Chandra Nandni 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: bheemdev and Mohini to stay in Magad with Royal family

Chandra Nandni 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra says to Panditji don’t you lie,Panditji says why will I lie,she is bheemdevs wife Savitri,nearby people also say that she is Savitri,baba walks in and says they aren’t lying,Nandini rushes to him and hugs him,and says tell me the truth who am I,Prabha,Nandini or Savitri,baby says I told you, you aren’t Nandini,Nandini says then why did I dream about Magad,baba says I dont know about all this but he is your husband,Chandra says where were you so many days,baba says because I was scared for her life but then I realised his changed nature and then informed about Savitri and she isn’t Nandini because she is dead,Chandra says how dare you.

Bheemdev says I also have proofs which are personal tries which only a husband can have,and would like to share with you in

private,all leave,except Chandra and Nandini.

Helina says Bindusara I didn’t want to include you but Elis also tired to commit suicide,she couldn’t handle the pain and so she took the step,Bindusara says did you knew this before wedding,Helina says yes I did and I also spoke to Kartikeya and he made me believe that there’s nothing between him and dharma,and Bindusara dharma is destroying your and Elis life,but now look.Elis says yes even I knew it but still I married because I thought our love will cure everything and now when dhrama will be free Kartikeya wants to cancel our wedding too for dharma but bhaiya I cant live without Kartikeya I shall kill myself for Kartikeya.bindusara says you won’t have to do this and leaves in anger.

Helina starts laughing and says well done Elis you pulled out a very good act,Elis says this wasn’t a act I will kill myself,if I don’t get Kartikeya,Helina says I did this, I made them see each other so that Bindusara will learn this truth and will trouble dharma a lot now and Kartikeya will be now all yours, go to your husband now,dear.

Bheemdev says maharaj, Savitri loves to eat tamarinds,she loves rains,mangoes,books and also she has a beauty spot on her back,Chandra hits him and says how dare you I will kill you,Chanakya runs in and says calm down maharaj and says Mohini and bheemdev you need to be in Magad Sabha we shall look over this matter in sabha and leaves with Chandra and Nandini.

Bindusara walks to dharma,and pulls her and take she’s away,dharma says what are you doing leave me,Bindusara pushes her in room and closes the door,and says you married me but I was quite because you stepped in to save my families pride and I thought you are a nice girl but I made a mistake to recognise you but you,you are a two faced girl,shame on you,dharma says what are you saying,Bindusara says don’t fake this innocence, I saw you meet your lover,who is my sisters husband, you are trying to destroy my sisters life,dharma says you are mistaken, Bindusara says please listen,free me and I will go away far away,Bindusara says after seeing all that,no way,so that you can get back to Kartikeya, I will make hell out of your life and tears the bond papers and says your life will be worst then hell, these tears are just mine.

Nandini cleans Chandra wound,Nandini in tears, and says tomorrow show to doctor,Chandra says why are you acting so weird,and like strangers,I’m your Chandra Nandini says this is not correct,Chandra says what wrong am I doing,all this is for you me and us,Nandini says I found my identity but look within seconds all went away,why are you doing this,it’s not me in your us.

Chandra says stop crying Nandini look into me,if you trust me,look into my eyes and you will find your answer that you are my Nandini,Nandini says there’s a storm inside me,dasi informs that Chanakya is waiting for Chandra,Chandra says don’t question your identity and leaves,Nandini breaks down.

Mohini and bheemdev walk to Magads real king and greet him,bheemdev says I did as you said but I don’t think they trusted us. Chandra says acharya they are lying,Chanakya says I know but we need to find the reason behind it,this was done in history too,to dethrone the king. Magad real king says they shouldn’t find about me,Mohini says no sir,and they have Calle dus tomorrow,he says okay be alert. Chanakya says they are just a way to reach us,Mohini and bheemdev are used and we need to find the main person behind this.

Magad real king says I have only one mission it’s to destroy Chandragupta and will go to any extend for it and Nandini and Chandra separation is the first step.chandra says I won’t let my Nandini go away from,Chanakya says do as I say and all will be under control. In Sabha,Chanakya says the reason for late night Sabha is because bheemdev claims that Nandini is Savitri and till we have proofs,bheemdev and Mohini will stay in mahal and Nandini will be accommodated to her room and won’t stay neither with Chandra nor with bheemdev,Nandini in tears,Helina Happy,Chanakya says if this is find to be plot,you two will be punished.

