Chandra Nandni 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: bheemdev in Sabha calls Nandini as his wife Savitri

Chandra Nandni 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindusara practising his swords,Chandra walks in and says well done my son,Bindusara asks aren’t you upset,Chandra says I’m not ok with your decision but I’m not upset. Dharma says ma I’m okay with Bindusara decision,Nandini says dharma marriage is very important step and you just cant fool like this,dharma says but this is what I want,for the first time he took right decision. Bindusara says I cant force dharma,she won’t be happy with me and I won’t let her life be spoiled and will remarry her with a right guy,dharma says ma I’m happy with Bindusara decision.

Nandini says maharaj what will we do,dharma says it was a mistake,Chandra says yes this two aren’t listening what will we do,Nandini asks we were enemies too then how did we fell in love,Chandra

pulls her close and says since I was so handsome you fell in love with me,Nandini smiles and says but this was not what dadi told me,Chandra asks so what did dadi tell you.

Nandini says dadi said we married thrice and you also left mahal,is this all true,Chandra says yes I did all this for you,now Nandini cmon say it how king shall I wait,Nandini says maharaj it’s dhrama and Bindusara now,we have to make them spend time together.

Sir starts shouting when guards stop him,and says I want to see maharaj,Chandra asks who is he and what he wants,dasi says he entered forcefully and wants to meet you and everyone,Chandra says okay let him in Sabha.

In Sabha,Chandra asks what’s your problem,sir says I’m a common man and I have something of mine with you,Chandra says no I have nothing,sir says no it is with you,Chandra says okay prove it and I promise I shall return it to you,Nandini walks in and he rushes to her calling her my love,Chandra steps in and says how dare you,sir says she is my wife Savitri,all shocked,Chandra says she is my wife Nandini,Sir says no she is my Savitri and says I know you hate me because I troubled you but come back to me I cant stay without you,Chandra about to attack,Chanakya says calm down,sir says Savitri forgive me let’s go back home,Nandini says maharaj I don’t know who this man is,sir says I married you,Chandra says don’t worry you won’t go anywhere,I’m with you we know he is lying,sir says I have proofs and shows the sketch of his and Nandini.

Helina thinks oh ma I wished you were here,and says this is just a picture what proofs do you have,sir says acharya Chanakya please help,he is a king and I’m common man,give me justice,Chanakya says what proofs you have,sir says we need to go home town for it,Chandra asks why are we listening to him,Chanakya says we need to handle this challenge and not step back and if he is lying he will be punished.

Dharma says ma if this is so,where was he so many years,Nandini says I have no idea,I just found happiness and identity but now I’m blank,dharma asks what does your heart say,Nandini says I have feeling just for maharaj Chandragupta and no one else,dharma says you any ways had memory flashes about this place,so it is maharaj Chandragupta,Nandini says this isn’t so easy dharma,your grandpa narrated story and the he said is same, I’m scared now,Dharma says ma go find the truth and your identity,Nandini leaves.dasi walks in,and hands dharma a letter,from Kartikeya which reads I would like to see enough for the last time,Kartikeya thinks I knew dharma even you cant stay without me.

Lawyer says prince Bindusara just the Royal stamp and the marriage cancellation papers will be ready,Bindusara says okay send it to my room and walks to dharma room and says now dharma will be free and I shall even send her back to Champa.bindusara sees dharma walk out of her room and follows her and sees that she meets Kartikeya.

Kartikeya says dharma I’m so happy and if your marriage with Bindusara cancels even I shall cancel my wedding with Elis,and even we shall run away, look at Chitra she took Right decision and she is so happy,look at you, you fell in relation with the man you hate and me with a women I don’t love and never wanted to marry.
Kartikeya says Elis knows I love you and not her,Kartikeya hugs dharma,Bindusara gets angry and leaves,dharma says enough you are married,this is the last time I have come for you receiving your letter,Kartikeya says what I didn’t send you letter you did,dhrama says what and thinks so this is again the person trying to plot something and says Kartikeya you should leave quickly.

Kartikeya says did you sit in place of Chitra because Bindusara is superior then me,dhrama says I did this for your sister and her love,Kartikeya says okay dharma I won’t let your sacrifice go waste,I shall go ahead with Elis and leaves,dhrama says I pray you and Elis have a good life ahead and you fall in love with her.

Chandra Chanakya and Nandini walk in to sirs house,a lady runs to her and say sim so happy you came back,let me welcome you and performs her aarti,and hugs her and says I’m so happy Chandra asks who is she,she says I’m Mohini his first wife and I misbehaved with saviriti and so one day she left us but now I’m sorry,Nandini says I don’t know her,Mohini says forgive me please Savitri,Chanakya says this can’t prove that she is Savitri,sir says go call Panditji,who performed our rituals,Mohini leaves,sir says look Savitri this is your house,look at our wedding invitation,a Panditji walks in,Chandra says dare you lie,I’m maharaj Chandragupta,who is she,Panditji says she is bheemdevs wife savitri.

