Chandra Nandni 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Acharya says guard present in Sabha what you found near dasi,pandugan had put a small bottle in her hand,guard shows it to Chanakya,Chanakya smells it and says it’s same poison that was found near the clothes,Chandra says this means pandugan isn’t lying he did this to protect bindusara,Chanakya says but he is mentally unstable how can he do this,Chandra says he is bindusaras uncle,pandugan I’m proud of you,you protected your nephew today.

Nandini says bhaiya you are so brave,pandugan says but that dasi she is dead now Nandini,Nandini say son no don’t be scared she is fine but look you saved your nephew I’m so happy,pandugan says you are proud of me,Nandini says bhaiya I’m so happy and hugs him,pandugan gives wicked smile and thinks today this bindusara was

saved again I’m so angry. Chandra says acharya today pandugan has saved Magad Yuvraj and in return I want to propose to forgive him as a word of thankfulness,and release him of the punishment,Chanakya says that’s not possible he is padmanand son and so he won’t be forgiven ,Chandra says but he,Chanakya says I know but let me remind you I’m treating him and once he gets better I will punish him and leaves.

Helina says where is this monkey man,how long I have to wait for him,because once i find him Chandra will let Nandini marry him and I will be in Chandras heart and rule Magad too,clovie says maharani come to kitchen.helina says look I don’t like cooking.clovie says no look there is the monkey man,Helina sees him hiding behind a pot and says you are here come with me.

Chandra with his friends,friends says clovie can never get monkey man,heLina walks in and says look who I got,clovie walks in with monkey man,Madhav says Gopal how did Helina found him,Helina says Chandra this is Nandinis you know,Chandra says so this is him,Helina says go talk to him,Chandra says sure I will and walks to that guard and asks what’s your name,he says monkey.chandra asks do you like any queen,he keeps quite,Helina says why are you quite,maharaj will help you cmon speak up,Chandra wispers speak up as I had told you and says see don’t be scared tell me the truth why are you quite,monkey man says yes,Chandra says is her name Nandini,monkey says yes.

Gopal says Madhav because of us Chandra is in this situation and we know he will never change rule we put him under big problem, Helina says Chandra so will you change the rule,Chandra says sure I will,Helina says wow I’m so happy for my sister Nandini,I can’t explain you,my sister will remarry and will be happy again,I’m so happy now change rule quickly and leaves.

Chandra says see dasi bindusara is standing holding cradle wow,Nandini sees Chandra upset and asks dasi to leave and asks what’s wrong,anything in Magad,Chandra nods yes,Nandini says I have a happy news,Chandra says but we haven’t,Nandini says Chandra,I meant bindusara ,today he tried standing holding the cradle and soon he will run to you calling for you in Sabha,Chandra says good,Nandini says aren’t you happy,Chandra says yes I am but theres a big problem.

Helina says now ma ,Chandra will change the rule,Nandini will get married and go away from mahal,Apma says Chandra traps you always you are so innocent,what you think Chandra will change rule,there’s something behind it,Helina says no ma Chandra promised me in front of everyone and Chandra never denies,and this time only Nandini will leave.

Nandini says Chandra how can you do this,and this was your idea right ,I had warned you but you,and now if anyone asks me about the monkey man I will tell it was none other than great Chandragupta mourya,Chandra says Nandini please don’t do this,Nandini says deal with it alone, me and my son need rest now. Chandra thinks now I have to change rule as promised.

In Sabha,Chanakya asks why is this Sabha,what’s the matter,Chandra says I want to modify a rule,Helina thinks I knew Chandra won’t blackout and Nandini will be out of mahal,Chanakya asks what rule,Chandra says injustice towards women,a women due to society has to be bided by her husband even when she isn’t happy with him and now if she loves someone else ,she can marry that person and divorce her first husband,Chanakya says but this is against our principles,Chandra says our principles also says If a women is unhappy it’s as equal as upsetting goddess and so if a women is unhappy in her relation,her husband won’t force her to bide by their relation,she can separate,but before separating they have to be together for six month,just to give their relation a chance.helina says but Chandra,Chandra says this is final and leaves.

Nandini thinks this Chandra always surprises me,Helina walks to Nandini and says see my sister I worked so much for you but Chandra made a little change , now just 6 months more don’t be sad , okay do one think go to Chandra with me right now and tell him you can’t bare him for 6 more months come,now see he is in the room,I’m waiting out here,go go,Nandini walks in.

Chandra says good you come,Nandini says don’t Helina is listening she is hiding,and shouts look I don’t accept your rule,Chandra says I didn’t get you ,Nandini says six months,I can’t see you even a minute,I’m leaving right away,Chandra says see Nandini this is a kings decision and you can’t go against it,six months you have to stay with me under one roof and then go wherevery you want to go,Nandini says okay and leaves.

Helina says oh poor girl don’t be sad I know what you must be feeling but it’s just a matter of six months and then you can marry your love.

Pre cap : dadi says mora,Chanda made this new rule so that he can be with Nandini all the time. Chandra and Nandini lost in each other in their room. Apma says Nandini and Chandra can’t be together under one roof. Nandini says Malti I’m scared of losing it all again.s

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. अरुण

    Entertaining episode. Plan of Helena failed rather she gave chance CN to become more close. Apama may help Helena to separate CN once again.

