Chandra Nandni 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 4th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra says don’t call me monkey,Nandini says you are one,don’t you remember when I was bathing in lake you were starring at me,Chandra says why shouldn’t I,Nandini says I should go and turns around,bindusara holds her dupatta,Nandini says Chandra leave me,Chandra says I didn’t,Nandini turns and finds bindusara holding it,Chandra says stop and removes her moustache and says now you may go.

Vishakha enjoying her bath, Chandra walks in and sees her applying body soap on her legs,she looks at Chandra,chandra thinks why did I stop I should go and leaves,Nandini walks to her from behind and says let me help you to apply shower on your back, she asks who are you Nandini says I’m bindusara nanny,she says I’m princess Vishakha,Nandini says I know you lost your parents

don’t worry maharaj Chandragupta shall help you,even I went through hardships,Vishakha says good to know I have friend here, Helina says you are wrong she is one whose father killed your parents,and Vishakha not just that she even killed durdhara,Vishakha says every person has a hidden past who knows about it I mean even your father once attacked on Magad but now you are queen here,Helina says you are guest here so be like one and leaves.

Nandini says Vishakha you need not do this,Vishakha says I can read people and I know you are a good person. Chanakya informs Chandra about the path he marked by peanuts to padmanand shelter,Chanakya says Chandra you may proceed soon and follow the nut shells,all the best.

Chandra leaves with his troop,they start following nut shells,and Chandra says be careful Nand shouldn’t have any warnings about us. Bindusara uneasy and crying,Nandini unable to handle him,mora and dadi walk in,mora says get Vaidya,Helina says Nandini you know everything about it ,what happened now,Vaidya examines bindusara,and says he is completely fine,Vishakha arrives and says may I ,mora says are you used to,Vishakha says yes, and I can’t see the baby cry and holds bindusara in her arms,Bindusara calms down,mora says thank you Vishakha , Vishakha says I could feel the pain, you all gave me shelter and this is nothing in return.

Chandra arrives at Nand shelters and gets ready to attack with his troop,they enter in tents and find them empty,soldiers say all other tents are vacant too.chandra informs Chanakya about it and says everything was as you said but was vacant. Padmanand asks Amartya why are we here,Amartya says I found these nut shells near our tents and these nuts aren’t available in our locality which meant clearly it was Chanakya , and just to be secured about you and Gautami son I made this shift,padmanand says wow Amartya, you are right we need to be alert now,Amruta says it may be someone else too,we need to find it.

Chanakya says they might be alert now,Its not easy to trick Amartya,give me time to think on it,you leave now. Malayketu says it’s not someone else it’s Acharya Chanakya for sure,padmanand says now we have to test Chanakya before we join hands with him,Amartya says I have a solution to this.

Vishakha,Nandini playing with bindusara, Nandini says look he likes you,anyways I will get him some milk,you play with him and leaves,Chandra walks in and gets an acute ache in his back and says Nandini the pain is back come please help,unaware that it’s not Nandini but Vishakha and says Nandini what are you doing there Nandini come first,I can’t bare it.

Vishakha puts bindusara down and walks to Chandra and takes his robe off and touches his back and is mesmerised but scared,she tries to help Chandra,Nandini walks in and is shocked,Chandra says Nandini,Chandra looks behind and says Vishakha,Vishakha says sorry maharaj,you were shouting in pain and so I got scared and came to help you,Chandra says my pain it’s gone,thank you Vishakha your hands are magical,Nandini says you are right,she even calmed bindusara.chandra says that’s nice, ask me anything in return ,Vishakha says you gave me shelter I’m thankful and leaves,Chandra says nice.

Pre cap : Nandini follows a shadow. Chandra asks Nandini when that soldier died where were you,Nandini thinks I shouldn’t tell Chandra about last night.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Is Vishakha good or bad?Totally confused.

    1. bad..she is coming closer to chandra by her magical power

      1. I think she is good at least there is one friend for nandhini to support her

      2. ram she is vishkanya just she is acting to attract all

    2. She is bad. She came to kill Chandra

  2. अरुण

    Gorgeous Vishakha has a lot of skills, she can understand someone’s behaviour quickly, take care of child and cure someone with her magic touch, if she utilise it for goodness than okay but if her motive is different than it is big problem for all.
    Chandra will surely attract to her and will fall in big problem, so despite humiliation, for the sake of love Nandini will again try to save her husband.
    Chanakya’s strategy failed and another problem invited in the palace.

