Chandra Nandni 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 7th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi says Chandra whose side you choose that will be the deciding vote now,Chandra remembers Nandini saying she doesn’t want to be the ruling queen and says my vote goes to helina and so tomorrow I will announce her the ruling queen,Nandini feels bad. Helina mother scolds Roopa and says I can throw you out,Sunanda says it was my fault that powder was wrong one and so don’t scold her,Roopa says Helina mother voice down,don’t forget I’m not like Nandini ,don’t forget I’m ruling queen Nandini,Helina mother starts laughing and says any idea who won the competition.

Helina walks in,and walks to Roopa mistaking it as Nandini and says you here Nandini are you here to say sorry anyways I can’t never lose because I have Chandra and so I won and not you,Chandra

loves me and no one can take my place and how can you ever think Chandra who is mine will vote for you,Sunanda says Helina mother don’t forget she had slapped Helina last time ask Helina to stop,helina says angry Nandini,Helina mother says helina we have lot of arrangements and takes her away,Roopa says that is my place I will be the ruling queen.

Nandini says Chandra loves Helina a lot,Chandra walks to her,Nandini says look magads king is here,the king of justice,the king who just thinks about himself not people where are your feet let me,Chandra says have you lost it,Nandini says Chandra magads king choose his lovely wife and not the one who deserves,Chandra says you gave Helina chance when you have the ability, you have two faces, you lost willingly,Nandini says I wanted to win for dadi for my people,what you think you took the right decision, will that Greek understand our people,how our people leave their culture their language their way of leaving and it’s important to know people but Helina will never try an understand that,I’m happy for her and now I pray she becomes the people’s queen.

Padmanands men distribute circulars that Chandra has accepted Greek religion and Chanakya has left him,people get confused and say sits false our king is good man,padmanand men says you will see the proof when maharani Helina will be announced ruling queen, people get upset ,soldiers catch padmanands man but he commits suicide and says padmanand is your true king.chankaya in forest calls his secret informer and he shows him the circular and tells people upset about king,and maharani helina will be announced the ruling queen tomorrow,Chanakya says I won’t let that happen.

Chandra in bath thinking about nandinis words,Roopa walks in and steps in shower,Chandra says leave me alone dasi, Roopa applies shower gel on his back,and says don’t you need your queen too and don’t I have this right too,Chandra says leave,Roopa says why are you always so angry with me and Chandra I know things weren’t good between us so I want our enemity to end and goes close to Chandra and hugs him and says accept me and elect me the ruling queen tell me, you will choose me right,Chandra looks at her with lot of anger and pushes her away and says I hope you have your answer and leaves.

Roopa says I don’t like no Roopa will find her way. Chandra walks to his room and sees Nandini on bed,Nandini thinks he is here because of dadi or would be with Helina now,Chandra pulls the pillow,and gets close,Nandini says please Chandra,Chandra finds it odd and says I’m your husband right you want fresh start,Nandini says Chandra leave me,Chandra says you did this for the competition and ruling queen how shameless are you,Nandini thinks may be it was my illness but I was in room,Chandra says helina is better than you not like you who plays with others feelings and so I choose her,it was you right who told me my fault, how wrong I was then in shower,how can you,but you know when I look at you I see my mother and sisters pain and so I hate you,you never will be my wife keep that in your mind and leaves,Nandini says Chandra I know you hate me but I can’t I don’t know why.

Chandra walks with helina and in presence of other family members and people,Chandra says I’m thankful to my people and they are and always will be my first preference, mora says Chandra learnt these principles in my womb from his father and so will your baby durdhara,durdhara says yes ma and so I always keep talking to my baby,Chandra says I would like to announce magads ruling queen maharani Helina,people start shoutouting no we don’t want foreign queen , we don’t accept Greek queen and start throwing stones, one of it hits mora.

