Chandra Nandni 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Bindusara announces that he would like to free dharma from this marriage.

Chandra Nandni 4th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindusara asks where is dharma,Charumati says I asked her to stop and also said it’s your wedding night and after all you are married but she left,and Bindusara instead of punishing dharma you are taking her side,Bindusara says she didn’t do anything wrong,Charumati says what you accepted that dasi as your wife,Bindusara says I didn’t mean that, I meant that I will soon anal the wedding and I have no interest in her,Charumati thinks this means both have no interest in each other,Helina ma was worried for no worries,Charumati gets Bindusara alcohol and says good you have no interest in her,because you are all mine,Bindusara pulls her hair and says see you fell in love but I will never give you love,go to your room leave me alone,Charumati leaves.

Sir looks at Nandinis pic

and has his pic beside her and says you are my Savitri my wife let’s go back to our home, and starts laughing and says you are my wife and no Nandini. Chandra wakes up and sees Nandini isn’t beside her and finds her dupatta and smells it and says I wish I could wake up with you and remembers Nandini was to say something last night and he slept,was it about her feelings,Nandini walks in singing chandras favourite song and Chandra acts asleep.

Nandini gets her clothes,and turns around,Chandra quickly changes the dress and goes back to sleep ,Nandini says I choose the other dress may be I’m mistaken and goes to dress,and sees Chandra change jewellery too from mirror and says so it’s you let me teach you lesson and troubles him by getting sunlight into the room and drops water on his face from her hair and says good last night maharaj slept and didn’t hear what I said,let me go change now,Chandra pulls her close and asks so what did you say last night,Nandini says so you were acting,Chandra says yes I was now tell me,Nandini says it’s late go get ready,and pushes him out,and starts laughing.

Dasi walk to dharma and request her to get ready for the rituals,dharma says please leave I don’t want to,dasi says but rajvadhu( prince wife), dharma says stop calling me that I’m just dharma,Nandini walks in and says get used to it because you are one and says I will dress dhrama,and says dharma even I used to feel weird when I was called queen but with this tittle comes responsibilities as well,but that won’t be hard because you already are so responsible and caring.

Nandini says dharma you should be in Bindusara room,what are you doing here and don’t hide anything,did he misbehave,feel free to talk,dharma says you are a mother in law and a mother too,what should I call you,Nandini says you are and always will be my daughter,and hugs her and says now tell me,dharma says no he behaved so well with me and also said he wants to anal the wedding,dadi walks in and says come let’s go all are waiting,and says dharma you are looking so beautiful,may god bless you.

Champa king says we would like to take Elis and leave now,Chandra says sure,Helina says stay for some more time,Champa says we should leave now,Helina says actually we have a ritual to go patal temple,and once Elis and Kartikeya are done with it you can leave.

Kartikeya looking at dharmas sad face and Elis wins the game. Chitra and Bhadra together find the ring,dadi says now both will rule over each other, adornus says it’s dharmas turn now,Charumati says to Helina,ma Dharama has to keep waiting for Bindusara,he will come and soon anal the wedding and you are worried without any reason because both have no interest in each other,Helina thinks if this happens this may affect Elis married life.

Dadi says Helina where is Bindusara we need to perform this ritual,Bindusara walks in and says that won’t be required as i have applied for marriage analment.vhandra says Bindusara what is this,Nandini says you cant do this dhrama,Bindusara says I have done it,soon the process will be completed and dharma will be free.and why stay in a relation where we both can never be happy.

Elis says to Helina if this wedding is cancelled,Kartikeya will be back to dharma and I cant loose him,Helina says I have a plan,it’s like I’m Bindusara mother and I know when to use what weapon,he will understand my point only when I show him something understanding.

Nandini tries to calm Chandra,Chandra says he isn’t small that he takes so foolish decision,doesn’t he understand that such huge decisions aren’t to be taken abruptly,Nandini says calm down,Chandra looses his calm more and says I’m going right away and talking to Bindusara.

Nandini hugs him and starts counting and tries to calm his anger,Chandra hugs her back,and calms down,Nandini asks Chandra to swear on her that he won’t be upset with Bindusara,Chandra says I won’t but he has to understand what he has done isn’t correct and he has to understand,dharma is you daughter she needs you go.