  3. I just want everybody in the Palace to like Vishakha (obviously Helena and her mother will not like her presence unless they use her for their own benefits) including Chandra should like her. Everybody should think that they do not need Nanthini anymore as she could be replaced by Vishakha. Nanthini should leave from the Palace and have a better life outside the Palace. All these horrible people including Chandra should get hurt by Vishaka. They all have to realise the value of Nanthini and miss her presence… Please Vishaka hurt all the people including Chandra but do NOT hurt Bindusar…

    1. and grandma Dadi!

      1. I agree with u vany di…she should hurt Chandra first…he said dat “accha ladki”…

    2. I agree, I hate this serial now. Chandra never thanks Nandini for any help she gives.

    3. Jayani

      He has never shown his gratitude 2 her in any way… If she wudn’t hav married dis stupid ?gupt maurya for god sake, she wud hav loved sum1 else nd married him as she always wanted (she wanted 2 luv sum1 more dan nand nd den marry dat person)

  4. अरुण

    Why Bindusar cried when Vishakha entered, and also kept quite when she took him is a suspense.

  5. this serial was totally controlled by two bad ladies. now also one can join but she is different from those two. serial so boring.

  6. @vany i agree with you . chandra does not deserve Nandini . this nandini shld have some self respect . i so wish that she leaves the palace. chandra n mur deserves
    one slap

    1. Jayani

      She has given up her self respect for d up bringing of bindu only… She knew dat she had 2 fulfill d promise given 2 dd so she dusn’t bother abt anything else other dan bindu but unknowingly she still has dat luv for him nd ? also has feelings for her even now… But dey rn’t able 2 realise dat seva ek manushy uss mahal mein – dadi – who is going 2 bring dem 2gether as dd used 2 do… Now dat jod has been transfered 2 dadi

  7. VK always r gorgeous even in history they used to select women who r beautiful s*xy as vishkanya n train them . so that men fall for the trap

    1. Jayani

      Dat’s true

  8. Hope chandra is acting or even he is sort of hypnotized by VK

  9. Agree with you

  10. NR8

    Why do Chanakya & Chandra think someone knows about their plans? Isn’t it easy to figure out that Nand & team might have noticed the trail of groundnut peels and understood the plan? Now maybe Chandra will think Nandini is the culprit and giving information to Nand. Some of the most stupid writers and director that I have ever seen in any serial!

    1. Jayani

      Dey r underestimating d power of a common man (nand nd ar)

  11. please makers dont make chandra to fall for her.. even i can tolerate chandu hate to nandu but not love towards vk

    1. I agree.

    2. Jayani

      I just don’t such hungama in cn again

  12. why chandra didnt inform to chankya abt vk

  13. satya sarathi sarkar

    chandra loves only nandini,he shows that he hate nandini,but he still love nandini but bishaka can hypnotize chandra. but one thing is very sure that she will be give tough competition to helena and her mother.helena do all evil things for getting chandra but if bishaka takes away chandra from her then how helena react that must be very intresting.

    1. Ur ryt…helena will do anything for Chandra…if Chandra falls for Vishaka surely Helena n apama try to do something like they plotted against nandu…I want to see her reaction when she knows dat Chandra hypnotized by Vishaka…

    2. Jayani

      I can’t wait 2 c helu nd apu’s reaction?

  14. AparnaPrasad

    As far as iam onto ds show.. its boring to hell. Vishkanya track isnt as exciting ok. Obviously its bad. And aftr evrythng nandini wl save chandra.. still he wnt believ she dnt kill dd. He wl nvr say thanks nor sry. Wen at tym of roopa rembr frnds wat al he has tld her.. askd her hw many men does she hav relationship with and all and wen truth came i dnt see him apologizing and nandini ws ok wd it. Here too in case if dd murder truth is out chandra wl punish helena or apama whoevr it is and gt along wd romancing nandini and she wl b fine wd it… i hate it … i hate it. I luv wat sita did in siya ki raam. Chandra desrves hell. And i quit ds shw till mayb june somethng wl b somwr by den… so good bye my friendss. Lets see aftr a short break… gud nyt

    1. agree with u aparna . chandra never apologize n this nandini always forgives him. even during roopa ..chandra did talk ill about nandini ‘s character n insulted her so much but not even a sorry was asked n am sure even this time same will happen . Nandini needs to be strong . She shld give back to chandra and family . chandra dont deserve nandini

    2. satya sarathi sarkar

      hey ur dp is very nice.Look chandra earlier always said that I have no heart and I do not trust in love.After meeting Nandini he strted to love her.But aftr dd’s death he now again heartless.But he still loves Nandini. for that he every time memorizing the lovely moments wid Nandini.The main concept of the Serial is how the love of Nandini changed Chandra and made him a great king.So dnt quit watching the show.I think some good things are waiting for us in the serial.

