Chandra Nandni 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 3rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode start with bindusar speaking Ma, all get happily shock. Chandra take bindusar and ask to say again. He says Maa. Chandra gets happy, and say soon he will walk and take over my empire. And take bindusar away and all walk with him.
Dadi say to nandini, i know you felt bad about chandra behaviour. Nandini say dadi son should stay with mother more as she connect with baby before birth. Dadi say I have a plan.

Nand scold his daughter-in-laws. Just than chankaya arrives. Nand taunts him but he says i am here to help you. I have a plan. But you need to promise that you will run magad as per my wish. Nand agrees. Gautmi unties her and reaches to say that chankya should not believe him but he is gone. Nand ask his soliders that capture them.

Chandra plays with bindusar. Just than

nandini arrives and bindusar gets happy and call her ma. Chandra take milk bowl and try feed him but nandini takes him and chandra shouts on her. Chandra says that do not forget that you are only his daayi maa, not my wife or maharani. Nandini says why are so angry because I intrupted saba?? Chandra says as if you don’t know. I am tried of your lies. I got letter where dhurdhara wrote your name, nandini gets shocked. He ask her to leave.

Nandini was about to go but Dadi stops her and ask to feed bindusar milk. Dadi makes chandra realise that mother is related to child before birth. Chandra call dasi and say call them, their decision will be done now. Dadi say to nandini that I knew that he will not listen to you but will listen to others.

In sabha chandra repeats that child need mother more so this child will stay with mother and father have to pay monthly expenses.
Solider informs that someone wants to meet you.

A girl come inside and introduce herself as Rajkumari (sorry I did not get her name). She informs that Nand attacked us and killed my parents, he wanted to kill me but I came here. Please help me. Mahamantri say that we need proves that she is not lier. Chandra say to dasi to get her treat and ask mahamantri to get all information soon.

Nandini is playing with bindusar by using chandra get up. She says that I am so stuborn, cruel and angry. Bindusar smiles. And all these things are heard by chandra.
Chandra say that I am stuborn, cruel and angry. Don’t you remembered I saved you from daldal (mud pit). She say you did as what you have replied to praja that where is mukhya maharani. Chandra say that then why do you call me vanar (monkey). Nandini say because you behave like one. Like you saw me while bathing in river. Chandra say that why should not I.

1. Chandra meet Chankaya and he inform that may be nand know our plan.
2. Nandini see someone hiding and try to follow her.
3. Chandra scolds and shout on nandini.
4. Nandini thinks that Nand might have send someone to attack chandra, i need to find that person in mahal.

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  1. अरुण

    Conspiracy extended, Princess Vishakha arrived Magadh to harm Chandra. Nandini has doubt on someone, Chanakya’s planning also fails to detain Nand. Chandra could not solve Durdhara murder case and still thinks Nandini killer how he will overcome new plot ?


      Team will only increase problems..

  2. Aleya.marzan

    hi chandini fans I’m new here but watch this show regularly . chandini is not nominated in spa its not good my 2nd choice is vitharv . i’m an international viewer so cant vote will u ppl vote on behalf of me. plz…………don’t take me wrong its a humble request thank u

  3. Yay, there’s a new period serial coming.

  4. Princess Vishakha wins Chandra’s trust taking Nand’s name in Chandra Nandini

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’s historical love saga Chandra Nandini will make entry of Princes Vishakha in Chandra (Rajat Tokas) and Nandini’s (Shweta Basu Prasad) life.

    As per the track, Chandra’s doubts turned strong believing Nandini being Durdhara’s killer but he is forced to keep Nandini in palace because of Bindusaar.

    Bindusaar is very close to Nandini and Chandra just wants to see his son happy forever so that he would become a great king a after Chandra.

    Furthermore, Vishkha tells Chandra to take revenge from Nand as he killed her parents brutally and Chandra agrees to help her as he himself wants to kill Nand.

    Chankya tells Candra about someone has doubt on their fake fight drama which makes Chandra surprised as he believes no one aware about this.

    Chandra accuses Nandini helping Nand against him

    Nandini flows someone in night which witnessed by Chandra and asks about her whereabouts but Nandini hides the truth from him.

    Nandini thinks that Nand is plotting against Chandra but Chandra thinks that Nandini is the person who is helping Nand.

