Chandra Nandni 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandra possessed by Mohini and Bheemdev.

Chandra Nandni 3rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini says you find it funny now but soon you will see the truth,Bindusara says how should I believe this,Helina walks in and says Nandini isn’t lying,Bindusara says ma how do you have blood,Helina says it’s not mine it’s Mohini,Chandra killed Mohini,he is not the Chandra we know I see an extreme fire in him,he isn’t scare did anyone,Bindusara says because he is in kings body,dharma ask sway is he doing it,Bindusara says because he can rule over Magad and now I will handle him,Helina says you won’t,he will kill you too,Nandini says I have a way,this medicine we have to trick Bheemdev and give him and Chandra will be alert,Helina says that’s scary I won’t go,Nandini says I will go,I will do anything for him,you all go sleep,Bindusara says no,I meant I

will be nearby so that if Bheemdev attacks I will be there to help,dharma says I’m with you,Helina says me too.

Nandini walks in room and sees Chandra asleep and says this is right time to give him this and takes the medicine on a needle and about to prick it Chandra wakesup and says I knew you will do this,Mohini enters Chandras body too,Mohini says now let’s see who conquers,Bheemdev says you destroyed my body get away,both quarrel,Chandra starts hitting himself,Nandini gets scared and calls Bindusara and dharma,Bindusara asks what is this,Nandini says I will explain later go catch him or he will kill himself,Bindusara controls him and Nandini pricks Medicine,Nandini says let’s tie him up or else he will kill himself,because Mohini and Bheemdev both are in his body and are fighting on who will conquer.

Swanand gets a note form Bheemdev that he will not work for him and is now the king of Magad,Amartya says I will go get him in your feet,swanand says calm down,Bheemdev has helped us and as Bheemdev is Chandras body this is right time to attack on Magad,his stupidity has helped us. Nandini watching Chandra asleep and says god please help us,cure my Chandra ,Chandra wakes up and asks Nandini why am I tied,let me free,and I won’t leave that Mohini too,Nandini thinks so he is Chandra but she can be Mohini too who is playing tricks.

Chandra says Nandini I’m in pain please untie me and I cant stay here I have to save our Magad from Bheemdev and Mohini,and Nandini and I will hug you once too,I love you a lot,Nandini says Chandra please,Chandra says okay at least come to me once,may be you will feel your Chandra,Nandini in tears hugs him,Chandra asks did you hear something,Nandini says yes that you love me,Chandra says but I’m upset you aren’t even hugging me properly and don’t look at me you will be lost in my eyes,Nandini says I want too,Chandra says Don’t lie, you want to leave me,I know how I lived these years without you,and I cant live anymore,Nandini says stop crying this isn’t truth,Chandra says ok go then,Nandini unties him and says don’t ever say I will leave you,and says Chandra I will never Leave you,Chandra holds her neck tight and it’s Mohini who says I will kill you later,now I have important work to do.

Chandra as Mohini walks in anger killing all soldiers,Bindusara sees Nandini,and asks are you fine,Nandini says don’t worry about me let’s go get Chandra,Bindusara stops Chandra,Chandra and Bindusara get in fight,Bindusara say showy kill the ones who have always served you,both fight,Chandra gets back and says son,but he is possessed again,and Chanakya stands in front of him,Bindusara says acharya step back he is possessed,Chanakya throws a powder and Chandra faints.

Chanakya asks how did this happen,Nandini says he made fool of me,because not jut Bheemdev but Mohini is also in Chandra,Chanakya says this is difficult,Nandini asks what is the solution,chanakaya says I met a tantrik but it’s like,we need five elements and also love to be sacrificed which means the person who can sacrifice for love.

Nandini thinking about how will these five meet and love and sacrifice what all is this,Nandini tries to crack the code,and says yes I found it,and calls dasi and sis her to gather everyone. Nandini says acharya I cracked the code and tells him.dharma says ma how could you,Chanakya says this is risk of your laugh,Nandini says this is for my husband and Magads king. Nandini says dharma he shouldn’t have any doubts on you,Dhrama says ma yes I will do as you say,Bhadra says mamishree why all this,Nandini says patience.

Pre cap: Nandini tells Bindusara that Helina has drugged him since he was a kid,Bindusara says you are lying,Helina says you shall Hear this from Helina now.bindusara stabs Helina.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. เค…เคฐเฅเคฃ

    It’s nice to see that family members are united to save the life of Chandra especially Bindusar is believing on Nandini. Nandini is planning something to save Chandra’s life by keeping her life on stake. Looking precap it seems chapter of Bhimdeo is closed and Bindusar has to know the fact of DD murder. Has Bindusar punished Helena by sword ?

  2. Hey what is happening here…..
    I m getting puzzled…….frm where did dis drug chapter came out in between black magic…….and why Helena is revealing dat… is there any connection of it with d code said by tantrik… really Bindusaar stabed Helena…..but how could dat happen Bcoz Helena shouldn’t die now…..
    oh god what is happening….everything is getting mixed up in my quite small brain…..
    Now we have 2 wait for 2 days to know what is going to happen exactly and what is the plan of nandini to cure dat possessed chandra……

  3. But it is true dat I will miss dis excitement of the nxt epi and all d opinions dat I get frm dis group surrounding dat epi and also dat quite short everyday chat on our fav chandra and nandini’s love scenes….though frm when dat Bindusaar chapter opened we didn’t got very attractive love scenes……
    ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Savithri V Ramani

    My god very very happy to see bindusar stabs helana. Waiting for Monday episode.chandra ,rajat acting superb.

