Chandra Nandni 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update : Nandini expresses her feelings to Chandra.

Chandra Nandni 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baba says sir I did as you asked me to but maharaj Chandragupta accepted Nandini and announced that she is back to whole Magad,sir says I won’t let this happen,now I will make a move,and before that I will have to meet Magads real king and starts laughing.

Chandra unable to sleep on sofa,Nandini awake and looking at him,Chandra unaware says how can she not feel bad for me,Chandra falls down,Nandini starts laughing but keeps quite,Chandra says I saw you,Nandini acts as if she just woke up and says why are you sleeping on floor,Chandra walks to her and sleeps beside her and says look you are my wife and there are lot of mosquitoes and so even you cant sleep there so now let’s just sleep,Nandini puts a cushion in between and both go off to sleep.

Nandini says can I ask you

something,Chandra says yes,Nandini says today I have to say something and if I didn’t say today I will never be able too. Sir and a lady meets a man and say greetings to Magad king,he says don’t waste time just proceed towards Magad.kartikeya thinking about dharma and Bindusara wedding,Elis walks to him with glass of alcohol and says we are about to start a new beginning and why stay alone and takes a sip and gives to Kartikeya, kartikeya says I don’t wish to,Elis says my granny got this from Greek,he says I don’t want to, Elis says okay okay and hugs him,and says I love you a lot,Kartikeya says don’t you understand I don’t want any alcohol and look I don’t love you,and can never give you this place in my life.

Elis says I’m your wife who do you love ,Kartikeya says look Its not you,and can never give you this place,Elis says I know you love that dasi dharma but she married my brother and you are all mine now and goes close to Kartikeya,Kartikeya says dharma won’t be mine I know that and you will never be given this place and leaves,Elis gets very angry.
Helina sees Charumati in room and asks what are you doing here,Charumati says where will I be,Bindusara will never be with that dharama so chill,Helina says don’t underestimate the power of hatred ,when this will turn in love you won’t even know,I made this mistake you don’t,now go get Bindusara,make him fall in love so deep that he has no time for dharma or any other women,go.

Nandini says I feel a bond with you,I tried hard to keep myself away from you,I was scared that this may be wrong but every time you came to me,I couldn’t stop myself,you gave me back my identity and in this process I didn’t even realise when I fell in love with you,the face I used to see in moon it was you,my love it was you,and Nandini turns around and says this is your answer,Chandra asleep.

Nandini looks at Chandra and smiles and says now when I answered you are asleep I wish you could hear me, Nandini says you complete me. Charumati walks in dharmas room,Charumati says surprised, I know I shouldn’t be here,are you waiting for Bindusara,but let me tell you, he won’t come here today or will never,stop dreaming about being a queen,these kings marry so many times,and then leave that women when they are done with her but you won’t even have that position because Bindusara won’t even come to you,you will never be given the position of a wife,and good you took off your ornaments because Bindusara will never and as you spoiled my night I will spoil yours and you will keep waiting.

Dharma says are you confident enough Charumati, I want him to be with you every night, I don’t want him to spend any night with him and these ornaments keep them,I have no interest in them or in your wife,I just want to go back to my place and leaves,Charumati says this dasi is so stupid she has no interest in Bindusara. Bindusara is stopped from entering Chandras room,he remembers his childhood days when Helina says now learn to stay away your parents will have lone time and ignore you.bindusara asks dasi to call pitahshree.

Dasi informs Nandini Bindusara is here,Nandini says why did you stop him at door let him in and walks to Bindusara and says son why stay out come in,Bindusara says I would like to talk to pitahshree,Nandini says he is asleep and if I can help you,Bindusara says please no thank you and about to leave,Nandini says stop Bindusara, I know I’m not your mother but even your mother would say this,I know you hate dhrama but you are married now and as per the promises you have taken guard her take care of her,don’t trouble her,you are married now as May be god has something written behind it,Bindusara says you are so two faced,first you were against it and now,but you are not my mother instead you killed her,Nandini says enough I didn’t kill her,Bindusara says do you have proofs,Nandini says I will talk to you only when I have proofs and leaves.