Nandini gathering her belongings and remembers every moment spent with Chandra,and is in tears,Chandra walks in and wipes her tears,Nandini says this decision is very correct,I’m myself in confusion,and you don’t need to give explanation and I’m not angry,Chandra says enough you talk so much,now listen to me,in Sabha the decision didn’t mean that I don’t trust that you are my Nandini,it’s just too find what is his motto behind this plot,we are royal family and so always have to face such plots and so don’t get affected we have to stay strong and I cant loose you,and this was an act so that we can solve this problem and you can stay with me,forever and I cant loose you,you are my Nandini,come let me escort you to your room which is beside mine.

Pre cap : Mohini says Gurudev taught I have arranged for pranlartishta.
Nandini says maharaj you shouldn’t have come to my room,chandra says why Savitri,Nandini gets scared. Chandra Mayer says poor Nandini got scared seeing Chandras this face.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Conspiracy to separate CN is reaching step by step, but Acharya is doing all efforts to solve the issue.

  2. Ekta kapoor showing Chandra nandni story like jodha akbar

  3. Jayani


    Chandra Nandini latest news: Chandra (Rajat Tokas) take Chanakya help to save his and Nandini’s (Shweta Basu Prasad) relationship
    The upcoming twist of Star Plus’s show Chandra Nandini will show that Chandra will realize that he has an unknown enemy and will be determined to track him down. A big drama unfolds in Chandra and Nandini’s life as a man named Bheemdev enters the Magadh palace and creates a ruckus.

    Bheemdev claims that Nandini is actually his wife Savitri and wants to take her back. Chandra asks Bheemdev to show some proof and Bheemdev shows him a sketch of himself and Nandini. However, Chandra tells him that this proof is not enough and therefore the man asks him to come along to his village where he has more proof. On the other hand, Nandini feels completely shattered as she cannot remember Bheemdev and cannot recall anything about her past. Nandini break down as she realizes that she may get separated from Chandra once again whom she loves so much.

    Chandra and Nandini go to Bheemdev’s house and are greeted by Bheemdev’s first wife Mohini. Mohini calls Nandini as Savitri and tells her that they never got along and therefore Savitri left the house. Moreover, a priest comes there and says that he has got Bheemdev and Savitri married. Chandra and Nandini’s world shatters but Chanakya is the only one who realizes that there is some conspiracy behind all this. Chanakya tells Chandra that someone is trying to create trouble between him and Nandini and they have to find the person.

    Will Chandra be able to hunt down the mastermind behind this drama and save his and Nandini’s relationship? Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and spoilers on Chandra Nandini.

  4. Ayyo….too bad…I didn’t expect this ? how can we accept negative chandra ? I hope nandini should overcome this problem…already she has more confusion in her identity…they introduced new villan but still Helena enjoying her luxury life…evil winning show …I wish nandini and darma both collect proofs against Helena…then Helena and apama to be punished…when will it happen ? Guys any prediction ?

    1. Mona146

      kehte hain log apni beti ki sasural mein ppani tak nahi pite lekin ye apama bec of ekta kapoor dera jamah ke baiti hai yahan.

  5. story line similar to jodha akbar

  6. Gpk484

    *Mohini says Gurudev taught I have arranged for pranlartishta.
    Nandini says maharaj you shouldn’t have come to my room,chandra says why Savitri,Nandini gets scared. Chandra Mayer says poor Nandini got scared seeing Chandras this face*

    Ok this is the precap right ?
    Now can someone tell me what is *pranlartishta*
    And what the heck has happened to Chandra ?
    I was actually happy that Chandra gave Nandini courage & hope & told that she is his Nandini

    But now in the precap everything is a great crap mess !
    I can’t even predict what is gonna happen on Monday !
    What is Chandra doing ?
    He is going to Nandini’s room and calling her Savitri ! How strange & weird it is !
    And also the biggest question for me is that
    In this website in precap
    The last line is stated as
    *Chandra Mayer says poor Nandini got scared seeing Chandras this face*
    Who the hell is Chandra Mayer ?
    His name is Chandragupta Maurya right ?
    Then why it is stated like that ?
    Or maybe is it the name of the black clothed man ?
    Mmm extremely weird things I saw in today’s precap
    Actually made me self talking about what’ll happen next !
    Phewwwww…. I’m in a great stress…
    Why is Chandra’s behaviour so much weird and strange ?
    So many questions are yet to be resolved
    ( answered ) by the makers but they’re still making more and more questions to be answered again and again !
    How can they end this show in a short while….. Itself when there are so many questions to be answered and
    Also that Black clothed man is some sort of black magic man !
    It seems they made Chandra into something very weird behavior man !
    Or it could be that they are controlling Chandra like a puppet !
    Or it can also be like this
    that Black clothed man is transferred into Chandra’s body
    And Chandra into that man’s body !

