Chandra Nandni 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 6th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra with bindusara trying to calm him down and imagines him being taken care by Durdhara. Gautami walks to Nandini and says he is my baby but you take good care of him,as your own,and tell me why didn’t you ever tried telling Chandra that it wasn’t you,Nandini says bhabhi Chandra was one who mattered me and if he didn’t trust me and so I thought it was better to leave without any explanation so I did. Chandra puts bindusara to sleep.

Dasi arrange his bath,Chandra hands them jewellery and other stuff and steps in, and asks dasi to begin to bathe him, they start pouring rose water over him,Helina walks in and says stop and leave us alone,Chandra says no one shall leave I didn’t give any such orders,Helina picks up the body shower to apply, Chandra says mukhya rani

all are waiting for you in Sabha,don’t waste your time with me so it’s better you leave,Helina steps out and leaves,Chandra says dasi begin.

Chandra walks into his room,Helina says Chandra I need to talk it’s important,Chandra says sure mukhya rani,Helina says Chandra Nandini made mistakes why punish me,I love you,Chandra says love is tricky Helina, it always traps you and so forget this thing called love, it sounds good in books and you are murky rani and this is what you always wanted,and love isn’t for you and about me love has no value for me and leaves.

Padmanand and Amartya discussing magad territories,padmanand gets angry and says Maliketu you lost again,Maliketu says Chandra is always one step ahead,Amartya says this is Chanakyas intelligence,padmanand says he is taking away every single thing from me one by one,Amartya says we should attack personally now,padmanand says good,Chandra used Nandini against me and I haven’t found Nandini yet and now I shall take away his son bindusara, soldiers says it’s impossible he is under strong security,padmanand says we shall wait for Chandra and bindusara to step out of mahal together and then attack and magad will be ours,Amartya send detectives To magad and Maliketu you have to kidnap bindusara don’t disappoint me this time.

Chandra joins his soldiers and says you shall practise with me now,and no solos, all shall attack together ,soldiers say but you just arrived from war,Chandra says a king never stops cmon,Chandra has Nandini on his mind and the fact that she loved him too,Chandra fights all the soldiers.

Bindusara starts crying and calms down listening to Payal sound,dasi says I will go call rajmata and tell her about this,mora and dadi get very happy to see him happy, soldier informs maharaj is very angry and is out of control you need rajmata to help us.

Chandra doesn’t spare any of his soldiers and lifts them and throws in anger and all because of his frustration ,dadi and mora walk in with bindusara and Chandra calms down and looks around,he smiles looking at happy bindusara,and says loook he is smiling,I’m so happy, give all these soldiers who practised with me gold coins.

Chandra playing with bindusara in his room,bindusara smiles listening to Payal sound,Chandra says what is it making you so happy,your mother use to be so like you innocent,I miss her a lot,would you like to see her come lets go,and shows bindusara a picture of Nandini and Durdhara,and says she was my best friend.

Nandini remembers an incident when,Durdhara took her to a painter and says I want painting of you and me,Nandini says why but,Durdhara says I dint how to take care of a baby and I want you to look after my baby,not for me atleast for Chandra,Nandini says Durdhara,Durdhara says when my baby will see this picture he will know he has to mothers and you are a sister to me.

Madhav says yes Chandra bhaiya,Chandra says that picture there just keep durdharas pic and throw away that women’s picture,Madhav says but bhabhi has already left us,Chandra says she destroyed my sons life.

Gautami asks what are you thinking,Nandini says this baby reminds me of a baby too and I hope my blessings reach Durdhara son,through this moon. Chandra with bindusara looking at the moon.

Pre cap : mora says Chandra I think you have to go visit the shiv temple this will be good way to spend time with bindusara too. Gautami says Nandini we have to visit the shiv temple tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. अरुण

    So confusion cleared Nandini is caring Gautami’s son. Alas Chandra no more wants to remember Nandini. Nice to know that Bindusar is smiling. Helena has everything except love of his husband.
    Will Nand become cause to rejoin Chandra and Nandini after abducting Bindusar. Nandini will surely fight to release the child and keeping promise to Durdhara.