Nandini walks in and looks at Chandra and puts blanket over him,she falls over him,and looks at him and says I love you,only you, no one can separate us.Sir reaches Magad and says here is my wife Nandini my Savitri,my love.

Pre cap : Sir says you are my wife Savitri and not Nandini. Sir forces and makes noise to see Chandra.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. अरुण

    New villain introduced. His first priority is to separate CN and someone from palace is also helping him.

  2. Arpkishore

    Gud episode, gud nose cut for charu from dharma, tat she don’t want bindu to stay wit her. Elis behaving lik her mother wen she tried to give wine for Chandra. Same way daughter following. Helena insists charu to get bindu out of dharma. She knows lik Chandra and nandni hatred turned into love. So she asking d same to charumathi. Gud tat bindu asks proofs wit nandni for not killing durdhara. She said once she gets d proof I’ll talk to u oly. Tis s d starting for evils pit. On precap, d lady seems lik d character of roopa, which s nandni’s sister. Roopa combs her hair all d times, d same tat lady does. Who’s tat man?. Haven’t seen him before. He looks very young for nandni in character wise. How could he claimed to be nandni husband?. Here no prabha, no nandni. He says savitri. Better end d show asap.

    1. No no Kishore …she is not roopa..I found that girl name is mohini from insta. New character it seems

      1. Mona146

        its rukkaiyaa begum(lavina tandon) from jodha akbar

  3. Wat a episode now new villain to separate con and elis is fully gone upon her foolish mother bakwaas it is first they make bond and soon send someone to break it

  4. Who it might be how easily he entered into the Mahal so it means there is a black sheep now my question is will Chandra believe that fellow, will nandini expect him as her husband mmm and who was that lady with that fellow, what is there motive if they want to take revenge they can declare war on him but this cheap way to attract him unexpectible what ever it may be hope the two evils will not join hands with that fellow
    Today also it was annoying to see that face of Helena
    What nandini Chandra has fallen asleep and now you are proposing him your entry is wasted
    Nandini has promised bindusar that she will prove her innocence in dd’s murder case as soon as possible but how it be already a new problem has come in a form of a psycho claiming nandini as savitri so Chanakya’s plan has started to work how he wanted its happening, hope Chanakya is in Mahal to deal with that psycho mmm let’s see what will happen in the sabha for sure the two evils will take advantage of the situation
    What will be Chandra’s situation when this new problem is come will people as long believe him hope not fingers crossed

  5. But if it’s Roopa, she should not have revenge on her sister because she is innocent what ever happened to her it’s because of sunanda and nanda so if it’s really Roopa I would say she is a pyscho and stupid hope the makers finish this track ASAP can’t take three more pyschos already there are three in the Mahal including elis she is just like Helena compiling kartikay for physical relationship but one thing is very clear hear that after kartikay left refusing her she started to scream like her mother but in that movement i felt like a donkey screaming mmm elis I want more emotion you can do it mm
    I loved Chandra and nandini scene nandini is very happy with Chandra she feels like connected with him but doesn’t know trouble is awaiting for her sad in her life she has no peaceful life always problems, I don’t know why all are targeting her why can’t that fellow Cary Helena and go somewhere along with apama buy one get one free if this happens people in the Mahal lead life happily

