you take decisions for Nandini,Sunanda says I did right,and a girl shouldn’t be given so much freedom,Avantika says she is my daughter and nand she loves her sword.sunanda says this is necessary because tomorrow she shouldn’t act like you Avantika and cheat her husband,padmanand says Sunanda I will kill you,Sunanda says nand think about it as a male and not as a father do you treat every women as Nandini,which men will accept Nandini with her skills and if u don’t stop Nandini it will be very bad for her,padmanand says you are right sunanda I will accept the condition,Avantika I have no guts to face Nandini , you go and tell her about this condition.

Nandini says no to Avantika and says I know even pitaji didn’t like it and so he sent you, I will go and talk to him,Avantika says he has agreed to it and so now even you get on with it as he doesn’t want to loose this proposal.

Chandra is attacked by few magad soldiers he defeats them,Chanakya walks and says how many will you kill and now magad is stronger with parvatak and now it’s time to hide and wait for right time and now we should disguise and change our location.

Pre cap : Avantika says to Nandini don’t expect things from your husband that you expect from your father,Nandini starts crying.
Chandra feels rain drops and says it’s going to rain at odd weather and its sign if someone crying in pain and injustice, who must be crying other than me now in injustice.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nainaa

    Wow!! I really loved today’s episode…..
    Rajat Tokas is doing a great job with his role……
    Nandh seems to be a true father till the previous episode….But after today’s episode I am like he just cares for his respect and honour among all the king more than his life Nandhini…..
    Chanakya is really respectfull the way he is dealing with Chandra when he is angry is damn awesome……
    Proud of Rajat Tokas….. 🙂

  2. Vanshika

    What a Precap….!!!

  3. craze about skr

    Superb epi

  4. Angelk1

    Nice eps

  5. Nice episode

  6. Superb precap

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