Chandra Nandni 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chanakya walks to pandugan and says here’s medicine you want to cure right come sit,open your mouth,pandugan has it, Chanakya says Chandra was right, you saved Yuvraj and so you have to be awarded but it’s unfortunate I can’t award you because you are padmanand son and don’t worry once you will be cured I will sentence you to death and my revenge will be complete and leaves. Pandugan says you will sentence me to death instead I will kill bindusara and then Chandra and Magad will be mine and then I shall behead you stupid Chanakya.

Apma says Helina this new rule is dangerous,Helina says ma this new rule how is it against us,Whole mahal knows Chandra and Nandini hate each other and Nandini loves monkey,Apma says Helina you can’t see but I can,Chandra and Nandini love

each other and so they can’t be under one roof,and if they do you will loose,Helina says you should be happy for me but you,Apma says Helina Chandra is very intelligent and is using you,Helina says ma Nandinis lover accepted that he loves Nandini,Apma says okay I shall like to meet him,clovie says he looks like monkey I shall go get him,Apma says remember Chandra and Nandini shouldn’t be under one roof,Nandini I know her very well, do as I say, how to do that’s your question.

Malti says Didi it’s maharajs order that you have to shift in his room,Nandini says without asking me why,Malti says he wants you back,and because he loves you a lot,you should be very happy,but look you are so upset,what is it,Nandini says nothing,Malti says this new rule will bring new turn in your relation and bring you closer,Nandini says i know this rule is more for us then people but I’m scared of losing everything again,Malti says don’t be scared.

Nandini thinks Chandra I know this is all because you want to resolve differences between us but the moment our past flashes in front of my eyes it scares me.Mora says why is this rule,dadi says so that Chandra and Nandini can be together,Chandra is very intelligent,mora says he is very smart and kind hearted thinks about every one especially Nandini,his father also always use to look after me and loved me and Nandini will also love Chandra too.

Helina says Chandra this rule is for people but why you have to stay with Nandini, I mean only in mahal we know about your differences with Nandini and so,Chandra says Helina but,Helina says see just deny staying with Nandini and we shall keep this news just in mahal,Chanakya says not anymore,Helina asks what do you mean,Chanakya says even Magad people have learnt that Chandra and Nandini have differences,during Sabha people found it fishy and few people spoke about it to me and they insisted me to force maharaj to apply this rule for him and Nandini along with people and so as king Chandra has to be example for his people or this rule will be discarded,Chandra says but me and Nandini,Chanakya says you have to or else we have to debar the rule,Helina says Chandra is king it’s his decision, Chanakya says Helina is right you should change the rule,Helina says I didn’t mean that Chandra you will stay will with Nandini and leaves.

Chandra says acharya thank you for helping me out,Chanakya says don’t thankme, you deserved it,
Chnakaya says Chandra Nandini is perfect choice for Magad and you as well,she is your strength,Helina is smart but she lies qualities of being a mukhyarani,spend time with Nandini and use it for yourself and Magad, it’s time resolve your differences.

Chandra says Nandini please come in and welcomes her into room and says this place you will practise your dance lessons,your pooja house,and this is your library and you can teach me too here,and here your sword which your father gifted you,Nandini remembers her childhood memories,and is in tears,and says Chandra,chandra stops her holds her hand and says come with me,and takes her to bed and says this is our bed and pulls a curtain which falls in between the bed,chandra says this shall stay until we turn husband wife from friends,and this is bindusaras cradle he shall stay with us.

Chandra says Nandini what are you thinking,Nandini says all this is fine but that monkey Helina thinks I want to marry him,Chandra holds Nandini and says calm down trust me,nothing of this will happen I know who you are in love with and you will marry only one you love,Nandini says it sounds like you mean yourself ,Chandra says Nandini , a women amongst our people have requested our help regarding rule,so we need to go help, we need to go disguised.