    Mmm there are many predictions with me for Monday episode !
    I can’t see Nandini again facing problems she had already been in a hell of crap …
    She should be happy
    Writers please viewers can’t bare / tolerate this torture to Chandra Nandini…
    Come on ! I’m pretty much confused about Chandra’s state here
    he’s been changed by those pyschos into some weird behavior can’t see him like this!
    The main question is that why in this website it’s stated as *Chandra Mayer*
    Who is he ? Why it’s been spelled like this
    Is there any mistake ?
    Or is it the name of that Black clothed man ! ?
    Mmm very strange and frustrating precap !
    Oh man ! I can’t even sleep well now !
    I thought Nandini has been given advise and courage by Chandra ! I was very happy with this !
    But suddenly Chandra himself got into something weird behavior person !
    I think black magic spells !
    Oh my God Makers are making this too too too more fictional I think so !
    Oh come atleast the show should be realistic ! I thought Apama’s drugs is the greatest weapon in this serial but now
    It’s beyond imagination! Dark magic tricks on Chandra to make CN separate ?
    Oh God damn it
    Please makers ,
    Today I was in a state that I would have literally thrown my TV down
    That much confusion and anger !
    Writers please please please use your blo*dy brain
    Idiotic writers again made me sleepless ! ??????

    I hope Chanakya resolves each and everything in this show !
    My only hope is Chanakya
    Because Chandra himself is in trouble !
    And Nandini should also use her brain to
    Think that Chandra’s behaviour is not this
    And try to make him normal again !
    I hope CN never separate
    Love each other forever !
    Guys sorry for the long comment !
    I’m in a frustration that Chandra must get alright and Nandini should be with Chandra with her memory back ! And loves him ( Chandra ) more and more living happily lovingly forever….♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    1. Gpk484

      Oh I also left this thing

      The most shocking and frustrating thing is that
      How that bheemdev psycho knows about Nandini’s back beauty spot ?
      And when he told that I was shock and got extremely frustrated !
      Then think of Chandra,how he would have been frustrated at that time …he gave nice beatings to that pyscho whick is mind-blowing… Well we all know that Chanakya stopped that …..
      Well you know guys that bheemdev psycho will somehow get that same or even worse beatings later when they found out that they lied and when Nandini regains her memory !

      Hope CN live long happily forever loving each other forever ♥️♥️♥️

  7. why can’t Chanakya keep spy on those two who have entered the Mahal, so now the track is moving like loboni where black magical was used in the precap it’s seems like a Chandra’s look alike that might be that psycho bheemdav he wants to create misunderstanding between Chandra and nandini, by spoiling his name or wants to show that psycho is a loving husband and Chandra is doubting her character so that’s what they are trying to do
    So now Helena is passing her family work to her daughter act, plotting etc and she is appreciating her daughter well what can I say as usual only one thing I can say is
    Elis and Helena we want more emotionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn later she will regret for this what a dumb deo
    I really felt very sad for nandini she is in a situation like who is she what her actual identity and Chandra not less even he is suffering but did not belive that psycho and the way he banged him wow Chandra now that’s what we say bang on it would have been better if you would have beheaded him front of nandini how dare he
    So that fake king’s motive is to dethrone Chandra so the first step is to separate Chandra and nandini you idiot if you want to take revenge why can’t you separate Helena for him because she is mukhya maharani in magadh stupid

    1. Gpk484

      Nandini should not misunderstand Chandra at this time only she should use her brain wisely and think that this is not Chandra’s behaviour and should resolve the problem with Chanakya….?

    2. Shalini, I don’t why they have ask the two villians to stay in Mahal. When evil villians n the greek gangs does something, they are not caught but if it is Nandini, there is always a spy.

  8. I feel very sad for chandra he and archarya acting with prudence but why Nandini is with always cry face. She should be bold enough and should support chandra in his plan to find the plot around.

  9. That man may be nandini’ s brother ‘s son who she looked after during his childhood..

  10. I hate yesterday episode,never ending problems for CN, I don’t why they only picked Nandini instead of Mukya Maharani Helena holding a higher post.
    Chandra is so scared of Nandini leaving n distance herself from him,she is so confused. Villian, makeRS n othes are just happy to separate CN except the viewers.
    Helena,Greek Gang n newly joined Villian are plotting n it is no end.
    That guy Sonanda has spread all over his body with ash,look so filthy n he is doing Black magic. I think he is trying to sent that powers to Chandra to create more problem to Chandra n Nandini
    Precap ridiculous. Waiting for the makers to end this serial. Story getting out of way

  11. Gpk484,I think maybe Goutam, Nandini sister in law or when they found Nandini floating,maybe the lady Mohni or other ladies whold have revealed this beauty spot n other stuff to the Villian or fake husband

    1. Gpk484

      Stories out of the way makers or not at all using their brain ! Feeling very sorry for Chandra and Nandini hope they ended well uniting Chandra Nandini forever ♥️

      1. They won’t unite , already announced there is sad ending ..They will get seperated and Chandra will become a monk

  12. I think the black clothed man is Nandhini’s brother son, the last generation of nand family. But what this promo about black magic. It is so weird. Why bindusara is so dumb about not hearing other side reason.

