Chandra Nandni 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaling : Nandini is pulled by maharaj,Nandini says maharaj how can you misbehave with a women,maharaj says I love you I will make you a queen here Chandrika,Nandini says I am married women leave me alone or I shall inform bade maharaj and leaves.

Chandra playing with bindusara,bindusara happy about the Payal sound,Chandra goes get it and remembers a moment ( Nandini says Chandra when you have gifted me payal put it on my feet,Chandra says I’m magad king what will people think if they see me,Nandini says ok and closes the door,now cmon do it,Chandra pulls Nandinis leg and she falls and slowly pulls her pants up,Nandini says Chandra don’t,dadi walks in and Nandini pushes him and Chandra says what happened let me,Nandini says no dadi,Chandra says why no,dadi knows about us,Nandini

says no ,dadi tell me why you were here,dadi says nothing this is more important and leaves,Nandini says Chandra now what dadi will think about me,Chandra says that you are so bossy,shall I and both laugh)

Bindusara takes the Payal from his hand and plays with it,Chandra puts it down and bindusara leans towards it. Nandini known as Chandrika in Kaling,teaching rajkumari sukanya and maharaj fantasies her,dasi says it’s her sword practise time,Sukanya starts practising,Nandini says guruji Sukanya has wrong grip of sword shall I and teaches her,maharaj claps and says wow Chandrika I like it,beauty with brains,Chandrika says come Sukanya practise,and leaves.

Dasi says Acharya Chandrika you are so good at it,Chandrika says I use to teach swords before,dasi says but only one princess is good at this as I heard and it’s magads princess Nandini ,Chandrika says yes I know but I had to learn it to save myself from devils and looks at maharaj,dasi says this devil yesterday proposed a dasi and its wedding in Kaling tomorrow and Holi celebration and Pooja at shiv temple,Dasi says I heard you have a baby ,chnadrika says it’s not,dasi says get him,for shiv Pooja.

Chandra getting ready,Helina says Chandra I,Greek mantri walks in and says our Greek treasurer is standing against us, we need to deal with him , Helina says he has to deal with whole magad in this case,Chandra starts laughing and says thank you mantri you may leave,Helina says how can you be so calm about It,Chandra says Helina you too are so good at it, look you have everything you always wanted,first me then mukhya rani and now what you want I’m your slave,Helina says no chandra. Dasi says Acharya is waiting for you maharaj,Chandra says shall I leave mukhya maharani.

In Sabha, Greek mantri says Kaling has invited you for a wedding and I think we should accept the invitation.Chandra says I can’t I have to leave for war,mantri says but Kaling is a strong nation and friend,y bond would be a good start. Chandra says send gifts but I can’t,Helina says ma what now Chandra will fail our plans,ma says patience,Chanakya says Chandra I think you should go for sake of magad, dadi says Chandra Kaling is known for shiv temple you should take bindusara with you he needs blessings too,with medication, mora says yes Chandra go with bindusara ,dadi says if his mother was here she would have taken him.helina says dadi I’m his mother too I shall take him and Chandra to Kaling,Chandra says ok if you all insist ,Helina and ma smile.

Gautami says how could maharaj do this,Nandini says bhabhi I wanted to take action but I had to hide my identity,Gautami says don’t loose hope we shall find a way and tomorrow it’s Holi do you remember magad Holi.

( in magad Gautami slowly approaching Nandini to apply colours,Nandini applies her and runs away and says only my pitahamaharaj can apply me colour first,padmanand walks in,Nandini takes his blessings and wishes him,padmanand hugs him and apply colours.)

Nandini says it was fun but Bhabhi,no relations are as their were in past,I don’t want to play Holi,Gautami says don’t say that may be you have a new path open tomorrow.

Chandra playing with bindusara and says let me tell you a story once a king married a princess who was his enemies daughter and Nandini telling same story to Gautamis son,Nandini says they hated each other ,Chandra says it slowly they fell in love,his Acharya said a king should never love,Nandini says that was the best time of their life,Chandra says they always stood for each other,but one day,Nandini says king asked queen to leave,Chandra said and he lost faith in love.

Pre cap Nandini says bhabhi Chandra and Acharya want to finish nand family and I can’t risk your baby.
Nandini covered in dupatta with baby,Helina unaware says Gautami your nandini killed Durdhara and who knows where she is now.
Nandini in rain and Chandra nearby.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. NABANITA626

    Today’s pages comment no is highest till now………atleast make it 200+

  2. Incidents in Kalinga will create more misunderstandings among Chandra and nanthini… I read it on a spoiler 🙁

    1. Tats why ….Helena going to create misunderstandings using bindusara….and Chandra going believe each and every word of Helena……why Chandra can’t trust nandini???? If he really loves her

  3. AnithaFrances

    Now a days I hate chandra nandni

  4. AnithaFrances

    Now a days I hate chandra nandni, slowly loosing interest

  5. chandra is a powerful emperor so he has no problem to lead a lonely life….but nandini is not strong like him. she is feeling insecure in many places. even she can not show her skill for safety . so i think she is so helpless.
    in this serial, chandra has treated as a ruler who has no control on his promise. becz he promise nandini , he will not the cause of her tears. but he forgot that.