Pre cap : Chanakya says Chandra we need to find why are they doing this,Magad real king says my only mission is to separate Chandra and Nandini.
Chandra says to Nandini we shall never separate.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Bindurma’s story is going to be like ipkknd1 . Bindhusara will not leave dharma for the sake of elis…

  2. Has anyone had any idea when will this show complete please tell me because I don’t want to see cn separation anymore I want the conclusion

    1. Show will end November with a sad ending of serration N Chandra will become a monk

      1. Ashwini, I hope not

      2. Gpk484

        I don’t think so !
        Only positive & good ending is expected and will only happen
        Chandra Nandini United forever

  3. अरुण

    Chanakya must find out baba to reveal the truth. Bindusar thinks Dharma and Kartikey love each other, to save Alis marriage he may postpone his decision to divorce Dharma.

  4. Feelt very sad for nandini she is the victim of wolfs who are destroying her life, and what stupid proofs that fellow is giving even bindusar can very easily find out that he is lying, did you all noticed when the panditiji entered and Chandra asked to say the truth that time that lady mohini warned the panditiji through her eyes
    1. Will Chandra be able to find out who is the black sheep as in the precap Chanakya is saying why are they doing this what’s their motive and who is that other fellow near that tree and he is saying he is the actual magadh king, if you are magadh King why can you come and fight like a man with Chandra face to face chicken, never say again that you are magadh king psycho and who is that lady and that fellow the way he is overacting any one can say he is fake
    2. when will this lady will learn her lesson I am talking about non other than mushy a maharani stupid Helena she is enjoying when other are suffering and regretting because her one more senior stupid mother has gone to masodina for what to get alcohol or those chemicals which she uses for plotting mmm I have a doubt is apama involved in this conspiracy or is it malayaktu who know in which hole a snake is there
    And I even felt sad for both Chandra and nandini because from the beginning they never lived a peaceful life, always some way or the other problems come in there life how sad, nandini is in a situation where she is really confused is she nandini or savitri and how come he knows she is have a mole on her back so this might make nandini to except that she is that fellows wife but what I can’t say or comment further because I am really hurt seeing both Chandra and nandini suffering like
    this no peace of mind for them
    The culprits are enjoying in the Mahal still plotting and the innocent is suffering still now can this change or till the end the two love souls will part ways forever
    The moral of this Chandra nandini show is innocent will always, forever has to suffer and the culprits will lead a happy, luxurious life with out getting caught and enjoy others suffering how sad mmm
    One more thing I want to comment is that
    “Plotting makes Helena perfect” because she has PhD in plotting form Greek University haa
    Actual its “practice makes man perfect”

  5. Gpk484

    The most irritating episode I’ve ever seen so far from CN because of that psycho bheemdev and that ghost mohini …
    What the f*** is happening with this serial
    The show is about to end on November and writers are introducing new villain that too has only motive of separating Chandra Nandini
    What rubbish is this ?
    Only a couple of days more …
    Meanwhile how can they put everything in shortly … Idiotic writers… Go and hang yourselves up writers ….
    Thank God both Chandra Nandini didn’t believe what that pyscho told… And that too mainly Nandini is pretty much sure about loving Chandra very much and that’s more satisfying for the viewers and also Chanakya must use his brain at least for the sake of his role because he is intelligent as he is considered to be for us especially, I mean viewers…
    I hope CN never separate
    And also in the precap Chandra’s words to Nandini that *WE SHALL NEVER SEPARATE*
    was extremely pleasing to viewers…
    Well hope they end the show as I already stated to be
    A happy ending of Chandra Nandini leaving lovingly forever with their own child I’m in Nandini having child and they both live happily for ever love each other forever…♥️♥️♥️♥️

  6. Gpk484

    *Last paragraph comment correction*

    A happy ending of Chandra Nandini living lovingly forever with their own child I mean Nandini having child and they both live happily for ever love each other forever…..♥️♥️♥️♥️

    And also they must show a lot of romance scenes between Chandra Nandini because we haven’t seen that much of it because always separation separation separation awesome fight or some crap story line…
    So at the end viewers must be pleased to an extent that that will be the ending of happiness and also it should be worth watching the show for one year viewers must be satisfied…
    For all this to happen right us please use your dumb brain and try to think and make us happy at the end by making Chandra Nandini get United Forever Living happily romancing each other and have their own child forever happiness in CAN life ……♥️♥️♥️?

    1. Gpk484, enjoyed reading yr comments

      1. Gpk484

        Thank you,Padmini…

        Well guys
        Everyone is expecting
        A happy ending that is Chandra Nandini United and love confession directly…
        So writers will consider what fans / viewers want …
        So let’s wait and see
        And I’m definitely sure that it’ll be a happy ending…. And also will make viewers pleased…

  7. Who is this real king they are talking about? Does anyone know?

    1. I think sonanand is referring to himself. He’s the son of gauthami, grandson of padmanand.

  8. The way Chandra and Nandini sit in sofa breaking their head how to unite Bindu and Dharma. For me it looks maker’s ate wondering what to do with the story line and how to conclude. I am also sitting at home sofa and wondering what I will do without watching CN characters. Every time in serial they will show watching till one person speak they won’t wait till Dharma puts forth her point. Feeling very sad for Nandini I expected the dialogue from Nandini stating I will go by what my heart says Maharaj we won’t separate.