    How will Nandini save Chandra from Nand?

    1. Jayani

      I hope dis vishaka is not our very own vishkanya

      1. she is vishkanya

      2. Jayani

        I xpected dat only?

  5. Rakshana viji

    today episode is interesting.

  6. Muskan Gharge

    Thanks for d update

  7. Ooofff. They are bringing a new girl sent by nand , may be vishkanya. This track wil be similar to Jodha Akbar vishkanya track. Now nandini will be saying to Chandra not to believe this new girl. New girl track, chanakya plan to trap nand, evil plans of apama Helena, after all these finishes, Chandra will come to know the truth and goes to nandini. But nandini will not forgive Chandra. Finally CN will unite one day. That will be 250th episode. ( even in jodha akbar it took these many episodes for the lead pair to unite). I understand that if lead pair is happy at earlier episode the track will get bored and people will loose interest.


      Nice thought CNfan93.. even i feel same

    2. I think nandini will leave the mahal as per mora’s wish but not before saving chandra’s life.Chandra will realise his mistake and search for her.

      1. Jayani

        I hope she dus dat… Den only he wud realise her importance

    3. Jayani

      I guess dat’s wat is going 2 happen cn fan93

  8. Ha interesting

  9. what is the next episode?
    i am eager to read
    thank u for the updates.

  10. chandra stupid believing all except nandu…nandini knows abt helena but she is just playing wit bindu..from starting episode she done nothing roopa case,dd abortion,satyajit,dd death nd accepting punishment then why she is playing central character.she is soooo stupid than chandra.

    1. NR8

      I agree! In today’s episode, Nandini could easily have retorted back and told Chandra her name was not in the letter before, but she stopped as soon as her told her to keep quiet. Does she not have any self-respect? Chandra shouted at her so much, even then she is happily playing with Bindu, and telling how great a king CGM is. It is like she does not care that she is a dasi and everyone insults her. I wish that new entry will start romancing with Chandra, so that it will bring some sense into her to find the truth.


        Right Nandini do not have self respect but she care more about bindusaar than her respect

      2. ya iam also thnkg same aftr seeing viskhas close to chandra she may try to reveal truth of vish to c but he wont believe atlast she wil sacrifice her life to prove bad evil of vish like jodha

      3. Jayani

        Just lyk hw roopa came as nandu nd nandu was staying underground, dat tym dey had such fun nd gud scenes wid dem… I wish d entry of vishkanya also brings back d same relation between dem

  11. the old problems itself didn’t get solved
    new problem (vishaka)
    oh my goodness
    🙁 🙁 🙁

  12. whether vishaka is vishkanya

  13. I hate dis chandra aloottt always yelling at nandni nd always callng her dasi nanny nw daayi maa … supr realy our brainless stupid CGM do u hav any gutts to takecare of bindusar alone r with ur lovely mom no naaa thn y u r reactng soo much seriously u r thinkng tat nandni dn’t hav any place 2 live so u hav pity on her nd gave space n palace u fool she s a warrior princess she s soo talented she knw how to tc of herself if she live alone without u definetely she ll stay vry hpy…

  14. I love Nandini but nowadays she is irritating me a lot. She has no interest in clearing her name at all. All she wants to do is play with Bindusar and be a dasi for Chandra. She’ll accept blame and take all the insults from Chandra on a daily basis. She has no motivation to find the truth about DD’s murder and clear her name. I hope when Chandra starts showing interest in the new girl real or pretend….that might push her to get her dignity back and start fighting back for her rights. Why is she not looking for evidence to clear her name…she wants Chandra to trust her on the basis of love, when there’s so much evidence against her.

    1. same ..nowadays i lossed hope on her she is makg serial boree nd she is becomng lke sidecharacter .. chandra is brainless but sometimes he thinks nandu as innocent as soon as fall in trap of evil..

      1. I agree, even the clothes they make her wear makes her boring. When will she become a maharani again?

    2. ya aditi from starting onwards i didnt lke her cloth…now they can change her cloth like siyas constume in SKR.. make her beautufl nd pretty than vishkanya

  15. NR8

    I like the new entry. Vishakha is so beautiful!!!! I hope she is not evil and trying to kill Chandra though.. They should have given her a much bigger role, maybe as one of Chandra’s queens instead of a brief entry. Same like Avantika. She is so pretty and good at acting, but her role is not much. I don’t know why they made such a young lady Nandini’s mother. Now she has disappeared.