Pre cap : Chandra says Nandini I’m very happy to see you as the ruling queen and the way you stood up for me here, I always want you to be with me,Nandini says yes Chandra.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. अरुण

    So at last Nandini wins the title…

  2. Thanks for the super fast update Tanaya…Hope the precap is not a dream sequence…Waiting for Roopa’s truth to come out

    1. Yes I hope as well that precap is not a dream

  3. ChandraNandini: Mud romanceand nok jhok amid Chandra and NandiniChandraNandini: Chandra(Rajat Tokas)and Nandini (Shweta Prasad Basu)have a playful moment getting all covered up with mudIn the upcoming episode of Star Plus historical love story ChandraNandini there will be funny yet sweetmoment between the couple Chandraand Nandini.The couple will be asked to bring some medicated plants from jungle.Apparently, dueto misunderstandings the duo willagain get into argument and part their ways searching for the medicated herb.Chandra wants to be with Nandini but remembering how and what she did with Malayketu is the thing that stops him from befriending Nandini.While on the other hand, Nandini is pissed off with Chandra’s ignorance and rude character.Chandra getslost in Nandini’s loveThe couple has parted ways and Nandini while searchingfor the herb accidentally falls in a mud hole.And guess what, her hero Chandra comesto rescue her but before that happens the duo share some goody goody moments exchanging a romantic eye lock.But then there also, Nandini realise her limits and gets away from Chandra which he finds very strange.I copied it frm a spoiler.

    1. Nivu99

      nice episode…. nd tq 4 the spoiler

    2. Thanks for update

    3. AparnaPrasad

      I saw the video in youyube…. its so funny d way chandra jumps into the mudpit to rescue nandini

  4. AparnaPrasad

    Roopa is so shameless. She hv no values.. kabhi chandra kabhi malaiketu.. besharam ladki. Ek baath hai..wen chanakya tld chandra nvr listn to heart alwys listen to ur brain, i realy flt bad.. but i realy wish chandra uses his brain atleast once to find out abt roopa.. nandini thinks she hs split personality disorder..nd chandra hs no personality at all…

  5. Waiting fr d precap …. ??

  6. Wlcm nivu di and jayani do check page 6 feb 2017 .


    Finally Nandini will win but when will Roopa truth come out???

  8. Pls reveal the truth about roopa

  9. Will Roopa s truth come out at the end of the story ?

  10. Initially it was good and very interesting but now this is nothing but a modern masala show in the name of chandra gupta maurya just to show some crap of man with 3 wives. You can’t show a person legally married to 3 wives in the current day situation that is why they are using CGM. But why spoil his legacy.

    1. I completely agree with you S. Initially the story had some interesting aspect but now it is just a show full of negative issues and even after all the fans requesting for this Roopa track to end it seems that the writers do not understand anything and keep extending it to a point of unbearable tolerance. The only thing about this show and why fans keep watching it is for Rajat only. One fan has also commented that this show is very vulgar. What a shame that a Great King CGM’s name is been used like this to show nonsense. Nothing is been shown about his achievements and what he did for his people except running around his 2 wivies and repeating how he hates Nandini and Helena poisoning his ears and full of jealously. The show is full of women only. Bring some constructive tracks to show about CGM and stop this wife issues. In saying all this I doubt that our request is been read or taken into consideration by the team at all otherwise, this Roopa track would have ended by now. The women slave issue got resolved in just 2 mins or so but his Roopa Track is going on forever…….. Please give the viewers a BREAK.. We are frustrated now…

  11. I hope precap is not a dream

  12. AparnaPrasad

    It’s been almost 3 months since malaiketu entry. Roopa just entered… They won’t just show finding abt roopa dat easily unless the viewers get mad and the rating fall deep low and they will be forced to stop this show.

  13. Wlcm arun bhaiya and i agree what what CN fan said.

  14. Wlcm arun bhaiya and i agree what what CN fan said.

  15. Sorry 1st was with

    1. Thanks Sister expecting more twists and more interesting episodes in the serial.

  16. I just stopped watching CN serial because its going worst and irritating also why do i waste my time.

  17. I just stopped watching the serial chandra nandhini because its going worst also irritating the fans and why do i waste my time.

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