      1. No…am fed up…i cant tolerate wen she humiliated by Chandra n dat evil cat Helena…day to day they include new things…its annoying…

      2. i think after 170 episode may be good

  15. Wat s going on??? VK s looking so beautiful… But I hate her presence near nandu Chandra n Bindu…first sort out some existed problems thn introduce some other…definitely Chandra will fall for her thn he realize dat she came magad to harm…nandu bear all d insults still she’s quite…hraft Chandra blame her again dat she s d one who can helps nand in Mahal…makers plz solve some problem…i lost my interest day to day…

  16. Now a days I started to hate Chandra Nandini serial. It was good once but currently dominated by evil energy . Hate all character except Bindhusar and Dadi ma. All are proving their mindless. Why Nandini is shameless irrespective of receiving multiple insults . She was brave women can’t she take Kali avatar to reveal all culprits and make Chandra , Chanakya and Chandra’s Mom to feel guilty and realise their mistakes . If current situation persists then definitely all viewers will start to hate the serial and no one will b there to watch it except the director and writes. In the name of romance they are blocking 1 minute for C & N but it will end with throwing hard words on Nandini and finally the romance scene is turning out to be irritated to viewers.

    I was Crazy on CN but Currently I hate to the most . HATE HATE HATE HATE deep down the heart ……… HAAAAAATEEEEEE

  17. Apon

    Hate story 3

  18. Apon

    just a bad story.

  19. Apon

    writer has no more story to go ahed…

  20. Poor, clueless and trust nandani, I hope dz vk really deal with Helena and her mother and let nandani have some peace, let her let chandra suffer small, he is pain and looking for nandani d dasi and nanny to help him….annoying

    1. I am thinking that vk may help nandhini to find durdhara real culprit

      1. pooja is playing neg role (,i.e)against c&n

  21. When once CN serial was going interesting, I used to read updates and then go see the episode online. Updates and recap used make me go and see episodes even after knowing the story through updates. Nowadays I even hate to read updates and don’t even watch episode. It is really getting bored. They could even try to make it more interesting like making nandini win trust chanakya by helping in defeating nand chanakya thus plait his hair and main reason would be nandini, Chandra/nandini team up to find the culprit in dd murder. Instead of sending vishaka now, Later defeated nand could send vishaka to kill Chandra for revenge. That would make sense. Now all evils in one place and looking like noodles. Viewers will get irritated where the story is going ahead instead of getting curious

    1. “now all evils r in one place nd looking like noodles ” super punch..i canot stop laughing while seeing these line..

    2. same as u said iam watching prevous epis it gives me happines it relax me but now it is so hurting i cannot even read wrtrn update while chandra nd nandu joined in finding roopa their fun,jeslous,teasing its so cute to see it makes me to see till now but i got bored
      just for relaxing iam seeing ths serial nowadays its hurting me…like
      “koduma kodumanu kovilukku ponna anga oru koduma thalaviruchi adutha”

      1. Hahaha…super dialogue…

  22. I think Vishakha is trying to take Nandini`s place in Chandra`s life. Everyone except Helena and Apama will like her and this stupid Chandra may ask Nandini to leave because of Vishakha whom he`ll trust. He is going to be mesmerized by her fall for her. He doesn`t realize that she is trying to kill him. Finally, Nandini will save him. Why is Nandini degrading herself by applying body wash for Vishakha ?

    1. NR8

      Because she is getting used to being dasi now and maybe liking her role of serving everyone! That is why she never fights for her rights or proves her innocence!


