Chandra Nandni 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sunanda waiting for Roopa. Nandini/ Roopa walks out and Sunanda says where were you what took you so long all are waiting for you come lets go. Dadi says Nandini and helina the competition starts now,Chandra toss the coin and the winner gets to choose the weapon, mora says Avantika don’t worry all will be fine,Chandra says helina wins,helina says Greek javelin,radhika says Nandini will loose then she has never used this weapon.

Nandini keeps her weapon on ground,helina says so accept your defeat before we fight,Nandini says we have forgotten something and takes dadis blessings,dadi says may you win. Helina and Nandini take their positions and begin to fight,Sunanda and Helina mother share eye contact and smile,helina injures Nandini,Chandra says careful Nandini,dadi smiles,helina says

what you think Nandini you can’t defeat me once this old women is out from here Chandra will throw you out as well ,Helina mother and Sunanda say this Roopa acts so well,Nandini gets angry and defeats helina and says the person you called old lady it was her blessings I won this competition,dadi announces Nandini winner and says you two take rest.

Chandra says helina I’m with you, I trust you and know you will win and looks at Nandini,Nandini thinks I know you love helina but why you have to do this,Helina mother says why is this Roopa doing this go tell her not to do this and let helina win,Sunanda says why are you doing this,Nandini says badi ma I promised dadi I will win but what’s wrong,Sunanda hugs her and checks the mark and sees it isn’t there,and says Nandini god bless you and leaves and says Helina mother it’s Nandini and not Roopa but where is she.

Roopa in nandinis room,Roopa diverts Nandini and Nandini thinks it’s her imagination and goes out,Roopa then lies on her bed and says go Nandini if you win I will be the ruling queen and smokes,and Roopa enjoying nandinis belongings and says these are all Roopas now.Sunanda goes to Roopa and says Roopa why are you here, Roopa says hey no control I didn’t feel like so I’m here and I call you mother but I know you saved me for your greed, and now Nandini will win and I will enjoy all this you deal with Helina mother.

Dadi asks Chaya about next level,helina says Chaya wait,actually,I wanted to be ruling queen because I love you all and magad and if Nandini wins you know what will happen and now since you are with dadi you can help me win,Chaya says yes but that will be cheating,helina says is what Nandini did with you not cheating,so you decide you want me or Nandini who is behind your husband,Chaya says wait I’m with you, next competition will be recognising good seeds for farming and wait for my signs I will guide you.

Sunanda says Helina mother Roopa is in nandinis room she won’t help us,Helina mother says I won’t leave you. Dadi says in these two plates there are different seeds you two have to choose the right for the soil type in magad , radhika says Nandini is sure to win she studied seeds.chaya signs Helina what seeds to choose,dadi says Chaya get their chosen bowl,Chaya changes nandinis bowl,Helina smiles and thanks her,dadi looks at the bowls and is surprised and says helina won this competition,Nandini is surprised and so is Chandra,Helina mother very happy.radhika says not possible Nandini can’t loose.dadi says final stage,Chaya says helina keep this list dadi will ask these questions,dadi says dasi get them here.

Chaya says dadi questions,dadi says they will question,the ruling queen should have ability to solve people’s problem,the question answer competition begins,judges who are from common people says both queens have the ability to be the ruling queen.dadi says so there will be a tie breaker now and there will be voting now,dadi says my vote goes to Nandini,mora Avantika says so do Ours,maliketu and Chaya says helina,everyone choose their side.durdhara waits, dadi says cmon durdhara,durdhara thinks if I vote Nandini helina will eat my heart and says I will vote helina because she even after being Greek she gave correct answers,dadi says so Chandras vote is deciding vote.

Pre cap : Roopa as Nandini says Chandra I think we should forget our enemity and give it a fresh start don’t you think.they both are in tub and Roopa applying bath wash on his body.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. अरुण

    Despite confusion it is good that Nandini is ahead of Helena.
    Interesting precap…

  2. अरुण

    In coming episodes

  3. Why r they only showing only bathroom scenes??? One applying bodywash on another.Its so irritating to see roopa close to chandra.Cant he even notice difference between nandinis and roopas behaviour.So great king is being portrayed like a fool.Do chandra not have any other important work related to his kingdom???want to see strong chndra ,his justice.But it seems the makers have transformed it to a typical saas- bahu serial.This is my opinion .Sorry if it hurts anyone.