  2. guys that child of gautami will be named as satakarni he will establish satavahna dynasty he will be known as gautami putra satakarni

    1. How do you know??

      1. thats bcoz im a hist student

    2. excuse me..??? chandra gupta period was around 300 bc and satakarni’s was around 2nd century… get u facts crct baby.. and satakarni was a dravidian…and he is a brahmin who follows budhism..

  3. I hate Chandra…no one step out to find d real culprit…Chandra also believed that nandhini killed dhurdhura…but hw can he think lyk dis??? If he really understands nandhini thn hw is it possible to believe that…

  4. NABANITA626

    So the baby is of gautami
    Same precap today.and after that bindusar kidnapping drama will be happens…writers please don’t drag the story,reunite CHANDINI Soon…..
    And please disclose the true helena and her mother infront of chandra……..
    May be nand will kidnapped bindusar;nandini will resque him and after that Chandra will think nandini is the kidnapper of Bindu….after that much humiliation,much pain…….
    Please show something unique..???

  5. Jayani

    M sure dat either nandini wud c chandra nd hide or dey both wud go across each other but dey wudn’t c each other nd den after dat nandu wud cum 2 know dat chandra was in d temple wen she was dere in d temple… Nd d scene where chandra shows bindu dd n dnandu’s pic I
    was sooo happy… So finally v can conclude dat if chandra is angry nd in pain den d remedy is only bindu… Nd den d scene in which he plays wid bindu was so cute… Though he can’t fill d place of a mother but he always tries his best 2 do so… Waiting for monday’s epi… So finally d confusion is over… D child is gautami’s nd not nandu’s….

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Shwethaa

      jayani see my comment reply for yeaterday…..

      1. Jayani

        Nyc dp akka

      2. Shwethaa

        thank u cutie <3(view from side its a heart )……

      3. Jayani

        Ur welcum akka

    2. NABANITA626

      JAYANI I wrote my first ff on chandra nandini,in this websight……and plz tell me either that is good or bad…
      Plz comment on that page…

      1. Jayani

        S naba di… I saw it but I havn’t opened it yet coz busy wid my studies… Will read it asap nd comment in dat page… Nd sry for not commenting earlier also…

  6. nice epi

  7. Shwethaa

    different theme is there

  8. Iam so sad he didn’t have talent to find culprit behinds durdharas death
    durdhara pointed nandini for chayas condition that time he trusted nandini but now …chandra not suitable for nandinis love
    iam going to stop seeing this serial

  9. What’s going on? Nandini pregnant ? When both of them return to join hand?

  10. Finally baby confusion is cleared awwwwww bindusara is cutee I hope chandni unite sooooon

  11. After seeing Chandra crying for Nandini when she left, I thought he still believed in her, but was forced to send her away because of pressure from Chanakya. But really dejected to see that’s not the case 🙁 Everyone knows Helena’s nature, so really appalling that no one has the intelligence to suspect her. Nandini still rules Chandra’s heart , so upcoming episodes look promising!! I like Chandra’s new haircut and look 🙂 He is more hardened after this tragedy and doesn’t look like the weak Chandra anymore.

  12. Currently story is giving bitterness to viewers. At least give the pre cap properly rather than giving same pre cap and disappointing viewers in that also.

    1. NABANITA626

      Yea it’s very boring to see the same precap…..

  13. hereafter no use of joining when chandra lost its trust on nandini… Faith broken …when thread cut it will not get its original if tied also

    1. u r right…..if chandra really believe nandini is the culprit then no need to rejoin them…. broken heart never cure…..

  14. Am daily with out fail am watching this serial but now a days very angry to see what is this every time nandini only they blaming still there are not find out that Helena had done those things its is not a serial to see
    While starting is very nice to see there is lots of love BTW them but now I hate chanakya and Chandra if a person how loves he need to trust he does not mean why he is loving change the story

  15. Chandinikrishna

    I want chandra and nandini to unite soon…though helena got the power but she will never get chandra’s love… when bindusara smiled he was looking very cutee..

  16. Baby confusion finally got cleared!

    CVs are showing Chanakya as brainless oldie but seriously he wasn’t.