  24. Once this serial was my favorite serial. I was keep on waiting for weekdays just for cn.. if my time didn’t pass then I used to watch old episodes of cn on hotstar.
    But now I have no excitement.
    Cn never meet in this serial till now except one day.
    I really miss start episodes of cn.. even roopa track was better but I can’t tolerate this one.
    Please change the track to connect with more viewers.
    N why cn is not in favorite Jodi??
    They look good together.
    I love to watch them together

  25. Guys, may be Vishkanya’s target is Bindusar and not Chandra. Nand might have sent her to kill Bindusar instead of Chandra. Nandini will go to any extent to save him. And, this may be the reason that Chandra may believe that Nandini didn’t kill DD. This is how Nandini may prove her innocence to Chandra. I hope so….

  26. whethr this story wil go upto marriage like JK …guys i also hurted so much i canot see vk in place of nandu..i thought bindu wont get comfortable wit vk but now…only for bindu chandra keeping nandu here if bindu comfortablr wit vk ohhh goddd nooo…so i quit this serial till june

  27. OMG! That you s happening in CN. It’s so annoying the way N be treated by C. I hate him totally. Losing my interest in watching CN??

  28. me too losing interest in CN…how many woman in chandra life..
    His love also not genuine..looking at other woman…always shouting at nanthini.
    she is a warrior queen…

  29. I didi’nt like the way Chandra was staring at the Vishaka in today’s episode. I think this track will go until their marriage as I have seen a photo of Vishaka in haldi costume. Atleast then Nandini can leave magad for good.

    1. me too why he starred lke tat she is not that much beatiful than nandu…from starting episodr he didnt attracted to anyone nly nandu that too after somedays but here at 1sec he fallen i think she hypnotized him
      chandra is not lke that..

  30. Now serial has become boring, always chandra and everyone insults nandini, she keeps crying and enjoy with bindusara. Totally lost interest in serial, i will stop watching it for some days. They are simply dragging it.

  31. Nothing left in serial now, i started enjoying other serials in star plus.

    1. me too started to see kumkum bhagya

    2. NR8

      I am also frustrated watching this serial now. This dasi track – constant yelling of Chandtra and this servant like behavior or Nandini is just too much for me to handle! I want to watch other shows too. Any good suggestions that are better than CN?

  32. friends did you think the girl who came is the real vishakha, she says that her family was attacked by padmanand and she only ran away from there. then who is the girl shown before with Gauthami? i think she is the real one and padmanand may replaces her with another to caught Chandra. i was shocked to see chandra staring at vishakha, he is such a gentle man who never shown any interest to any other girl than Nandhini, I requesting the director don’t make him characterless.

    1. ya nithi i think she is not real vishkanya

    2. Yes Nithi. Characterization in this serial is very bad. Writers are not maintaining it. Akbar was attracted to vishkanya is not a big deal as he already had many wives and had bad past. But Chandra in real history as well as in throw serial it was portrayed as a gentle man so they should not comprise on characterization even they sketch story like Chandra was hypnotized to convince audience.

  33. Honestly, I began to hate this serial. Beginning the serial was superb. Now the serial is (ROJAK) it is actually a Malaysian word. Rojak is a dish which mix of five different of vegetables n fruits n shd be eaten with peanut curry sauce. I too was laughing at CN Fan -all evils look like Noodle.
    The old esposide i used to enjoy n watch a few times. The serial writers was good.
    But now i dont know where is heading.
    I hate Chandra n getting frustrated with Nandini. Why is she so blur,blur. Can she be a strong woman n why she need all the insult n treat her worst than a servant. Cant she so something to find out who kill Durhara .I just dont understand how she can tolerate all this nonsense
    Why dont she leave the Palace.
    I am so tired of this serial. Rather watch Ramayana or Jai Hanuman which helps you spirituality n not stressed.
    Very disappointed in this serial. The writes only love negative scene.

    1. ya yesterday i saw mahabharat to get relief from this serial

  34. Y d hell….. chandra always dont believe nandini….??but he believes evry1 …xcept nandini..they r dragging to much….abt durdhara truth…when d hell it comes out…evry1 r losing interest ….plz do it faster…??

  35. Now day i only read written update, because of lost interest to watch to ” kare ko aur bhare koi” (as like Nandini)

  36. Apon

    this is the reason of why people do not like Indian serials. the writers drag so much in one occurrence. go hell story writers….

  37. Dear writers please write story like you did in the beginning, it was very interested, honestly serial is not in right path, make good changes to the story. Hope you will like more ratings for the serial. This many negative views are never saw before for this serial. So kindly put the right track.

  38. Nice episode ????

    Loved it!!! ????

    Nicely re-written and showing the history…….

    Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful

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