Pre cap : in Sabha Chandra says to sir,whatever you say is left here we may return you,what is it,Nandini walks in and he rushes to her my love,Chandra steps in and says how dare you,He says she is my wife Savitri.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. अरुण

    Two marriages are on stake, CN and BD. It’s nice that Acharya is present in palace and monitoring the situation, he may solve the issue.

  2. Gpk484

    The most idiotic & frustrating precap I’ve ever seen in my entire

  3. Gpk484

    The most idiotic & frustrating precap I’ve ever seen in my entire life ! What the f**k is happening ?
    Again one separation !
    No no no no no how dare you writers !
    F***ing ideas always comes into your brains ! Always Chandra Nandini should be together living happily lovingly forever !
    Now , how come that pyscho entered the palace ! And what’ll happen next will that memory lost patient Nandini believe him ?
    I hope not because Nandini loves Chandra to such an extent that no one could ever separate them ! Even though she lost her memory !
    Well this should really happen and I’m waiting for it ! And also Chanakya should also think about the fake psycho ! Trying to plot against CN separation !
    Also I’ve Never seen till now right from the start of the show
    Chandra and Nandini had never confessed their love directly ! That’s kinda annoying also disappointing Persay !
    I think the end of the show is that Chandra Nandini will confess their love directly I mean in front of viewers ! Also having her memory back too !
    That’s the end of the show
    Both living happily lovingly long ever after
    Forever !
    This must be the climax and ending of this love serial Chandra Nandini ! ? I also hope Nandini will get pregnant once again who knows we’ll see for sure !
    Guys think positive ! Ending will be as I told above
    CN confess their love directly I mean in front of us ( viewers ) and Nandini will also be pregnant with her regained memory
    Or also she might be having a child at the very end of the serial !
    Hope Chandra and Nandini love & live happy forever ! ♥️♥️♥️

    1. Gpk484 I just love all your comments. I come here to read the comments and get amused.
      Looks like yesterday’s episode was nice with Chandra Nandini’s romance so I might have a quick watch of it but will omit the rest of the episode.
      I was thinking if under any circumstances, the writers would come in front of you, what would you do to them, I cannot even for a second want to imagine it.
      Well the show is ending in November and at this point in time – 3 weeks and we have new a villain entering to separate Chandra and Nandini all over again!!
      The show should have been given the name – “Chandra Nandini’s Judai ki Kahaani”
      Well for me, ending the show means Rajat can take a break and come back full on with a more concrete, positive and interesting show which can at least give him what he deserves.
      He works hard, puts life into the character and gives 100% to his show but in return he needs a good script writer and a director who can respect his dedication.
      I wish him all the best for his future projects and I also pray to give all the CN Fans the strength to endeavour the remaining torture of watching this show.

  4. What ever it may be in the precap that fellow is over acting any one can easily find out that he is lying, if nandini is your so called savitri after all these years where the hell you were after that baba informed you that Chandra has excepted her as his wife then he is entering the Mahal for what psycho and did you all noticed they way he is approaching going nandini that time I saw a proctative Chandra and he commanded that fellow how dare you
    Thank God Chanakya is present now what will happen next will Chandra belive him and order nandini to a company him or as usual that Helena will help him
    What I can’t digest is again separation from the beginning they were so many separations between Chandra and nandini I pity them very sad Chandra did not hear what he was really, eagerly awaiting for from nandini will he ever able to hear from her the most awaited love confession will nandini be able to propose her love to Chandra will this happen in there life very sad not even once both have confesed their love for each other how mean writers have some mercy for the leads remember its Chandra and nandini love story if you people have decided to end the show end it in happiness not sad so that people can remember this love between Chandra and nandini

    1. Shalini, agreed with yr comments feeling sad for CN. What is wrong with the makers, the story is they just want to separate CN, they can’t even create a better storyline. Anway we are so patient, so faithful n still keep watching.

  5. Chandra and Nandini Romance scenes were good. Chandra’s light blue attire was so good on him. He was walking so majestically he simply captures all his fans heart. Bindu for once said something correctly by asking to reverse the wedding. Charumathi and Ellis both are not going to get their respective love. Reply to Ellis by Karthikeya as well by Bindu to charumathi clearly shows that. What is the higher purpose carrying the episodes with younger generation I don’t know.

    1. You are right about the attire.Chandra looks good in not only this attire but everything he wears look perfect That’s the magic of rajat.

      1. Yes u r right. He will look really good in all dresses. First time it was with light colour and some jems kept and they showed it little closer at that level. For hevean sake if they change once his chest semi stone dress to his shawl it may be good we can watch cool till Nov. Even I am hoping that Chanakya will act proactively.