  6. AnithaFrances

    Punishing innocent queen for years together is not a sign of good king. Loosing respect on chandragupta maurya. First let him find the culprit. I have not seen the trial to search the culprit. It is shameful thing in front of those foreign ladies

  7. Jayani

    Hello all,

    2day is my b’day nd I want all of ur blessings 2 make my day… Dis is my sincere request???…

    1. happy happy b’day jayani……

    2. ? hapie hapie bday??….ve a great yr ahead u jayani…stay blessed…keep smiling ?…

    3. Shwethaa

      hpy belated bday jayani….sorry now only saw..

    4. Jayani

      Thank u all for ur blessings… Can’t xpress my happiness at d moment!

  8. Eventhough Malathi accused Chandra thinking that it was Chandra who accused her and Nathini witnessing Chandra’s behaviour towards Malathi (when Chandra decided to find the Culprit by this plan of gettinf married to Malathi) Nanthini did not believe that Chandra would do such a thing. I still remember the episode where Nanthini tells Chandra, while Chandra was getting ready to the marriage with Malathi that she believes that her Chandra will not misbehave with any woman, she even fell on Chandra’s legs… If Nanthini could trust Chandra to this extend then why not Chandra?

    Chandra does not deserve Nanthini’s love.

    1. U r right u remember onething chandra told to nandini iam thankfull to u all my life(suported in case of finding mk) nandini replied trust never breaksdown
      chandra forgot all the things except durdharas deathday

    2. AnithaFrances

      Yes I agree with you vany

    3. Yes, I hope the future screenplay will not have such discrepancies unless the Director tries to weight and portray Nanthini’s love above Chandra’s love..

    4. u r right…nandini has the pure love…not chandra….

    5. I agree

  9. AnithaFrances

    Wish you Happy birthday jayani

    1. Jayani

      Thank u so much anitha di

  10. I think something is hidden bec they will not potrait the great king chandraguptamourya as brainless in big tradegy

  11. may be ….. shree

  12. The writer is doing much tragedy in this serial….Nandini is playing her role very perfectly….but she is my most favorite actress…when i see pain in her eyes, a lot of shame create into mind for CGM. If he is the great king in history , he should not react in such way…for this reason , CGM is loosing his weight……creating more respect for nandini’s love……Hope she will achieve her destination and gain everything by her holly love.

  13. Hey jayani happy belated birthday.Actually i was quite busy ysterday so i didnt see this page.m sorry.

    1. Jayani

      Thank u sooo much di?

  14. Chandra Nandini latest news: Chandra (Rajat Tokas) furious knowing that King of Kalinga has bad intentions for his wife Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad)Star Plus’ show Chandra Nandini has now started off a new track with Nandini leading a new life as Chandrika in Kalinga. After being removed from the palace by Chandra, Nandini moves to Kalinga and lives with her sister in law in a small hut.Nandini leads the life of a commoner as she teaches the local kids and also takes care of her nephew. Apart from this Nandini also visits the palace of the King of Kalinga to tutor his daughter. However, another twist takes place as the King of Kalinga turns out to be a lecherous man who has bad intentions towards Nandini. The King of Kalinga misbehaves with Nandini and wants to come closer to her. Nandini asks The King to stay away but hetells her that he loves her and tries to touch her forcefully.Later, The King observes Nandini teaching sword fighting to the princess and he thinks that that Nandini has both beauty and bravery. Nandini knows that if she reveals her true identity to the King then he will back off but she cannot do so as she has to lead a life of a commoner after being thrown out of Chandra’s palace. Theother maids of the palace also ask Nandinito beware of the King as he is known to flirt with beautiful woman around.Nandiuni’s sister in law too does not like Nandini working in the palace as she knows the King’s ill intentions. However, the upcoming twist will take place as Chandra will land up in Kalinga and very soon, he will come to know about The Kingof Kalinga’s ill intentions towards Nandini. Let’s wait and see how Chandra deals withthe King of Kalinga knowing about his reality.I copied it frm a spoiler.

    1. Jayani

      Thnx for d updates di

  15. Chandra and Nandini had parted their way amid misunderstanding, Chandra misunderstands that Nandini is responsible for Durdhara’s death.

    Chandra and Nandini’s this separation is enjoyed by Helena yet doesn’t get position of Chandra’s wife in his life.

    Chandra doesn’t support Helena in any way and just continuing relationship for name sake, Chandra thus goes to Kalinga for business relationship.

    Nandini hides from Chandra

    Nandini was also living with her son in Kalinga, Chandra also comes to Kalinga seems as if destiny is planning to bring them closer.

    Nandini tries to hide away from Chandra as she don’t want Chandra to find about her child nor Chandra will snatch him away.
    I copied it from latestgossipwu…
    Which one is true???

    1. Jayani

      Akka, I guess jo yasmin di ne bheja wahi sahi hai kunki in monday’s epi or sum other day’s epi in d week, gautami says dat nandu tuk care of her (gautami’s) child as her own child

      1. I don’t understand Hindi…i knw English n Tamil…so can u explain it???

  16. Shwethaa

    yasmin di and jayani di read my FF n dont forget to comment

    1. Jayani

      S akka… Naan weekendla dhaan comment panna mudium ena too busy wid studies dese day?

  17. Ur welcome jayani.

  18. Kick off ur critics, Ekta di….ignore the few useless publics ?

    Nicely re-written and showing the history…….?????

    Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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