  13. Makers finally corrupted Chandra’s mind. Tat lady wat she s dng?. She arranged something weird in mahal itself. No one noticed tat?. Y Chandra s behaving lik a changed man?. His brain may he corrupted by tat lady. I think so. Bindu started torturing dharma. She have to prove who sent those letters and y she got forcefully married to bindu. She needs to xpalin dis to bindu. Or straight away to chanakya. He ll help her definitely. If dharma goes to chanakya definitely bindu comes to knw abt tat. Then he too ll seek chanakya help for searching letters written by his mother dd. Let’s see wat ll hppn in next week.

  14. Tat man with black dress s gautami and dhananad son sonanand, who s raised by nandni in kalinga.

    1. Yes, he’s gautamis son . He’s trying to reclaim magads throne.

  15. In the precap, it’s either chandra is under the influence of black magic or he’s acting because chanakya and himself planned something.Mohini looks like a belly dancer. Now that apama is no more in the Mahal, we have another female villain.

    1. Gpk484

      I think definitely its not acting because in the precap on the 3rd clip Chandra want speak like that alone see that really it was stated has Chandra Mayer…. I don’t know what’s that name for so let’s see…

  16. Nandini promised bindusar that she will find proof that she didn’t kill durdhara. Bindusar and dharmas romance hasn’t started.There are so many unanswered questions. Besides, now they’re showing new villains. I don’t think this serial is going to end really soon.I don’t see any promos of a new serial either.Theres a campaign going on in social media not to end CN.Lets wait and watch.

    1. @ roopa very true that there are so many problems to be solved but if the writers are going to prolong negative means for that they can better end the show.
      Hope they should have happy ending

      1. Gpk484


    2. Gpk484

      It’s a bit confusing that this serial is going to end soon I don’t know that for sure but I think so they can’t end this show really soon because there are so many unanswered questions has you already told so let’s wait and see I hope that’s a happy ending….

      1. We are all hoping for a happy ending.

  17. CN will air it’s last episode in November.The show will lead to the separation of our cute couple Chandragupta And Nandni.I am really sad and I assure you all that this is official news.For more info you can see in Bombay times newspaper of today

    1. Gpk484

      Hey Vicky, see they won’t separate
      Because the article in Bombay times said that *as per a website information*
      So it’s not yet been officially confirmed that they’ll separate … !
      So I hope Chandra Nandini will have a happy ending …..

      See for yourself !

      Chandra Nandini’ to go off air in November
      Tanvi Trivedi | TNN |
      Oct 7, 2017, 01.00 AM IST

      The curtains will finally go down on the historical drama, ‘Chandra Nandini’. As per a report on a website, the love story of Chandra and Nandini will end with the separation of the couple. According to historical data, Chandra and Nandini never had a love story, but the makers deviated the track mildly. And now, the show will end in November. Chandra Nandini is a 2016 Indian Hindi-language drama television series which started airing on Star Plus on 10 October 2016 at 20:30. It is produced by Ekta Kapoor under her banner Balaji Telefilms and is directed by Ranjan Kumar Singh. Starring Rajat Tokas as Chandragupta Maurya and Shweta Basu Prasad as Nandni, the story-line is loosely based on the life of Chandragupta Maurya.
      A new show, ‘Ikyawann’, featuring Namish Taneja and Prachi Tehlan will replace ‘Chandra Nandini’.

      See in the above article it’s been stated as
      *As per a report on a website, the love story of Chandra and Nandini will end with the separation of the couple*

      See, as per a report on some f***king website !
      So don’t misjudge the climax ( ending ) ….
      We’ll surely see Chandra and Nandini together !
      It’s not confirmed
      So only rumors !
      Be confident ! Happy ending only !
      Because it’s one year of journey
      How could they possibly end it with a negative ending ?

