Chandra Nandni 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini says where are you pitahamaharaj I miss you, I wished you were with me at takshila you could see me earn certificate,maliektu walks in,Nandini says I can’t believe you are still here, maliketu says you still trust that Chandra, Nandini says he is my husbands stay away from us, maliektu says how can you let revenge fire slow down, have you fallen in love with him,I can see it in you,Nandini says I hate him that’s it,maliektu says your eyes your face tells every thing,I had seen these on helina face when she loved me,now I can see this on you for Chandra and even helina loves only Chandra and that Chandra snatched you two away from me and so I will destroy him.

Nandini says what did maliektu see, I don’t love Chandra. Maliektu on his way back says Nandini is mine,

Chandra took away everything from me first at school then magad and now Nandini,nandini is mine and I will get her back no one can take her away from me. Ma sees someone is corridor and follows her, ma says its Nandini where is she going, and follows her. Ma says she should be near maliketus room what is she doing in Chandras room,Nandini takes a scroll and writes over it and puts Royal stamp,ma says good Nandini now I can blame her for stealing Royal stamp and hides.

Ma informs helina about it,helina says are you sure,we should inform Chandra and he will announce her a traitor, ma says not until she takes her next step, we will inform Chandra only when we will find the reason behind it, helina says I got what you mean ma. Chanakya is informed that praja is in hardship due to less rains,Chanakya says okay we shall buy grains from others region,Chanakya is informed that pandugan ran away from Vaidyaji and there was a letter found by maharaj to let him go and NAND to be forgiven.

Chanakya goes to Chandra with the letter and says Chanakya what is this letter you asked NAND to forgiven,Chandra says I didn’t do this,Chanakya says this is Royal stamp,Chandra says I have t forgotten my promise to you and also the pain he has given to my ma,Chanakya says your Royal stamp is being misused, raj mantri tells Royal stamp is being stollen,Chanakya says I from about it and announce a reward on getting it back,Chandra says who must have done it,Chanakya says off course someone who will be benefited by nand and pandugan and is allowed to your room,Chandra says its Nandini.

Maliektu says Chandra I hope you are fine,Chandra says he sim busy later,maliektu it’s important maharaj,I had seen maharani Nandini cry last night,I think she hasn’t forgotten me still,Chandra remembers helina saying the same thing,maliektu says Nandini told me this,please help me Chaya is my wife now this is Injustice to her and our baby,Chandra leaves in anger.chandra goes to Nandini and in anger says tell me the truth and don’t want me to insult you to I front of Sabha,did you steal the Royal stamp and ordered to release your brother and forgive NAND,Nandini reads it and says Chandra I just went to keep books and whole night I was here, Chandra says so whole night what were you doing here, Nandini says I was resting.

Chandra says weren’t you crying,Nandini says yes that doesn’t mean I stole Royal stamp,Chandra says why were you crying,Nandini says I just,Chandra says you still love maliektu but don’t you knew he is married to Chaya,he was your fiancé look at helina even she loved her but has accepted me and loves me but you and anyways I don’t care for me I have two wives helina and durdhara,keep crying but stay away from maliektu,Nandini says what is your problem this Royal stamp or maliektu,Chandra says every time I see you I see my mothers pain,I can never take you as my wife because you a re my enemy,Chandra thinks why am I so angry is it because she loves maliektu,Nandini thinks why I take him as my husband he is my enemy and I cried for him last night never,he is my enemy.

Nandini says yes Chandra I have no husband, you are enemy to me,Chandra says good now tell why you stole Royal stamp,Avantika walks in and says I did, and falls in Chandras feet and says you can throw me out of this mahal and accept my fault,Chandra says please don’t touch my feet,you are forgiven you could be punished but did this for your love to son and husband and nothing is wrong in this and if I was in such condition even my wives helina and durdhara would do it and next time you won’t be spared and leaves.

Pre cap : helina says Chandra, Nandini is such a poor thing I tired telling her she should move on but she will never understand. Helina and Chandra see Nandini crying and misunderstand it for maliektu where as its for Chandra.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. अरुण

    All are against Nandini, even Chandra is misunderstanding him. Poor Nandini is in distress without reason. Chandra should show some intelligence every time he is dependent on Acharya.
    Seems twin sister Roopa has stolen the royal stamp however mother wants to save her…it is suspense.