Chandra and Nandini disguised see two couple fight, the lady says see it was your misunderstanding I wasn’t having any affair and thanks to maharaj,because of this new rule now I can be with my son,the man says he is my son and will always be with me,Nandini says a baby needs his father as well as mother, the man says see it’s easy to give advice,but you two haven’t gone through it,this lady was my wife but was caught with other man and now says she loved me,Chandra says see you have an opportunity to resolve your issue with maharajs new rule,use it stay with her,may be she wasn’t lying.

Chandra recognises Amartya,amartya disguised in market.

Pre cap : Apma says Helina make such situation that Chandra has to choose between Nandini and mora.
Helina says mora ma,according to new rule we should also give malayketu a chance to bond back with Chaya.
Mora says Chandra your every word is pricking me and so now Choose between me or Nandini.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. अरुण

    Nice to see that CN are about to spend time together, but Apama’s plan may separate them. Pandugrath is planning to kill Bindusar first, expect Nandini will save him as saved earlier by Vishakha.

  2. Can’t take any more of separation. Why is apama able to meet anybody she wants. Think it is time Chandra and Chanakya used their brain and put an end to all the nonsense. Can’t believe Mora asked Chandra to choose between Nandini and her. And she says that Nandini is like her daughter.

  3. Looking precap seems Apama is successful to create rift among Chandra, Nandini and Moora.

  4. Bringing malayketu is nonsense. He was sent out of magad. So how come this applies for them? This rule is for people in magad only. Also nowadays i dont see many commenting here. Are all got bored with show or busy seeing new shows?

    1. I dont know about everyone else but I have been busy with exams

    2. CN fan93, I also did comment that nowdays you dont see much comments. I thinks some fans are getting bored. Viewers only want CN union not separation, as usual the wicked ladies always plotting. If ever CN seperation arise again, than a lot of viewers will abandoned this serial.. A lot of them are not happy the kind treatment given to Apama, whereas for Nandini it was a torture, so they are favouring only the evil person.

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        Didi if u follow the facebook, twitter or Instagram of chandra nandini the fan following is constantly increasing. So I don’t agree people bored with CN. Actually the fans are enjoying the track is going on bcoz of now Chandra so much changed and the way he treating wid Nandini and pandugrath is awesome. The comment are less now bcoz Jayani is out of town, she informed us before , ,nick ,klki are all busy with their exam so they cannot get time to write comment. Shree’s Internet connection has some problems. So don’t worry all are here and will comment when they get time.

    3. not lke tat i thk all r enjoyg nd out f tension….fans r now eagerly waiting fr romance btw c&n…

      1. I always see all of you commenting here but suddenly i cudnt see you that is why I asked. Good to see you all here again.

  5. Thanks for written update. ESTIMED SAMRAT CHANDRA GUPTA MOURYA WILL NEED EVERY trick in TRADE to manao his RUTHI hui wife NANDINI. CGM/ RAJAT TOKAS ROCKS. Only bad taste in mouth goons of magadh helena and co SHOULD rot in hell and leave SCREEN SPACE FOR CHANDRA NANDINI and DON’T decrease TRP with their disgusting presence

    1. Aditimodak, i agree with yr comments, helena n the gang shd rot because of them TRP is decreasing. Viewers are getting so fed up, the same usual story.

  6. Savithri V Ramani

    Really very sorry to note that again a separation because of Mora and Helena.As aptly predicted if Mancini stays with Chandra something or other happening too difficult to digest when will Apma die and go?

  7. satya sarathi sarkar

    I can say this one of the best episode of chandra nandini, but the precap is worst!!!!! again moora creating problem in chandra and nandini’s life. I think this lady is the main enemy of chandra nandini. Every time she provoked by apama and helena and behaves like non sense. Now due to her pressure chandra may have to return malayketu in mahal. But one thing is chanyka cheated wid malay in parvatak death issue!!! so will chanyka ready to bring back malay in mahal????

    1. ya again malay wil enter mahal….i dont know why iam thkg lke ths but ths time moora wilnot do favour f helu she knows cn s tryg hard to win nandu nd already she was in guilty feeling f punishg nandu iam not sure bec she s not a stable minded person…..anyhave cn wil not leave nandu…..

