Chandra Nandni 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Helena telling thoi that they have to catch nandinis lober and bring him to the Sabha and then they see him and follow him but Madhav and his friends hide him from them and fool them. Mean while dadi and mora asks Chandra to stop the ceremony of distribution of clothes for public because bindusar was just been kidnapped but Chandra says that the announcement has been done and can’t be changed and then he leaves then immediately acharya calls him and asks about the ceremony and Chandra gives the same reason and then when he leaves to Nandini and when he tries to tells her about the ceremony she tells him about it and then Chandra asks her whether she had her spies all round the rajbhavan then she answers while laughing yes Chandra you are right and when Chandra takes bindusara

in his arms to play Nandini feels some pain in her shoulder due to internal energy and then Chandra keeps bindusara in the cradle and starts applying the cream for pain in his shoulder immediately bindusara starts crying and Chandra goes and makes him feel calm.
The next day morning Chandra goes to pandugrath and gifts him new toys with which he plays and at the same time Nandini brings bindusara there and then pandugrath plays with bindusara then Chandra asks Nandini the permission to leave to check the arrangements hearing this pandugrath immediately aks about it and requests to be present at the ceremony but Nandini says that you don’t have rights to get out of this room but Chandra allows him to be present but with some soldiers to protect him. Near the clothes which were to be distributed where Nandini sees all the arrangement and then tells pandugrath to eat his medicine and then come at the ceremony and then she leaves and when all dasis are arranging he picks up one cloth and pours poison on it and keeps it on the tray and starts laughing and says Chandra you killed my father and brothers now 1 st revenge by killing bindusara by the time one of the dasis hear him and starts running to Chandra but pandugrath stops her and kill her. Chandra holding bindusara and in presence of all the ceremony begins there when a troop of soldiers go to take him they see him beside a dasi dead and decide to take him to Chandra but when they reach there they find him busy and wait for him and then pandugrath sees the cloth of poison arriving closer to bindusara but he starts crying then comes their he becomes quiet and the ceremony continues. Acharya sees soldiers having caught pandugrath he goes there seeing him pandugrath runs to Nandini and then those soldiers tell Chandra that he killed a dasi and then pandugrath said that she wanted to kill bindusara so she had put poison on that blue cloth then acharya opens and smells it and immediately tells his student Kartikeya to bring the medicine to cure poison and then drinks it immediately and then acharya feels better.

Malti tells Nandini that according to new rules every husband should live with his wife so I think that you may be happy but she says that no I am afraid that is it good that Chandra and me live together again. There Helena and Apama plan to take advantage of Chandra Nandini coming close, apama says you try to Create a situation in which Chandra has to choose between Nandini and moora

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. अरुण

    Bindusar escaped another attempt of killing. Pandugrath may get sympathy of all but, Chanakya’s brain may sense something else. This may be first clue Pandugrath left in the view of Acharya.

  2. Plz show real Chandragupta Mourya…not this puppet of Ektha…he doesn’t hv any other business other than running behind Nandini and Helena…Nandini is a fiction…stop showing nonsense about a great ruler and King.

    1. Sindyavarshini

      Agree with you sister.

      1. Sindyavarshini

        Getting irritated when seeing this story. Modifying as they like it.???

    2. Agree with you completely. Lost interest all together from the show. Even Rajat’s presence in the show is not gaining any interest for me anymore. After watching Rajat’s previous show, this show has absolutely no story of a GREAT KING…
      The show has no concrete storyline and Helena’s character has become more than annoying. Apama is still planning another plot and no one knows anything about it. No guards in the mahal to convey any plots to the maharaj or to chanakya. Mura and Dadi has no other work besides supporting Nandini and praising her all the time.

    3. Is this not real story…in from tamil nadu..
      Had no idea abt chandragupta thought ths must hs story based on available scriptures?

  3. Thanks for written update. Thrilling suspense filled episode with RAJAT doing fab role as doting father loving husband and king with much ELAN.hope show gets IT’S proper due in numbers.

  4. Nandu is not ready she is still afraid for be punish and blame again she is right, very sad bindu life will b again in danger, hope chanakya will find soon abt evil pandu

  5. Nandini was so cute ? in thé sweet chandini moment lost in his eyes baby bindu cried at thé bad moment. Poor bindu is still in danger hope chanakya will find soon abt panda

  6. The scene between Chloe or Thoi,Helena n Madhav gang was entertaining.
    How easily Pandu get his poison, i think those days poison so easily availabe in the palace.
    Chanakya is so smart by smelling the cloth,he knows which medience to be taken, same trick like Apama.
    Malayketu cannot be trusted, first revelaed info about King Nanda n now Amatya, expecially to the the evil lady.
    Chandra n Nandini romantic love scene always interrupted by Bindu,Dasi, or Helena n the gang. Why the makers still delaying their romantic scene,i think we hv to wait at least 200 episode.
    Apama n Helena same plot again, getting too tired of this nonsence. It seems that they are always get away with whatever harm they hv done to Nandini.
    Mahal security is not secured, easy entry for villians.
    The makers shd get good story line, focus on CN love story, maybe one episode just for CN.

  7. Padmini, I completely agree with you !!!!

  8. padmini i too think the same in those days poison is available like medicine and they r using different kind of poisons.
    finally bindu is safe and also chankya is safe they didnt drag the scene.Now i think nandini only wil find out the truth and nandini and chanakya wil join and expose i guess because chandra is beliving pandugar.
    i waiting to see wat is that rule chandra has made .
    i think chandra and nandini should propose after pandugar track then only their relation wil be strong

    1. Nandini, I only hope that Nandini will find out about her brother intention rather than Chandra, than it will be safe. Agree with yr comments.

  9. now apama asking helena to plan something if helena plan on her own then it wil be funny

  10. Wah re Pandubrath….

    Nice episode ??????
    Liked it!!! ??????

    Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

  11. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    I really angry wid cutie vindu today, he spoiled the romantic moment of his mom and dad. The way nandini looking at chandu’s eye it looks that she lost her path in chandra eyes and searching for Google map!!!lol

    1. Hahaha Google map Satya. Nice

  12. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    When the serial start then no one can imagine that pandugrath will get soo much important role in Future !!! Makers using pandu very Wisely and it make seriously very entertaining!!!

  13. Romantic eye locks of chandra and nandu are good, expecting more from them.

  14. Ohhh !!!! what a sweet couple……..
    U Bindu, why u did it haaah ????? Naughty child……

    It doesn’t seems dat Apama is going 2 help Malay………whatever bt Pandugrath bcame really wise after Amatya cured him………anyone can recognise him as a son of Padmanand bcoz he bcame his father’s photocopy like his other bros (only N is xceptional, even Roopa was also like him)……..

  15. I don’t understand why do this witters and director modify the History of India according to entertainment. They do not understand that it gives negative thought in rural and uneducated part of society, people who does not know the really history. Why does it is allowed to modify such a sensitive parts of Indian History.

  16. Apon

    I am very worried about Nandini. Hope there will not happen any misunderstanding between C & N. I can’t tolerate tear of her eyes . Her tear make me tearful too. i dreamt her regularly . Because I love Nandini a lot. but i can’t express this. friends ,,, i am from bangladesh. is there anyone from my country….?
    And friends i want to share a topic with you all. do you agree ….?

  17. this story is all fiction not the real story about a great warrior

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