    1. Jayani

      Maybe s… Roopa must hav done dat… I feel lyk scolding her wid bad words… I can’t believe dat I BOTHERED abt a serial…

    2. Yes thatwas why chanakya was n a clever CM at that time
      As usual ekta n team don show chandra n chanakya intelliegence n smartness in governing lije she did to JA where burbal n 9 gems were not shown buf were side tracked with silly sub plots
      We want to see the great chandra n team governs where he had spies everywhere but here as usual JA n CHANDRA DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING IN OWN PALACE
      wat hapoen to great empreror who united pre india.
      Also we see good acting of cast wasted
      I love the show but cannot understand the creative team sense of history why always make this way AKBAR N CHANDRA SILLY THAT MAKES THINK AUTO HW DID THESE PEOPLE RULED BHARATHAM

      1. Are tum jaise log documentary dekho na yaar, agar pasand nhi aa raha hai, toh mat dekho na, kisne kasam di hai tum logo ko?

    3. Yes thatwas why chanakya was n a clever CM at that time
      As usual ekta n team don show chandra n chanakya intelliegence n smartness in governing lije she did to JA where burbal n 9 gems were not shown buf were side tracked with silly sub plot
      We want to see the great chandra n team governs where he had spies everywhere but here as usual JA n CHANDRA DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING IN OWN PALACE
      wat hapoen to great empreror who united pre india.
      Also we see good acting of cast wasted
      I love the show but cannot understand the creative team sense of history why always make this way AKBAR N CHANDRA SILLY THAT MAKES THINK AUTO HW DID THESE PEOPLE RULED BHARATHAM

      1. Truly agree with you… Viji naidu….. This is the main problem with historical drama series…. They contain drama more than history… Or it’s better to say that what they generally show is extra drama…. I think history and drama should go side by side… A serious point to be noted by the writers of historical drama…

  2. nice epi…..thnx for written update!!!

  3. Not twin sister. It has been mentioned black magic.
    Nice episode.

    1. NABANITA626

      It is cleared in various websight that sweta basu prashad is playing double role of NANDINI AND HER TWIN SISTEE RUPA.
      It is surely black magic but it is done on RUPA by sunanda (nand’s first wife)

  4. Jayani

    In d precap, does it mean dat NANDINI IS CRYING FOR????! I don’t seem 2 understand ki hw will nandini cry for ???? Can any1 clear my doubt plz… It’s getting even more exciting 2 get 2 know dat roopa will b coming soon of air… Waiting for 2morrow’s epi…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Nandini is cryingfr Chandra bcoz she has started feeling for him. Moreover she thinks that he had been goodd to him for few days he respected her and her studies….. But all of a sudden he started to hate her for no reason… She had started seeing a friend in him or better say a true soulmate in him…. But he had suddenly started behaving rudely with him(becoz of Helena’s conspiracy)… This is what hurt her a lot… (I guess it’s enough for you to understand)

    2. NABANITA626

      May be nandini was crying for chandra……
      Nandini was murmuring that time”may uske bare me q soch raha hu jo mera kavivi nehi ho shakta”
      As we all know chandra is falling in love with nandini now,nandini is also same…….
      After realizing samething may be nandini is crying and thinking how can she think that feelings about her enemy……☺

    3. Jayani

      Thank u for clearing my doubt naba di

  5. Chandra’s charcter becoming very poor ..,and this serial becoming one sided in which all are against nandini,,,chandragupta was very intelligent king n was famous for justice ,,but,,,in this show chandra is totaly depend on other peoples ,.this is not sign of good king,,,,todays episode was very bad,.,and there us over acting of chandra

  6. Always good people cry. Bad people enjoy. Because it is Ekta Kapoor.?

    1. NABANITA626

      He he☺☺

    2. NABANITA626

      It is also the normal rule of life……

    3. Jayani

      It’s not just in ekta kapoor but in all serials nd especially in MB!

    4. Get out, idiot

  7. all are against nandini now….but see the good side… all are planning to seperate them.. but unknowingly they are making them realize the feeling that is in deep heart of both chandra and nandini…care and jealousy is the first realization of love

  8. Can someone please tell me who is Roopa and the story around her. I have recently started watching the show.

    1. Jayani

      Roopa is not yet shown but she will b soon?

  9. Poor Nandini. I think Chandra should be able to think on his own irrespective of what other says on his ears. Even before the marraige between Malaiketu and Chaya, Nandini has clearly said chandra what kind of person Malaiketu is. Then, why Chandra thinks the other way ?

    It looks like everyone is becoming smart except the King. But, Chandragupta is considered to be intelligent and smart.

    1. NABANITA626

      Agree with you,but I think chandras charecture(in this serial) is more weeker than akbar….
      Chandra have no common sense,he i always depends on chanaykya on every decission….

      1. You are talking nonsense without seeing the beginning episodes…..Chandra was sold to Chanakya and Chandra took a vow that, he will always apply his power, not his brain…..first see it on hotstar…..

      2. I agree with you that Chandra is bound by the rules of Chanakya in the earlier times. But, now he is the KIng of Magadha and he should act like a King and not a puppet being brain washed by everyone.

        Chandragupta is not expected to be shown like this.