  5. Thankyou @nick. Gonna miss this serial..?

  6. How is this posible that nandini Knows that Helena gives bindusar drugs Since childhood ?How can nandini know this ??? I Wisch to See more Love Scene between bindusar and Dharma it is so sad that Te serial stops Here because now is intressting to See How Chandra and nandini unite an The truth Comedy out to bindusar ?


    hi friends, So next week chandra nandini will end. I have not got time to watch last 5-6 episodes but for one thing I am happy that Chandra NANDINI ending with a good note, at least this time Chandra Nandini will not separate. I agree that after starting good serial lost its prime story line but I cannot deny that for a year I totally emotionally attached with CN. For this serial I got many good friends in this CN page. Another thing I got a marvelous couple SHWETA RAJAT, their chemistry never be forgotten. According to me many fans watched the serial only for their chemistry. Rajat Tokas again proved why he is different from other when other’s show ended within 3-4 months then Chandra Nandini atleast completed more than a year. I only hope Rajat will back soon with a bang then again we all will meet in that page.

    1. You are wrong, Nandini is going to die and Chandra is going to embrace Jainism or Buddhism. There is no happy ending :'(

    2. Satya welcome back with yr comments

    3. Welcome back, sathya thambi.Missing your comments.

    4. Welcome back bro…..???

    5. And yes I am also waiting for another serial where again I will get Rajat tokas, my fav actor……
      Every time he proves himself as someone special for his fans with his fabulous acting skills…..
      In Chandra Nandini we came with different looks and also with different characters at different times of Chandra, with good and also with evil one……but whatever the situation or the character is Rajat nailed it desperately……proving himself different and special towards the viewers…….????????????

  8. Rajat performance was super n the way he acted when he was possessed by Bheemdev n Mohini souls,
    expecially his facial expression,his voice was excellent.
    Did anyone watch tamil movie Kanchana when the hero was possessed by three evil force, so it is possible that this thing can happen, at first i Thaught it is crap or nonsense.
    I don’t know what is Nandini mind n she knows the secret code, is she going to sacrifice herself or trick the evil force.
    How did Nandini knows that Bindu was drugged by Helena .
    Precap interesting Helena getting stabbed by Bindu.Waiting for next week episode

    1. Yes in 1 fear files epi I had saw that 9 souls entered into a woman’s body……so this is possible…..

  9. Rajats acting was superb.We are the only lucky few in this world who have the opportunity to witness the performance of this great actor.When CN airs in Indonesia, hope the whole world will love him.Will helena die?

  10. Soon it will be off air.. and ekyavan serial will start

    1. nick , tks for the info

  11. I think someone has possesed nandhini. so that nandhini say about helena. and also i think nandhini is gonna die, so maybe thats why she is not identificable in history

    1. Tharu, Hope not Nandini shd not die, actually it is friction story.

  12. I liked the precap Bindu stapping Helena. Atleast for the last one week Helena should be out of CN. Waiting to see c&n reunion

    1. Kala, agree with yr comment

  13. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Hello nick bro, padmini di, roopa di, nandini but many of our old are missing. Next week CN will end I hope they all will comment. I really miss all friends here. But I know Rajat will come back very soon and again we all will comment like before. But I want to know in what role U all want to see Rajat ??? According to me now Rajat should do some role like modern handsome hunk. What are your opinions???

    1. Hello Satya, If they have it in Tamil serial, i will watch. The problem when i watched the latest serial of Chandra Nandini they don’t have english subtitles, even in written updates, not all lines are mentioned since it is in Hindi.
      I do like Histroical serial because i admire their wardrobe,gold ornaments,their makeup n i love Rajat old hairstyle when he became the King.
      I use to sleep quite late to watch the serial, but also got so stressed due too much of negativitey. All serial they emphasise more negativitey rather than postive. I don’t mind it is modern serial, maybe more laughter scene, i did read in facebook that Rajat don’t mind acting in comedy show. Provided they have it in tamil serial with good promo n I wish Sweta will be the heroine.

    2. @satya bro i agree with u that rajat should act in modern character.
      rajat also came in nagini i saw one or two episodes.
      i wish Rajat and swetha both should act in modern serial leading pair it will be very nice.
      Coming to chandra nandini it is good that bindusar atlast came to know the truth but apama also should be punished then nandini wont die .And also after every problem solved they can show atleast some CN romantic scenes then our heart will full fill.

      @Nick ,padmini,satya,roopa and everyone in this group miss you guys …
      5 more episodes only.?

    3. Any role is ok. Whatever he does he will entertain us thoroughly . What is required is good role not bad character and mix of love should be there. Anything adventurous should be good. Same like his age now.

  14. I agree with Roopa we are the few lucky people to see this great actor’s performance. I can’t bear Nandini dying as informed by Tharu and leaving Chandra alone in a sad state. For this ending they need not have worked so hard all through the life crossing so many Hurdles in Magad. If Nandini is possessed and comes to know about Helana giving drug to Bindu she should cone to know all about her evil things is it not. Feeling the real pinch of CN ending and missing you all guys.

    1. Prakashnie, I hope Nandini will not die . If that happens, all viewer’s will get disappointed. Me too wasted all my time watching CN serial. I only one happy ending.

  15. CNFan,
    On the 2nd u wrote the story , it was long but I really enjoyed reading. U got talent.

  16. chandra nandini excellent serial mind blowing perfromance of swetha and rajat sandhya

  17. Nice episode . Loved it . I think nandhini will be killed by possessed chandra. Waiting for monday’s episode .

  18. Chandra nandhini will be ending with the separation of the couple .

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