  6. I only wish Archariya will solve this issue soon and reveal Nandini’s true identity.
    Nandini has suffered enough.
    Hopefully Chandra’s love for Nandini will pay back.

    1. Prescious, Me too i also wish that Archariya will solve this issue as he told chandra earlier that we shd announced that Nandini is back so that they can find out who is the culprit. Chandra shd not give up Nandini that easily before questoning that guy.

    2. Gpk484

      I hope so !

    3. Yes, chanakya is our only hope.

  7. Precious, Hope Chankya will rescue CN

  8. history ki aisi taisi krne wale show ko kbi seriously na liya kre kyuki inka history se koi mtlb nhi hota hai aisse shows ko to bilkul bhi bdawa na de

    1. Gpk484

      Can you just translate this to English please
      Coz I know only Tamil & English a lot ….

  9. Now viewers are dependent on Chanakya hope he slove the problem, Chanakya might cross question that fellow how come now he claiming nandini as his savitri these many years where was he after coming to know she is in magadh what crap more how many days are left, let’s take three weeks in this three weeks will the makers be able to show, nandini’s innocence in dd’s murder will bindusar gets to know that nandini is innocent and the actual culprit is Helena and her mother apama
    Will nandini regain her memory back or gets confused will she consider that fellow as her husband what will be her state of mind
    Will Helena take advantage of the situation to separate Chandra and nandini again there are so many puzzles that has to sliced and nandini has promised bindusar that she will prove her innocence in his mother murder case will nandini be able to prove it because a situation has come where she will be shattered, confused, touched by thinking is she savitri or nandini like apama said there medicine might work hear
    Hope for the best

    1. I don’t see the promo for any new serial so is it really going to end in 3 weeka?

  10. Jayani


    Chandra Nandini latest news: Chandra (Rajat Tokas) helpless as man claims Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) is his wife Savitri
    Star Plus’s show Chandra Nandini will now showcase the shocking twist in the storyline with a new character entering Chandra and Nandini’s life with an intention to tale Nandini away from Chandra forever.

    Chandra and Nandini are unaware about a big conspiracy going on to get them separated. A man has been sent to Magadh to take away Nandini and claim that she is his wife. Very soon, viewers will get to see that the man will enter the Magadh palace and will demand to meet Chandra. The man will create a big ruckus and he will be caught by the soldiers. Chandra, Nandini and the rest of the family will be shocked by the sudden entry of this man in the palace creating havoc.

    Chandra will decide to meet the man in the courtroom but he is not aware that his world is all set to turn upside down. The man will be brought into the courtroom and he will tell Chandra that his precious belonging has been taken away by him. Chandra will assure the man that he will give him back whatever he has taken away from him. At this point, the man will go towards Nandini and will claim that she is his wife Savitri.

    Chandra and everyone else in the palace will be completely shocked by the man’s claims. Chandra will refuse to believe the man’s claim but Nandini will be left quite confused as she does not remember her past. However, the man is determined to make Nandini believe that she is indeed Savitri. Will Nandini too accept being Savitri and leave Chandra forever? Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and spoilers on Chandra Nandini.

  11. Jayani

    Hi all, after a long tym commenting here… I actually came here just 2 inform u all dat Aparna chechi wanted me 2 convey her regards… She said she isn’t watching cn for long now coz frankly speaking, its gone out of track… Hoping dat it cums back 2 normal nd cn dusn’t end… Nd pl pray for my xamz??…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. All the best, Jayani. Hope you’ll pass with flying colours.

    2. All the best dear Jayani for your exams. I am praying for you and the other students as well. I forgot the name. Sorry. You have all the best wishes with you. Let us know when your results are out.

    3. Tysm roopa di nd cnfan bro… M waiting for dat day can my xamz get over nd Sunday I hav my math xam??…

  12. Jayan, don’t worry u will do well in yr exams n will pray for u

    1. Tysm akka for ur prayers

  13. JAYANI don’t worry you will do your exams very well and come out very successful. Our prayers are with you.

    1. Thnx prakashnie di for ur wishes??

  14. I am still not able to believe how I can be without watching Rajat and swetha anymore after Nov. They are going to create a vacuum in our entertainment space without this CN serial. Also after watching CN I don’t feel like watching any other melodrama serial in the other T.V channel. It looks rather boring. I think next month electricity bill will reduce.

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