    1. Mona146

      roopa is dead long back

  6. So sad? . New villain separate the CN? . Writer Please don’t separate CN

  7. Gpk484

    Oh come on CN writers use your brain again separation of Chandra & Nandini
    Oh come on ! Why can’t they just love & love happily forever ?
    If you really want Chandra and Nandini to get separated then why is the show’s title be made as Chandra Nandini ? Huh ?
    Idiotic writers …. This Nandini has no regards to time when it comes to proposing !… Oh God damn it !
    Now he’ll come and say Nandini is my wife
    I meant the name “Savitri” ….
    Oh dear O dear ! Because of this non sense shit crap storyline ( constant separation of Chandra and Nandini ) fans have quit watching this show ! So sad for Sweta Basu Prasad ! She’s adorable and Rajkot is exceptional ! ..
    Atlast if Nandini regain her memory then no problem or if they make something that’s negative ! Then f*** happens with this show
    Why can’t they just let Chandra Nandini
    Live forever happily lovingly !
    Instead they’re dragging again and again which is frustrating for the viewers !
    Last but not the least ! Chandra and Chanakya should use their brain wisely and correctly to ensure that Nandini doesn’t fall against the wrong hands !
    Chandra Nandini should end with happy ending ! Always happy endings brings happiness to fans of course !!…
    Anyone has any suggestions comment down below ! ??

    1. GPK, welcome back with yr comments

      1. Gpk484

        Thank you Padmini ! ?

  8. Jayani


    Chandra Nandini latest news: Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) and Chandra (Rajat Tokas) to unite completely as Nandini realizes her love
    Chandra Nandini is all set to to begin a new track where Chandra and Nandini’s love enemy will enter to create a major rift in their lives. Chandra and Nandini have united after a long time and the love between them has finally rekindled. Although Nandini has still not remembered her past, she realizes that she loves Chandra immensely. Nandini keeps herself away from Chandra as she feels quite shy but very soon, Nandini will forget all her shyness and will come close to Chandra. Chandra and Nandini will remove all barriers between them and will unite completely. However, Chandra and Nandini’s love will face a new setback as a past enemy will enter their lives to create havoc. Chandra and Nandini have an unknown enemy who does not want them to unite and therefore, he will come to Magadh to create some major trouble. This will also be the climax track of the show where Chandra and Nandini’s relationship will fall in so much trouble because of this unknown man that the two will have to part ways forever. Although Chandra and Nandini’s love will not get completed, a new love story will begin as Bindusar and Dharma will realizes their true love. Bindusar finds out that Dharam has married him in place of Chitra and instead of being angry with her, he feels happy that Dharma saved his self-respect in front of everyone. This is a new beginning for Bindusar and Dharma as their love story will finally start off. Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and spoilers on Chandra Nandini.

  9. All these days chandra kept on asking Nadini tell me your feelings. Now why is that Nandini expressing her love when he is fast asleep. Poor chandra can’t even hear these loving words and feel the comfort for all his 10 years pain. By then Morning mew villain arrives to create trouble. Seriously why maker’s want the fans not to be happy one full day also. Sadist.

    1. Mona146

      thats ekta magic.

  10. They will never express their love directly till the end. New villains are coming. Is this show going to end or what?Nandini, chandrika, prabha, savithri, any more names to come?

    1. Roopa, agree Nandini with so many names. Yes, we all getting to tired of this storyline, the serial is going to end why this makers has to bring this villian

  11. Arpkishore

    No thiga I’m not telling she s roopa, I said she s reflecting d character of roopa, especially d way she combed her hair. I meant tat oly.

    1. Oh OK OK ?

  12. Mona146

    the way dharma refused to charu saying i dont want to be with your husband is similar to jodha’s refusal to rukkaiyya begum in jodha akbar. moreover vivah vikshipth(divorce process) was never there before in old times. it materialized in modern times. so nandini and bindusar words are backwass regarding divorce.

    1. Mona146

      they just sound stupid

  13. Yesterday’s episode I only like Nandini part where she is confessing her love to Chandra n he is sleeping, wasted. Chandra also did this during the Roopa track, when he ask Nandini to leave Mahal, he confess his love n she was sleeping. I also enjoyed Chandra comic scene where he fell from the chair n Nandini was laughing n pretend to be sleeping.
    Elis is following the footsteps of Helena by offering Marcedonia wine to Kartikeya, Elis will go through her love life exactly like Helena,one side love.
    Precap How is the villian entering the Mahal, without the guard knowledge.
    I only wish there is no separation, if CN has to separate again, definitely there are viewers will stop watching. Where is Chanakya, he is supposed to investigate all Baba movement

