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Chandra Nandni 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with padmanand saying attack. The battle starts. Chandra and his army charge towards the enemy. Chandra comes and commanders go behind him. Padmanand says attack him. Chandra charges and kills 2 commanders. Chandra says he will not leave them and just wait and watch. padmanands son goes and says come and fight with me, gautami says where is he going and he was already once beaten by Chandra. Chandra throws son from his horse and says I fight with equality and he gets down from his horse and attacks the son. He is wounded severely. Gautami and nandini are shocked, padmanand says protect my son and take him to the medic and nothing should happen to him. The soldiers go and Chandra kills them easily. Son is taken back. Chanakya there says that this war looks very easy and in front

of the Magadha army Chandra is easily defeating them and this should not happen. The other saint says that he will win, chanakya says no it’s a tactic and as Chandra goes ahead he will be attacked from behind and we should alert him.
There nandini says I should do something and Chandra is coming in too fast. She goes and summons the women army and tells them its time they show what women are and go and attack them. The women army goes. Nandini comes back and smiles. The women army goes and attacks chandras army. A commander tells Chandra that should they attack the women and they have covered us. Chandra thinks how can I tell my soldiers to kill so many women at once? He then thinks what chanakya had told him that at the battlefield everyone is equal. Chandra tells them to attack. Padmanand tells his other sons to attack Chandra, they attack but are injured and fall down. Padmanand goes himself and Chandra attacks him. As they battle, Chandra attacks and padmanand falls down, there nandini gautami and padmanands wife is shocked. By then soldiers come and hold Chandra. From other side maliketu comes with his army, chanakya is shocked and takes the red flag to tell Chandra, Chandra sees the flag. Chandra is fighting, chanakya comes and tells him that we have to go as maliketu has come with his army. Chandra says no I cant leave the battlefield like this. Chanakya says please listen and we will die here if we fight for more time, Chandra says no and I cant leave the battlefield and says I am your student and I know what you taught me. Chanakya tells even maliketu was my student and he wont listen and we will return with a more better plan and if we go then we live. Chandra and his army retreat. Maliketu comes and says yes we win and those cowards ran. Padmanand rejoices and everyone say padmanand long live. Nandini Avantika and gautami are happy.
At the palace, padmanand enters the court and everyone say long live. Then padmanand says today we won as maliketu helped us and he is the future son in law of Magadha and so I will felicitate him with a gold coin bath. They do the gold coin bath. Nandini Is happy as her father won the battle.
After felicitation, the ceremony is over. Padmanand goes, Avantika comes and tells him that I want to tell you that a simple guy who came yesterday had become so tough on your army and he could have killed your sons easily. Padmanand says is she doubting him and his army? Avantika says I am saying a normal guy attacked your army and you won only because of maliketu or today Chandra would have a gold coin bath and I want to say that you make changes in your army and make them better or another day like this will come. Padmanand says don’t say that and once I am done I will kill you and you are only alive because of nandini. Nandini comes, padmanand acts like hugging Avantika.
Outside the palace, padmanand comes and tells the people of Magadha that today they won because of maliketu and nandini as she taught his army some nice tactics. Padmanand tells that 6 days from now I will take a time from panditjis suggestion and nandini and maliketu will marry. The people cheer.
After the ceremony, a woman enters padmanands room, a soldier says this is the kings room and you cant go in, another soldier allows her and she goes. The 1st soldier says why did you allow her? Other says do you even know who she is?
In the room, padmanand comes and sits, he is shocked to see the woman.

Precap: chanakya tells Chandra that don’t let you wounds get better and fill, and let thme suffer and this pain and suffering will lead you to victory.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. thankuu tanaya for a very fast updates.. keep writing..
    I always wait for the updates of Chandra nandini..
    btw, today episode was Rocking..
    and waiting for Chandra n nandini scene.. bohot miss them too much.

  2. So Chandra’s full name is chandragupt? Or is that a different character? And chanakya is the one who gave great ideas in politics?
    Around what time this storyline belongs to. Anyone knows?

    1. Thanks for the written update

    2. chandra full name is Chandragupt Murya

  3. Koushik ghosh

    This story is belongs to 320 BC…and as per I know Chandragupta is more famous for his love towards Helena..
    And yes chanakya..what a great character he is…we all know about chanakya niti.

  4. Ekta trp ke liye history tbaa kr degi.history school mein hume tang krti thi uska badlaa ekta le rhi hai.lolzz

  5. Iske baad raziya sultan , heer ranja etc. sabki story new style mein present kregi.

  6. The show is good but, doesn’t have the magic of jodha akbar

  7. i like tis serial vry much

  8. Priya9876

    oooo….shitttt…!!! man mujhe to laga tha aaj kaam tamam ho jaye ga padmanand ka….but no…..???

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