  9. Looks like the real king is doing some black magic or something……same as laboni track in jodha Akbar…….one more thing is he is looking soo young may be he is Gouthami’s son..

  10. so sad don’t separate CN.

  11. The fake guy has easily entered the Mahal, as he is saying that Nandini by the name of Savithri his wife.Poor Nandini still in memory loss(apama drug still not working to regain her memory),feeling so scared n Chandra is holding her hand safetly from this evil guy.
    Is the letter written by Helena or Charu to Dharma n Kartikeya. Bindu is listening to the conversation of D & K. I think Bindu will make a decision not to divorce Dharma so that Elis will be safe from her marriage.
    I love CN scene, the way Chandra pulls Nandini n make her lay on his chest, talking old stories.
    The acting of the villian n the lady, is fake, so irriating n bad. The sabha scene was good, Chankya n Chandra will joined together to investigate, who is the culprit n their motives.
    Precap interesting as Chandra will says to Nandini to stay

    1. Aren’t we glad apama has gone to Greek?I guess Helena has inherited her mother’s fake letter writing skills.What she doesn’t know is that she’s creating the biggest mistake of her life by letting bindusar stay married to dharma.

      1. Roopa, I will be happy if the makers will give problem to Helena, so many years she is leading a happy life, only hope Karma will follow her whatever evil she has done to Nandini .

  12. Dis maker’s have no idea how to end d serial. So thy itself totally confused on dis story line. So thy r bringing new characters for seperating Chandra ana nandni. Wats d use for Chandra to leave mahal as monk?. Is dis in real story or thy r thinking dis by themselves?. Oly Chandra went as monk, dis in real story?. Then wat abt other creap characters shown?. Thy r fake?. As I said makers have no idea how to end and then Chandra have to leave as monk.. For tat thy r bringing new character’s. My thought once nandni innocence proven to bindu, then she ll commit suicide.. Dis oly ll hppn. She has no idea abt tat new guy for her sake she ll die. Previous months I seen tat thy r separated forever, in tvserialnews. Now thy can change as per der wish. Thy can end nandni character to save her self dignity.. Idiot’s.. Letter s written by helena oly for sure.. She said to Elis tat I know wat to do wit bindu. These Greek ladies oly thinks abt themselves. Thy r not caring abt others. Evrythng came from helena oly. For dis stupid helena oly her mother changed to evil. She killed dd for her daughter sake. Now it’s following..

    1. Gpk484

      Think positive
      They can’t make Chandra a monk then there will be no use in watching the serial I think you are thinking negatively think positive I am definitely sure that the ending will be happy one for viewers I mean fans like us and we will be pleased think like this Chandra and Nandini will be united forever This Is the End of the serial….

  13. Now atleast chanakya should prove his intelligence.if this time also chanakya was shown not a worth person means then the original king chandra and chanakya soul will attack the writers.
    The villians dont know that nandini has the memory flashes and she accepted chandra in heart.
    If the serial is going to end in november means last 10 episodes at least we want to see helena suffering and chandra and nandini happy.
    how many times we have seen nandini in tears now helena also should cry and be in panic.

    1. Gpk484

      I totally agree with you , Nandini
      Everyone is thinking negatively that Chandra will be a monk at the end !
      No that’s not the case
      That won’t happen…
      Ending will be a happy one…
      Come on guys cheer up
      Don’t lose hope !
      Definitely at the end ChandraNandini
      Will be United forever !…♥️♥️♥️

  14. It’s very hard to believe that my favorite show is going to end and still the evils are enjoying plotting in the Mahal now Helena’s target is dhrama after destroying nandini’s life now she is back of dhrama’s life for the sake of her daughter elis, so injustice is happening in the show
    This not first time remember viewers in jodha akbar serial too same thing happened after the leap the writers were so confused of how to move forward the story of jodha and akbar so they introduced loboni track, that time also the writers were glorifying the character rukhya at the end of the show she was punished by sending her to kabul that was done only to satisfy the viewers that all
    In Chandra nandini show same thing will happen likeor might not bindusar will get
    to know about Helena’s true color her disgusting game she was playing
    There are so many puzzles to be solved they why they want to end the show
    If you all remember nandini has promised bindusar that she will find out the actual culprit of dd’s murder and prove her innocence to him till then she won’t talk to him
    Then that fake letter which Helena insist her mother to write for dhrama to marry bindusar and she has received a second letter too what about that
    There are many thing to be solved then why to end it so early
    Ekta mam please change your writers they are degrading your name as well as your company’s name, you have done lot of hard work for where you are now do not let these kind of people to spoil your ward work

    1. Shalini, totally agree with yr comments, hoping that makers for the coming episode will give us a good storyline

  15. Evil doers always happy in doing so.What is this? There is an end to it ,even for suffering.Chandra and Nandini never happy in their entire life. PLEASE make it a happy ending by uniting C and N foreever.

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