Chandra Nandni 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 4th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra says Nandini why did you do this, Nandini says Chandra Durdhara asked me to meet her this way, dasi called me here, Chandra says come show me which dasi,Nandini says oh no she is dead Chandra, Helina picks up the knife nearby and says Chandra you had gifted this to Nandini, Nandini you killed Durdhara and this dasi too to keep your secret hidden, Nandini shouts no this is a plot Chandra I didn’t do this to Durdhara.

Chandra says enough Nandini, Vaidya says acharya, maharani Durdhara has still her baby alive, Chandra and others Rush to Durdhara, Chanakya finds a letter near Durdhara which reads I have to inform you all that she will kill me, I thought she is this way because she is Chandras step wife but no this is because she doesn’t want anyone in this mahal alive she is

a devil, Chanakya shows the letter to Chandra,as it doesn’t have any name all take it to be Nandini, Nandini says i didn’t do anything please trust me.

Chandra says soldiers take Nandini away, Nandini keeps pleading she is innocent, Ma and Helina very happy, Chanakya says Chandra we can save baby, but for his we need to tear durdharas stomach,Chandra says no one will touch Durdhara, mora says acharya Chandra is not in state to take decsiison we have this baby as durdharas sign ,Chanakya says okay please excuse us.

Durdhara is being operated,Chandra breaks down.helina says dadi please calm down,its all because of Nandini.helina thinks wow Ma this is best game ever now this Durdhara and Nandini Will never bother me,durdharas baby is born,mora and dadi walk into the room,Chandra stands far away,Chanakya says rajmata this baby has some effect of poison ,Chandra leaves in tears.

Chandra in his room crying,remembering his time spent with Durdhara,he is pain to depart with Durdhara,Chanakya walks in with his son,Chandra says please leave me alone,Chanakya says you are maharaj Chandragupta don’t lose it,Chandra says then why couldn’t I save my friend who always stood for me, I couldn’t save my friend,Chanakya says you lost wife and magad lost their queen and want justice and so it’s durdharas right that her murderer should be punished,Chandra says Nandini, I can’t punish her,Chanakya says look at his baby,he lost his mother and look at the sign on his forehead it’s due to poison effect and this is all because of Nandini,this is because you lost your heart to Nandini .

Chanakya says ok Chandra if you can’t punish Nandini all right , dont think about this baby and magad people and their pain of loosing their queen and you want to leave this mahal and go away with Nandini ,sure you can but you have to leave this baby here in mahal and leave baby in Chandras feet and goes.
Chandra picks him in his arms.

Nandini says I have to do something all proofs are against me but I didn’t do this and calls dasi and says please tell maharaj I want to see him,dasi says sorry but he denied,Nandini breaks down.

Dadi says mora I dont believe Nandini did this,mora says ma no one will take her name again,she proved she is Nands daughter our enemy .Chandra with baby,Helina walks to him,Chandra says leave me alone,Helina says I’m not here to increase your pain but as a mukhya maharani here for magad people and magad Yuvraj,magad people and Durdhara and magads Yuvraj need justice,Nandini killed Durdhara and she became so possessive about you she couldn’t see Durdhara and her baby be your preference and so took this step and so as maharaj of magad its your decision now.

In Sabha, Nandini is brought handcuffed,Chandra says we all know why we are here,maharani Durdhara is no more and we are here for her justice,my family,my son and magad want justice and they shall acquire it,maharani Nandini proofs are against you and as a punishment you have to leave us and this mahal forever and go away.Nandini thinks for once look into my eyes and tell you believe I killed Durdhara,Chandra looks at Nandini and leaves.

Chandra walks to his room and calls Nandini,and says dasi where is Nandini,dasi says she left mahal. Chandra breaks down,and shouts Nandini,Chandra walks to magad people with magad Yuvraj and says I know you all are in pain but there’s always a ray of hope and here is my son, mourya families new member,Yuvraj bindusar. Chandra says my life has only one aim now to look after my son.

Pre cap: Chandra with bindusar and Nandini with a baby,both taking care of them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. guys i have installed hotstar in my ph so the next epi it shows says”chandra returns to..” i could not see the rest bcuz u need premium membership…..sorry guys…..smilessssssss

    1. Chandinikrishna

      I also have hotstar and it says chandra returns to magadh after a war

  2. i think it is the real baby of durdhara………..may be nandni had replaced him with someone else so to protect him from the enemies………could be

  3. Nicely re-written and showing the history…….?????

    Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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