    Helena’s plans was like to quiten a baby, very not huge, and Helena is dumb but she seeks help her Mother who is also not that clever, but unlike Nandini, she knows how to use her brains.

    The reasons below is the cause that I am saying that Nandini doesn’t know how to use her brains.
    ▪ She should’ve tested the medicine herself before giving it to Durdhara.
    ▪ Nandini should’ve took the dasi along with her so if someone blames her, she could use the dasi as eye witness also if the dasi was with her, Helena wouldn’t have been able to kill the dasi.

    ▪ She should’ve told Chandra about the threats Helena was giving it to her.
    ▪ She could’ve stated Helena’s name in her letter.

    ▪ Humour
    ▪ Nice flashbacks
    ▪ Helena getting scoled by Chandra

    1. NABANITA626


    2. Jayani

      I agree wid all d points… I wish dd at least said billi (cat)… Nd if ? realize dat den also, tho mein uske kaleja kaalungi??


    No comments till chandra and nandini unites

    1. Correct i stopped seeing this serial


      I only read updates now… i too stop watching it

    3. Shwethaa

      hey shraddha sharma i saw u were commenting on ykagh to…nice to see u here too… u want season 2???????……..i want…………

      1. Shwethaa

        yes ye kahan aa gaye hum

      2. Shwethaa

        So sad…. show ended it was good show…. going to miss….

        this is ur commentttttt


        Ohhh….. actually i do not remember short name…
        Yes it was good show…
        And i comment on many shows..

        Which shows you are watching now??

      4. Shwethaa

        i am from tn i only watch cn… [] []

  18. shree!! dats d difference between thread and relation……!! if thread cut, it will not as it is earlier… case of relation…..same thing not happen….bcs thread in nonliving…..while relation make bond wid feelings!!! I think…whoever made dis human saying….could think deeply on relation!! thanks for written update!!

    1. i accept but see what Happenning
      if durdhara is in place of nandini whether he would have behaved like this ,no ,he think durdhara is innocent and he tries to find real culprit

    2. if trust broken then it is consider as nonliving ,then what is difference between living and non living,in life we can bare anything but when our beloved doubt us then it is the end
      k say why chandra did’t believe nandini.the great king and chankya fogot the fact that seeing ,hearing,talking based on this person should not be punished
      they took durdharas death statement as finall (before also she pointed as nandini as culprit )but chandra didn’t believe bec he itself felt some changes in nandinis behaviour so he…but now see he did’t think that nandini accepted punishment to save satyajit life one who is giving life to save others life will not hurt others chandra cannot remember anything why bec he think best friend is more than wife or lover
      both didnit think that one who is murdering will leave the evidence as it is or will accept the punishment the culprit try to trap other person to escape
      in letter step wife is indicated whether he had only one two wife so they have to investigate helena also but they didn’t
      if mukya rani getting punishment it is same for king also so theydidn’t follow rules also

  19. Shwethaa

    nabanita ur story is good

    1. NABANITA626

      Thank you swetha….so do I continue it?

      1. Shwethaa

        Nabanita di continue it as a new story of Chandra nandini entirely different from this. …..Please even I am gud at writing FF so planning to write after exams.

    2. NABANITA626

      I already thought that…..waiting for your FF too ☺???

      1. Shwethaa

        tysmmmmmmmmmm….ok but i want to write diff give me some ideas

      2. Jayani

        S akka… V r all waiting for a new ff in cn page soon

  20. Women get punished always, In Ramayan Seetha was in a worst state, , king Raman had to expel Seetha from Ayothi to just shut some of his country men’s mouth. If Raman had truly loved and trusted Seetha he would not have done this to Seetha.
    Chandra is doing the same here…

    1. But ram never doubted seetha from his heart bec of people he done,but he also makes mistake he could have try to solve and prove seethas dignity to people or he want to go along with seetha but he is not human ,god so he has to be with people and waited for time to say truth to people by his son itself…he always loved ,trusted seetha but here chandra doubted nandini heartly
      i accept women are always victim

  21. Women get punished always, In Ramayan Seetha was in a worst state, , king Raman had to expel Seetha from Ayothi to just shut some of his country men’s mouth. If Raman had truly loved and trusted Seetha he would not have done this to Seetha.
    Chandra is doing the same here…