  8. satya sarathi sarkar

    now a days chandra is behaving like a angel with nandini, I think it is very hard for nandini to reject this chandra. the best scene was when chandra pulls a curtain which falls in between the bed,chandra says this shall stay until we turn husband wife from friends, sooo amazing scene!!!! the dialogue, the expression everything was just out of world. The best thing is chandra is smiling and nandini in tears!!!! It looks like nandini herself wanting to stay with chandra and be husband wife soon.

  9. satya sarathi sarkar

    I liked the way chanyka helped chandra and nandini to stay in one room, and another thing malti and madhav also doing their job perfectly to unite chandra nandini.

    1. i agree with u,now chanakya understand that love is not a weak point its the strength of a person.He said chandra’s strength is nandini.

      And also chandra is not only afraid of lizards but also for wild cats

  10. Can`t believe that Mora is asking Chandra to choose between Nandini and herself……stupid Mora fell for Hell/Apama`s plot again……I believe this time around, Chandra won`t give up Nandini for anyone or anything. Chandra may agree to let Malai come back to the palace to make Mora happy…..The makers need a way to bring Malai back to the palace to create trouble for Chandra so they are using Chandra`s new rule. Apama seized this opportunity to help Malai get back to the palace. Chandra has changed SO much…he has become such a loving husband. Even, Chanakya has realized that N is Chandra`s strength…..

  11. satya sarathi sarkar

    and I am very happy to see chandra take nandini outside of mahal to help him in political issue, now we can expect another rocking romantic outdoor trip of chandra nandini.

  12. satya sarathi sarkar

    I am really impressed with chandra’s civil engineer avatar, he planned the room sooo beautifully, the dance room, prayer room, library , even her fathers gift also !!!!! Now if girls start demanding a room like this from their boyfriends then boys are in great trouble!!!!!! lol

    1. Hahahah, Satya get yourself prepared(girls start demanding a room) Chandra wants Nandini love, he is doing his best to win her heart.
      I don’t see any comments from Jai- any idea or busy with his exams

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        I am also missing Jai, when she called as bro it sounds soo coool, even I missing jayani,aparna prasad,nick, nabanita soo much they called me as bhaiyaaa or satya da.

      2. @ padmini no dr.. i completed my degree… tomorrow s my convocation… am super excited bcoz am going to meet my besties after long time nearly 10 months… satya bhai am also missing u a lot, already i told u na i ve only sisters so i really feel as ur my bro… i considered u all my family… network problem datsy i didn’t comment hr… sorry n thanks for remembering..

      3. I was also missing my entire fan club of CN in tellyupdates…….
        Bt what can I do believe me guys I don’t hav any other options bcoz may b frm d nxt week my 1st term exam will start…and I m just preparing for dat only…..

      4. Jayani

        My internet connection is horrible here!!! Fed up wid dis shit… Sub jagh tower lagaathe hein par sud jagh WiFi lagaane me kya problem hai… Unbelievable connection… Anyways, d was so cool… Nd thank u sooooooo much Satya bhaiya for remembering me

  13. Yesterday ‘s episode was amazing. Chanakya main aim to kill Pandu after his treatment but Pandu is thinking the opposite.
    Apama n Helena the most irritating character,the makers shd get rid of this two, than the serial will be more interesting. They just dont hv other work, only like to get rid of Nandini.
    Wah! Chanakya is a changed person, he is supporting Nandini n she is the best choice for Chandra n Magadh.
    OMG ,the room is beautifully decorated, everything is so perfect. A beautiful prayer room, dance N music room,library (earlier her books was in the storeroom), n their sleeping quarters in between the curtains. Chandra expression to Nandini was so touching n very loving, any girl would fall for him but Nandini still has a fear . From now we want see the romance of CN.
    Precap not interesting, why this Moora listen to this Helena. Why Moora is asking Chandra to choose between her n Nandini. Starting of another problem

  14. It’s to much now… So bore…
    If they continue to make new intrigue and stall the cn union, I think cn will be your fans abandoned. I was getting bored myself

  15. Finally, Chanakya understand and recognised Nandini’s value and real character. In future he should include Nandini also in some discussion on Magadh matters as she is truly love her country.