  2. Aaaahhh!!!! Very good episode. Now its turning more engrossing. Well; I commented for the first time.

  3. How cgm can accept à guard loves his wife but his plan fools all in saaba. Poor she afraid to lost everything again I understand her fears wait and see what chandra will do

  4. Savithri V Ramani

    My nice this episode helps Chandra and nandini to have good understanding once again but what pandugan and Apma will do not one knowd

  5. Behi

    Nice ep ? I think chandra wants to take away helena, he has a plan, 2 birds with one stone
    Good job great samrat

    1. Same !!!!

  6. Awesome episode !!! Waiting for C and N love confession to each other !!!

  7. Tables turned on vicious stupid and disgusting HELENA by SAMRAT RAJAT TOKAS/ CHANDRA GUPTA MOURYA. RAJAT TOKAS ROCKS as CGM. CN needs more attention to scale HEIGHTS OF SUCCESS

  8. Please don’t separate CN.. show any other track but Chandra and nandini should be together. Jodha akbar movie jesa dikha do how nandini help Chandra to take good decisions for his nation or same track like Chandra helped nandini in her study. He can change some rules for her. But CN should be together.
    I know u always listen your fans. One more favor.
    Abhi to CN ka hak wala romance hi ni hua. Either Chandra falls on nandini or she falls on him.
    And v got fed up with this apama. Koi naya villain lao.
    Helena I can tolerate cuz nowsaday she acts as comedian.
    How many guys are agree with me so that makers will know what we want.

    1. Ritzi, I will agree with yr comment. Enough is enough no more separating Chandra n Nandini.

    2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      New villain already came pandugrath!! I am really worried about what he can do in future.

  9. Wonder what’s apamas latest plan to separate chandra nandini?

  10. Is Apama trying to separate chandra nandini again?

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      What else Apama can do???? Her only motive to harm nandini!! But then the situation was different but now I believe that no one can separate chandu and nandu. The chandra is totally changed person now. As chanayka and chandu both warned apama then if apama trying to harm nandini she dig her own grave.

      1. Satya, I agree with you completely !!!!!

      2. rt satya no one can separate c&n but my fear s if t create any rift btw cn &chanku r nandu &chanku

  11. Overall average episode. I think Chanakya will suspect Pandu, he is mentally unstable but he killed the dasi, there will be a question mark on Chanakya thoughts.
    Chandra has given 6 months, both CN need to buckle up, waiting for yr romantic scene, we all are waiting for one year.
    Without Apama, Helena will be easily fooled, anyway both evil cats are plotting, hoping Chandra is smart enough to catch this two ladies.
    I was always thinking when is Bindu going to walk, so he or she is trying
    Overall yesterday episode, was not that interesting. Tired of Helena n the gang

  12. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    The episode was very entertaining!! And the way chandra managed the matter of monkey man and start a new rule of newly wed husband and wife is awesome!! It looked like chandra formed “Divorce”. We know in modern day also court asked couples to give a chance and gave some time before their separation.

    1. Wonder if the real cgm formed divorce?

  13. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    I am expecting another marriage of Chandra nandini but the serial got a new twist!!! But I am happy that at least for 6 months now chandra nandini will together, one thing is chandra nandini now also living in same room chandra in monkey get up but now after the announcement of new rule chandra not need to become monkey he and nandu officially can live together. Well done chandra!!!,????

    1. I was expecting another marriage also but now they can honeymoon for 6 months.Hopefully, no more separation.

  14. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    At least today We show some quality of great samrat chandragupta maurya. Maybe the new rule he started so that he can live with nandu but when chanayka asked about the rule then the way he gave the logic and his care for women is great to watch.

  15. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    There was so much up down in chandra nandini

  16. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    There was so much ups and downs in chandra nandini’ s relation that sometimes I forget about that they married for only 1 year, they also are newly wed couple. So now they get a chance for romance for 6 months, and as in precap they started also they are in so hurry!!!now nandini Cannot resist to show her love in front of chandra.

  17. hai friends due to poor net connection i cannot comment these days ,even i didnt see last 4 episodes nly readig update, i hope u all enjoyg c&n…..iam going to miss tmrs c&n romance ……..while readg itself iam so track s going vry interesting…hate to see apu……

    1. Welcome back, saree.

      1. It’s shree, my tab spelled it as saree.Sorry!

      2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        U gave nice name to shree as “saree”. It is very innovative and sweet.,???

  18. The episode shows cgm is asking his guard to say yes.Which king will do this and what
    other people will think of .Nandhini’s image is spoiled by cgm.How many times
    CN separation has to be shown.Instead this serial should be shown as CN love
    bond is strong and how Nandhini is helping Chandra to make Mahat as a greatest kingdom

  19. “Ab to do mali aur ek ful ban gaya Ekta ji”……….now H as well as N also want C, bcoz N now accepted C as her husband again by her heart as d precap said, “Nandini says Malti I’m scared of losing it all again”………..altogather a gud epi………

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Nandini always love chandra but the pain she got from chandra she lost trust in love but now chandra again succeed to win nandini’s trust, but I also can feel nandini’s fear,bcoz she know if she and chandra will live in same room then she Can’t resist her feelings for chandra. but this time I believe nothing will happen wrong.

      1. I agree !!!!

  20. Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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