      3. When is the seed is itself diseasesd, how could u expect that the plant will be fresh? He was a child then…’s not easy to violate your knowledge you r getting from childhood…..Just think that, what Chandra told Helena, when she said “mat bhulo, tum mere liye Raja bane ho”

      4. Listen u, i have searched google about this far mire before the serial, and what is written in wikipedia, was already made into a program “Chandragupta Maurya”…….
        And I’m not going to waste my precious time in explaining u, “Idiot” & listen, Akbar’s father died during his childhood, & Chandra was a boy, whose raising father was a drunkard, so they r sooooooo different…….

  10. I love Chandra Nandi … But I don’t want hatred right now ?
    CHADI is relation ship goals (Chandra,Nandni )

    1. Chadi.. Haha.. Are u serious…. Whose chaddi.. Haha

  11. Love this serial

  12. Yea This is getting bored now. It goes against what I read in the history. Chandara is supposed to be very intelligent and he had spies. I can’t believe he is taken for ride by Helana and Malayakedu? So stupid the way it is going.

    1. Stop talking nonsense and First try to understand the emotions!!!!!??????????????????

      1. NABANITA626

        Hey i don’t miss a single episode of cn till today……….
        And you are so obseeced with this serial.that you have not the power to listen a single negative comment regarding this serial……….
        I know Chandra is sold by chanakya,but he is now the king of magadha…so he should have the power to make his decision own..ok?
        ?And please correct your word dictionary…..dont use such words like nonsense,idiot,baby here……
        ?one request more,please go to Google and search about cgm and his wives….
        Then may be you stop to use poor words to the comenters who tell in this page about history………

  13. When enter roopa, serial will so complicated, prepare your mind. But Ekta Mam, i miss nandini warrior character, Now she is bholi, rondu, sacrifiser & always begging, i dont like.
    Plz show nandini as wirrior prince strong, trustable, ideal, as like title.

    1. Sorry, we can’t change history. and who said u that Nandini is weak???? she fought with the dacoits to save Chandra….??????

  14. Guys who is roopa?Although the episode was great I enjoyed it but I hate Helena + her mother+ Malaketu….the most funny about this serial is the story of “kaleja”. Dhurdara is so innocent XD?

    1. Yea, i support u….????????

  15. What the hell is this???. This stupid Helena……i wanna kill her and who is this Roopa. Ise better raja to Nand tha atleast vo kisi ki baato mai nahi fasta tha aur sab kuch uske control mai tha except his first wife.
    Abe kabhi to kuch accha dikhao or you always want to trouble Chandra and Nandini. Hight of stupidity

  16. Serial becoming boaring,,because of chandras character .,he always behaving badly with nandini without knowing her….,padmanand,.was better king than chandra,,and chanakya,.,,,,very bad serial…. Agree with vani,,,

    1. Its not possible to believe a foe’s daughter so easily, especially for a a emperor…..

  17. In upcoming episodes,,there Is news that,,,nandini get kidnaped,,,and roopa enter in the palace as a nandini to take revange,,,roopa is very rude,.,and behave badly with every one chandras family members,,,also she know the charcter of malay and helena,,,,.,in upcoming episode,,,roopa slaps helena…and fights with her

  18. when chandra-nandini fall in love each other

  19. Oh no, ??? ? feeling so sorry for Nandini ……Thanks for the update, Tanaya……
    Love you “Chandra Nandini”☺☺☺☺☺☺☺?????????…..

  20. Friends, its not so easy….. Chandra Nandini’s Love has many obstacles: helena, her mother, malayketu, Mahapadmanand, Chanakya too…..

  21. Arey chandra why r u believing helena? She is lying… Without any saboot how can u believe anyone? Nandni is innocent… Ufff.. Dumbo kahika.. Kuch achha scene lao orelse band kardo ye serial.. Gadha chandra… Buri helena and malayketu.. Achhi nandni

  22. Why no episode for today I searched everywhere but the last downloaded episode was last Friday. If anyone knows where I can find today’s episode please tell.
    Thank you

    1. Jayani

      The serial cumes only at IST 8:30 ind nite… So only after 9:00 or sumthing v get d written update but I also think dat it will b update only around dat tym…

      Jay Siya Ram

  23. In comming episodes all will celebrate Malayketu s birthday. Helena will give task to Nandini to prepare turban for him…. Chandra will again misunderstand Nandini that due to love she is preparing turban for him. Helena will also hide a love letter inside the turban which Chandra will find….

    1. Jayani

      Can’t wait for such an epi as well as I can’t wait for ROOPA too!!! I’m soooo excited 2 c roopa… At last… Moday’s here… Seriously can’t wait for 2day’s epi… Waiting for 8:30…

      Jai Siya Ram

  24. Thnx for updates We also not watching the serial as it is of ektas who always streched the story n convert the history also in so called repeated drama besides her every serial is like that.

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