    I think maybe Moora play trick with Chandra and Nandini to unite them not to seperate them. That’s why ask Chandra to choose in between her and Nandini. Moora want Nandini to realise how important she is to Chandra if she choosen her instead of her mother. Hope to be on this way rather than fall as planned by Apama and Helena.

    1. It’s nice to see chanakya supporting chandra nandini. I’m thinking the same, it must be mora’s plan to unite chandra nandini.

    2. I don’t think so Sumy.Moora has no brain only Apama has brain in this serial .Every body act as if their brain is dead.

  16. Makers please create an interesting story line these days the TRPs are very low(may be start ofnew serials) try to be innovative to bring back this serial into race.This serial got highly potential artists who are misused .Kindly create an interesting genre to keep audience intact .I am very disappointed with the track as Iam big fan of RT .New shows are creating interest .This serial is telecasting between ISPKND3 and Namkaran both are crowd pullers so makers please update

  17. This is purely my opinion on this show.Always the show is revolving among ladies C-A-H-Cloe-M-D-N with irritating costumes.Please show more scenes of Chanakya-Chandra-Rakshas-Malai not that blo*dy Apama.No outdoor scenes,no war always showing in house conspiracies of A-H.Nandini she looks better in dadi attire than present day costumes.Chandra also seen in only two costumes of course not attractive .Where is that Naughtyness in Nandini shown in the beginning?I like Avantika?Durdhara -Chandra conversations but entertainment is missing after all C->N and A-H plan to separate them tired of this.I wish C should throw Helena and Aparna out of mahal to lead a happy life

    1. rt spd….thy can change the constume especially cn he wearing ths constumes frm wen nandu re-entered magad….nandu was sooo beautiful wen she was princess,simple nd attractive….thy can make clovie better lke dd….more important we missing teasing scene btw c&n

    2. You’re right about the costumes.I think chandra should be sent out of the mahal for wars or other matters relating to magad and not only going after nandini all the time.The separation will make their love grow stronger.

  18. I wish Nandini /Chandra should sent that Apama ,killer /murderer out of mahal.I hate the security system in Magadh the enemies are freely moving inside All these are minor mistakes of makers.Please stop this A-H at least for few episodes

    1. SPD, I agree to all yr comments,
      we all sick ot this evil cats. They shd try to give one or two episode only CN romantic scene n
      as loving husband n wife. Both shd understand each other n no one can separate them, both shd be strong character n i want Nandini shd be daring like Roopa, so that there will be a fear with Helena n gang. I just want Chandra to kick out or give death sentence to Apama. She is the main course of problems in Mahal

      1. Padmini, I agree with you. Why did the makers bring Apama back….she killed DD and tried to kill Nandini. The viewers are irritated to see her back without any consequences…….Apama should get the death penalty. How can the person who killed DD still roam freely in the palace making plots….We want to C and N reunion/ romance and not screen time for Hell/Apama.

      2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        I think when Apama came back in mahal then now she got proper punishment may be death punishment. And if I believe if chandra and nandini are together now and trusting each other then None can separate them.

  19. today episode i like the room arrangement of chandra .this shows chandra true heart .but one side pandugar is trying to kill another side apama is again and again planning evil ,i think this apama plan wil work in favar of nandini only .

    I have a doubt guys in last week in precap moora wil be speaking with dadi now chandra and nandini r close now wat wil happen ? wheter those dialogs r over if those dialogues r going to come here after means sure moora is doing a fake drama to cheat helena.

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      U r Right !!!! All incidents now happening in chandra nandini life is making the relation of CN more stronger and slowly nandini started trusting on chandra. Now I also think whatever now apama plannning all things going to make chandra nandini relationship more trustful and stronger.

