Chandra Nandni 7th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 7th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Helena walking down the corridors, she hears some servants talking. The servant says that ask her. The other servant says yes I know and nandini was wearing only 1 cloth on her body and Chandra and she were alone in the bath and that is why dhana nand was saved. Helena hears this and gets angry and remembers her mom told her nandini would steal her happiness, Helena goes in and asks the servants who was with Chandra? Servants say we are sorry. Helena says just tell me who was it? servant says Chandra was with nandini and they were alone in the bath. Helena tells them to go and all servants go. Helena throws the vase and gets angry and screams. She goes in durdharas room. Helena asks durdhara angrily where is Chandra? Durdhara gets scared and says I don’t know and I thought

he was with you yesterday. Helena says no he wasn’t. Chandra comes. Durdhara says he is behind you. Helena goes and hits Chandra on his chest and says you cheated me. Chandra stops her and says what happened? Helena says you were with her. Durdhara says you cant hit him and he is our husband. Helena is angry so durdhara goes. Helena tells you were with nandini in the bath and that is why you spared her brothers life. Chandra says no stop, how can you think I even love her? And I went there in bath with her alone to insult her and torture her. Helena says oh I am sorry Chandra and please forgive me and I now know you don’t love nandini. Chandra says its okay and goes angrily. Helena says what did I do.
Helena goes in her room and looks at the towel on her bed and blushes and says but why am I jealous of nandini? And even if Chandra was with nandini why is it bothering me? Helena says maybe I like Chandra and am falling in love with him. Helena removes chandras portrait and is looking at it.
In durdharas room, Chandra is there and durdhara says you know today a woman was beating her husband and this should not happen right? Chandra says obviously not but who was it? durdhara says Helena was beating you and you just saw and did not do anything? Chandra says you are scared of Helena and even I am. Durdhara says I am not and if i could do anything then I would have scolded her and told her not to beat you. Chandra smiles and says then why didn’t you say? Durdhara says because I did not want to interfere between both of you. Chandra smiles and says oh but being my wife you should protect me. Durdhara says yeah but you know she is always so angry, durdhara says she is a greek and what does she eat because she stays so angry. Chandra says you know she eats liver of humans. Durdhara gets shocked and says what? Chandra says yes and many servants have gone missing and Helena kills them and eats their liver. Durdhara says what? Chandra laughs and says yes and speak silently otherwise who knows next number maybe yours. Durdhara says what and she eats human liver oh my god. Chandra laughs silently.
There Helena is bathing and servants are there. Chandra comes. Chandra then remembers Helena told him once that a husband should not be scared to see his wife any way. Chandra enters the bath. Helena tells servants to go. Chandra says you called me? Helena gets up and comes near Chandra and comes closer. Chandra is looking down and thinks what will she do now? Helena takes the towel from behind and gives it to Chandra and turns her back and tells wipe my back. Chandra says what does she want? Chandra silently calls a servant in signs, the servant wipes helenas back, Helena thinks it is Chandra. Chandra sends the servant back. Helena says you did it well. Chandra nods his head. Helena tells today I want you to come in my room and we will spend the night together. Chandra says okay and thinks now she is calling me in her room. Chandra says now can I go or any other work you have? Helena says you may go. Chandra goes. Helena says today I will make my place in chandras heart.
There at night nandini is in room and looking from the balcony and she suddenly see a birds nest falls down the tree. The bird is in it. nandini gets scared and sees a snake coming towards the bird. She wants to help the bird, nandini jumps from the balcony and falls on her knees and gets hurt. Chandra sees this and thinks does she want to meet any enemy of hers and make plans? I should go and see. Chandra goes and sees. Nandini picks the birds nest and throws the snake with a stick away. Chandra sees nandini and goes to her. He takes the nest and keeps it on the tree and sees the knees are bleeding. Chandra gives nandini a hand. Nandini does not take chandras hand and tries to get up but falls. Chandra holds her and picks her and says if someone is helping you, you should not deny their help and always stay in your attitude. Chandra takes nandini to her room. There Helena is waiting for Chandra and says why isn’t Chandra still here and if he comes he will be mesmerized with my beauty and Chandra will only be mine. Helena waits and says Chandra is still not here, Helenas greek servant says Chandra is still not here. Helena tells her to go and tells all servants to go. They go. Helena goes to find Chandra, she sees 2 servants and asks them did they see Chandra? The servants are scared and say they saw Chandra taking nandini in her room and she was in his arms. Servants go. Helena is angry and goes outside nandinis room. Inside the room, Chandra is making a medicinal paste, nandini says you always have a plan and you have kept my brother alive for some reason, Chandra says yes according to you I am allowing him to breathe for some plan so yes I am. Chandra takes a dagger and tears nandinis pant from the area where she is hurt. Nandini says what are you doing? Chandra puts the medicine and nandini screams in pain. Chandra says in the start you will feel pain but it will be better later. Nandini is screaming, Chandra shuts her mouth and tells her to shut up. Outside Helena thinks something else is happening and in anger she kicks a fire torch and goes in her room. Chandra puts the medicine and goes.

Precap: durdhara tells Chandra that yesterday night Helena threw everything in her room and broke all things in anger and she is so weird and angry always.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Amalina

    I’m starting to hate Helena! Who else also hates her? Who will Chandra officially as a husband be with and romance with Nandini or Durdhara???

    1. In history nandini wasn’t Chandra’s wife so i dnt hate Helena but nandini.

      1. Same here

  2. Good episode overall ……..Chandra and Nandini r developing good chemistry.
    But still I really hope they dont make Helena a totally negative character ……..Chandra and Helena had a good chemistry, and I really hope the makers don’t spoil that.
    Surely the Chandra-Durdhara and Chandra-Nandini scenes were overwhelming. 🙂 Hope Helena and Chandra share some romantic moments too in the coming episodes.

  3. you are right chandra nandini are developing a good chemistry. but I can’t understand why chandra is always tearing and undressing nandini’s clothes.

    1. because this is Ekta Kapoor’s serial….she can do miracles from greek princess speaking Urdu to chandra gupta’s imaginary wife…Nandini….:D

  4. Do these people only bathe the entire day. First he is bathing now she is bathing what the hell

  5. Love chandra-nandini,chandra-durdhara….

  6. Today’s episode was really good . But how can Chandra can hate and help nandini at the same time . But helena is waiting for Chandra love & affection, she is even Chandra’s wife . I like this current track. Soon nandini & Chandra should know good qualities of others. May be it takes more than 100 episode……………..

  7. indera sanichara

    Amalina Chandra will fall in love with Nandini they both look cute when they are angry together. Nice ephoside.

  8. Wonderful epi. Love chandra and nandini. I don’t like helena.

  9. Chandra n durdhara scenes too cutiee n funny, chandhni wer gud tdy..but wat abt yestrdy so many things hppnd btn dem,still dey wer normal,I think writers shldnt show such kind of things hereafter, hw cn a king behv so badly wit women wit his own wife.I felt it disgusting rather den romantic.. He cn giv her punishment but not molest her..I donno if ny 1 agree to me r not.I giv my opinion.. Whole cast is brilliant.. Writers need to think befr writng propr script…helena’s behavior as becm lik desperate women.. Why d hell dy hv to shw her lik dat..but tdy epi was nice..

  10. really loving Chandra Nandini scenes . they have good spark .loving their love hate relationship n helena character shld b toned down bit it looks OTT

  11. I also love it. Very nice episode. Wonderful episode.

  12. A great serial, Watching it on but found to read the whole episode, Love you.

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