  16. AnithaFrances

    I don’t like entry of vishkanya. There are so many unsolved problems like durdhara murder case, whose baby nandni carrying in kaling, where is chaya etc… this serial only the problems are neglected with foolish king. Now targeting nand,entry of vishkanya etc….. Not at all interested to watch cn

  17. Who was the girl along with gauthami

    1. NR8

      It is the same Visakha only who showed up in Chandra’s court. Although they showed some other girl playing that character.

  18. Apon

    This writer is too much stupid. she portrays cgm as a stupid king whereas cgm is known as a great king in history. i wanted to stop watching this serial. but because of Nandini only i watch this serial. reason is I Love her too much…..

    1. i think she may be vishkanya

      1. Yeah…she is…

    2. NABANITA626

      But actually I have read in one websight that many viskanyas are sent by nand to kill chandra gupa maurya that time……
      And this time the viskanya concept seems to us very foolish because we have already seen it in JODHA AKBAR….
      And apon da hope you see my previous reply on the previous page…..

      1. Jayani

        Happy 2 c u comment after a long tym di… Missed u?

  19. Tokas)
    Star Plus’s show Chandra Nandini will now showcase the beginning of a new track with the entry of a new character called Vishaka on the show. It is seen that Chandra’s hatred for Nandini grows more and more as he gets completely convinced about Nandini being Durdhara’s murderer as he finds Nandini’s name in Durdhara’ letter.

    The rift between Chandra and Nandini increases more and more and Chandra turns bitter and rude towards Nandini. On the other hand, Chandra deals with another problem as he realizes that there is a traitor in the palace who is trying to create differences between him and Chanakya. Chanakya and Chandra do a drama for separating from one another and Chanakya lands up in Nand’s hide-out place to join hands with him. However, Nand has captivated a princess called Vishaka but Vishaka escapes from Nand and reaches Chandra’s palace.

    Vishaka tells Chandra that Nand attacked her kingdom and killed her parents and now she wants to seek revenge from Nand. Chandra decides to give shelter to Vishaka and give her support to seek revenge against Nand. The upcoming twist will take place as Vishaka will make her place in the palace and will soon become a part of the family. However, Nandini will start having her doubts of Vishaka and will think that she is a spy sent by Nand to keep an eye of Chandra.

    Nandini has a doubt of Vishaka and she will feel more and more insecure as she will see Chandra and Vishaka’s growing closeness. Will there be a new love triangle between Chandra, Nandini and Vishaka? Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Chandra Nandini

    1. Jayani

      Thnx for d quick updates akka

  20. Chandra and durdhara are childhood friends. He should know her handwriting better than anyone. Durdharas letter had huge handwriting while the second letter had neatly written small handwriting. The screen writer should think through this. The letter is supposed to be an evidence, who leaves the letter under the pillow for an year. Dasi never cleans her room or what.

    It would be more interesting if they can avoid these things.

    1. Jayani

      I don’t think ? wud hav allowed any1 2 enter or clean d room

  21. NABANITA626

    Aur EK BENAZIR nehi chahie….

  22. Dear Writers Its high time you make viewers happy with your story. Story lost its excitement, nandini’s blame is going on still….helena and apma stupid plans… mantri…….no clarification of chaya……, again new trap of vishakanya……., please solve some puzzles and take new twists.

  23. wil chandra love vishaka or by using her magic pwr make him fall n love unconsciously….it would be nice if chankya present in palace bec he wil nt allow any harm to chandra but now nandu wil get blame nd protect chandra who knows ths time also she s going to be dumb nd play wit bindu and accept all insult done by vishkany

    1. Jayani

      I guess nandu is going 2 do chanakya’s role 2 save ? frm vishkanya

  24. The same thing as Jhodha Akbar, a vishakanya is going to enter to kill Chandra. Nandini will find the truth but no one will going to trust her. At last everyone will realise the truth after some loss. The serial makers are making fool of the watchers. They are spoiling the name of great King Chandra and the greatest Chanakya.

    1. Jayani

      I can’t wait 2 know abt d loss dat’s going 2 happen

  25. Nice episode ????

    Loved it!!! ????

    Nicely re-written and showing the history…….?????

    Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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