      So my conclusion is that they want separate and a Happy Ending is expected from all the fans viewers and even you and me…..
      Peace ! ✌️
      Ending Chandra Nandini uniting forever ! ♥️♥️♥️

      1. I also hope like you.Happy ending should be done

      2. Yes, even last time there were rumours that it would end in September and that did not happen. They even predicted it would end after the leaps with bindusar becoming yuvraj.Never did they predict dharma and bindusars story.

  18. I hope ,wish & pray CN won’t go off air in november . Nothing happens in cn love story I want to see chandini unit and happy. Love confession (in wake up time) second SR & Nandhini baby aft all of thèse want chandini die together and unit in paradis

  19. After reading all your comments I am scared, and I am scraching my head after that precap why Chandra’s behavior is different is he under blackmagic spell or is he acting by Chanakya’s plan.
    There are so many things to be solved and now only bindusar and dhrama married still their love story has to start
    And one more thing Chandra nandini show on online is number 1 in UK, then why the show has to go off air
    The way I am scraching my head my mom is looking at weirdly she might be thinking why I am behaving like that any ways back to comment
    The way that lady arranged some blackmagic thing might be like I have commented in my previously so is Chandra under the spill or acting, will nandini see Chandra in a d bad way like they might make him to doubt her character so that she can hate him and leave him this might be there plan if it’s not then what will happen
    What is Chanakya’s plan will he succeed in catching that black sheep
    And if at all the Greeks get to know about this act by those two people they will help them because that’s what that devil wants to separate nandini from Chandra this is happening because of that witch Helena and now she is teaching her daughter without any shame she is say that even she has done it before shameless jackass
    Note:some one in magadh please pasal this lady back to her Greek land, I would recommend dtdc courier we are fed up of her nonsense because of her character
    only the show is suffering and in this state

  20. Hello freinds, i enjoyed reading everyone comments in this chat group. Nice analysed comment. Been so busy for Deepavali preparations.

    1. Jayani

      Ur jus’ busy in diwali preperations akka, but for me both semester xamz nd diwali

  21. That man who entered magad may be Nandhini’s sister’s (Roopa) husband. That is why all say that this is Savithri(Roopa’s another name). I guess these all are Sunanda’s move and Apama may include in this. Thru Sunanda that man exactly telling the identifications and favourites of
    Nandhini. That real magad king may be Roopa’s son.

  22. I guess that man who entered in magad may be Nandhini’s looks alike, passed away sister Roopa’s husband.That is why all are saying Nadhini as Savithri(which may be another name of Roopa). These all are may be Sunanda’s move and Apama also may help her. I think thru Sunanda that man exactly telling about the identifications and favorites of Nandhini. That real magad’s king may be Roopa’s son.

  23. What is the meaning of pranlartishta???
    What happened to Chandra calling Nandini as SAVITRI????? YOU ???

    1. Jayani

      Idk abt d meaning of d word but I guess by witchcraft, mohini is hypnotizing ? so dat she’ll believe dat she is Savi3 nd nt nandini

  24. Might be even apama involved in this but will they succeed in this attempt already nandini was away from Chandra for 10 years, then they could have killed her why they kept nandini alive for so long are the plotters idiots or we viewers

  25. I have previously commented that apama might be involved as she is missing she might be planning or plotting to separate them, my question is after Helena had what she wanted from Chandra and satisfied then why again she is back of nandini,Helena has not one two children from Chandra why can’t nandini lead her life fare enough right if you have first wife rights then who is she even nandini was married as per rituals not brought like a slave right if you say he is only mine what others should poke there own eyes
    It’s right time nandini should at least lead a peaceful life with him after all she is his LOVE , WIFE and SOUL MATE why I am highlighting in caps is because she won Chandra’s heart by love by being true to him loving him and not showing fake concerns to his loved ones like Helena
    Are the vilanes stupid or the viewers who are watching
    Helena is pretending to be like as if she doesn’t no how to say the word plotting and very caring mother bullshit in the name of mother she is a maggot worm

  26. ROOPA died and how she can have son or husband. There was nothing like that was indicated in the past in the story. Sunanda’s revenge was against padmanand and that was ended abruptly due to his death. Just because chandra got lot of scope for acting I don’t want him to become circum to black magic and frighten Nandini. I hope it should be done acting on advise of Archarya.

  27. Hi friends. Nice to read all your comments. Miss you all…

    Since they announced the show going to end, i just going to enjoy every scenes of chandra’s acting. No point getting angry or frustrated. Wasting our energy telling all these to the writters or producers.

    It’s good also for Rajat and Shweta the show end. So that they get o better opportunity to show their talent.

    They unite or separate their acting is simply superb. So, lets enjoy it…

    1. Jayani

      I agree wid u sumy akka

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