  20. how wil malaikethu come to mahal ,everyone new he is trying to capture magad i think moora wil inform chandra about helena words and they will do a fake drama in front of everyone .

  21. if this time also moora acted like stupid means what is the use of saying nandini as daughter my daughter….

  22. The piloting of A & H is getting upper hand
    Already Nandhini is dippressed.Why Canakya and Chandra not putting an end
    to A&H. and save Nandhini.If Malai enters
    the mahal again then N has to face more
    problems.If the story goes on like this then
    everyone will get bored.Chm was a great
    king. But the serial shows that he is allowing the ploters in upper hand and not a wise king.

    1. dont thk lke tat ..if no villans no story….if showed nly c&n it wil get bore….iam happy to see all evils in mahal nd their plot nd how c&n&ch wil tackle tat thn nly it wil be interestg….he is not allowing but welcoming to give thm nice slap…..

  23. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    The way chandra told nandini that u will marry whom u loved and I know whom u love and smiling , and Nandini told I think u mean yourself !!!!! The scene was soo beautiful !!! Execellent dialogue, awesome expression made the scene sooo romantic. After seeing this scene I think chandra nandini will marry again!!! For 4th time may be.

    1. Hopefully.

  24. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    I also feel chandra and nandini should leave the mahal . And start living in a small hut wid vindusaar. Then they can live happily. No stupid moora, no helena or apama only chandu and nandu.

  25. Apon

    friends i have written a story in this page . please read my story and comment your openions…. that will help me ……

    1. ya i read it …vry nice

  26. Apon

    title is _ an exceptional love story….

  27. ohh god all r enjoying cns expresion in ysrdys epi but soo sadd i didnt see…….again makers started to gatherg all evils nd creatg big prblm but ths time all their plot wil strength trust btw c&n bfr thy brought vk nd finshed hr track vry well……
    dont get bore r irritate it s just a start coming epi wil be vry interestg nd trp also wil inc…..

    1. satya sarathi sarkar

      Yess shree, the episode was soo emotional, the conversation of chandra nandini in the room was sooo romantic it brought tear in my eyes in happiness.

  28. now both chankya nd chandu want nandu fr themselves nd also fr magad….bfr chankya made helu to stay wit cn to separate nandu now he himself helped cn to stay wit nandu….boomerang…………

  29. Apon

    friends …. do you know any information about shweta basu prasad’s real fb id. then give me the link….

    1. Shweta Basu Prasad

      She is wearing white colour saree in her profile picture.

  30. Apon


  31. satya sarathi sarkar

    the best part of yesterday’s episode was when we saw chandra is with Mustache, it looked like chandra in a JODHA AKBAR’S jalal avatar!!!!!! with out beard he looked so awesome.

  32. satya sarathi sarkar

    and also nandini in a simple dress looked far more beautiful than her royal avatar, I am also feeling that some new costumes for chandra nandini badly needed now, same dress does not looking good.

    1. Nt only dat bt also abt d peculiar 2 bun hairstyle of N is really horrible 2 see….??

      Makers it’s a request pls avoid dat peculiar hairstyle and give d hairstyle of her simple villager’s attire…..

  33. Welcome back JAI, wish u best in yr exams. I thought u no more watching the serial. Use to enjoy reading alL my friends comments. As Satya mentioned Jayani,Nick n others still missing yr comments. SHREE, do something about yr comment. Hoping next week storyline will get more interesting. What happen Chandra adopted parents,he n Nandini need to go back to village again away from all Villian, shd take Bindu with them.

  34. Nice epi and the worst precap I could think about but as we all know that will make everything right trust me

  35. Nice epi and the worst precap I could think about but as we all know that will make everything right trust me .

  36. Sorry the comment has repeat twice sorry for that

  37. Ufff again dat fool moora…..when she will b able 2 blive N and will never lisen 2 dat evil Helena and Apama…….??

    Ohhh what a grt job u did acharya ?……really I appreciate u………bt I think frm dis time he is going 2 help dem in every point of danger in their life…..?

  38. Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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