  22. Waiting for face to face of Chandra and Nandini.

  23. NABANITA626

    Hi chandra nandini fans,
    I have written a fan fiction “NANDINI’S DIARY” in chandra nandini home page of this website…please check it and comment your valuable opinion on that page…………

  24. Anyone can predict who will find culprit bec chandra hates nandini and ofcourse chanakya also no one thinking abt it,if they found its not nandini then how can prove helana as culprit,if proved also chankya willnot allow to punish i think so…bec of huge greek army
    please anybody answer

  25. Chanakya will prove nandini innocence. I don’t know if you remember that Chanakya was against Helena to be the ruling Queen and he was against Helena carrying the first child of Chandra. Why after the death of roopa he went against nandini. That’s why I believe chanakya know something

    1. No…chanakya was against Helena only because of magad ppl…n after Roopa’s death he knows that Chandra loves nandhini so much bcoz of dis Chandra left nand…thatsy he hate nandhini..n also he thought dat if Chandra falls for love he will never consider magad ppl n dat promise (he’ll kill nand)..

  26. NABANITA626

    So less comments in today’s page………
    But after the leap Mahapadmananda became more young………
    So shocking…

  27. Shwethaa

    hey shraddha sharma i saw u were commenting on ykagh to…nice to see u here too… u want season 2???????……..i want…………

  28. Shwethaa

    chandra was looking like hairstyle polladhavan dhanush attitude n face…..awesome chandr…..helena was like a YOUNG AUNTY(hahahah too much makeup)…..nandini is only lookig like all of us in the normal outfit…..i hate this new story line…but they can still make it alright

    only way of scenes we want to see can appear is only helenas truth to be out but it will take a month i think… i will read only updates till thet….the prospect of happiness or humour in the upcoming epi is far from 10 kms ………..



    boy: your pretty
    boy:i would like something between us
    girl:mee too
    boy:like wat…..:0:0:0
    girl: a WALLLLL….:0:0:0:0:)


    1. Hahaha…mass ?…enna oru dialogue…I think its match perfectly shwethaa..

      1. Shwethaa

        thank u sooo much jai…i can put only this smiley:) as i am typing in laptop….sorry……hahah…..

    2. Jayani

      Asum dialogue selection nd nyc joke too…

      1. Shwethaa

        tksssssssssss jayani…….

      2. Jayani

        Ur welcum akka

  29. NABANITA626

    You are a fan of ishqbuzz and siya ke ram right?

    1. Jayani

      Ya, I hav seen shraddha di comment in skr’s pages also… Even on d last epi if m not wrong

      1. NABANITA626

        Yes correct,even in the list of skr fans which I made and post in the last page,there were also shraddha di s name.

  30. Whose anklet is that bindusar is laughing

    1. Jayani

      75% it shud b dd’s nd 25% nandini’s

  31. Nice episode, specially smiling face of bindusar.all of you are saying that nandini has gautami’son. But I want to know who is gautami..???

    1. Shwethaa

      gautami is dananand wife.she was exiled from magad for trying to kill womb bindusar…

  32. Nice episode, specially smiling face of bindusar and planning of nand against chandragupt.

  33. Akash

    Nice episode, specially smiling face of bindusar and planning of nand against chandra.???

  34. Shwethaa

    nabanita give me some ideas

  35. Shwethaa

    jayani di i wrote myy exam well…hoe=w are u

    1. Jayani

      M doing gud akka… Btw… Hw r u

      1. Shwethaa

        yess fine in 9 ndays i have my favvvvv sub(math) and then holidays….then i am planning to write FF on chandra and durdhara…..for fans like u n me……:)

      2. Jayani

        So math is ur area of interest in studies I c… Waiting for d ff… Ur fans can’t seem 2 wait for long?

  36. Shwethaa

    shradda sharma pls reply

  37. AparnaPrasad

    I saw gautamis child dressed as a girl wen nandini ws carrying d baby.. hw can it be a boy as someone said

  38. Nicely re-written and showing the history…….?????

    Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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