  14. Hello Roopa, Padmini, Jayani and all the other family members who I have missed out.
    I have stopped watching the show for 3 weeks now but come and read the comments and learned the show is coming to an end in November.
    I am so sad reading all the interesting comments here, from all of you about how new villians are coming to separate Chandra and Nandini whilst Nandini is still in her lost memory stage.
    What are our writers thinking…. honestly they are torturing the viewers to no end.
    This show has become a pot of negativity with ladle stirring the soup with family drama regarding all the marriages of teenagers.
    Where is the brave Samrat Chandragupta and the intelligent Chanakya? What are the deeds and the improvements for Magadh? Chandragupta has been shown as a lover without any state matters to look into. The show will be remembered as having the longest ongoing murder track with very intelligent murderers plotting and getting away with their vicious planning without the Samrat and Chanakya knowing about them whilst they can plot, see, hear and nobody else knows about them but they know everything about the whole palace. WOW…. intelligent writers… a script well written.

    1. Gpk484

      I totally agree with you CNFan
      There is no logic right from the start !
      Always Chandra and Nandini separation !
      Evil Prevails ! Oh for godsake this show is testing the patience of viewers day by day !
      I hate the new villain coming and claims Nandini as Savitri as his wife ! Oh f**k !
      I hate this part ! Nandini should be with Chandra forever and she should not even listen to that pyscho’s words !…
      Hope they end the show by November with Happy ending as Chandra and Nandini have their own child with her memory back too !….

    2. Welcome back CNFan.We always hoped there will be a light at the end of the tunnel but as far as this serial is heading we can only hope for darkness. I am only waiting for this show to end.If there’s another rajat show hope to meet you all there.

  15. Definitely Chanakya must be planning something because he only told Chandra to announce all states around that queen Nandini is back in Magadh. So that rest of the conspiracy will come to limelight automatically. Remember he will tell chandra you announce just Nandini’s arrival rest I will fish it out my son like that. Since Nandini also loves chandra she will also equally fight it out her problem around her I suppose. If maker’s don’t put enough food for all our doubts then it will be a total flop show by once again making chandra and nandini separate plus not uniting both mother and son also not punishing two evils etc

    1. Prakashnie, agree with yr comments as Chanakya told Chandra to announce that Queen Nandini is back so that the villian somehow will be coming to Magadh . I want the culprit to be caught n Chandra is aware. Hoping Chanakya will get proper information n he will be back to Magadh with good news.

      1. Padmini, pray that something good will come out in the end so that our one year is not wasted watching this serial.

  16. Your comment somehow gives hope that there will surely be a happy ending.

    1. I mean Prakashines comment.

  17. Jayani


    Chandra Nandini latest news: New enemy enters to take away Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) from Chandra (Rajat Tokas) claiming her to be Savitri
    The upcoming twist of Star Plus’s show Chandra Nandini will show that a new character will enter in to the show who will ruin Chandra and Nandini’s relationship forever.

    It finally gets revaled that Chandra has an enemy living in the middle of the jungle who feels that he is the rightful King of Magadh. The man does not want Chandra and Nandini to unite and therefore he had kept baba under his control for so many year so that he could misguide Nandini. However, when he gets the news about Chandra and Nandini being united with each other, he sends one of his man to Magadh to ensure that Chandra and Nandini’s relationship gets completely destroyed.

    Very soon, viewers will get to see that the unknown man will enter into Magadh with a mission to ruin Nandini’s life. The unknown man will claim that Nandini is his wife and her real name is Savitri. The man will enter into the palace and will insist to meet Chandra and his other family members. The man will claim that Nandini / Savitri is his wife and he has come to take her back with him. Chandra and Nandini both will be shocked by this sudden turn of events as the two have just started off their married life once again and are deeply in love.

    Nandini does not remember her past and therefore she will be confused whether she is indeed Savitri or not. Will Chandra be able to save his Nandini from going away from him once again? Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and spoilers on Chandra Nandini.

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