Chandra Nandni 3rd November 2016 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with padmanand telling nandini he wont allow her to take part in the war. Nandini says why? And you taught me war tactics so many years and I want to use that knowledge and help you and do even you think women are less? Padmanand says no my daughter and its not that but I don’t want you to be hurt and it will bring my respect down in the pataliputra city and do you want that? Nandini says no and I don’t want that and I am sorry I wont take part. He hugs her.
There mama tells the shopkeeper woman(Chaya) that he is the guy who has kept your mother in house arrest. She tells that I why she will kill the daughter of that king? Mama says no and don’t do that otherwise he will kill your mother. Chaya says okay I wont do that but I want to meet my mother. They go.

day Chaya goes with food at her mother but guards stop her. She says nandini has sent me and I am her special servant and let me go. Guards let her go. She goes in and sees her mother fallen there in despair and ragged clothes. Mother says I don’t want food, Chaya says I have brought a message from king shakuni. Mother then remembers that she had told the mama and her daughter Chaya when she was young that if she is captured or if the kingdom falls down then when they want to meet they will use this secret word kind shakuni. Mom remembers and says you are Chaya? Chaya cries and says yes. Mom hugs her and then says why have you come here and go away from here otherwise padmanand will keep you captured too. Chaya says I am not scared and I will take the revenge otherwise we will go away from here and I will take you out from here. Mom says no and I wont go unless I see the destruction and fall of the nands empire. Then mom suddenly throws the plate of food and says go away and tell nandini that one day a king will arise and Magadha from the hands of nands will go and a better king will come, as there is a dasi behind, mom shows signs from eye to Chaya. Chaya understands and then goes with dasi. Mom cries.
There nandini is telling the commanders of their army war tactics and how to tackle the enemy. Chandra tells his army the tactics he has in mind and the army shout together for victory. There padmanand comes and says we will follow what nandini has said. Commanders say yes. Padmanand says its time and lets go and he tells nandini put the tika yourself and I will win. Nandini puts the tika. They go out. There nandini sees Chandra and says he has that man who came saying he was maliketus borther. Padmanand recalls Chandra who attacked his soldier in court. He then looks at chanakya who is standing on the cliff looking at him straight in the eye. He remembers what chanakya said that he would destroy him. Chanakya remembers the way he was insulted. Chandra tells his army today we have to fight against these cowards. Padmanand tells his army that we will fight them and then he shouts and tells Chandra that he will kill him and show him what worth he is? Nandini smiles. Chandra tells his army that he is the man who has lowered the respect of our mother india and we have to show him his worth.
There chayas mom says what happened and it looks tensed in Magadha today. A dasi comes and tells yes because after years some fool has waged war against Magadha, mom laughs. She says that’s nice but who is it? Dasi says its that man whom you helped escape. Mom remembers that Chandra told her he would return, she laughs and says he will win and Magadha will have a better king now. Dasi goes. Mom touches the name of Chandragupta carved on the wooden floor and says I will wait for you more eagerly. There the war starts and Chandra fights the soldiers.

Precap: gautamis husband tells Chandra that come and fight with me. Gautami there tells that why did he go forward and he has already been beaten up by him once. There Chandra comes on horse and attacks gautamis husband who falls down.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. It’s interesting. Is it any mythical story or historical? Chndranandini nice pair ??

    1. Devga

      It’s an historical story …. Chandragupta Maurya was the founder of Maurya empire ….. and he is the emperor who united Indians who wer in those days fighting against each other ( under ego) wich led to their mother land b conquered by foreigners ….

  2. Vanshika

    Ekta Kapoor won’t care abt history n what young children r learning.. Bt her imaginative story is not bad, interesting twists
    Kill this Padmanabha Nanda.. Whereas dhananand, is he Nandini brother..? Plz tl.

    1. Yes he is nandhini’s bro as per history after padmanaba nand ,his nine sons rule magadh one by one dhananandh was last ruler of nanda dynasty who is defeated by Chandra Gupta with the help of chankya and rise Mauriya empire,but don’t know how ekta took the tale

  3. Its an imaginative story. Actually nandini doesn’t exist in reality. Just introduced to make story interesting. Love chandra and nandini pair.

  4. Its so..interesting better than other serial…

  5. According to Histrory , Chandragupta married Dhurdara, Daughter of Dhanananda.

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