    1. AparnaPrasad

      I have been saying dis frm d beggining onwards… realy agree wd u… but i guess chandra is start noticing.. it wl b shown as suspense.. chandra dsnt feel gud wen roopa is near

    2. Also I strongly agree with you .Lots of ill planning are taking around the GREAT KING.But he has been portrayed as a fool even he could not find the difference between the original and the fake.

  4. Nice episode ??????
    Loved it?????
    Thanks for the nice and beautiful update, Tanaya di….????

    But, i was really furious with Chhaya, while watching the episode…..

  5. Chandra will vote for Helena . Will Nandini win on public demand?
    Now only people of Magadh can make Nandini winner.

  6. Makers should change show name from chandra nandni into chandra aur his bathroom ‘I think cgm spend his most time in bathing instead to doing any work ‘so many vulgar scenes in a prime slot show’disgusting. .

    1. No Ekta Nigam, the show should be called “Maharani Nandini” because it only shows about Nandini’s life and nothing about Chandragupta Maurya. Disappointing !!

      1. अरुण

        I think Chandra will leave his decision on Magadh ki praza to make final decision.

    2. Jayani

      I feel dat ekta has finally used her common sense in naming dis serial as CHANDRA NANDNI coz it is only abt deir luv. enmity nd d fun dey hav… But sumtyms wen I think os d scenes shown in d serial, I feel dat ekta di nd cn fan r true

  7. I think chandra will choose Nandini bcoz of Dadi

    1. Yes…..only u and Arun are logical public here…??????
      i appreciate u….

    2. NABANITA626

      Chandra will choose helena,according to the spoilers….
      But the all people of magadh will support nandini because she is from magadh and then nandini will win…

  8. अरुण

    Players or captains Nandini and Helena, umpire Dadi, match refree Chandra, audience family, toss or cricket ….

    1. अरुण

      Match is tie now…. decision on extra over…

  9. I don’t get it. There is a stupid bathroom scene everywhere. No story and just hide and seek. Can’t anyone spot Roopa? Is everyone blind in the palace?

  10. NABANITA626

    Today angry on DURDHARA….??

    1. Also I

    2. Jayani

      Even me???

  11. Let us wait for roopa ‘s mask to be turned up and nandini’s goodness to be revealed

  12. Thnk u aparna prasad di.

  13. Nabanita di can u explain what u said… i mean will chandra be angry on durdhara today???

  14. Yaa nabanita di i also saw that on the spoilers…

    1. Jayani

      Yasmin di can u send d spoilers pls or at least d link

  15. But lets see what actually happens.

  16. No one notice chaya exchange the bowl except malay. how can this happen in competition?

    1. Jayani

      Just lyk hw no one has found d difference between nandini nd roopa???

  17. we need to wait and see

  18. Here is the spoiler jayani.The upcoming episode will showcase Nandini celebrating her victory on bringdeclared as Meghad’s maharani bh Chandra.In the forthcoming episode of ChandraNandini viewers will see some good moments in Nandini’s life after she is declared Meghad’s maharani and now will equallyshare duties with Chandra.As per the track, there is a tie between Nandini and Helena and so to announce the winner, dadiask for voting rights and that will decide the fate of winner.Surprisingly, praja don’t eantHelena to become Maharani as it will only ruin everything do they vote for Nandini thus showing their belief in her.Helena angered over Nandini’s coronationHelena is jealous and is not ready to accept her defeat so easily, she thus vows to revenge Nandini.

  19. Jayani inform me after u see this.

    1. Jayani

      It seems so ineteresting di… Thank u so much for d update yasmin di

  20. Ur most wlcm dear jayani…

  21. Nice episode ?
    loved it….?????
    Thanks for the update Tanaya di ?

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